Household elevating cash for analysis after daughter was identified with uncommon genetic dysfunction

CRESTVIEW, Fla. (WJHG / WECP) – At first glance, Carson Talbert looks like a normal, happy one-year-old, but was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder when Carson was less than a month old.

“It’s called homocystinuria because of severe MTHFR deficiency,” said Grace Talbert, Carson’s mother. “There are only about 50 documented cases worldwide.”

Since her diagnosis, Carson has been on drugs that appear to help.

“There are little things my daughter should probably be doing but not doing,” Talbert. “Fortunately, she is really fine because she was diagnosed early and started medication early. Of all MTHFR-severe patients, it is one of the better cases. Fortunately, but that’s because she started medication after three weeks. “

However one fears that her mother has the unknown.

“Personally, I have never met an adult with it. I mostly see younger children so I don’t know what their life will be like as she gets older. There really is no one to compare it to, and there really is no one to compare to being diagnosed so early. “

HCU has no cure, but the Talbert family has started Fundraiser To raise money for research to hopefully find one one day.

“My daughters write homocystinuria because of severe MTHFR deficiency, no studies are ongoing,” said Talbert. “We hope that maybe a cure will be found in about 20 years, hopefully. But realistically this may not be the case, especially if there are no funds for research. “

Until a cure is found, her parents will do whatever they can to make Carson laugh and have fun with their big sister.

According to Carson’s parents, after their daughters were diagnosed, they were tested for HCU and discovered they were both carriers.

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Hearth Departments In Beaver And Lawrence County Increase Cash For Chief Recognized With Pancreatic Most cancers – CBS Pittsburgh

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

NEW BEAVER, Pennsylvania (KDKA) – Fire departments in Beaver and Lawrence counties came together on Sunday to help their own.

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Kevin Peters served for more than 20 years as chief of the New Beaver Borough Volunteer Fire Department, which was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

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Unfortunately, it has since spread to his liver.

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The communities held a fundraiser to help Peters manage the expenses as he continues his battle with cancer.

Proprietor of Boardman bakery raises cash for 4-year-old nephew recognized with mind most cancers

Shaun started a nonprofit as a branch of his business called The Heart of DaVill.


Posted: 1/31/2021 / 5:38 PM EST
Updated: Jan 31, 2021 / 6:17 PM EST


BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – For a Boardman bakery owner, giving back to the community has always been his passion. When tragedy occurred in his own family, he switched gears to give all he could to the people he loves.

N2 By DaVill is a bakery in the heart of Boardman, and its owner Shaun DaVill is passionate about helping others.

“The whole heart of my business is doing good and doing something that is beyond me,” Shaun said.

When Shaun’s four-year-old great-nephew Charlie was diagnosed with stage three brain cancer in October, Shaun immediately adjusted his business to help.

“I love these people very much. I’m doing everything I can and bringing everything I can possibly bring to the table, ”Shaun said.

Shaun started a nonprofit as a branch of his business called The Heart of DaVill.

Right now they are selling cookie sets and other popular baked goods, as well as all of the proceeds
will go to Charlie and his treatment to fight cancer.

“The response was huge. We literally shipped to Los Angeles, Washington State, Florida and far to Vermont, ”Shaun said.

Charlie and his family live just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but even hundreds of miles in between, Shaun knew he could use his platform to help his extended family when they really need it most.

“It stops your whole life and changes it completely. You feel like you can’t help it, ”said Marley, Charlie’s 12-year-old sister.

“This is my family, so they may not live in Ohio, but I do,” Shaun said.

Little Charlie has had surgery and radiation and will start chemotherapy in less than a week.

In addition, his father died unexpectedly on Friday.

“This is not just for me personally, but for a whole different population group, and I think it’s often more rewarding to find people who aren’t obvious,” Shaun said.

He says he’s so grateful for the support they’ve already received, but doesn’t want to slow down.

Shaun says his family need help now more than ever.

“Be part of the heart of DaVill. Help me, help other people, because that’s what I’m trying to do, ”Shaun said.

The heart of DaVill offers biscuit sets, biscuit bouquets and other goodies like hot chocolate
Bombs to support Charlie and they’re shipping across the country.

To learn more about the kits as well as Charlie’s story, visit the heart of the DaVill website.