‘Any sum of money wouldn’t make the group protected’: Alleged shooter of 7-year-old Jaslyn Adams denied bail

CHICAGO – One of the suspected shooters, 7-year-old Jaslyn Adams, was denied bail Wednesday after being recently arrested by the FBI.

The judge cited a voluminous youth admitted for the accused shooter Devontay Anderson and concerns that he might leave town to deny bail.

Anderson was arrested by the FBI on Monday in Chicago, according to court records. He is the last murder suspect to be arrested.

Jaslyn Adams, 7

He is accused of using an AK-47 style and firing multiple shots at the vehicle Jaslyn Adams, 7, had with her father Jontae in a McDonald’s driveway on the West Side.

“Money wouldn’t make the community safe. Any amount of money wouldn’t make the community safe, ”the judge said when they refused Anderson’s bail.

The FBI initially listed a $ 10,000 reward for his prisoners and said he had ties to the Miami area. Last month, the reward was increased to $ 25,000.

It took nearly three months to track down Anderson after the first two suspects, Marion Lewis, 18) and Demond Goudy, 21, were arrested days after the shooting.

Goudy was taken into custody and charged with first degree murder charges and attempted murder charges. Prosecutors said Goudy allegedly jumped out the passenger seat and fired a .40-caliber firearm several times at the vehicle in which Adams and her father were located.

Authorities believe Lewis was driving the vehicle that Anderson and Goudy used to fire at Jaslyn and her father. The 18 year old has been charged in her murder. He was arrested on the Eisenhower after allegedly stealing a car, which resulted in his being shot by officers.

Jaslyn’s grandmother, Lawanda McMullen, was concerned that the police would not be able to track down her killers.

“When it first happened I thought she was another case on the shelf. But when they got the first two, I was pretty hopeful that they’d get the third, ”she said.

Anderson is due to appear in court on August 9th.

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Organizers denied allow for Burning Man different occasion | Leisure

RENO, Nevada (AP) – Organizers of a proposed outdoor arts festival have been denied permission to hold the event this summer in the Black Rock Desert, the same region of northern Nevada where Burning Man is held.

Whenever co-founder Mathew Gilbuena said that her month-long efforts to get a permit were unsuccessful because the Bureau of Land Management favored the Burning Man Project, an arts festival in the Black Rock Desert that has attracted around 80,000 visitors over the past few years since 1990 attracted Reno Gazette-Journal reported Thursday.

“Because Burning Man is as big as it is, the plan is written to use most of the resources available and little available for other events on the playa,” said Gilbuena.

The agency said in an email on Thursday that the permit application was “denied for a number of reasons,” including, but not limited to, staff restrictions and the need for an environmental analysis.

Bureau of Land Management spokeswoman Heather O’Hanlon said everywhen was eligible to reapply.

In the permit application, organizers suggested an eight-day event for 25,000 people, held from July 25th to August 2nd, encouraging people from across the country to bring their art for reuse or recycling. Tickets sold for more than $ 200 in early March but have been refunded since then, Gilbuena said.