Shang-Chi would not have a launch date in China, why that is an enormous deal

Simu Liu plays Shang-Chi in Marvel’s “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”.


When “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” hits theaters on Friday, it will be the first time since the pandemic began that a Marvel film will be shown exclusively in theaters, but it’s its absence on a major one international market, the box office analysts in conversation.

“Shang-Chi” is the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe not to be released in China and only the second not to be released in China. The underlying controversy seems to stem from the cast of the film and perception of the comic book series on which “Shang-Chi” is based.

The absence from the Chinese box office means that “Shang-Chi” is leaving a large sum of money on the table. China has been the second highest box office of all Marvel films since 2012, just behind the US and Canada.

With a theatrical-only release and connections to a 24-movie blockbuster franchise, There is no doubt that “Shang-Chi” will top the box office this weekend in the US and Canada. It could even claim to be the highest Labor Day weekend opening ever.

But China is a key market for its size. Before the pandemic, China was the second largest box office in the world, according to Comscore data, with annual ticket sales of $ 8.67 billion. In addition, delays in the release of popular films in China often expose a film to higher levels of piracy.

“Marvel is an immensely popular franchise practically everywhere, and these films owe a significant portion of their international box office success to the ticket sales that China generates,” said Shawn Robbins, chief analyst at “Anywhere, 10 to 20% of the global gross sales of a Marvel film can come from the Middle Kingdom alone.”

Marvel has achieved this benchmark since 2013. In the early years of the Marvel franchise, China accounted for between 2% and 6% of total theatrical sales.

For the 2019 release of Avengers: Endgame Disney planned to debut for domestic and Chinese audiences on the same weekend. The result was that highest opening weekend in film history. During its lifetime, 22% of ticket sales came from China.

“The growth of the Chinese theatrical market over the past decade has been impressive; in essence, sales have tripled since 2012 and have become a major target for many American blockbusters, who often rely on the country’s box office earning power to help them to bring it to the next round. ” Level, “said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Comscore.

“Shang-Chi” will not benefit from these ticket sales until its domestic debut as it has not yet been approved by government officials for release in China. The region does not operate a free cinema market and all films produced abroad have to pass the censorship in order to be distributed locally.

China has strict rules on the content and suppresses everything it believes violates his basic socialist values ​​or affects his nationalist image. The country recently stepped up crackdown on its own entertainment industry, urging broadcasters to ban artists with “wrong political positions” and effeminate styles from shows in order to create a “more patriotic atmosphere”.

“Black Widow” was allowed to display in the country, but the release date coincided with a lockdown period in China. In July, the country leaves cinemas open for local productions and shows foreign films. This year, the planning for non-Chinese films was additionally influenced by the 100th anniversary of the founding of the ruling Communist Party. The occasion led to months of censorship in all media.

Unfortunately, the rampant piracy of “Black Widow” after its release in domestic cinemas and via streaming means that it will never get a run in China.

“Having near-perfect pirated copies of a major motion picture floating around is never good for business and is understandably a concern for the entire film industry,” said Dergarabedian.

Box office analysts have speculated that “Shang-Chi” would be removed from the file because of its source material. The comics on which the film is based are considered racist and full of reductive stereotypes. While Marvel boss Kevin Feige has gone to great lengths to allay any concerns about the portrayals in the upcoming film, it may not be enough to get it working in Chinese theaters.

Marvel’s “Eternals” could suffer a similar fate, although the reason for the rejection is very different. The film is directed by Chloe Zhao, who recently became a persona non grata in China after previous remarks she made about the country surfaced online. The backlash resulted in her name and accomplishments being deleted from much of the Chinese internet.

That leaves “Spider-Man: No Way Home” as the next potential Marvel film to hit theaters in the country. The last two standalone Spider-Man films have done well in China, generating sales of $ 117.5 million in 2017 and 2019.

The pent-up demand to see a Marvel movie on the big screen could lead to audiences flocking to theaters when it is released in December.

Correction: Avengers: Endgame generated 22% of its $ 2.8 billion or $ 627.2 million in ticket sales from China. An earlier version of this story misrepresented the value of sales in China.

