This Toyota Tacozilla Camper Has Outdated-Faculty Model, 3D-Printed Eating Desk and a Full Kitchen

The Concept Camper based on Toyota Tacoma is a retro bike with cool modern upgrades.


Retro colors of the 1970s and modern overland capabilities come together in Toyota’s wild new “Tacozilla” Camper Concept.


Those of a certain age can recognize the inspiration of the SEMA build as the Hilux-based Toyota x Chinook Camper collaborations of the 1970s / 80s, since Engine 1 Remarks. The accented vintage yellow, orange and bronze bodywork painted by Texas’ Complete Customs is the most obvious reference to the retro RVs.


However, the tacozilla is based on a current gene Tacoma TRD Sport and the Toyota Motorsports Garage have put a lot of effort into developing a loaded and livable ride that follows the modern microhouse trend while also offering occupants over six feet.


“It was our goal to build a vehicle that is properly designed, but also looks really cool,” says project manager Marty Schwerter. “We really didn’t want it to look like a refrigerator on the back of a truck, so you’ll see that it has all of the rounded edges.”


The rounded aluminum camper frame was designed to sit within the dimensions of the base truck. Over 100 hours were spent making a strapped tailgate that doesn’t interfere with the tapered lines of the structure.


The fully insulated interior – lit by a hinged Lexan skylight – has a teak sauna-style floor, a full bathroom with a hot shower, a fully equipped kitchen with a stove and sink, leather bench seats and a 3D-printed dining area table that sits at the Stow also serves as a backlit wall art work. A raised platform above the cockpit offers space for bedding.


The original rear fender flares of the Tacoma were attached to the wheel arch openings of the Tacozilla, which allowed an additional gap of five centimeters. For traction, the team fitted a set of 285/70/17 General Tire Grabber X3 all-terrain tires. Other custom bits include a separate fuel tank filler to isolate vapors and a second battery in the Tacoma’s engine bay for extra power.


The Toyota Tacozilla Camper is completely custom built and may not even be street legal. But based on the buzz it made at SEMA, the Japanese brand may consider launching a conversion kit. Dare to dream.


Brandon Friedrich

Two UW eating halls shift to buffet fashion as a consequence of meals shortages · The Badger Herald

Gordon Avenue Market and Four Lakes Market dining rooms switched to all-you-care-to-eat on September 10 due to food shortages on campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The change comes when restaurant staff try to tackle industry-wide challenges in the supply chain. The move was made in the hope of reducing waiting times while maintaining a wide choice of menus and a low price. according to a newsletter from the University of Wisconsin.

According to the newsletter, Food prices for residents at these locations are $ 4.99 for breakfast, $ 5.99 for lunch, and $ 6.99 for dinner. Non-resident prices are $ 8.31 for breakfast, $ 9.98 for lunch, and $ 11.65 for dinner.

Gordon’s and Four Lakes have adapted these flat rates to a buffet instead of the traditional a la carte dining options.

No changes are currently planned for the other canteens on campus, according to the Newsletter.

UW welcomes the largest freshman course in its history to a personal convocationEight thousand freshmen attended the University of Wisconsin’s convocation last Friday for the annual event that was officially welcomed Read…

University Housing spokesman Brendon Dybdahl said the change was unexpected but necessary due to long waiting times and unavailable menu items.

“The decision to make this change wasn’t predictable, but when our residents moved in we found that long lines and staff were affecting students in ways that needed to be resolved quickly,” Dybdahl said in an email to The Badger Herald.

The new pricing model corresponds to the prices charged in Rheta’s Market, a dining room that was buffet style prior to the changeover in Gordons and Four Lakes.

Dybdahl said there are still opportunities for students to grab inexpensive meals like Carson’s Market and Liz’s Market, order through GrubHub, and get an increase in grab-and-go options at Flamingo Run convenience stores .

UW predicts a loss of $ 100 million due to the COVID-19 pandemicThe University of Wisconsin expects a loss of $ 100 million due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, according to Wisconsin Read…

UW freshman Raines Lucas said he doesn’t feel particularly affected by this change, although it can sometimes be unconventional if a full meal is not needed.

