Vacation spot Moosehead Lake hosts 18th annual Chocolate Pageant drive-thru model

contributed January 27, 2022

GREENVILLE – Destination Moosehead Lake is proud to host the 18th Annual Chocolate Festival. Like last year, to ensure the safety and convenience of all participants, this year’s festival will be an online and drive-through event.

GREENVILLE – Destination Moosehead Lake is proud to host the 18th Annual Chocolate Festival. Like last year, to ensure the safety and convenience of all participants, this year’s festival will be an online and drive-through event. Boxes of 10 candies are available for $10 and children’s boxes for $5. Both include a selection of offerings from local bakers. All boxes must be paid for online in advance.

Online ordering is available now and must be completed by 12:00pm on February 16th with pickup on Sunday 20th February from 12:00pm to 3:00pm at Bartley’s Center Cove Events on 241st Street Pritham Avenue takes place.

Volunteers will be available on site to collect order information and deliver boxes to recipients. Participants do not need to enter the building at the time of pickup.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit

Destination Moosehead Lake is the official tourism organization for Maine’s famous Moosehead Lake region. Destination Moosehead Lake welcomes thousands of visitors to the area each year, answering questions and directing visitors to the many attractions the area has to offer and the businesses that make the Moosehead Lake area so special. The following cities are covered in our region: Rockwood, Greenville, Kokadjo, Lily Bay, Beaver Cove, Shirley, Monson and Abbot.

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Chickasaw Nation unveils plans for an expansive resort-style vacation spot | Native Information

OKLAHOMA CITY – Chickasaw Nation Governor Bill Anoatubby today unveiled plans for a large resort-style property to be adjacent to the newly opened First Americans Museum. Located on the Oklahoma River near downtown Oklahoma City, OKANA Resort & Indoor Waterpark will be an over $ 300 million tourist destination set to continue the momentum of Oklahoma City’s economic development.

“Strong partnerships and diligent efforts among city and state officials as well as private institutions were an integral part of the launch of the First Americans Museum,” said Governor Anoatubby. “With this world-class First Americans Museum now operational, we are ready to shift our focus to yet another major tourism and hospitality venue. It is our vision that the OKANA Resort will be the experience for visitors not only from our region, but across North America and around the world.

“OKANA Resort & Indoor Waterpark was designed to complement the First Americans Museum’s focus on cultural experiences and connect visitors to other entertainment experiences along this established and vibrant part of the Oklahoma River.”

Announced plans detail the first phase of the project, which will develop approximately 40 acres of the 140 acres held by AICCM Land Development, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chickasaw Nation.

The resort hotel will feature an 11 story 404 room property offering guests luxury accommodations, river and lagoon views, and proximity to the heart of Oklahoma City and the Boathouse District. In the middle of the property is a 5 acre outdoor adventure lagoon for relaxing and playing, which consists of a main body of water and two smaller bodies of water – all lined with sandy beaches. A footbridge will span the main body of water so guests can easily move around the property. The resort will also include a 33,000-square-foot family entertainment center, over 100,000-square-foot indoor water park, 39,000-square-foot conference center space, a spa and golf simulator, and several retail stores and restaurants.

Chickasaw Nation’s Secretary of Commerce Bill Lance said collaboration between local and state governments and business leaders has made this type of investment possible.

“There is no doubt that an entertainment and lodging complex on this scale will be a major contributor to the exciting advances in Oklahoma City. The resort is expected to initially employ 400 people and the annualized economic impact for the first year is estimated at $ 97 million. In addition, estimates of the 10-year economic impact of this development are projected to exceed $ 1 billion, with full-time employment rising to around 700 to 800. ”

The development will also include a Native American Market and an amphitheater. The market offers First American artists a space to display works of art or other creations. The amphitheater and the outdoor lawn can accommodate around 1,500 people. These venues are designed to complement the museum’s program with local artist performances, festivals, lectures, and similar events.

Lance noted that a new Oklahoma River Cruises ferry dock, funded by a $ 4 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration, could easily connect the development to the Boathouse District. Additional access to the area will be possible through the system of paths from both the north and the south. Because the property is right on the Oklahoma River, visitors have a front row seat on the start line of the US Rowing National High Performance Center’s 2,000-meter course.

