Larry David, Fashion Icon? How His Boring-Dad Look Obtained Fashionable

On September 12, Larry David, the eye-catching star of HBO’s longtime awk-com “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” sat in the front row of the Staud fashion show in New York City. He didn’t seem to be enjoying himself. As models in cheerful primary colors rushed by, the 74-year-old comedian leaned over, plugged his ears, and stared straight at the floor. In an October Appearance at Jimmy Kimmel Live! Mr. David explained that the music on the Staud Show was just too loud for him. (Through an HBO representative, Mr. David declined to comment on this item.)

“Me, a fashion show … that’s a bit out of place,” he said to Mr. Kimmel after explaining that he was there because his friend, Hollywood super agent Ari Emanuel, with Sarah Staudinger, the designer of. who is engaged Staud.

Mr. David didn’t look too pleased at the Staud catwalk show during New York Fashion Week in September.


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Mr. David may be selling himself on the fashion front. In recent years he has become an unexpected fashion icon with his dedication to straight-cut khakis, thin V-neck sweaters, navy blue blazers and practical sneakers. In September, when the paparazzi caught Mr. David getting drinks with 25-year-old “Dune” heartthrob Timothée Chalamet, some joked on social media that it was just a meeting of two contemporary gods. “He wears what he wants,” said Usmaan Razzaq, 23, a college student and big “curb” fan in New York. “The way he puts things together, even though he doesn’t care, you can still tell that he looks well put together,” he said.

Mr. David is so adored that fans wear photos of him on their own clothes. In in the run-up to the premiere of the 11th season of “Curb” on October 24, the New York streetwear empire Kith released a collaborative collection with HBO that included a $ 70 t-shirt and $ 165 sweatshirt that featured Mr. David in one of his patented navy blue outfits and “woe is me” expressions. The entire slate sold out online within hours of its launch.

Larry is “a perfect example of what fashion could be as a tool for self-expression,” said Ronnie Fieg, founder and creative director of Kith, who said he was “one of the biggest fans of all time” of the show. Indeed, Mr. David is a prime example of steady, confident clothing that ignores all current trends. “Larry never tried to be fashionable in any way,” said Mr. Fieg.

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ actor JB Smoove models the Kith collaboration.



Mr. David’s humble attire is miles away from the trend-boggling excesses of New York Fashion Week, but that’s exactly why people admire him. “I like his style. I think he uses a lot of classics, ”said Dewey Bryan Saunders, 38, a graphic designer in Los Angeles. He says he can go after anything Mr. David wears except his rag trainers – Mr. Saunders would advise swapping them for real loafers.

The appreciation of Mr. David as a seventy-year-old style icon has its roots around five years ago, when “Normcore”, a trend based on deliberately simple clothing, emerged. (Mr. David’s clothes, often from high-end labels like Armani and Zegna, are not always easy to price.) In 2020, GQ Magazine ran a Fashion shoot styled by Mr. David in his own so-ordinary-they-are-extraordinary clothes like gray theory t-shirts,

Polo Ralph Lauren

Khakis and dingy Ecco shoes.

“We are drawn to authenticity,” said Emilia Petrarca, senior fashion writer for New York Magazine’s “The Cut” style site, who sat across from Mr. David on the Staud show and a perfect one 40 second video clip the short-haired comedian in all his misery. Ms. Petrarca posted the clip on her Instagram and within moments her “phone” crashed when the crowd commented on “Mood” or republished the clip with “Me”. It has been viewed more than half a million times since then.

From Ms. Petrarca’s point of view, the charm of the clip lies partly in the steadfast demeanor of Mr. David. He has a front row seat for the latest fashion trends but is more concerned with keeping his eardrum intact. “Someone who doesn’t care has something so tempting, especially at Fashion Week where everyone is so interested,” said Ms. Petrarca.

To Mr. David’s legion of fashion admirers, he’s a man worth emulating. “I think Larry is very practical and comfortable, and as I get older I definitely see myself going in that direction,” said Andy Rosenberg, 35, director of branding at Mack Weldon, a menswear startup in New York. Mr. Rosenberg was particularly inspired by Mr. David’s usual summer layering combination of a light V-neck sweater over a T-shirt.

