Kei Nishikori discusses recreation model of Novak Djokovic, prime gamers

Kei Nishikori wants to change his game a bit and is looking at the play style of those who are at the top. Nishikori has always been a strong baseline player, but as he got older he realized he needed to make certain adjustments to his game.

“According to Djokovic, nowadays players tend to focus on probability, try to avoid casual mistakes and play it safe, beat cross-court shots in defense, like Medvedev, Zverev, players who can do it safely , are now absolutely dominant, “said Nishikori, via Seiadoumogera / Twitter.

“At the same time, players like Alcaraz or Sinner come, play aggressively like Federer, there cannot be the perfect tennis for everyone. It is impossible to change my tennis (drastically), I just have to try to improve my weapons.” play at a faster pace than others. “

Nishikori is not ready to stop

Nishikori, 31, has been plagued by injuries in recent years but is not ready to leave the game. “I never wanted to stop playing even though I always feel like it’s tough, yes I often feel like it’s tough, I’m not in the mood, I hate it …

But I got away somehow, ”said Nishikori. Nishikori admitted that he is often depressed because he is prone to injury, but after that I somehow come back because I still have the motivation and passion to play tennis again, ”Nishikori admitted.

Nishikori also gave advice to juniors. “Enjoy it, you will see how important it is to enjoy as you get older. You may want to quit at some point, but after you’ve done that you can be filled with joy (from playing). It would be nice to learn how to survive difficult times at a young age, “advised Nishikori.