“I’d say it’s not a major inconvenience, but I wouldn’t say that I’ve heard anyone benefit from it [from the change]”Said Lucas. “We always had the Rheta’s buffet option and removed the Gordon’s and Four Lakes option. I don’t think it’s going to be of any use to anyone. “

Most of these changes are temporary, according to Dybdahl.

However, the entire food industry continues to suffer from food and staff shortages due to COVID-19.

“As new employees become more efficient every day, we expect longer queues than usual and waiting times will improve,” said Dydbahl. “We’re still doing our best to improve things as quickly as possible.”

College students to obtain each day $50 Meal Cash credit score from Aug. 24 to 29 following eating service shortages – The Vanderbilt Hustler

The $ 50 Summer / Vacation Plan credit will expire at the end of each day. Students also receive a one-time credit of $ 15 in their meal money fund that does not expire.

During lunch at the E. Bronson Ingram Dining Hall, the students stood in a row toward Kirkland Hall. Image taken on Aug. 21, 2020. (Courtesy photo by Jason Hwong).

To compensate for the dinner shortage, Campus Dining announced on August 23 that students would receive a $ 50 daily credit from August 24-29, which expires at the end of each day. In addition, they will receive a one-time rollover credit for meal money of $ 15. Dining room dispensers will continue to be available and meal credit can be redeemed at any Taste of Nashville partner restaurant or Grubhub location.

“We’ve heard your feedback and are aware of the unacceptably long lines and product shortages,” said Campus Dining opinion read. “We assume that these expanded options will reduce the workload for both the cafeteria staff and the students, and will enable our operations to build up stocks again for next week.”

Second year Anjali Raman, who tried to use the $ 50 balance today, has been charged through her Meal Money fund, which currently only has the $ 15 balance available, rather than the summer / vacation plan which is currently not visible in the GET app. Campus Dining did not immediately respond to The Hustler’s request for comment on the matter.

Regarding future improvements, Campus Dining said in its statement that it is working to fix supply chain disruptions such as late or incomplete deliveries and other backup issues. In addition, a “Commissary Kitchen” has been built on campus to reduce waiting times for Rand Grab & Go Market orders. Dining rooms will also offer additional food lines to increase service efficiency. Campus Dining did not immediately respond to The Hustler’s request to comment on these changes.

On August 23, E. Bronson Ingram’s (EBI) dining room and Kissam kitchen experienced a food shortage during dinner. Second year Jason Hwong said EBI ended dinner service around 7:00 p.m. CDT, 30 minutes before regular closing. Kissam closed at approximately 7:20 p.m. CDT, 1 hour and 10 minutes before regular closure.

On August 21, Campus Dining closed all dining rooms for dinner service, so students had to purchase dinner off campus with either meal money or personal funds. According to Campus Dining’s website, the student meal plans were activated that day.

Hwong expressed frustration with the decision, citing that early moving students – including RAs, VUceptors, orientation leaders, and new international and transfer students – have relied on dining room access since arriving on campus.

In an email to Campus Dining, Vice Chancellor David ter Kuile and Vice Chancellor of Administration Eric Kopstain, Hwong outlined his concerns about the restaurant operations and copied ten students who were also unable to eat with food punches that evening, and asked to be included in the recording The conversation.

“Those who from the [Aug. 21], regardless of when they moved in, should not be forced to spend meal money or out-of-pocket meals that should be provided by the school, “Hwong said in the email. “We are paying to be able to use these food expenditures, and it is totally unacceptable that no dining rooms are open at a time when the meal plan is in effect.”

In the future, Hwong emphasized the need for a “productive” dialog between students and campus dining.

“I would also like to make it clear that while monetary compensation is an important and necessary step to remedy the previous deficits of Campus Dining, it is more important to implement meaningful changes in the gastronomic offerings that address the problems we have experienced, actually fix it. ”“ Hwong said.

This article will be updated with responses from Campus Dining.

DoubleTree Resort goals so as to add leisure to eating | Berks Regional Information

Many companies are still struggling to find workers, even after most of the COVID restrictions have been lifted.

So the DoubleTree in Reading is getting really creative to keep attracting high quality employees.

Little did guests of the DoubleTree Hotel have a truly unique experience in store for them when they encounter students at Albright College.

“I thought it was fantastic. I’ve never been serenaded by a man before but found it quite funny including the young lady’s lovely voice and would I do it again? Absolutely! ”Said Chris Mitchell, a guest from Houston.

