Prince William plans a non-public household go to to Princess Diana | Leisure Information

Prince William takes his children to visit the statue of Princess Diana before it is given to the world.

The Duke of Cambridge and his younger brother Prince Harry will officially announce a memorial for the 60th moment of repentance on Thursday (01.07.21) in the Sanken Gardens in Kensington Palace. on site.

According to The Daily Telegraph, William and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, will be last in line with Prince George (7), Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis (6) and 3 in the coming days. ..

In addition, Harry, who returned to the UK from the US last week without his wife Megan, Duchess of Sussex, or their children Archie (2 years old) and Lili (3 weeks), is planning a personal visit to the site after quarantine. The time is over, but not at the same time as his brother.

The statue is said to have arrived at Kensington Palace over the weekend and is now on a pedestal overlooking the garden, but is not visible through a large wooden container.

Created by sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley, the memorial commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Princess’ death in a car accident in Paris in 1997 to pay tribute to the positive impact she had on the world. Was entrusted.

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically reduced disclosure plans. The ceremony will be attended by William and Harry, as well as members of Diana’s family, including his brother Earl Charles Spencer, instead of the original 100 guests. Because I am there.

In addition, the media presence of this event is limited to a pool reporter and broadcaster.

Prince William is planning a private family visit to Princess Diana | Entertainment news

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Leisure Information Roundup: Harry Potter, ‘Associates’ might fall sufferer to Hungary’s anti-LGBT legislation: broadcaster; Diana Ross says ‘Thank You’ in new music after 15 years and extra

The following is a summary of the latest entertainment news.

Harry Potter, “Friends” could fall victim to Hungarian anti-LGBT law: broadcaster

The biggest channels in Hungary criticized a new law banning “displaying and promoting homosexuality” among 18-year-olds as a threat to freedom of expression, and one said it could affect some screenings. impact Harry Potter Movies and classic TV shows. The nationalist government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban passed the law on Tuesday despite criticism from human rights groups and the European Unionwho said this could lead to a loss of development funds for Hungary.

Diana Horse says ‘thank you’ in new music after 15 years

American singer Diana Horse expresses her gratitude in a new single “Thanks” released the title track of their first studio album in 15 years on Thursday. Horse, the former singer of the hugely successful group The Supremes from Motown Records, recorded the songs in her home studio during the COVID-19 pandemic. The album is described as “a powerful, comprehensive musical message of love and togetherness”.

Spotify closes exclusive deal with podcast “Call Her Daddy”

Spotify Technology SA on Tuesday announced a multi-year contract to stream the popular “Call Her Daddy” podcast, hosted by Alex Cooper on its audio streaming platform, in its latest exclusive connection to keep listeners hooked. The Swedish The company will exclusively stream ‘Call Her Daddy’ starting July 21, including all full-length back catalog episodes, future episodes and additional exclusive new projects in development, Spotify said in a statement, without revealing any financial details of the deal.

Miley Cyrus is allowed to use the name as a trademark in. use Europe after a long row

US pop star Miley Cyrus has won the right to use its name as a trademark on a wide variety of products in the United States European Unionafter Europe’s highest court on Wednesday annulled a decision by the EU patent office restricting the scope of their trademark. The case dates back to 2014 when the 28-year-old “Wrecking Ball” singing company Smiley Miley Inc. tried to capture MILEY CYRUS at the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for audio and video discs, mobile phone cases and e-books , electronic board games, calendars and other goods.

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Kristen Stewart’Cannot Cease Pondering About Princess Diana | Leisure Information

Kristen Stewart can’t stop thinking about Princess Diana since she was cast as the late British royal family.

The 31-year-old actress played Princess Wales, who died in a car accident in 1997, in the new film Spencer, where she studied her role until she fell asleep at the sound of her voice.

Kristen said, “Knowing Diana was a really great experience.

“It makes a lot of sense to me, but I’m from LA and I didn’t grow up in the UK so it’s all relatively new.

“So far she has not been the focus of my heart because I lived far away from everything.

“I can’t stop thinking about her now. I wonder what she thinks about what’s going on in the world right now.

“To be honest, I’ve now consumed almost everything that I consume in the form of videos and interviews. I’ve seen everything you can hear and see. I sleep with it too. . “

Kristen said the film played later in Diana’s life, later as the latest season of “The Crown,” which explored the relationship between then-wife Diana Spencer and Prince Charles and the early stages of their marriage. I feel happy.

Speaking of OK! Magazine, she said, “I feel like she was playing a bit like a kid [in ‘The Crown’].. In her first scene she says something like a little child.

“She says something about being a crazy tree, and I’ve already barked because you know what’s going to happen to her. You know how this possibility is exhausted. I know.

“I’m only halfway through the season so I’m sure it will grow up. I think she’s reached the age I play. It’s about a year after The Crown story ended. This is. I think we’re pretty lucky because there is no crossover. “

Emma Corrin plays Diana in “The Crown,” and Kristen believes the actress “killed it”.

She said. “Emma killed it and she should be very proud of herself. Your appearance is very moving.

I think there are a lot of gossip people who think, “Well, two people play it in the same tie.”

“Well, I’ll play Diana later in life. I played it when she was almost thirty and Emma played it a lot younger. But I love the show. . “

Kristen Stewart can’t stop thinking about Princess Diana | Entertainment news

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Princess Diana would love Liribet Diana’s identify | Leisure Information

Princess Diana would have been “excited” when the Duchess of Sussex chose her little daughter’s name.

The late Royal’s former voice coach, Stewart Pierce, was overjoyed when Prince Harry’s mother, who died in a car accident in 1997, paid homage to the middle name of her grandson Lillibet’Lili’Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. I think I would have.

He told us weekly:

“Diana was an incarnation of love and an example of unconditional love, so she would have been very happy to have Baby and her beautiful name.”

Harry and the Duchess Megan announced on Sunday (06/06/21) that the little girl had arrived safely and that the baby had been named after Harry’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth, whose nickname is Lillivet. ..

The couple, with their two-year-old son Archie, said in a statement: Their beloved late grandmother, Princess of Wales. “

Known as Megan Markle before she married the Flame-Haired Royale, Megan was happy to say that she and Harry were previously expecting a little girl.

“My husband and I are looking forward to having a daughter soon. It is a joy to share with millions of families around the world. When we think of them, we are all over the world. I think of young women and girls in the world. They are Earthlings who need the ability and support to move us forward, ”she said. Your future guidance is the decisions we make and the decisions we make. It depends on what we do now to prepare ourselves all for a successful, fair, and compassionate tomorrow. “

Princess Diana would love the name of Liribet Diana | Entertainment news

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