As a “curb” superfan, Mr. Rosenberg appreciates how Mr. David, who is also the show’s creator and showrunner, uses the show to ponder those absurd dress puzzles we could all experience, like the unsightly (and perhaps offensive ) “Pants tent”. or the loss of our beloved item of clothing due to dry cleaning. “He’s probably thinking a lot more about his clothes than it may seem on the surface,” said Mr. Rosenberg.

Some who like Mr. Davids normcore Bona fides admitted that she was a little puzzled by the Kith collaboration, which stuck images of her slightly wrinkled, well-dressed hero onto the acclaimed streetwear. A hoodie with Larry’s face on it felt like a superficial fashion statement to Kevin Burns, 33, a project analyst in Albany, NY, who sees Mr. David as the epitome of personal, trend-immune style. (According to Mr. Fieg of Kith, Mr. David’s team approved all items in the collection.) Mr. Burns would have preferred to see Kith bring out khakis and a black t-shirt, just like Larry wears it. For him it would have been a real collaboration that fits this real style icon. Of course, these clothes already exist and can be had for around $ 19.99

The gap.

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A David And Goliath Fashion UGG Boot Dispute | Worldwide Legal professionals Community

Just over five years after California retail giant Deckers Outdoor Corp. (Decker) filed a lawsuit against Sydney-based shoe company Australian Leather Pty Ltd (Australian leather) The US Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Deckers for trademark infringement on the Federal Circuit.

The appeals court upheld the district court’s earlier ruling finding that Australian Leather had deliberately infringed Deckers’ “UGG” trademarks by selling fewer than 15 pairs of UGG branded boots in the United States and paid Deckers $ 450,000 Dollar damages and pending a permanent restraining order preventing Australian Leather (among other things) from using “the UGG trademark or name or any reproduction, forgery, copy or dyeable imitation thereof in any way and in any format, case or Spelled on or in conjunction with “the sale, offer for sale, distribution or promotion of any product in the United States or its territories.”

The litigation underlines that trademark owners and users with multiple jurisdictions must carefully examine whether any infringement problems may arise with regard to a general meaning of the trademark in the respective jurisdiction in which use (or even trademark protection) is sought. Trademarks that are distinctive and therefore protectable in one country can have a general meaning and are therefore not registrable or enforceable in another country. Likewise, acceptable use of a generic term in one jurisdiction may constitute trademark infringement in another.


Australian Leather is one of many companies in Australia that sells sheepskin boots under the umbrella of “ugg boots” without worrying about possible trademark infringement. This is because the term ‘ugg’ in Australia (and New Zealand) is generally considered to be a description of a certain type of sheepskin boot with fleece on the inside and a synthetic sole and that other traders may need to legitimately use the name ‘ugg’ to to describe similar products. On this basis, it was generally accepted that the term “ugg” or “ugg boot” cannot be registered as a trademark in Australia and New Zealand.

According to US trademark law, generic terms are also excluded from registration as a trademark. However, and unfortunately for Australian Leather, despite the fact that ‘ugg’ is a generic term in Australia, it is not in the United States.

While Deckers would not have the right to trademark the word “ugg” in Australia, it is the registered owner of a US trademark for the word “UGG” in relation to footwear. When Australian Leather sold 14 items labeled “ugg” to US customers in 2016, Deckers sued Australian Leather for trademark infringement. In response, Australian Leather argued that Deckers’ trademark registrations for “UGG” should be deleted as the term “ugg” is generic in the US as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Australian Leather also tried to rely on the US “foreign equivalents” doctrine to argue that the term is generic in Australia (as agreed by Australian Leather and Deckers), which means that the term is also used in the US should be viewed as generic. According to the doctrine of foreign equivalents, a person cannot register a trademark over a foreign generic word if the trademark would “prevent competitors from labeling a product as it is in the foreign language that their customers know best”. Australian Leather went ahead and filed counterclaims against Deckers alleging that Deckers was misleading consumers by suggesting that their products were made in Australia.