Wynne / Jackson, a Dallas-based real estate development company, assisted with development design for the entire project. The New York-based Aquatic Development Group is the hotel developer, while the Wisconsin-based ADCI is the hotel and water park architect. Benchmark Hospitality will operate the hotel and water park, which is expected to employ around 500 people. CallisonRTKL also assists with the master planning of the entire project and acts as the architect for the Native American Marketplace as well as retail and hospitality components. Johnson & Associates of Oklahoma City provided site preparation and ongoing support.

Project funding, including site rehabilitation, infrastructure and development, will come from both private and public sources. Public funding includes tax increase funds, MAPS4, federal transport grants and funds from existing general bond issues.

The plans presented today assume that the project will be completed in late spring 2024.

City and business leaders commented on the announcement of the OKANA Resort & Indoor Waterpark.

“The caliber of this development is world-class and truly worthy of America’s 22nd largest city,” said Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt. “The opening of FAM was only the first step in unlocking the potential of this location for our community. The announcement of the development plan shows how Oklahoma City can become an international destination for indigenous and indigenous culture. This development helps create a place where indigenous and indigenous peoples come together and a place where all people experience this culture. On behalf of the people of Oklahoma City, we are so grateful to the Chickasaw Nation for their vision and commitment to this project. Our mutual partnership is something that Oklahoma City values ​​very much. “

“We are delighted that the area around the First Americans Museum (FAM) is being developed with care and appreciation for the museum’s architectural integrity. Our new neighbors, AICCM Land Development, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chickasaw Nation, worked with and involved with FAM in planning the project. The FAM team played an advisory role throughout the process. Both the FAM and the surrounding communities will benefit greatly from the presence of the conference hotel and water park, ”said James Pepper Henry, Director and CEO of the First Americans Museum.

Roy Williams, President and CEO of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber, said, “The number of dining and lodging options for all types of OKC visitors has exploded in recent years. And soon the OKANA Resort will bring an additional experience that complements our unique new museum. The economic impact of a commercial development of this magnitude, especially near the new park and the First Americans Museum, builds on the dynamism that has been achieved in our city in recent years. It pays homage to the “can do” spirit of OKC public and private sector leaders, including our partners in the Chickasaw Nation in particular. “

Oklahoma City Convention and Visitors Bureau President Zac Craig said, “With the world out of the pandemic, we expect competition in the Convention area to be intense for several years. But I can say with confidence that with world-class attractions for both vacation travel and convention companies, OKC is ready to rival any city in this region and beyond. The OKANA project is a welcome and exciting addition to OKC’s hospitality and entertainment portfolio and will further increase the economic vitality of our city. “

Pike Place-style market heading to well-liked Hill Nation vacation spot

A village market, borrowing elements from Seattle’s Pike Place Market and Waco’s Magnolia Market, moves to Fredericksburg’s Hill Country Hot Spot.

Known as Grand Central in Milam, the market is being developed on the 1.6 hectare former site of a Super S market. Austin-based St. Croix Capital Corp. develops the property at 206 N. Milam St.

“The idea is to provide customers and community members with a single location for multiple dining and shopping opportunities – coupled with unique areas to sit, relax and recharge your batteries,” said St. Croix Capital in a press release.

St. Croix Capital recently started remodeling and adaptive reuse of the Super S building, which has been vacant for more than a decade.

When completed, Grand Central in Milam will have nearly 16,000 square feet of retail space for eight concepts. There is already a market, a restaurant and a distillery as tenants.

“With a location just a three-minute walk from Main Street towards the most budget-friendly part of Fredericksburg, we know our concept is appealing to residents and visitors alike,” said Ken Satterlee, founder and chairman of St. Croix Capital . “That’s why we’ve studied other successful indoor / outdoor concepts and are working on transferring their best elements to Fredericksburg in an authentic way.”

Satterlee expects the outdoor common areas to be as appealing as the retailers. An enclosed garden with picnic tables, garden games, a fireplace, a small stage for performances and food stalls is planned. The outdoor area will be available for community organizations.

