Cathie Wooden says Apple ought to’ve purchased Tesla, however ‘we’re completely happy they did not’

The closely watched finance manager Cathie Wood told CNBC on Wednesday that Apple could have owned the driverless vehicle market by buying it Tesla if they get the chance during the problematic start-up of the electric vehicle manufacturer Model 3.

“We’ve been watching Apple very closely for years. Because what is an autonomous vehicle? It’s the ultimate mobile device,” she said in a broader sense “Squawk Box” Interview in which she also talked about them Ark Invest strategies, the She expects returns long term and Purchase of Zoom after its recent decline.

Apple stocks All-time highs reached last Friday and then again on Monday – market value rose solidly above 2.5 trillion US dollars – afterwards Last week’s Bloomberg report about the tech giant accelerating efforts to introduce a self-driving vehicle. Apple was not immediately available to respond to CNBC’s request for comment on its autonomous ambitions. Tesla was also not immediately available to comment on Wood’s comments.

“It’s very hard work – and with all the turnover in management, we’d be surprised if they could do it that quickly,” Wood said, referring to Bloomberg report in June on the departures from Apple’s autonomous unit of three top managers. In 2018, Apple lured Doug Field, then Tesla’s senior vice president of engineering, back to the company he had previously worked for. Apple has also hired countless other former Tesla employees.

Wood – a longtime Tesla Uber bull and shareholder and supporter of the CEO Elon Musk – CNBC said, “This should have been Apple’s market. Apple should have bought Tesla when they were given the opportunity. We’re glad they didn’t. “

Musk revealed, in a December 2020 tweet for reaching out to Apple’s CEO Tim cook “During the darkest days for the Model 3 program” on the possibility of selling Tesla “(for 1/10 of our current value).” Musk said Cook refused to attend the meeting.

The first Model 3s, a lower-priced EV sedan for mass-market car buyers, shipped in 2017 after increasing production to meet demand was problematic. In 2018, Musk tweeted that the auto business was “Hell” and it was him Sleep in the factory to try to solve the problems.

Today, Tesla joined the $ 1 trillion market cap club, and Musk, the EV company’s largest shareholder, has sold billions of its stock holdings.

Wood told CNBC that she saw “nothing wrong” with Musk selling stocks, taking profits and paying billions of dollars in tax bills related to stock option subsidies.

Applications for admission Late Tuesday, Musk revealed he was exercising options to buy 2.15 million Tesla shares and selling 934,091 shares valued at just over $ 1 billion. Since his Twitter poll on November 6thWhen asked if he should sell shares, Musk dumped 9.2 million shares valued at $ 9.9 billion.

– Reuters contributed to this report.

Ludacris ‘did not know’ he had a tennis court docket | Leisure

Ludacris “didn’t know” that he owned a tennis court.

Hitmaker “Grew Up a Screw Up” admitted that the positive side of the coronavirus pandemic has been spending more time at home and finally enjoying “the fruits of” [his] Work ”and joked that he had found features on the grounds of his residence that he had no idea even existed.

On the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ he said, “I find things in my house and on my property that I didn’t even know were there. I actually have a tennis court, believe it or not. I didn’t even know this was on the property.

“But I’m enjoying it because I can finally relax and enjoy this property that I’ve spent so much money on.”

Recently, video footage of the 43-year-old rapper flying a plane appeared, but he admitted that although he has owned his own plane for some time, he has never worked on getting his pilot’s license because he disliked the idea for several hours abstaining from alcohol before going on vacation.

About the speculation about the acquisition of the pilot’s license, he said: “I am as surprised as everyone else. The internet was going on with the fact that I had an official pilot’s license when I saw the video. I have never said that! But who am I right on the internet. The internet believes what they want to believe.

“But that’s called a ‘nickel trip’, this term goes back to the military era. So this is my first time flying.

“I actually own an airplane, but in all these years I’ve never wanted to be a pilot because you can’t drink alcohol within eight hours of flying. Who would want to go on vacation and not leave drinking in front of them? “

However, Ludacris admitted that he now plans to obtain his license to officially fly an aircraft.

He added, “In a nutshell, this is the first of many, but I plan to get my pilot’s license soon. It is a work in progress, it will take some time. “

Expensive Annie: My spouse didn’t thoughts spending my cash, however now that she makes greater than me she has an issue sharing

I’ve been married for 20 years. When my wife and I got married, I was the sole breadwinner. I had a very good job and had a pretty comfortable life. My wife stayed home and raised our children. In 2008 technological advances made my work obsolete. I had to start over and reinvent myself in a different industry. We struggled financially for years; it was difficult and weighed on our marriage. Today I have a full time gig and I make decent money and a side business that is fine. My wife has a full-time job and a part-time job, and she makes almost double mine.

My problem is this. In all the years that I have been the sole breadwinner, my salary has been “our money”. Now that she makes the lion’s share, her salary is “her money”. She expects me to pay my expenses with my own salary. For example, I recently had an expensive car repair done. She bought me the money, but she wants me to pay her back. It doesn’t matter that my car was our only car for a long time and that she added half the kilometers and the wear and tear herself.