The decision

Despite Australian Leather’s arguments, in the U.S. District Court’s summary judgment for the Northern District of Illinois, while ‘ugg’ is a generic term in Australia, that alone is insufficient to infer a general meaning in the United States States “.

Regarding the Foreign Equivalents Doctrine, the District Court found that the doctrine “is not perfectly suited to English into English and is generally used to analyze non-English words used in the American market,” and In any case, “The doctrine is merely an expression of the prohibition on allowing a trademark to monopolize a generic term.” The court further stated that Americans familiar with the Australian use of the term (or Australian visitors to the United States ) “Would be misled into believing that there is only one brand of Ugg-style sheepskin boots in this country”.

The court also dismissed Australian Leather’s counterclaims, ruling that Decker had not misleadingly marketed their products as manufactured because Decker’s “UGG Australia” label did not state that the boots were made in Australia and that their products had a specific label of origin included in Australia.

When the matter went to court in May 2019, a jury found that Australian Leather had not only intentionally infringed Deckers’ registered trademarks, but had used a counterfeit version of its registered trademark. On this basis, the district court approved Deckers’ claim for damages and ordered an injunction against Australian Leather.

On appeal, Australian Leather argued that in examining whether “ugg” was a generic term, the District Court made a mistake and misapplied a test that may be relevant in circumstances where a brand name becomes generic as opposed to a term was generic even before the trademark was registered. However, on May 7, 2021, the U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the District Court’s decision.

Area of Desires Recreation: Methods to win $10,000 of David Ortiz’s cash with Tremendous 6

By Kevin Cooney
Special on FOX Sports

In one of the strongest moments of the 1989 film “Field of Dreams”, Terrence Mann – the character played by James Earl Jones – tells Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) about the enduring legacy of baseball.

“They will watch the game and it will be like they are immersed in magical water,” said Mann. “The memories will be so thick they’ll have to wipe them off their faces. People will come, Ray. The only constant in all these years, Ray, was baseball. “

It has been 32 years since the iconic ballpark in an Iowa cornfield became the Field of Dreams part of American life. On Thursday evenings (6 p.m. ET, FOX), Major League Baseball becomes Hawkeye State with a game between New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox in a specially built 8,000-seat stadium next to the film’s landmark.

The Field of Dreams game is a celebration of the game that happens to include two of the sport’s hottest teams. The Yankees are thanking for an increase in the post-trade period Aaron Richter and society. The White Sox are running away with the AL Central, aiming for home advantage in the playoffs and now they have Eloy Jimenez back to support an already strong attack.

And while you watch the Field of Dreams game on Thursday night on FOX, you can win a lot yourself for free with FOX Super 6. Simply answer six questions correctly about the game payout and you could win $ 10,000 of David Ortiz’s cash.

It’s free and easy to play – just download the FOX Super 6 app from your phone or tablet, make your selections, and turn on!

Here are the questions for Thursday night’s game, with a little glimpse to help you make your selection.

How many home runs are hit in total?
The options: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5+

The dimensions in the Custom Stadium are nothing out of the ordinary – 335 feet in the lines, 380 to the gaps, 400 to the dead center. The only wild card is that there is no “superstructure” like a normal stadium to either knock down a ball to keep it in the park or to give it an artificial jet stream to fly out on.

In this respect, this could be similar to a spring training game – and the ball flies in spring training stages. Also, both lineups can hit and the Iowa weather forecast for Thursday night calls for temperatures in the high 90s. Usually this means “firedamp”.

How many runs are counted in total?
The options: 0-3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8+

The White Sox lineup has been exhausted from injury for much of the season, but Chicago still has about five runs per game. The Yankees have been largely inconsistent but have recently shown the ability to produce great offensive games during this rematch.

That number could go high – and keep in mind that at FOX Bet, most MLB game totals are over / under at least 8 runs, if not 9 or 10.

For more current news about the MLB, click here to register for notifications in the FOX Sports App!