DoubleTree Hotel in Reading

“It’s a lot of fun and it’s very unexpected that people say, ‘Oh wow, there’s a piano over there, do you know who’s going to play it?’ And I say ‘I can’ and they say ‘nooo’ and I say ‘Yes, I can’ and it knocks them out a bit! ”Said the youngest Albright graduate Veronica Jakubowski.

They are part of a special program where students entertain guests and gain experience in the hospitality industry.

“That you can be paid not only to serve the hotel and serve the guests in it, but to be paid to share your craft, your artistic craft, this gift with others, and I think that’s what makes it unique. That’s what makes it so special, “said the Artistic Director of the DoubleTree, Nate Rothermel.

“To be honest, it was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had,” said Adrian Jacob with a laugh.

“It’s pretty great to shape the experience because we’re on the ground floor, so to speak. So, really to create an experience with the management and the guests. ”Albright Sr. Logan Wintersteen said.

Only Albright students are currently participating in the pilot, but the hotel hopes to expand it to other colleges and even high school kids in the future. If you would like more information on applying for the internship, send an email to Nate Rothermel at

Neptune Township rescinds outside eating, leisure permits given out throughout pandemic

News 12 employees

06/02/2021, 10:23 PM EDT

Updated on:06/02/2021, 10:23 PM EDT

A Monmouth County pizza shop owner was able to keep his business open during the pandemic. But he’s now struggling to stay in business.

Many companies across New Jersey were forced to change their business plans when the COVID-19 home stay regulation was implemented. Restaurants have been forced to switch from food services to take-away and al fresco dining.

“We put every dollar we had into this outdoor area. It was literally something that was just a last hope, ”says Vinny Ferrara, owner of Delvetto Pizzeria & Pub.

Ferrara’s restaurant opened just before the pandemic broke out, crippling businesses across New Jersey.

“We were able to make takeout, but that’s not enough to pay the bills. We literally crawled, tried to pay the bills and earned absolutely nothing, ”says Ferrara.

Ferrara says the restaurant got something of a lifeline in June when both Neptune Township and the state approved outdoor dining and entertainment through November 2022. Delvetto has shifted again and added outdoor performances.

“I’ve probably reached out to all of these – probably over 100 different bands, local bands. ‘Hey, do you want to play in my parking lot?’ “Says Ferrara.

The “Tiki Lot” was born. But Ferrara says Neptune Township will lift all outdoor entertainment permeans from June 6th. Outdoor dining permits will be revoked until Labor Day. The permits were all temporarily granted during the pandemic to help businesses stay afloat.

“It’s the only thing that keeps us alive and together,” says Ferrara. “We fight and fight every day just to pay the bills.”

Some customers say they prefer to eat outdoors, especially since COVID-19 is still a threat in the state.

“I’m not going to feel comfortable being inside at this point,” says Red Bank’s Sarah White. “It seems like a real step backwards.”

Other customers say the open air concerts brought the community together.

“A lot of our neighbors from all over the area would meet here and the kids would eat pizza, they would have live entertainment,” says Jill Tramontano of Neptune. “I am very disappointed. I think it was a bad decision on Neptune’s part. “

Ferrara says that if the permits are revoked, he may have to fire some employees as they expect smaller crowds to eat.

News 12 New Jersey reached out to the ward and business administrator for comment but received no response.

Eating, leisure coming to area alongside fashionable path in Spartanburg

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – A popular dining and entertainment venue will soon open on a popular Spartanburg Trail.

“The Rail Trail itself has become much more popular in recent years,” said Christopher George, city spokesman for Spartanburg. “They had record numbers for a couple of years in a row and last year was another record for them.”

While many places were closed during COVID, there was a lot of traffic in one place. That place was the Mary Black Rail Trail.

“People using the Rail Trail right now – I’m out there a lot – and it’s families with kids, it’s people who play sports, it’s just people who enjoy the fresh air,” said George.

One of those people is Cheryl Robinson. She started using the railroad when the pandemic started and said she saw many benefits from it.

“The Rail Trail helped me lose 54 pounds in a year,” said Robinson.

Robinson said she walked the path several times a week.

At the moment there is an empty lot every time she passes. But soon this lot will be a new dining and entertainment venue.