Column: Cash would not purchase happiness

“Money doesn’t buy happiness.”

The age-old saying always seems like a controversial saying and you may or may not agree with it depending on your financial situation.

It is undeniable that when you are rich you can participate in more opportunities and buy more things. At the same time, while we all strive for material prosperity, we must remember that money is not everything.

College students can resonate with this message, especially since we are constantly looking for new internships or jobs with good earning potential. It can be easy to get lost in the search for good careers or high salaries – but it shouldn’t be one or the other.

For some it may be material wealth, and there is nothing wrong with that. For many of us, however, I would bet that we would say that our family, friends, romantic relationships, helping others, or admiration are the things that make us happy.

Money can’t buy your partner’s real love or your friends’ friendship. Nor can it buy the good feelings associated with physically helping and serving those in need and seeing the smiles your actions bring to the less fortunate.

Here are some reminders that money is not correlated with happiness.

Happiness comes from doing the things we love, not what we buy.

Happiness is a state of mind, not a physical object. You might have material need but still be content with your life through the relationships you have or the things you do. While it is true that wealth can make life easier and give you access to more objects and activities than you otherwise would have, money cannot buy you happy relationships with friends or family.

In AMC’s Breaking Bad, for example, the main character Walter White wins everything – money, power and respect – but he also loses everything. His family hated and denied him, his partner betrayed him, and all the money in the world couldn’t cure his cancer. As college students, with money we can get dinner with friends on Franklin Street or tickets to games, but it cannot ensure happy relationships with the people we love most.

At the end of the day, the relationships we have with others and with ourselves become more important.

Another common saying is, “It doesn’t matter where you are, but who you are with”.

Although this is more likely to be associated with romantic relationships, in this case it is still true because even if you can’t afford to go on expensive vacations or buy fancy things, you can still be happy by being with Hang out with your friends in your hometown or nearby to spend quality time with your family. Likewise, money cannot guarantee that you will be satisfied with your life.

Stephen Goldbart, co-founder of the Money, Meaning & Choices Institute, explains that suddenly getting rich can be a painful psychological experience for some people, and that it is easy to find yourself in and out of an identity crisis at the same time Dealing with loneliness and frustration.

Just as money is temporary, the happiness it brings is also temporary.

While it may be nice to be able to buy whatever you want at any time, even the best cars and clothes wear out over time. Our material wealth will be useless if we all die at some point, but the memories and experiences you have with your family and friends will last a lifetime.

For example, if you look back on your early teen years, you will likely remember your first date, the times you had trouble with your friends at school, or other things you did with your friends and family , and not your first paycheck.

It will never be “enough”.

Even if people become more wealthy, many will always want more. A study by Michael Norton, a professor at Harvard Business School, suggests that even when we acquire an obscene amount of wealth, the instinct to compare ourselves with others doesn’t stop and the rhetorical question, “Am I?” better? “than before?” only drives people’s desire – including the rich – to want more. Therefore, it can turn into a vicious cycle in which you are always obsessed with getting wealthier, which means that you will never be really satisfied or happy with what you have.

Although a lot of money can solve many of your problems and offers many opportunities and experiences, I want to remind people – especially students – that their pursuit of happiness is not the same as their pursuit of wealth.

@ raymondpang17

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Opinion: Daniel Craig doesn’t plan to depart a lot cash to his youngsters when he dies

Now Daniel Craig’s children know how the rest of us feel when thinking about his legacy.


The James Bond actor, who allegedly raised $ 25 million for the reopening of the role, has told Candis magazine in his native UK that he has no plans to leave much of his fortune to his two children.

“My philosophy is to get rid of it or give it away before you go,” Craig told the magazine. He cited a saying that “when you die rich you have failed” and called it “disgusting” to leave huge sums of money to your heirs.

If you’re the kid of one of the highest paid actors in the world, it’s the financial equivalent of starting with Casino Royale, arguably the greatest Bond movie ever made, and then ending with Skyfall and Specter being your correspondent for the two worst holds.

Maybe his kids knew that all along. So maybe their high hopes were not disappointed.