How many total strikeouts are thrown?
The options: 0-5, 6-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14 or 15+

The White Sox pitching staff started Tuesday with the most combined strikeouts thrown by a team of 1,120 majors – one more than that Swindler and brewer. The Yankees pitching team threw the second-most in the American League into action on Tuesday behind Chicago. Even when it comes to committed breaths, the lineups of both teams are in the upper half of the sport. There is also an unfamiliar environment and the temptation to take it easy.

In other words – think of a large number.

Who will have the winning pitcher and how many innings will he pitch?
The options: Yankees or White Sox, with different ranges from 1/3 of an inning to 6+ innings

Both teams tend to use their bullpens effectively, and in competitive games like this, it’s not uncommon for starters to be drawn fairly early.

Hence, a relief that throws towards the lower end of the scale is a good choice here.

Which team gets more runs and how many does it get?
The options: Yankees or White Sox, with ranges from 1 to 9+ runs

It would feel like a safe bet that this game could end up being one of those where the grand total of winnings could break out into double digits. The White Sox might have the upper hand in the sense that Carlos Rodon is a far more established starter and could do a better job of keeping the Yankee bats at bay early on.

Which team wins and with how many runs?
The options: Yankees or White Sox, with ranges from 1 to 9+ runs

Forget the peculiarity of the place for a second – although with the incredible optics it is certainly difficult to do. This is a crucial game for two teams with legitimate World Series aspirations.

It could also be a potential Division Series matchup should the Yankees receive the wild card. This is also the young White Sox’s first really big national gig, and they could thrive in it.

All in all? It should be fun.

Play the FOX Super 6 Field of Dreams game for your chance to win $ 10,000 from David Ortiz’s cash! Just download the Super 6 app on your phone or mobile device, make your selections for Thursday’s game, tune in and see the action.

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David Roche on China Covid outbreak hitting progress, markets

Medical staff are working on the sixth round of the Covid-19 test since the end of July in Nanjing, east China’s Jiangsu Province, on Sunday, August 8, 2021.

Feature China | Barcroft Media | Getty Images

China has tightened Covid-19 measures to combat a surge in daily cases – a move that could curb the country’s economic growth and hurt its stock markets, veteran strategist David Roche said.

Investor sentiment towards Chinese stocks was boosted by Beijing’s regulatory crackdown on sectors such as technology and Tutoring after school.

“The markets have gotten into the mindset that Covid is very … bad, but the economic recovery is picking up locks, removing social restrictions – this is something of the world recipe right now,” said Roche, President and Global Strategist, Independent Strategy. said CNBCs “Road signs Asia” on Tuesday.

“Well, it is not the world recipe in China for good reasons, and so markets have to accept that it has an economic cost not just within China but globally,” he added.

I think China is about to end its great recovery story from Covid …

David Roche

President and Global Strategist, Independent Strategy

The country’s National Health Commission reported 143 new Covid cases in mainland China on Monday – the highest number of daily infections since January, according to Reuters. Attributed to Chinese State Media the recent resurgence of infections on the highly transmissible Delta variant.

Chinese authorities ruled last week Mass tests in Wuhan city – where the coronavirus was first discovered – and imposed widespread restrictions on movement in major cities, including Beijing.

Some economists have raised concerns about China’s “zero tolerance” approach to Covid, which refers to the country’s aggressive crackdown on relapses in Covid cases. The approach, which includes rigorous lockdowns and mass testing, helped China keep previous outbreaks under control before the recent resurgence.

Read more about China from CNBC Pro

But the Delta variant is more contagious and could be more difficult to contain – and that could hurt China’s economic recovery, economists warn.

“If lockdowns and vaccination advances do not allow local economies to reopen by mid-August or early September, we will have to rethink our GDP forecast of 8.8% for 2021,” wrote economists at Australian bank ANZ in a report on Tuesday.

China effect on the world economy

Any disruption in the Chinese economy could affect global economic growth, Roche said.

The strategist stated that wider lockdowns across China could disrupt global supply chains – many of which are in the country.

This could affect international trade, increase the cost of some goods, and raise inflation expectations around the world, he added.

Roche expects China’s year-over-year growth to slow to 2 to 3% in the third quarter 7.9% expansion in the second quarter.