“We haven’t had one that specifically orientates itself on the Rail Trail that way,” said George. “And it’s a really good example of how such paths stimulate economic development.”

Robinson told 7 News that the new development is another huge benefit for people like her who use the trail frequently.

“It would be nice because a lot of us don’t have our bottles of water with us, so we could stop and have a bottle of water or a drink or whatever,” she said.

“It’s really the perfect thing to turn a little trip – where you might be there for an hour or so – into some kind of all-day message,” added George.

The new venue will have a restaurant and café, and space for food trucks and live music.

“The most exciting thing about it is the entertainment area and the assembly point along the railroad track,” said George. “There is something unique there, something you see in other cities, and we are very excited that one of these concepts is coming to Spartanburg.”

There’s no official groundbreaking yet, but the developers expect things to move in late spring or early summer and they hope that the first phase of the project will be completed by the end of 2021.

A Information To Disney’s BoardWalk Eating & Leisure

We’re sure we can all agree that Disney is really, really good at a lot of things: television, movies, theme parks, resorts, cruise ships, dining concepts, customer service, merchandise, and heck, even fireworks. Another thing they’re good at? Nostalgia. And we don’t just mean the nostalgia you get for your childhood when you watch classic Disney movies, or when Disney+ releases reimagined versions of your favorite One Saturday Morning cartoons or TGIF sitcoms – although those are good too. 

No, we’re talking about Disney’s uncanny ability to transport you to a different time and place by simply turning a corner – like at the Disney World BoardWalk, the streets of Hollywood Studios, or Magic Kingdom’s Main Street U.S.A. How? Well, it’s all thanks to that (Disney) magic combination of some clever forced perspective, well-placed and authentically inspired architectural and atmospheric details, music, tasty snacks and beverages, and maybe a sprinkle of pixie dust along the way.  


And, if we’re being honest, it’s one of our favorite things about visiting Disney World. That’s why we love visiting Disney’s BoardWalk resort and entertainment area. Nestled over near Epcot’s World Showcase and the Yacht and Beach Club resorts, it’s a fun place to visit for dinner, drinks, dessert, evening recreation, or even just some idle wandering after a day at the parks. Keep reading for everything that’s available at this old-timey entertainment district in the heart of Walt Disney World. 

What Is Disney’s BoardWalk?

Disney’s BoardWalk immerses guests in the charm of turn-of-the-century boardwalks like those at Coney Island and Atlantic City. Stretching for a quarter mile along Crescent Lake, the waterfront promenade is packed with shops, dining, nightlife, midway games, street performers, and even a resort. Keep walking, and you’ll not only hit International Gateway, the back entrance to Epcot, but 3 other resorts as well. So, whether you’re looking for an afternoon escape from Epcot with a slice of pizza, a shake, and a ride on a surrey bike or dinner and drinks followed by an evening stroll, a street magician, and some dueling pianos, you’re sure to enjoy your temporary trip back in time along Disney’s BoardWalk.  

The Disney World BoardWalk is also one of our favorite places to explore on Disney property that doesn’t require a park ticket. That’s right, Disney’s BoardWalk is not only open to the public, it is also entirely free to enter and there’s no obligation to buy anything if you don’t want to. However, there are some activities, like Jellyrolls, the dueling piano bar, that do require a cover charge for entry. 

Getting to Disney’s BoardWalk

Disney BoardWalk hours typically run from around 6:30am to 10pm or later depending on the season. Individual Disney BoardWalk restaurants, shops, and recreation may have different hours, however. So, be sure to look up the operating hours if you have someplace specific in mind for your next Disney vacation. 

While Disney’s Boardwalk is open all day long, our favorite time to visit is in the evening. With the huge BoardWalk sign glittering in lights, street performers dazzling the crowd, and, if you’re lucky, fireworks streaking through the sky, it’s a truly magical place to explore with an ice cream cone or margarita in hand. 

Disney BoardWalk Parking

Unfortunately, as the area is part of Disney’s BoardWalk resort, parking is extremely limited. So, while you are more than welcome to mention that you’re visiting the BoardWalk at the security gate, you may find that self-parking is unavailable or that you can only valet park your car. Typically, we find more often than not that self-parking is available, but it will fill up during the busy season.