Craig isn’t the only rich man who says he has no plans to leave his fortune to his children. Billionaires Warren Buffett and Bill Gates said the same thing. On the other hand, everything is relative. Most people would be lucky enough to leave, say, a few hundred thousand dollars for their children. What you leave after the first million or two is moot.

It has been wisely argued that you must leave your children enough money so that they can do anything is much better for them than leaving them enough money to do nothing.

Trump raises huge cash in early 2021, however does not spend a lot

Former US President Donald Trump speaks during his first post-presidency campaign rally at the Lorain County Fairgrounds in Wellington, Ohio, USA, June 26, 2021. REUTERS / Shannon Stapleton

WASHINGTON, Jul 31 (Reuters) – A fundraising group led by former President Donald Trump raised $ 62 million in the first half of the year but only spent $ 3 million, with most of the money going to a pro Trump Research Center and more than $ 65,000 in Trump’s own hotels, according to federal files released on Saturday.

Trump, a Republican, formed the Save America Committee in November shortly after the presidential election defeat by Democrat Joe Biden. Under the rules of the Federal Election Commission (FEC), the committee has a lot of leeway in how it can use its money.

A filing with the FEC showed that Save America made a $ 1 million contribution in June to the America First Policy Institute, a nonprofit run by veterans of its government.

The group’s leadership includes Brooke Rollins, who headed the White House Domestic Policy Council under Trump, and Larry Kudlow, who headed Trump’s National Economic Council.

The money spent at Trump hotels has been described as coverage for accommodation or meals, according to Save America.

Another Trump-controlled committee, a former campaign account now known as the Make America Great Again PAC, spent an additional $ 13 million in the first half of the year mainly to cover legal fees and Trump’s efforts to recapture his November election loss to undo, so a separate FEC registration.

Together, the two committees raised most of the nearly $ 82 million that Trump’s office claims brought together between January and June.

Trump-affiliated committees ended the period with nearly $ 102 million in cash, a sum that could help the former president wield significant sway ahead of next year’s election, in which Republicans hope to gain control of Congress . Democrats have narrow majorities in the House of Representatives and the US Senate.

But while Trump is his party’s main fundraiser and continues to raise large sums for the Republican National Committee, his committees did not give any money to political candidates in the first half of the year.

A spokesman for his office said checks for $ 5,000 were sent in July to candidates he supported. Details of these contributions are expected in the FEC filings due later in the year.

Many of the candidates Trump has endorsed, especially those challenging incumbent Republicans or seeking open seats, lag far behind their opponents in raising funds. Trump-backed Kelly Tshubaka, who challenges Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, had about $ 2 million less in her campaign bank account than Murkowski at the end of June.

Republicans will face a well-funded list of Democrats in next year’s elections.

According to a statement filed on Saturday, the Democrats raised over $ 373 million in online donations in the first six months of the year through ActBlue, the party’s dominant payment processor. That surpassed the $ 258 million Republicans raised through their online payment processor, WinRed, over the same period.

Reporting by Jason Lange; Arrangement by Christopher Cushing

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

“My regular driving type would not fairly match the automotive”– Daniel Ricciardo is not appropriate to McLaren

“My normal driving style doesn’t quite match the car” – Daniel Ricciardo relied on his Red Bull driving style until McLaren made it difficult.

Daniel Ricciardo has made two significant career changes in the past two years, but his driving style has been largely the same as he chose at Red Bull since 2019 and the Australian is struggling to keep it up with the new team.

Ricciardo claims he escaped similar complications in Renault as he managed to keep the old driving style but at the expense of some grip.

“At Renault, I immediately felt that I could keep my old driving style, but simply had a little less grip than with the Red Bull car. Compared to McLaren, the differences to the car are a bit bigger, ”he said Auto engine and sport.

“It has its strengths and weaknesses, but somehow my normal driving style doesn’t quite match the car. It could be because of the braking or acceleration, but the car does not react as I am used to. “

“That is why my move to McLaren was a little more demanding than the move to Renault. The first step was to find out why my driving style wasn’t working in all corners and only then could I start working on new techniques that I had to master, ”concludes Ricciardo.