In the longer term, China’s economic growth will level off at around 5 to 6%, according to Roche.

“I think China is about to end its great recovery story from Covid, which of course is ahead of the world … and is now converging on a long-term growth path that is much, much lower than what people are used to after China,” said he.

David Beckham posts candy tribute to spouse Victoria to mark anniversary | Leisure

David Beckham thanked Victoria Beckham for “giving him her amazing kids” as he celebrated her 22nd birthday.

The former soccer star paid tribute to the singer and fashion designer of the Spice Girls with a sweet Instagram post on her milestone wedding day.

He wrote: “22 years later, still matching outfits… Happy Anniversary, I love you so much and thank you for giving me our great kids so we can all wear the same… @victoriabeckham… @brooklynbeckham @romeobeckham @cruzbeckham #HarperSeven (sic) “

While Victoria shared in her own post, “I love you David … Happy Anniversary (sic)”.

David and Victoria, who share Brooklyn, 22, Romeo, 18, Cruz, 16 and Harper Seven, 9, previously announced that they were “happy” to keep their family together during the COVID-19 lockdown, when her husband David Beckham had to go to Miami to work in his football club.

She said: “He has not been able to come to the club for over a year because of the ban.

“And he just said, ‘You know I have to stay, there is so much to do.’ He’s invested so much in this club. It has been his dream for as long as he can remember. The fact that he could be there physically, work with the team, work with the players, make the changes he needed to make, you You know, it was an amazing time for him. He really rolled up his sleeves. He was at the club every day. And I was just so happy that he could do that. But yeah, it was frustrating for him. There is only you can do so much of that remotely. That’s why we have decided that we will stay together and be there too. “

David Schwimmer ended on TV earlier than being solid on Associates |.Leisure information

David Schwimmer worked on television before joining Friends.

The 54-year-old actor played Ross Geller in a world hit comedy that focused on six close friends who lived in New York from 1994 to 2004, but his ideas were turned down. I admitted that I was very sick of it. Greg Richardson no longer wants to do a sitcom on the short-lived “Monty” series from 1994, starring Harry Winkler.

He said on the “How I found my voice” podcast: [Winkler] It was great, but … the writers didn’t accept my idea.

“I basically felt like I was being told, ‘say the lines and do as you were told’ … and when the show was canceled after filming episode 12, I was very relieved.”

But when he was offered to join Friends he felt more “cooperative” so he agreed.

Schwimmer recently shattered hopes for future “Friends” episodes.

Fans recently hooked up with five major co-stars, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Matt LeBlanc, and their experiences on the show on Friends: The Reunion TV special. The fans were overjoyed when they talked about it.

Schwimmer appreciates the call for more episodes, while he and his teammates as well as creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman leave the show untouched as the characters are at different stages of life. Insisted that he agree it was better.

He said, “The makers of the show have the same idea as we do. That said, they loved how to end.

“The whole show was about the time in the life of these characters when your friends were in your family. At our age, many have families of their own. [recreate] It. “

However, the comedy star soon referred to the reunion special as an “emotional” experience, adding that he particularly enjoyed spending time with his co-stars on the show’s original set.

Before playing Ross on television at the age of 27, Schwimmer had a variety of jobs, including serving cookie dough at waiters and ice cream parlors. The tournament is over.

The “Iceman” star, however, is “grateful” for having had such an experience as a fighting actor.

He said, “I am grateful that I knew who I was and that I had the perspective that I was really working. It helped me to navigate in very difficult waters. “

Source link David Schwimmer ended up on TV before being cast for Friends |. Entertainment News

Nicklaus: As Brito bows out, A-B InBev wants totally different management type for a brand new period | David Nicklaus

Doukeris, a 25-year AB InBev veteran, heads the company’s business in Asia and for the past three years in North America. A statement from Chairman Martin Barrington praised his innovation, branding and consumer insight skills, which are exactly what the company needs to grow again.

Brito built the company to lead big brands like Budweiser and Stella Artois through an efficient distribution network. However, young consumers have turned away from mainstream brands to make beer and other products like alcoholic seltzer.