Disney BoardWalk Transportation: Bus, Friendship Boat, Disney Skyliner & More

Of course, a safer alternative is using Disney’s complimentary transportation. That’s right, completely free. At the BoardWalk, that means busses, the Disney Skyliner, Friendship Boats, and if you’re visiting from Epcot, maybe even the Monorail. Or, for a paid option, call a Minnie Van. 

Busses are located at each of the Disney resorts around Crescent Lake and connect throughout the Disney property. For a relaxing boat ride to Epcot or Hollywood Studios, Friendship Launches are available at the center of the BoardWalk promenade between Flying Fish and the Screen Door General Store, and also at Disney’s Yacht Club and the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort. Or, for a different kind of tranquil transportation, hop on the Disney Skyliner to soar between Disney’s BoardWalk, the Caribbean Beach, Riviera, Pop Century, and Art of Animation resorts, and Epcot and Hollywood Studios parks.  

Disney World BoardWalk During COVID-19

Restaurant dining with brewing tanks

As with the rest of the Walt Disney World Resort, things look a bit different around Disney’s BoardWalk area as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. While Disney’s BoardWalk villas are open and accepting reservations, the rest of the BoardWalk Inn is closed for now. Several dining outlets are also unavailable, including Flying Fish and the ESPN Club, along with a few snack and drink stands. Many of the BoardWalk’s entertainment offerings are also on pause including Jellyrolls, Disney BoardWalk games, street performers, and surrey bike rentals. However, we do expect this to return to normal as the pandemic recedes. 

Disney’s BoardWalk Resort Area

Not just a bunch of restaurants and shops, Disney’s BoardWalk and the rest of the area surrounding Crescent Lake is filled with a slew of resorts. 

Disney’s BoardWalk Inn & Villas

Take a trip to turn-of-the-century Atlantic City at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn & Villas. With cozy rooms and villas overlooking Crescent Lake and the BoardWalk entertainment district, a stay at Disney’s BoardWalk resort is a charming journey to yesteryear. A deluxe Disney Vacation Club resort, this is one of the pricier stays on Disney property. Here, guests can swim in the whimsical Luna Park Pool then swing by Leaping Horse Libations for an icy refreshment. Afterwards, you can play board games over a classic cocktail or cup of coffee at the Belle Vue Lounge, a lounge made to feel like a 1930s sitting room, to a soundtrack of shows from a bygone era played on vintage radios. 

Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Disney's Beach Club Resort Panoramic view in the Evening

Continuing on past the ESPN Club, the nostalgia continues over at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. Another deluxe DVC resort, Disney’s Beach Club evokes the elevated yet laid back style of a classic coastal New England resort. Kiddos here can dive into one of the coolest resort pools on Disney property which is also shared with the Yacht Club next door – the sandy, shipwrecked Stormalong Bay – or sit down to breakfast with Minnie and friends at Cape May Café. Adults will enjoy the seafood buffet at Cape May or a glass of wine at Martha’s Vineyard. And whatever you do, don’t miss Beaches & Cream Soda Shop for some creamy, dreamy ice cream mounded with toppings. Trust us, they throw in the whole Kitchen Sink (har har). Though not technically part of Disney’s BoardWalk, it’s just a short walk away, and a worthwhile visit for an ice cream or more. 

Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Next door is Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, the Beach Club Resort’s statelier sister. Think, a buttoned-up linen suit and tie with a pair of boat shoes. Yet another deluxe resort that’s part of the DVC family, the New England theme can be seen here as well, though this time it’s more nautical than coastal. These two resorts share many amenities, so young guests staying here have access to Stormalong Bay too. Meanwhile, adults will love having access to some prime dining, namely surf-and-turf centric Yachtsman Steakhouse. And bonus, the Yacht Club Resort is one of the few pet-friendly resorts at Disney World, so even Fido can get in on the relaxation. 

Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Hotels

As you continue on around the lake back towards the BoardWalk, the next stop you’ll come to is the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Hotels. Though on Disney property, the Swan and Dolphin are technically Westin and Sheraton properties, respectively, not Disney resorts. That being said, there is still tons of family-friendly fun and delicious dining to be had here, including a character breakfast at Garden Grove featuring Goofy and Pluto. For more sophisticated palates, be sure to try one of the resort’s signature dining restaurants like Italian at Il Mulino, Japanese at Kimonos, seafood at Tod English’s bluezoo, or carnivorous classics at Shula’s Steak House. Finally, round out your stay by finding your zen at the Mandara Spa. 

