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Lady Gaga Dogs stoles

FILE – This Wednesday, January 20, 2021, Lady Gaga will sing the national anthem during the inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden at the U.S. Capitol in Washington. Lady Gaga’s dog walker, who was shot and killed in a Hollywood robbery last week when two of the singer’s French bulldogs were stolen, described the violence and his recovery “from a very close call of death” in social media posts on Monday Jan. March 2021 (AP Photo / Saul Loeb, Pool, File)

LOS ANGELES – Lady Gaga’s dog walker, who was shot dead in a Hollywood robbery last week when two of the singer’s French bulldogs were stolen, described the violence and recovery “from a very close call to death” on social media Monday .

Ryan Fischer’s posts included pictures from his hospital bed saying, “(Much) remains to be healed,” but he looks forward to reuniting with the dogs.

Fischer was shot and killed once while walking three of Lady Gaga’s dogs on a street just off famous Sunset Boulevard on Wednesday night. The video captured by the doorbell camera of a nearby house kept Fischer’s screams of “Oh my god! I was shot!” and “Help me!” and “I’m bleeding from my chest!”

Police are looking for two men in the attack and said Monday they are still investigating.

The two dogs Koji and Gustav were brought back unharmed on Friday evening when a woman showed up with them at a Los Angeles police station. Detectives don’t believe she was involved in the robbery or shooting, and didn’t know if she would receive the $ 500,000 reward Lady Gaga offered for returning the dogs. The singer is currently in Rome to make a film.

Fischer thanked Lady Gaga for her support during the ordeal and wrote: “Your babies are back and the family is whole … we made it!” in Instagram posts. A third dog named Asia escaped the attackers and lay down next to Fischer “while a car sped away and blood flowed from my gunshot wound,” he wrote.

The doorbell video shows a white limousine pulling up and two men jumping out. They fought the dog walker before one pulled a gun and fired a single shot before escaping with two of the dogs.

Charity making their very own canine treats to lift cash for trigger | KSNF/KODE

PINEVILLE, MO. – A local charity makes their own dog treats to raise money for people with disabilities who receive a service dog.

Joel and Danea Key started the Saber Life Foundation last spring when their daughter Gracie was hooked up with a service dog.

Service dogs cost about $ 3-5,000 plus $ 25,000 for training.

To pay the bills, the couple decided to make their own dog treats, which come in 7 flavors, from peanut butter squash to chick O’Nut twists.

It became a hit with the community and they decided to turn their project into a charity to raise money for local veterans and disabled people in need of a service dog.

Joel and Danea Key Founders say, “It’s getting very emotional because we walked in these shoes and so many other people who need these service dogs, and we have this now for our daughter, so that’s how we do it – very emotional. “

To date, the couple have helped 3 people maintain a service dog in the Four State Area.

If you’d like to volunteer or buy dog ​​food, you can call or visit 417-365-6917 Here or here


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Canine and goat serving as mayor increase cash for a playground

FAIR HAVEN, Vt. (AP) – A goat and dog, each elected mayor, helped raise money to renovate a playground in Vermont.

The strange idea of ​​holding mayoral elections to raise money for the renovation of the playground and to get the local children involved came from a local city administrator.

In 2018, the residents of Fair Haven elected Lincoln to goat as honorary mayor. Lincoln helped raise about $ 10,000 while current Mayor Murfee, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, raised $ 20,000, Town Manager Joe Gunter told the Rutland Herald. The city brought in another $ 20,000.

Murfee’s owner, Linda Barker, said when she was persuaded to include Murfee in politics, she thought it was easy to raise money through t-shirts. Then the pandemic struck.

So she switched to masks. She made nearly 1,000 of them and will be doing another round of them for Valentine’s Day. She raised more than $ 5,000 from the masks and a similar amount from basket raffles.

The city recently received a $ 50,000 grant from the Federal Fund for Land and Water Conservation, she said.

Ironically, the honorary mayor is not welcome on the playground. Barker said there is a “no dogs allowed” sign.

“Murfee will take on the city,” Barker said with a chuckle on Sunday. “He’ll deny that.”

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