Dr. Scott Gottlieb says Merck’s Covid capsule ‘could make an actual distinction’

DR. Scott Gottlieb explained why he is so optimistic Merck‘S Covid antiviral pill after drug maker asked Food and Drug Administration on Monday to approve his pill to treat people with mild to moderate symptoms of Covid.

“The topline data from this Merck study were probably the best treatment effects we’ve seen with oral antiviral drugs in the treatment of respiratory pathogens.

If the agency picks up the drug, it will be the first pill proven to work against Covid-19, and Americans could get it by the end of the year.

Gottlieb told CNBCs “The News with Shepard Smith” The Merck pill is part of an “overall, significant improvement in our therapeutic toolkit against this virus, not just with vaccines and therapeutics, but with more accessible diagnostic tests.”

Host Shepard Smith also asked Gottlieb about masking rules across the country. Gottlieb told Smith that he believes decisions are made locally, noting the uneven prevalence of the Delta variant in the US

“We’ve seen sharp declines in the south, where most of the delta runs, so cases are falling very sharply in populous states like Texas and Florida, but you’re seeing pretty dense epidemics in the Midwest and the simple states, and we me I still don’t know how the Northeast and the Northern States will fare, “said Gottlieb.

He predicted that a Covid-19 delta wave could hit the northern US states despite higher vaccination rates and higher previous infection rates.

“I still think there is a delta wave that will sweep across the northern states, including the northeast,” said Gottlieb.

Disclosure: Scott Gottlieb is a CNBC employee and a member of the board of directors of Pfizer, genetic testing startup Tempus, health technology company Aetion Inc., and biotechnology company Illumina. He is also co-chair of the Healthy Sail Panel of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings and Royal Caribbean.

FKA Twigs Turns Vogue Curator For A Avenue-Fashion Undertaking With A Distinction

Having the confidence of who you are is what Twigs is all about when it comes to street style. She doesn’t say where she gets her own wardrobe inspiration from – “Oooh, that would be tell-tale;)” she emails Vogue – but she’ll talk about how to dress. “On a practical level, I love shifts that can come off during the day to suit different scenarios, from training to meetings,” she shares. “To be able to turn a hoodie into a skirt to wear over sweatpants, or a sweater into a shrug, etc … that’s just the dancer in me, I think.”

She ponders what the Art Pop princess – who, by the way, is also the best pole dancer and swordsman in the industry – would like other Londoners to take away from her ephemeral exhibition: “I think there are some in this current cultural and political climate There is hope that “Those who lived before us managed to find light in times of uncertainty or darkness.” If you take one away from the many fashion headlines this week, be it FKA’s silent belief that Authenticity always wins.

The best street style at Copenhagen Fashion Week SS22

Find out more about Farfetch’s “The Art of Choice” project, with additional curators Tyler Mitchell and Carl Gerges, with photographs by Eve Arnold, Ernest Cole, Bruno Barbey, Chris Steele-Perkins and Herbert List, at Farfetch.com.

Cash Market Vs. Capital Market: What is the Distinction?

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There are two ways to deal with wealth: keep what you have or increase it.

Which path to choose can be confusing. And lately, investors have been nervous because of Reports of rising inflation.

Where you can put your money depends on two components of the financial market: that Money market or the Capital market.

The Money market and the Capital market are two major components of the global financial market in which the funds invested are used for short-term or long-term loans and credits.

Here are the key differences between them and advice to help you navigate where to invest.

Money market overview

“The term ‘Money market“Applies to high quality short-term debt securities that mature within a year,” he says Robert Johnson, Professor of Finance at Heider College of Business at Creighton University and co-author of “Investment banking for dummies. “They are known to have a low return but are considered safe.

Pro tip

If you need money for a planned expense within a year, e.g. B. a down payment on a house, keep it in the money market.

These debt instruments include:

  • US Treasury Bills, sometimes referred to as T-bills, is a short-term US Treasury note. The public can buy a T-bill and essentially act as a lender to the US government. The Treasury Department will repay the buyer with interest on a specified due date.
  • Certificates of depositt, offered by banks and brokerage firms where you can deposit money for a period of time in order to receive interest.
  • Commercial paper, This is basically a corporate IOU. The company issues an unsecured note that it promises to repay with interest on the due date.

Capital market overview

The Capital market is a way of increasing in value over time with longer-term assets with a maturity greater than a year. This includes stocks and bonds.

Main differences: money market vs. capital market

The money market and the capital market work differently and tend to appeal to different types of investors.

The risk averse investor Worried about losing money. This investor will be more comfortable with the internet Money market because they get the money they have, even if they get a modest return on their investment.

The short term investor needs money in the short term – within a year. While this is often mentioned in relation to closeness to retirement age, there are other reasons you may need cash soon, says Riley Adams, CPA, senior financial analyst at Google and owner of the personal finance blog Young and the invested. You might be saving for a new car, house, or college. Whenever you need the money soon, your number one priority is keeping it – and giving preference to the safety of the Money market.

The risk tolerant investor understands that risk is the price you pay for the potential for great reward and seeks the potential for higher profit offered by the Capital market.

The long-term investor has a long time horizon so that you can invest in that Capital market. When stocks fall, these long-term investors can make up for losses over time.

Comparison of money market and capital market

From an investor’s point of view, “the main difference is the Money market is short-term, very safe and very fluid, ”says Adams. comparison of Money market and the Capital market Point by point can help you understand why the money brandt may be the preferred choice for a short term investment need and how it differs from a Capital market Investment like Buy stocks.

This diagram can help you conceptualize the formats, pros and cons of these two financial markets.

reference point Money market Capital market
Examples Certificates of deposit (CD), Treasury bills, commercial paper Stocks and bonds
Duration Short term (1 year or less) Long term (longer than 1 year)
Investment objective Preserve prosperity Create wealth
Risk level Low High
Degree of volatility Low High
liquidity High Low

Which is a better investment?

The best place to invest “depends on your goal and your time horizon,” says Johnson. For investors with a long time horizon, such as savings of twenty years for retirement, the Capital market is the better choice. A Large-cap index funds is a good start for these investors, recommends Johnson.

“If you need the money in a year or two, it’s best to just put it in Money market because of this volatility, ”recommends Johnson. The Money market is a lower risk. “People who are in the Money market can sleep well. There is very little volatility but very little growth, ”says Johnson.

Those in need of the money soon will be motivated to maintain wealth rather than amassing it. You wouldn’t put any money you saved on a down payment on the exchange (Capital market) because there is a chance it will fall into a correction and you will no longer be able to afford your dream home. With a Money market Investment, your down payment wouldn’t grow very much – but it wouldn’t evaporate due to market volatility so you can rest assured it’s there when you’re ready to make that offer.

Conversely, “this Capital market Investors can have some sleepless nights as the market corrects, ”said Johnson. However, despite the risk, those who invest in the Capital market can be better rewarded than the money market if they wait.

“If you’re looking for a long-term situation like retirement, you want it to be in a year Capital investment“Explains Adams. The time will come, however, when you need to move this money Capital market Investing in Money market Investments. “When you’re nearing an important buying decision that needs the money you have, you want a transition from that Capital market to the Money market because that guarantees your money is there, ”says Adams.

Since 1926 the S & P 500 – a Capital market – is up 10.3% annually, says Johnson. On average, the statistical fact that there are good and bad years is hidden. Investors with a long time horizon can generally take advantage of the banner years when stocks grow more than 10% to make up for the years when they fall below.