What Is There to Do at Disney’s BoardWalk?

Margaritas with sugar and lime

From restaurants and nightlife to midway games and surrey bike rentals, there are plenty of things – both free and paid – to see, do, and eat. 

Disney BoardWalk Restaurants

Whether you’re in the mood for a prohibition-era cocktail at a magic-inspired speakeasy, a fried snack from a food cart, delicious handmade pastries, or a plate of something delicious and some glorious A/C, there are several Disney BoardWalk restaurants and other dining outlets waiting to be had. 


Said to have once been a speakeasy where stage magicians and streetwise illusionists could swap tricks Now, it’s a sophisticated hideaway filled with magical memorabilia from a bygone time. Cocktails – both mystically inspired sips and nostalgic favorites – are the highlights of the menu. And speaking from experience, the bartender has an especially magical pour, if you know what we mean. Ok, we’ll spell it out for you: they’re strong. Beer and wine are also available, as are a small selection of Italian-ish bar snacks from the attached Trattoria al Forno.  

Big River Grille & Brewing Works

Families looking for a casual table-service restaurant with plenty of kid- and adult-friendly options will love Big River Grille & Brewing Works. This microbrewery serves up a hearty selection of American pub favorites – from healthy-ish options like greens crowned with chicken or salmon to substantial eats like kobe burgers and ribeye steaks. Top it all off with the decadent Chocolate Confusion and a pint of Big River beer. Plus, with a classic kids’ menu and even a Shirley Temple on the menu, even the little ones can get in on the fun. 

BoardWalk Bakery

On the hunt for a savory handheld bite or a sweet treat? Step on into this quick-service café next to Trattoria al Forno. A delightful array of items are on offer from morning to night at the BoardWalk Bakery, with sandwiches available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as assorted desserts and pastries. Stop here in the morning for the indulgent Brioche Boston Cream Doughnut or Butter Butter Sandwich, then swing by in the afternoon for the Gobbler and a cupcake. 

BoardWalk Joe’s Marvelous Margaritas

Wanting an icy alcoholic beverage to go? Pay a visit to BoardWalk Joe’s Marvelous Margaritas. This little drink kiosk is filled to the brim with alcoholic and non-alcoholic sips like smoothies, soda, cocktails, beer, and wine. Or, put two of them together and have a boozy smoothie like the Captain’s Seaside Sensation with pineapple Dole Whip and spiced rum. Wash it all down with a salty or sweet snack like Mickey Pretzels and spicy cheese or roasted nuts. 


ESPN cheeseburger on a board

Searching for a place to eat for the sports fan in your life? Every day is game day at the ESPN Club. Seriously, there are close to 100 TV screens here showing sporting events from around the world. And with TVs in the bathrooms too, there’s no need to worry about missing the next big play. Plus, with the Sports Central television and radio studio on-site, you might even catch your favorite athlete making an appearance for an interview. Capping off one end of Disney’s BoardWalk, this table-service restaurant meets sports-bar offers up classic American bar food favorites for lunch and dinner. If you’re planning to visit on game day, this place fills up real fast. 

Flying Fish

Devour sustainable seafood and prime steak at Flying Fish, a signature restaurant serving both lunch and dinner. Peek into the open kitchen as chefs create classic seaside dishes with a contemporary, sophisticated twist. From the expertly plated entrees and artsy desserts, the food is as beautiful as the elegant, ocean-inspired décor. Although the vibe here is decidedly more adult, kids won’t feel left out with pint-sized versions of seared fish, grilled steak, or shrimp scampi on offer. 

Funnel Cake Cart

No visit to a beachside boardwalk is complete without a fried funnel cake dripping in chocolate and powdered sugar. Get your own here, along with other childhood favorites like cotton candy and fried ice cream. Or, grab a Funnel Cake Gift Kit and take your trip to Disney’s BoardWalk resort home with you.

Pizza Window

Looking to fuel your journey around Crescent Lake but don’t have time to sit down to eat? Pop by the Pizza Window outside Trattoria al Forno for slices and full-sized wood-fired pizza pies. While you’re there, be sure to grab something to drink, like a can of beer, a glass of red wine, or some refreshing sangria. 

