Woody Allen ‘does not consider’ Dylan Farrow is ‘mendacity’ | Leisure

Woody Allen doesn’t believe Dylan Farrow “lies” in her claims that he molested her as a child.

The director of ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ has repeatedly denied claims by his adopted daughter that he molested her when she was seven, and in a recent interview, the 85-year-old filmmaker reiterated his earlier claims that Dylan had been trained in what of her mother, his former partner Mia Farrow.

In the interview, which first aired on CBS Sunday Morning that weekend, he said, “I think she thinks so. She was a good kid. I don’t think she made it up. I don’t think so “She’s lying. I think she thinks that.”

Dylan’s allegations were first made when Woody split from Mia in 1992, and the filmmaker was not charged, despite prosecutors admitting there was likely cause for a criminal case.

However, Woody insisted that the idea that he molested his daughter was “absurd” and did not believe the allegations would be investigated at all.

He said, “Why would a man who is 57 years old? I’ve never been charged with anything in my life. I’m suddenly pulling up to Mia’s country house (age) seven in the middle of a controversial custody battle.” – old girl. It was just – on the surface, I didn’t think it needed investigation.

“It’s so absurd, and yet the smear has remained. And they still prefer to hold on to the idea that I molested Dylan, the possibility that I molested them. Nothing I have ever had with Dylan in my life did so could be misunderstood. “

Dylan recently recalled the “intense” and “stressful” experience of being up on her allegations nine times over a three month period as a child and admitted that she felt she had “lied” after herself had to defend repeatedly.

In the HBO documentaries ‘Allen v Farrow,’ which Woody has described as a “hatchet job full of falsehoods,” she said, “If I change a word here, they say I’m inconsistent if I use the exact same words that I do used every other time, I was trained. “

CBS News said they had decided to post the Woody interview now because of “renewed interest in the filmmaker controversy” following the four-part HBO documentaries.

They added in a statement, “Lee Cowan sat down with Woody Allen in July 2020 after his memoirs were published for Allen’s first major television interview in nearly three decades. The interview, which took place during an active news cycle last summer, is now given renewed interest in the filmmaker controversy.

“The Paramount Plus Exclusive is an opportunity to explore everyone, their career and the allegations in the context and with the depth that this story requires.”

The Cash Does not Make Sense for Pittsburgh Steelers to Minimize Vince Williams

PITTSBURGH – The Pittsburgh Steelers started their salary cap this week, restructuring defensive captain Cameron Heyward’s contract, saving the team around $ 7 million for the 2021 season.

It’s a start, but the Steelers are not balanced yet. And as they near the March 17 deadline, they’ll need to save another $ 15 million to meet the NFL’s current salary cap of $ 180 million.

First, the league is expected to increase that number. While teams are grappling with a difficult off-season in terms of money, the salary cap should increase to around $ 185 million or more.

Which one will help the Steelers.

However, you still have no problems. Pittsburgh needs to find ways to speak up and step down some of its 24 free agents. They’ll also consider turning a contract on to TJ Watts and want to dive into the free hand and secure a small signature or two to help with the depth.

Before that, they’ll consider cutting players. In the past few years, the Steelers lived and breathed restructuring contracts and used players as cap victims. And this year they’ll keep the same mentality.

“We are very pleased with this approach,” said General Manager Kevin Colbert. “It was much more successful for us than it was unsuccessful. I think we will continue to do that.”

So who is on the list of possible cuts? One name buzzing around Pittsburgh is linebacker Vince Williams.

Williams, 31, is slated to earn $ 7 million in the final year of his contract in 2021. If the Steelers decide to deviate from the seasoned linebacker, they will save $ 4 million in cap space.

That number sounds appetizing. The Steelers could get closer to the $ 10 million mark by removing Williams and looking for alternative options. Some have already played it.

The reasons for cutting Williams would be the money and the increase in production behind him. The Steelers will get Devin Bush back this season, who will immediately take the lead in the linebacker.

Robert Spillane, Avery Williamson and Marcus Allen all played well in 2020 and were comfortable in the starting roles of defense. So why not ditch the vet and keep one of the younger options?

The answer is simple – because it doesn’t save anyone money. Or at least not enough money.

The Steelers had to sign which of the three they wanted to keep. Outside of everyone, it means they’re likely to hand over a $ 3 or $ 4 million contract to anyone who stays close.

Yes, Spillane and Williamson put youth in the position, but both don’t seem like the long-term solution alongside Bush that is adding to Williams’ case.

Williams is the heart and soul of the Steelers’ locker room. Pittsburgh will do without Maurkice Pouncey, which means they need that true “doggie” mentality.

Williams brings that mentality.

Without saving a lot of money, it makes sense to keep the 31-year-old. The Steelers need to find depth, but could solve their short and long term problems by using the NFL draft to find an insider behind Williams and Bush.

It just works better if the Steelers stick with what they have and explore other options to make room for the cap.

Noah Strackbein is a publisher at AllSteelers. Follow Noah on Twitter @NoahStrackand AllSteelers @si_steelers.

Ryan Reynolds lands Snapchat sequence Ryan Does not Know | Leisure

Ryan Reynolds has published his own Snapchat series “Ryan Don’t Know”.

With the “Deadpool” star’s Snap Original 12 parter broadcast on the Discover feature of the social media platform, the actor learns a few new skills, from flower shapes to casting a chainsaw.

In the trailer, the 44-year-old star makes fun of himself and jokes that he’s doing the series to prove he’s a “less boring husband and father”.