I just feel taken advantage of – as if she has forgotten the sacrifices I made all those years ago. It really makes me angry. I mentioned it to her before and she got better for a while, but now her attitude is back to what it was before I mentioned anything.

Annie, I’m not charging. I’ll pay my share. Only sometimes, when there is a major unexpected expense, do I need a little help. I don’t feel after everything I’ve done and gone through together that I should be embarrassed about asking for money. What should I do? – Husband of a forgetful wife

Dear HTAFW: Adjustments to settings require regular coordination. Gently remind her of your previous conversation and let her know that you noticed the problem reappeared. She was receptive to your feedback last time; it will probably be this time too. This is one of the most valuable goods a couple can share: a willingness to listen to each other and try to change accordingly.

And to distract answers from people who think a married couple should always pool their entire fortune: Yes, it can be difficult to merge lives without pooling their finances, but it is possible and more and more couples are choosing to do so. Some have found a good balance with a “you, me, us” approach – sharing a bank account for household expenses and utilities and things like car maintenance, while each has a separate bank account for discretionary expenses. You and your wife might consider trying this for more harmony.

Dear Annie: After reading the letter about office workers trying to address a coworker with body odor, I wanted to let people know what worked for me after struggling with embarrassing BO for decades. I shower daily, wash with lever soap, shave my armpits every day, and apply witch hazel on my armpits when they are dry. I also spin through four different deodorants (three of which are for men, even though I’m a woman). It took several years to do this every day before I no longer had a problem. – Stuck with him

Dear Stuck With It: Witch Hazel, which can lower the pH of the skin and make bacteria difficult to thrive, is a smart idea here, and it can be kept in a spray bottle for easy spraying, no cotton balls or pads needed.

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Michael Caine did not know drama faculties existed throughout childhood | Leisure

Sir Michael Caine didn’t know there were acting schools when he was younger.

The 88-year-old actor is “very proud” of his working-class roots and although his childhood family didn’t have a lot of money and he “knew nothing about actors” he was able to join an amateur dramatic company who shared his love for performance cranked.

He said, “I am very proud to come from the working class.

“We didn’t have money growing up, but we had a lot of love.

“I joined an amateur drama society, but I never went to drama school because in the milieu I come from we not only knew nothing about actors, we never knew there was such a thing as an acting school . “

Although aware that there are acting schools these days, the star “Italian Job” advises youngsters against enrolling with them because he believes that aspiring stars can get a better education simply by observing others.

He said, “Children today say to me, ‘Should I go to drama school?’ And I say, “No, you will learn more from sitting on the subway and people-watching than you will ever learn in school.”

Michael is also “very proud” to be in England in the 1960s when he played a role in “destroying the snobbery of the class system”.

He added to Candis magazine: “The 1960s in England was all about class.

“It had nothing to do with rock and roll, or drugs, or anyone who turns around.

“It was when the working class in England said to the rest of the country, ‘We don’t care what class, color or religion someone is.

“‘Just because you are Lord Ponsonby of the mansion doesn’t mean we want to come to your house – we’re going to have such a good time that you want to come out of your house and come to us.’

“And we stopped it too. We destroyed the snobbery of the class system. I’m very proud of that.”

Zac Efron’s romance ‘did not really feel proper’ when he ended issues | Leisure

Zac Efron ended his romance because it “didn’t feel right”.

The ‘Baywatch’ star recently gave up on his relationship with Vanessa Valladares after 10 months, and a source has now said their romance ended when Zac decided things didn’t feel right anymore.

A source said: “Zac broke up with Vanessa recently. It just didn’t feel right to him anymore.”

Zac met Vanessa at the Byron Bay General Store in New South Wales, Australia where she worked.

And despite their split, Zac will reportedly stay in Australia as he “loves” the country.

The source added to People magazine, “Zac will continue to stay in Australia. He just loves Australia so much. He works and deals with several upcoming projects. He is happy, healthy, and enjoys life. “

Meanwhile, Zac’s friend Kyle Sandilands confirmed the star’s breakup earlier this week when he insisted it was “no drama”.

He said, “I can confirm it after talking to him yesterday. It’s just new, but not like yesterday. But they went their separate ways. [There was] no drama, but it’s done. “

33-year-old Zac reportedly broke up with Vanessa this week, although no reason was given for the couple’s separation.

However, a source later suggested that Zac dropped Vanessa amid news that she was going to appear on a reality series called “Byron Baes”.

A source said: “He’s a very good person who wanted a real, normal, down-to-earth partner. Zac sent her home from the set [of ‘Down to Earth with Zac Efron’] last week. There might still be a chance.

“I’m sure the last nail in the coffin was that he saw the story that she might be on Byron Baes and the claims that he helped her figure it out.”

Meanwhile, Zac is said to have recently gone on a property hunt in Australia after putting his Los Angeles home up for sale in December as he reportedly “has no plans” to return to the US.

A source said, “As of now, he has no plans to return to LA permanently. He loves Australia and considers it his home.”

While another added, “He keeps looking at real estate.”