The To-Go Cart

Pizza delivery window

In the mood for some portable eats to enjoy while you explore Disney’s BoardWalk? Then there’s no place like The To-Go Cart. There are tons of American classics on offer here, including hot dogs, corn dogs, mac & cheese bites, grilled cheese, burgers, pulled pork, and even burgers topped with pulled pork. Plus, with tempting add-ons like beer cheese, bacon, and chili, this is boardwalk-style dining with a tasty choose-your-own-adventure twist. 

Trattoria al Forno

Does strolling the boardwalk make you hungry for pasta? If so, be sure to visit Trattoria l Forno. This table-service restaurant dishes up old-world Italian classics just like Nonna used to make for dinner. In the morning, meanwhile, the Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast starring Ariel and Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid and Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Tangled features Mediterranean-inspired breakfast dishes with a side of Disney magic. 

Disney BoardWalk Entertainment

As with any boardwalk worth a visit, Disney’s version is made for guests of all ages to enjoy. Wander down this waterfront promenade during the day or night for fun-filled activities like Disney BoardWalk games straight off the midway, street performers, and more. 


There are two things we know to be true: Disney World is known for its fun, and nothing says fun like a dueling piano bar. It will probably come as no surprise that this place tends to be very popular with the conference attendees at the nearby Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort and Convention Center. Performing pairs rotate and take requests through the night (you’re more likely to hear your song played if you offer up a tip), and the whole crowd is encouraged to join in during special singalongs. Is it silly? Yes. But it’s also a ton of fun! Drinks aren’t the focus here, especially with a basket of popcorn to munch on at the same time. If you do plan to visit, keep in mind that this is a strictly 21-and-up bar and you will also be required to pay a cover charge upon entry.

Street Performers

Trattoria Al Forno

Fall into the carefree spirit of the boardwalks of days gone by during impressive acts by street performers. From illusionists doing close-up magic to jugglers showing off their admirable hand-eye coordination, these evening interludes will have the whole family cheering, and maybe even getting in on the action. 

Disney BoardWalk Games

One of the best parts about visiting a boardwalk, as anyone who has ever strolled one before can attest, is getting to try your hand at all those midway-style carnival games. There are a few different challenges available here, like vintage fair games and basketball, for those willing to spend a few bucks for a chance at a toy. 

Surrey Bike Rentals

Don’t just walk down the boardwalk like mere pedestrians – ride around in style on a surrey bike built for 2 or 4 people. After all, there’s nothing quite like pedaling your way along the waterfront with one hand on the steering wheel and another gripping for dear life onto a drippy, melty ice cream cone. At $25 per person, we think this is kind of a steep add-on, but we can’t think of a more fun or family-friendly way to see the whole of Disney’s BoardWalk. 

Movie Under the Stars

While this next suggestion may be meant for guests staying at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn, with its prime location in the center of Disney’s BoardWalk on a particularly soft patch of grass, we say you might as well take advantage of this complimentary perk for Disney resort guests. No hotels reservations or Magic Bands are required – simply plop down once the film starts rolling and enjoy. 

Disney BoardWalk Shops

Restaurant dining room

In addition to all that eating and recreation, you’ll want to be sure to save some time for another thing: the Disney BoardWalk shops. Whether you’re on the hunt for snacks, Disney souvenirs, or a piece of art for your wall, there’s a good chance you’ll find it at Disney’s BoardWalk. 

Disney’s Character Carnival

If you couldn’t already tell from the name, Disney’s Character Carnival is all about merchandise devoted to beloved Disney characters. Stop in here for plushies, children’s clothing, sports gear, and housewares emblazoned with Mickey, Minnie, and more. 

Screen Door General Store

Staying at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn and needing to rustle up some grub? Or maybe you’re just looking for something to munch on as you walk. Whatever your craving, swing by the Screen Door General Store for a range of groceries and sundries, including some souvenirs and stationery. 

Thimbles & Threads

While you won’t be walking into Thimbles & Threads and expecting to get a tailor-made suit or dress like you might have along the boardwalks of yesteryear, you will find plenty of Disney-inspired clothing to wear here, like swimsuits and t-shirts, along with some character plushies. 