Daniel Ricciardo desperately wants to be back in shape

Ricciardo certainly does not take the disappointments in his first races with McLaren well as he still has to make up the gap against his younger teammate Lando Norris.

In a recent interview, the Australian even admitted that he might resent the sport if things continued in the same way. Ricciardo had terrible results in Baku and Monaco.

And he scored some points in France and Austria, but he still has more to do to reach McLaren’s P3 goal for this year.

Leisure Information Roundup: Britney Spears says she would not know whether or not she’ll ever carry out once more; U.S. soccer stars inform story of battle for equal pay in new movie ‘LFG’ and extra

The following is a summary of the latest entertainment news.

Britney Spears says she doesn’t know if she will ever perform again

Britney Spears says she has no idea if she will ever perform again. Spears, who has not appeared in public since late 2018 and is under a court-ordered restoration, made the statement in a video post about her Instagram Page where she answered three questions she believed her fans were asking.

In the new film “LFG”, US soccer stars tell the story of the struggle for equal pay

Soccer stars Megan Rapinoe and Jessica McDonald rested their cleats and walked the red carpet at the premiere of the documentary “LFG” at the Tribeca Film Festival US National team of women. The players sued US Football governing body in 2019 on allegations of gender discrimination in compensation and almost all other aspects of playing conditions

Cate Blanchett sees pandemic as an opportunity to reflect on the plight of the refugees

These years World Refugee Day offers an opportunity to reflect on the uncertainty faced by those forced to flee their homes, actress Cate Blanchett, an ambassador of goodwill U.N. Refugee Agency, Says As The World Grapples With The Unpredictability Of The COVID-19 Pandemic. The Oscar Winners and UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador said the annual event was held on June 20th at a time of “challenge and reflection”.

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Leisure Information Roundup: Norway wealth fund backs Vivendi’s plan to spin-off Common Music; Britney Spears says she would not know whether or not she’ll ever carry out once more and extra

The following is a summary of the latest entertainment news.

Norway’s wealth fund supports Vivendi’s plan to spin off Universal Music

Norway’s $ 1.35 trillion sovereign wealth fund, the largest in the world, said Thursday it would support Vivendi’s spin-off plan Universal music, including the distribution of shares in kind to Vivendi shareholders. Regardless, in accordance with its policy of transparent executive compensation based on the long-term shareholder interests, the Fund will vote against the compensation of Vivendi’s chairman, chief executive, top management and board members.

Britney Spears says she doesn’t know if she will ever perform again

Britney Spears says she has no idea if she will ever perform again. Spears, who has not appeared in public since late 2018 and is under a court-ordered restoration, made the statement in a video post about her Instagram Page where she answered three questions she believed her fans were asking.

Warner Music is buying French Music catalog by DJ David Guettaetta

Warner Music Group said Thursday it would buy in celebration French DJ David Guetta’s music catalog for the past two decades and sign a new contract with him for future recordings. The move will add Guetta’s work to the world’s third largest record label, which includes artists like Cardi B, Ed Sheeran, and Bruno Mars.

Diana Horse says ‘thank you’ in new music after 15 years

American singer Diana Horse expresses her gratitude in the new single “Thanks” released the title track of their first studio album in 15 years on Thursday. Horse, the former singer of the hugely successful group The Supremes from Motown Records, recorded the songs in her home studio during the COVID-19 pandemic. The album is described as “a powerful, comprehensive musical message of love and togetherness”.

In the new film “LFG”, US soccer stars tell the story of a fight for equal pay

Soccer stars Megan Rapinoe and Jessica McDonald rested their cleats and walked the red carpet at the premiere of the documentary “LFG” at the Tribeca Film Festival US National team of women. The players sued US Football governing body in 2019 on allegations of gender discrimination in compensation and almost all other aspects of playing conditions

Despite divorce, Kim Kardashian says she’s the biggest fan of Kanye West

Kim Kardashian said her ex-husband Kanye West is like family despite her divorce, and adds on a TV show airing Thursday that she will always be his biggest fan. KardashianThe 40-year-old spoke on a reunion show for “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” which aired its last episode after 14 years on the air last week.