Grand Central in Milam is hosting a $ 8,500 cash art competition, with the winner receiving $ 5,000 and the opportunity to paint their mural on an outside wall of the project.

Inside Texas Politics: Texas metropolis goals to change into greatest leisure vacation spot between Las Vegas, Orlando

Arlington is now known as the home of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers. Outgoing Mayor Jeff Williams lays the groundwork for him to play a bigger role.

DALLAS – A city in Texas wants to position itself as the largest entertainment destination between Las Vegas and Orlando.

Arlington is now known as the home of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers, but a second hotel coming into the stadium development area will add hundreds of apartments.

Outgoing Mayor Jeff Williams lays the foundation for everything. He joined the program from his office in the town hall.

Bo’s law is passed with the support of both parties

After all of these protests over the past year, Texan lawmakers have decided not to make significant changes to the way the police force in this state.

However, there is one bill that passed. A bill by the name of Botham Jean – a black man who was shot dead in his own apartment by a white policeman who believed she was entering her own house.

Status Representative Carl Sherman von DeSoto introduced Bo’s law. It had bipartisan support and is now being directed to the governor’s desk to become law.

CONNECTED: The Texan legislature stands ready to pass a comprehensive electoral law to restrict election times and change the electoral rules

Dallas ISD Superintendent for Laws Prohibiting Critical Theory of Race

Have you heard the term “Critical Racial Theory”?

Texas lawmakers forbid – in essence, telling teachers that they cannot take sides – when discussing current events that are controversial. Regardless of the subject, from George Floyd to the January 6th riot at the US Capitol.

Dallas ISD Superintendent Dr. Michael Hinojosa said this legislation took many educators by surprise.

CONNECTED: The Texas bill, which restricts current affairs disclosure, appears to be approaching the governor after the Senate revived him

He’s meeting with the school board next week to discuss next steps while the bill goes to the governor for signature.

Watch this week’s full episode of Inside Texas Politics:

All the pieces Individuals Love About Hawaii at One New Waterfront Recreation and Leisure Vacation spot in West Oahu

“Wai Kai aims to become a year-round active travel destination where residents and visitors can enjoy unique attractions, unique events, and the natural beauty of the nearby Pacific Ocean,” he said Larry Caster, Director of Retail Development at Wai Kai Commercial Development, Wai Kai’s corporate building. “Wai Kai offers interactive and engaging experiences in one place and great food you won’t find anywhere else.”

Wai Kai is part of the Hoakalei Resort, where every day feels like a vacation, with access to adjacent beaches and ancient coastal paths, graceful residences, and seven great golf courses nearby, including Ernie Els-designed Hoakalei Country Club, his first Hawaii Signature golf course.

One of the truly unique experiences at Wai Kai will be The LineUp at Wai Kai, a dynamic social and recreational hub of authentic Waterman experiences spearheaded by the Wai Kai Wave, the world’s largest deep water surfing wave at 100 feet wide. Powered by Citywave®The technology creates authentic surfing conditions with perfect endless and adjustable waves from two feet to head high for all levels of difficulty. This allows the use of standard surfboards with fins for big carving turns and surfing from top to bottom on the glassy wave surface. The Wai Kai Wave was created in collaboration with Oahus-have Shane Beschen (a partner of The LineUp at Wai Kai), the X Games gold medalist and a former surfer ranked number 2 in the world, and his young son Noah, who surfs with a gun.

“Surfing will be similar to Oahus Waimea Bay River Wave that flows regularly when the sandbar opens after heavy rainfall – but on steroids, “Shane said.” Anything is possible here, from high-speed carving to sections where the lip can be attacked or aired. It creates the perfect on-demand setup. “

The Wai Kai Wave overlooks the 52-acre Wai Kai Lagoon, which provides a protected area for stand-up paddling, kayaks, guided outrigger canoes, and piloted electric boat cruises. Major surf and waterman competitions are planned for the Wai Kai Wave and Wai Kai Lagoon.