Wyland Galleries

Art store with dolphin statues

Even if you’re not planning on buying anything, you won’t want to pass up a visit to the Wyland Galleries. The whole store is positively filled from wall to wall with beautiful, colorful paintings, art prints, sculptures, and jewelry inspired by the beauty of the ocean and all the creatures that live there. Consider this like Disney’s Art of Animation store but with whales and dolphins instead of Mickey and the princesses. 

Well, that wraps up our guide to Disney’s BoardWalk entertainment district. With its waterfront location, delicious dining options, recreational offerings for the whole family, relaxing resorts, and fireworks views, the wholesome charm of the BoardWalk is a pleasant alternative to the craziness of Disney Springs whether you’re coming for a stroll or to stay. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the restaurants located at The BoardWalk you can find several of them on our Top Restaurants at Disney World rankings guide. Plus there are several ice cream places here that made out Top Ice Cream locations at the resort. For anyone who’s thinking about staying at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn be sure to read our review of the hotel.

Dean from Park Savers

Dean has been writing and blogging for over 10 years. He specializes in Disney theme park news including updates, openings, special events and general advice for travelers. He doesn’t shy away from the good, the bad and the ugly. His previous work includes being a Cast Member at Disneyland and working as a travel agent.

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February 2021 OCB DARTS Eating Arts and Leisure information accessible now

The latest edition of our popular monthly local guide is out now – ours February 2021 Guide to Arts and Entertainment (OCB DARTS).

Printed copies are Not available as – despite the repeal of the state-imposed stay-at-home order – all of our usual sales locations will remain closed due to the COVID-19 lockdown. However, we encourage you to download your own free printable copy of our website February 2021 Guide to Arts and Entertainment (OCB DARTS).

Think of logging in as a DARTS champion by Patreon. All DARTS champions will receive their copy of our monthly DARTS from premium USPS in the mail as soon as we have received the printed copies from our printer … as soon as we start printing the DARTS again.

From the front page to the back eight pages Our February arts and entertainment guide will help you pass the time until we’re all vaccinated.

Side two has the beginning of the list of events as well as a number of outdoor theater concerts.

Page three The list of events continues, plus a promotion for the Cypress Chamber of Commerce’s networking breakfast in February 2021 and the reopening of outdoor exhibits at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Page four contains further event lists as well as an invitation to support the Los Alamitos Education Foundation (LAEF).

Page five Closes the list of events and announces Valentine’s Day virtual wedding ceremonies from the Orange County Clerk Recorder.

Page Six Trumpets from this year’s Cypress College Foundation Americana Awards Gala, online but still wasteful!

Pages seven and eight Hold puzzles for the first week of February 2021.

Our daily list of local events is short because many annual events are canceled or postponed. (We’d say thank you if a short DARTS turns into a historical artifact by Easter Sunday! But nobody really knows!) Check out our AWESOME Community Calendar for personal and virtual local events online.

We recommend you download the February 2021 DARTS and let us know what you think!

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Couple is bringing Lowcountry-style seafood boils to Lexington | Eating

Soon, Nialah will start selling plates on the weekends. “It became very popular. We got a food truck. But then we decided to get a building instead. “

Lou Lou’s is a take-out business, and not just because of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We have a couple of tables, but it’s more of a lunch area. It’s not really a dining room, ”said Nialah. “With a capacity of 50% we could sit like family.”

At the heart of the menu is cooked seafood. Customers can choose from shrimp, lobster tail, blue crab (when in season), snow crab legs, or clams. The plates include a boiled egg, corn on the cob, red potatoes, and smoked beef sausage. Prices range from $ 15 for the clams to $ 30 for the lobster or snow crab. A fried salmon fillet or salmon salad is also available for $ 15.

The cooked seafood comes with a choice of six sauces or spices: butter, lemon and garlic butter, Curry’s Original, sweet mango habanero, Old Bay seasoning or cocktail sauce.

Customers can add extra seafood to each plate as well as extra side dishes. Additional side dishes are pasta salad, house salad and mac ‘n’ cheese.

Nialah also makes a special version of Mac ‘n’ Cheese with crab ($ 10) – one of the most popular dishes Lou Lou sells. She uses blue crab meat with elbow macaroni, mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar cheese, as well as garlic and Old Bay spices.