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From Katie Laughridge Tribune News Service

Another magical Christmas season is coming to an end. The holidays may not feel “normal” yet, but I still enjoyed bringing out my favorite decorations from Halloween to Thanksgiving to the Christmas finale. Having Christmas decorations all over the house adds an extra dose of serenity, and I think that was especially popular this year.

But now it’s time to put all that glitter and glitter back in the basement by next year. I’m always a little melancholy when I see the vacation scraps leave my room. The house has never been as lively as I remembered it from a pink September. I always think I’ll be thrilled – finally a clean house! – but somehow it feels a bit empty after all the pomp of the past few months. This dilemma drives me to freshen up my rooms to start a new year full of good vibes and happy feelings. I tend to use a few tried and true methods of redesigning my space. I call this system (jokingly) “tidying up, then tidying up again”.

The first step towards an overhaul is the clearing out phase. I wrap my seasonal delicacies (sort by tree or vignette and room if possible), remove holiday illusions from pillow inserts and dust the glitter from the mantelpiece. Next, I look around the room with fresh eyes. You might find your color palette stagnant; maybe the walls aren’t popping as hard as you’d like. There’s even a chance the green hid a chip on your second favorite ginger jar. Now is the time to remove anything that seems unnecessary or doesn’t match your vision for 2022. While you’re at it, move the sofa to the other side of the room – you know you’ve been wondering if that would open up the room. Once your room is ready, it’s time to freshen up and “clean up” which is just my naughty way of adding some new additions to your space.

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Sometimes all that’s missing is a fresh coat of paint for an old-fashioned home. A new wall color can bring new life to textiles that feel flat by bringing out new and exciting hues. Or, if that requires too much exercise, bring fresh fabrics for an energy boost. I love changing my pillow cases and throwing a new throw in to brighten up my rooms and change my aesthetic.

New art and accessories can create a brand new space. As we all spend more time in our homes during the coming cold (and COVID) season, it’s always fun to bring new items for the eyes. Create a visual wonderland of fabulous art to fill the void of the Christmas exhibition and transform your room from drab to cheerful. Or rearrange your shelf displays for a refreshed #shelfie that will add a new dynamic to your space.

When the winter chill hits us, we’ll be spending a lot more time at home (it’s hibernation, after all). What better time to have a home rejuvenation than when we are stuck in it?

(Adapted from nellhills.com. Katie Laughridge is the owner of Nell Hill’s, an interior design establishment in Kansas City. For more information, contact Katie at info@nellhills.com.)

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