5 Issues to do in Bengaluru: Raghu Dixit type

Raghu Dixit loves Bengaluru like no other. The singer, who has been in town for 25 years, says he holds a special place for him. “I’ve traveled the world and musicians are celebrating life everywhere. I think a city’s tapestry can only change through art and artists, and our culture is becoming truly global and Bengaluru is taking the lead, ”he says.

If you are new to town and in need of a reliable guide, Raghu Dixit is here to help you with his good bill of what not to miss in Bengaluru!

Pig in VV Puram Food Street

The food is really eclectic – it offers the best of experimental and traditional food in one place. From dosas to baked goods, juices to chaat centers, there is something for everyone. There are also many seasonal festivals held in the street, with a specific food included in each dish. So if you have a group of friends who want to relax, this is the place!

Jogging in Cubbon Park

It’s beautiful and incredibly necessary in a city like Bengaluru where you want relief from the fast paced life. When you go to a park regularly, you are building a community, meeting new people, and planning with them. Hence, this place is a favorite among Bangaloreans when they want some fresh air.

Experience the sunset in Nandi Hills

It’s a classic Bengaluru thing for non-Bangalores! It is ideal as it is close to the city yet far away to get away from the hustle and bustle of the capital. The sunrise there is wonderful! They have cycling and trekking groups traveling to the Nandi hills. And there are beautiful places along the way too, so it’s a good trip.

Take part in the Open Mic Busking on Church Street

It’s now a pedestrian zone and on weekends musicians and artists perform there and even sell their stuff. I performed there with my entire band over one weekend; We stood on a platform and performed for an hour. It was such a liberating experience. Earlier people didn’t respect musicians who sang in the street; Bengaluru and this whole street are changing that narrative and bringing dignity back to the street performances that musicians around the world are already doing. I don’t think that’s an experience you can have anywhere else than here!

Pub hopping for the best handcrafted drinks

I am so proud of Bengaluru’s handcrafted beers! There are many places in the city that offer amazing food and experiences for people new to the city. From the Bangalore Pub Exchange on MG Road to the Geist Brewing Factory on Old Madras Road, there are many options to choose from.

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