Kevin Spacey’s accuser, who tried to sue anonymously, is released from the trial

A federal judge on Thursday dismissed all lawsuits from one of two men suing the actor Kevin Spacey for alleged sexual misconduct in the 1980s after the plaintiff refused to provide public identification. The discharge by US District Judge Lewis Kaplan in Manhattan came to lawyers for the man who was considered on court records. is known “CD” said revealing his identity would “suddenly attract unwanted attention” and “just be too much for him to endure”.

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Brooke Shields would not have a holy grail magnificence product | Leisure

Brooke Shields doesn’t swear by a beauty product.

The 55-year-old actress prefers to have lotions and potions in her skin care routine that keep her skin clean and hydrated rather than just having a Holy Grail product.

When asked what her essential beauty product is, she said to Byrdie, “Cleanliness. As long as I keep my skin clean and hydrated. Honestly, I don’t swear by any particular thing. Really, it’s anything that isn’t chemical.” something that is super moisturizing. But the main thing is to keep myself hydrated. I’ve noticed that the elasticity that comes with hydration is really what I need.

“While I love vitamin C, I’ve found that products with vitamin C really help keep the dullness off of my skin and refresh it. It doesn’t matter to the brand as I don’t have a favorite yet. I only got it recently discovered. “

However, the “Chalet Girl” star admitted she refuses to live without moisturizer after her mother cemented the importance of healthy skin on her from a young age.

She explained, “Honestly, it’s so boring, but it’s all about moisture. It’s a lot easier to apply makeup to a damp, supple face or skin. The drier or dehydrated I am, the older I look and I really need to be careful not to just hydrate from the inside but also the outside. I grew up with my mom and said, ‘Moisture, moisture, moisture.’ “

Brooke, who has Rowan, 18, and Grier, 15, with husband Chris Henchy, is more likely to opt for thicker moisturizers, which make her skin feel so creamy that her kids don’t like to touch her face.

She continued, “I like thicker, richer creams because I feel better mentally. I don’t know if that’s true, but I like the feel of my skin. My kids will say they don’t want to kiss me because I feel too much Got stuff on my face. “

The Indo-Pacific Does not Simply Want Cash to Cope With Local weather Change. It Wants a Full Plan.

April 28, 2021, 10:14 a.m.

Last week, US President Joe Biden convened 40 heads of state for a virtual climate summit of heads of state and government. In addition to the notable attendance of Vladimir Putin from Russia and Xi Jinping from China, the guest list also included a strong list of Indo-Pacific countries. Biden was joined by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina from Bangladesh, Prime Minister Lotay Tshering from Bhutan and Secretary General Nguyen Phu Trong from Vietnam.

As part of the United States’ official re-entry into the global climate dialogue, Biden discussed ways to strengthen global capacities to protect nations from the effects of climate change, address the global security threats posed by climate change, and possible solutions to achieve net zero emissions by up to 2050.

Biden’s invitation to the Indo-Pacific states particularly reflects their risk status. The region is warming up rapidly and weather extremes are already displacing communities and increasing conflicts over resources. The situation is ripe for violence and if the region is not adapted to climate change it risks becoming a breeding ground for major security threats.

That’s probably why, on the first day of the dialogue, Biden announced his administration’s efforts to double US public climate finance for developing countries by 2024, and pointed out the urgent need to increase money for adaptation and resilience in those countries . The success of US climate policy depends on Biden’s ability to implement these plans.

If he’s serious, he needs a great strategy that includes climate change, alliances and a growing challenge from the great power in the Indo-Pacific. Although US-led international institutions are burdened by the arbitrary approach of the previous administration, they can once again serve as levers for the intertwining challenges of poverty, climate change and pandemic global insecurity.

This brings us to the question of how Biden’s climate ambition can be turned into a great strategy for the region.

For inspiration he could look to the US Marshall Plan in Western Europe after the devastation of World War II. The courageous strategy, which provided more than $ 15 billion to rebuild the continent, is widely accepted as the catalyst for the birth of NATO and for strengthening the United States’ alliance with European countries. The Marshall Plan helped rehabilitate the economies of 16 European countries and promoted stable conditions in which democratic institutions could flourish.

