Billie Eilish: I am digging fame now! | Leisure

Billie Eilish is now “digging up” fame after previously hating “everything about it”.

The 19-year-old singer has admitted that she now enjoys life in the spotlight and is recognized in public after spending three years “despising” it for realizing that many people would “kill” to be in their position.

On the “Smartless” podcast, she said, “The parts that I hated three years ago are the parts that I’m digging now.

“Fame, in general, I just despised it, I hated everything about it. I hated to be recognized, I hated not being able to go out, I hated not being able to post a place because then people showed up.

“And I felt stupid because I had this thing that’s really cool, that people would kill for, and I didn’t like it at all.

“When I say I love fame, I just think we should be aware that we have an amazing thing to do.”

And while she is now content with fame, Billie has been left in “strange situations” in the past by her loyal fans and had to hire her team to speak to the meet-and-greet queues to ensure that ” Limits “were respected space.

She said: “[The devotion] kind of drives you crazy. We all know the feeling of seeing yourself and saying, what’s wrong with me, I’m acting crazy.

“When you get excited about something, you forget boundaries and you forget what is polite and what is not polite. I’ve had a lot of weird situations – people will kiss and pick me up, whirl me around …

“It is definitely important to have your limits and also to have people close by who can help in such a situation.

“I never want to push someone away who just shows me love. And even if it comes from a place of crazy love, I never want to push that too far away. “