“Part of the lagoon’s waterfront has restaurants and areas for pop-up shops, events and recreational activities that appeal to visitors and residents alike who are interested in wellness, art and culture, and seasonal celebrations,” said Caster. He emphasized that there was a large lawn for special occasions where farmers ‘and manufacturers’ markets, local arts and cultural activities and music could take place.

The LineUp also houses the Lookout Bar and Restaurant with a front row view of the surf action, a promenade café and bar with a view of the Wai Kai lagoon, and a unique retail store geared towards the Waterman lifestyle is.

The LineUp, including the Wai Kai Wave, is managed by Surf Park Management. “Our team is excited to open the most advanced facility in any country Hawaii For everyone who loves an active lifestyle in the sea, “said Surf Park Management Skip Taylor. “It’s a super exciting opportunity to provide a fantastic place for the local community to play, socialize, and introduce active travelers to the Aquarian lifestyle.”

Media contacts and information:
Peter Bartelme, [email protected]415-664-1503
in the Hawaii:: Caroline Witherspoon, [email protected]808-533-4165 and and @AtTheLineUp

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Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar Included in Proposed “DisneylandForward” Leisure Vacation spot

Earlier this year, Disney announced plans to expand the Disneyland Resort in their “DisneylandForward” proposal. The plans included theme park, retail, hotel and park projects. The “New Kind of Disney Entertainment Destination” would be modeled after Disney Springs.

Concept art for “DisneylandForward”

According to the OK register, a version of Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar was mentioned during a DisneylandForward webinar this week. The Indiana Jones bar already has a location in Disney Springs. The concept art of the bar can be found on the “DisneylandForward” website, but Disney emphasizes that all concept art for the project at this point is purely hypothetical.

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar would bring another representative from SEA, the Society of Explorers and Adventurers, to Disneyland. SEA is a fictional group used in storytelling via Disney Parks worldwide.

The themed bar is adorned with hundreds of decorative items from the sea and aviation. It’s one of the most unique locations in Disney Springs and Walt Disney World overall, and would likely be a hit at Disneyland too, if it ever comes to fruition.

consequences DLNT More news on the DisneylandForward proposal.

Paducah Metropolis Fee takes first step in establishing an Leisure Vacation spot Middle | Information

PADUCAH – Paducah City Commission took the first step towards creating an entertainment destination center on Tuesday evening by holding the first reading of the proposed regulation to make it happen. If the ordinance is passed, the 50-acre area along the Paducah riverside should allow people to buy take-away cups of alcohol at local bars and restaurants and walk around with open containers.

EDC card

The proposed limits of Paducah’s Entertainment Destination Center.

The aim is to send the application to the state by the end of the month following the second reading and approval of the regulation. The city would have to get a state-issued license every year to have an EDC. The city is working to have the EDC set up by Memorial Day.

Minor changes have been made to the boundaries to allow people to safely walk the sidewalks when they have the appropriate take away cups. Kathryn Byers, the city’s business development specialist, says the mugs have seen some design changes as well.

new cup designs

The new cup designs feature a QR code that users can scan with their phones to see which companies are participating in the EDC and what the limits are.

“There will now be a downside to this mug that has a QR code that you can scan on your phone. A map will appear showing you where to go within the border. It will also list the bars and attendees Restaurants so you know where to go and where to go, “Byers said.

The city plans to set up an EDC to help companies recover financially from the pandemic. The hours when alcohol should be served have also changed.

“We suggested that this be from 6 a.m. to 3 a.m. the next morning,” Byers said. “We’re going to put that back until midnight, so it’ll be 6:00 a.m. to midnight.”

Commissioner Sandra Wilson agrees that changing these hours is the right move. Wilson believes it will be better for people who live, or are interested in living in, downtown.

“I think as we’re promoting more upstairs living downtown in this area, there just has to be this cut-off time when people might be a little quieter,” said Wilson.

The license would cost the city $ 2,500 each year. You want to share the cost with the bars and restaurants interested in participating in the EDC. Around 20 companies in the proposed area of ​​the EDC would be eligible to sell take-away alcoholic beverages. The special beakers purchased within the confines of the EDC are for single use and cannot be removed from the range.