Ryan – who has daughters James, six, Inez, four, and Betty, 15 months old with spouse Blake Lively – quipped, “You could fill a gym with things I don’t know. Hoping a less boring husband and dad, I meet talented new artists to learn a little about a lot of new things. “

The premise for the show goes like this: “He will be joined by a group of talented emerging artists and creators from a number of fields. He will speak to incredibly talented experts to work together and try their hand at their honed craft on the show, Ryan try out the ice sculpture with Shintaro Okamoto, try out visual tricks with VFX expert Trevor Bell, learn flower sculpture from the creative designer Aurea Molaei, try ax throwing and much more! “

“Ryan don’t know” starts on Saturday (01/30/21).

Meanwhile, Ryan joked that he loved and hated spending more time with his family in quarantine.

In November he said, “I don’t live from paycheck to paycheck like so many people across the country and around the world, but you know for me the best – I would say obviously the time that I spend with the family is spending with my kids, I have an incredibly focused time with them at a time in their life I’ll never get back … if I want to single out the worst, it’s probably the incredibly focused time I had with my kids a time I’ll never get back. “

Naushad Moosa: Pratik Chaudhari doesn’t go well with Bengaluru FC’s fashion of play

Bengaluru FC interim coach defended form from Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, who was criticized for his performance against Kerala Blasters.

Bengaluru FCNaushad Moosa explained his decision to give Fran Gonzalez a start before Pratik Chaudhary Kerala Blasters in their last game that they lost 2-1.

Interestingly, the former air India Coach revealed that Chaudhari doesn’t have the qualities that fit Bengaluru’s style of play. It must be noted that Chaudhari signed a two-year contract in the summer.

“As a coach, I can’t complain that we don’t have Albert (Serran). I’m dealing with the resources we have. Fran was injured and then as he played he was in command. Pratik is not the player who naturally fits Bengaluru’s style of play from behind. Fran played along Mohun Bagan and won the I-League. But we have to support and motivate the players. We have to keep pushing it, ”said Moosa.

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Bengaluru FC suffered their fifth loss in their last six games and Moosa urged the players to remain positive even though the results were not in their favor. He also pointed out that picking goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu wasn’t the best rating for the two goals as they shut down together at certain moments.

Pratik chaudhari;  Bengaluru FC

“It was really disappointing to lose. When we saw the game later, we found a lot of positive results. If you see the goals, it was conceded for stupid defensive mistakes. It could have been avoided. We have to stay positive and move forward. It is for us to do or to die.

“We have to win every game. We have to avoid cashing in on simple goals. It’s a team effort. (We) cannot blame Gurpreet alone. We have to be vigilant for the whole 90 minutes, ”he said.

Udanta Singh, who has scored one goal this season, was back on the line when he started against Kerala Blasters. The Manipuri winger, who signed a contract extension with the club this summer, has had a tough time and it remains to be seen whether playing under Moosa’s tutelage can regain form.

“Kerala has left enough space. We wanted to use it. We were successful. After this game, Udanta is back in shape. He wants to do better. The idea of ​​having four in midfield was to stay compact. Sunil and Udanta marked their number six (Vicente Gomez). That really helped us, ”said Moosa.

Bengaluru FC are in the bottom half of the table but still have a chance to make it into the top four. Moosa believes Bengaluru FC need a win to change their fortunes this season.

“Winning and losing are part of the game. But they do well. Of course, the scoring table is something we’re not used to. You now know how important every game is. We are positive. Apart from the first two (Mumbai city FC and ATK Mohun Bagan), everyone is very close. We have to keep fighting.

“A win gives you three points and brings us higher in the table. Just a matter of winning a game. Only this one win is very important to us. The dynamic will change completely, ”he explained.

They will face bottom-bottom Odisha FC on Sunday night and Moosa stated that chance conversion and background discipline are crucial elements that could decide the game.

“If you ask Odisha they will say that BFC is not in good shape. But if we keep that (the level against Kerala) we can win against Odisha. It is important to convert these opportunities. We keep trying and taking advantage of it and staying disciplined in the background. It’s important that we don’t allow them to play, ”said the 49-year-old.

Dolly Parton’s husband would not need fame | Leisure

Dolly Parton’s husband believes he would “never get a minute of peace” if he was in the spotlight.

The ‘Jolene’ hitmaker has been married to Carl Thomas Dean since 1966, but she insists that he enjoys being private and not interested in being part of Dolly’s fame and success.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, she shared their relationship: “A lot of people thought that [he is imaginary] over the years because he doesn’t want to be in the spotlight at all. It’s just not who he is. He’s like a calm, reserved person and he thought if he ever got out there he’d never get a minute of peace and he’s right about that.

“He said, ‘I didn’t choose this world, I chose you, and you chose this world. But we can keep our lives apart and together.’ And we do and we have. “

Meanwhile, Dolly previously insisted that she had no children because “God didn’t mean” she should have children, but said that she could fully focus on her career with “freedom”.

She said, “I’ve made sacrifices, but I think I know what to do. But you have to make the sacrifice. Since I had no children and my husband was pretty independent, I had freedom. I think a big one Part of my overall success is the fact that I was able to work freely … I didn’t have children because I believe that God didn’t want me to have children so that all the children could be mine. I could do things like that [book gifting program] Imagination library. If I hadn’t had the freedom to work, I wouldn’t have done everything I did and I wouldn’t be able to do everything I do. “