A similarly bold strategy in the Indo-Pacific region could have profound and lasting effects. As in 1947, when the Economic Cooperation Administration, a predecessor of the US Agency for International Development, jointly administered the Marshall Plan with the Committee on European Economic Cooperation, Biden must lead the newly formed US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) its lending capacity of USD 60 billion to regions in the direct crosshairs of poverty, insecurity and climate change.

For the Marshall Plan, the Committee on European Economic Cooperation was a joint European conference that set priorities for the post-war recovery of the European economy. It consisted of delegates from 16 European nations and met in Paris. This committee later established the Organization for European Economic Cooperation, which allowed countries to control the administration and distribution of Marshall funds themselves.

For robust climate protection measures, active regional cooperation organizations like the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, as well as dying organizations like the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, are likely partners. In addition to the DFC, a committee of the Indo-Pacific states could help set the priorities for a climate strategy and support the management of US climate investments. A bold strategy would increase the municipal capacity of nations to provide essential services and expand investment in response systems and climate disaster prevention.

Together, the United States and a group of Indo-Pacific nations could do a great deal of good. Establishing a platform for others to join will encourage greater international cooperation. The so-called Annex II states within the meaning of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change can use such a mechanism to meet their own financial responsibility. In the meantime, initiatives such as the Green Climate Fund and a proposal to link debt relief with investing in climate change at the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund should be fully implemented. And the G-20 must take into account the central role of climate change in their deliberations. A newly designed trans-Pacific partnership could also focus on investing in climate change as part of regional trade.

Consistent with the success of the United States in Europe in the mid-twentieth century, an Indo-Pacific climate strategy will promote and sustain US leadership while promoting critical alliances in the region. China currently has massive economic influence in the region. From infrastructure projects to threats restricting access to Chinese markets, China is using its tools in the region to compete with the US. And if Washington is committed to diplomacy in the Indo-Pacific, Biden must cultivate deeper ties there beyond Japan and India to include marginalized nations such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, backed by a robust economic strategy.

The then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill described the decision of the US Secretary of State George Marshall to rebuild Europe as “the highest level of statecraft”. By investing in the future of Europe, the United States helped lay the foundations that enabled the European Union to become one of the largest global economies and a political force in the international order. Addressing the needs of the nations most vulnerable to the effects of climate change will be a similar act of statecraft for US foreign policy in the 21st century.

Tremendous GT would not want ‘Indy-style’ race begins

For a long time, the more traditional rolling start method was used in the Japanese championship. The cars did two warm-up laps before waiting for the lights in the pit lane to turn green.

However, serial promoter GTA tested the Indy launch with two files on both days of the official testing at Fuji Speedway in late March, leading to suggestions that this could eventually be introduced into the championship.

Indy-style starts were also unveiled at the same location in 2019 at the SUPER GT x DTM Dream Race, and the German championship has been using the same procedure for their restart since 2017.

Real Racing driver Baguette doesn’t think Indy-style starts are suitable for an endurance series like SUPER GT, however, as the risk of starting line accidents is just too high.

“I don’t think that’s going to change that much,” Baguette told when asked for his opinion after the second Indy-style start attempt in which he was third in the dummy in the No. 17 Honda NSX-GT -Starting field was.

“We’re just a little closer together at the beginning, but once the green lights come on we’re still kind of separated.

“I think it’s very difficult to do the same thing as in the DTM, where they’re all really together. We only have eight races a season and it’s endurance racing.

“In the DTM it’s sprint races and there are more races [per season]so they can take more risks. We can’t afford to crash at the beginning, so it’s difficult to have the same system.

“The race format is completely different. It’s not that you want to take all of the risk in the beginning. Maybe it’s more like that in the DTM because it’s difficult to overtake and the races are short. “

Race starts and restart formats were one of the main differences in sporting regulations between the DTM and the SUPER GT during their short-lived Class One merger.

After safety car periods, the DTM switched to the Indy procedure for restarting in 2017, which proved to be a success with the fans, but continued to rely on standing starts at the beginning of the races.

However, as part of the switch to GT3 machines, the series will be halted this year as a whole.

Start action

Photo by: Andreas Beil