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AB InBev was a capable believer, but not a leader, in these categories. The company bought craft brands like Goose Island and Kona and introduced Bud Light Seltzer last year. In Selters, it ranks third behind White Claw and Boston Beer’s Truly.

Michelob Ultra has a solid, growing premium brand, but Budweiser and Bud Light sales have long been in decline: Budweiser sales peaked in 1988, their lighter siblings in 2007.

Steinman finds it encouraging that the company’s North American beer volume rose 2.9% in the first quarter. “It’s not like they kick ass and take names, but they grow back,” he said. “He (Doukeris) turned the big boat around.”

Tom Pirko, managing director of the Californian consulting firm Bevmark, notes that Doukeris is facing a very different world than Brito when he took over the helm of InBev in 2006, the product of a Belgian-Brazilian beer fusion.

David Beckham Rocks As soon as Ridiculed Trend Pattern In Beautiful Type

Some people are just unfairly talented. David Beckham is one of those people.

Not only is he one of the greatest soccer players of all time, a great dad, and someone who has donated millions to charity, but he’s just a really nice guy. It’s really unfair. At least you’d hope he was a bit of a moron.

In addition, he’s one of the best-dressed men in the world. While his wife Victoria is an accomplished fashion designer and has undoubtedly helped him hone his tailoring skills, Beck’s personal style is still pretty impressive. Of Peaky Blinders-inspired, incredibly English looks to effortless streetwear outfitsThe man has reach.

His latest outfit not only shows his extraordinary attitude, but also points to a fashion trend that has emerged in recent years: the revival of the Hawaiian shirt.

Italian performance car brand Maserati, who recently signed Beckham as the new global ambassador, shared photos of the preppy 46-year-old gentleman relaxing in an oversized Hawaiian shirt on the set of one of her new commercials. Beckham paired the brightly colored shirt with a simple white tank top and tailored black pants, showing off his wide range of tattoos and a bit of gold.

It’s a somewhat retro look that screams class despite its casualness. It’s relaxed yet refined; Peak Beckham, really. The tropical motif of the shirt also complements the exotic 440 kW Maserati Levante Trofeo crossover, on which it is also leaning.

CONNECTED: The Maserati Levante Trofeo is a practical 300 km / h SUV with Ferrari power

As the name suggests, Hawaiian shirts (or “aloha shirts”) first appeared in Hawaii in the 1930s, with the style eventually gaining popularity after World War II veterans stationed the colorful shirts back in the continental United States brought. Elvis Presley’s 1961 film Blue Hawaii also went a long way in promoting the tropical shirt style.

Hawaiian shirts have always had a divisive reputation. Many consider them cheesy, even though their kitsch quality is exactly what attracts people – ironically or unironically. In recent years designer brands like Prada or Saint Laurent Produce their views on the Hawaiian shirt as well as tailors’ renewed interest in this style: wearing a suit jacket with a Hawaiian shirt has become a staple.

We expect the Hawaii jersey – especially with posh numbers like Beckhams – to continue growing in popularity in 2021. In the past twelve months, fashion has taken a much more relaxed and comfortable direction (understandably if most of us still can’t go out as usual thanks to The Spicy Cough).

And at a time when there is so much doom and darkness, we all need a bit of fun … And what is more fun than a loud shirt?

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David Bouchier: Worth For Cash

The federal tax deadline was postponed this year, which must please many people. But the whole Kafkaesque system seems somehow less impressive than before, now we live in a post-truth society where everyone can say something crazy and expect to be believed. Lies have been certified as true at the highest level, which should make filling out the 1040 form a lot easier. Definitely overwhelmed by a backlog on tax returns, the IRS would certainly never question our sincere beliefs about income and expenses, no matter how unlikely they seem.

Taxation has a long history. It was the original and for a long time the sole purpose of government. Kings and princes needed an income to support their flamboyant lifestyles – and their wars – and tax collection was easier back then. There were no forms to fill out and no accountants to consult. The involuntary transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich, the oldest and most successful conspiracy of all, was accomplished through simple violence and intimidation. But we are now more civilized and meet the annual tax bill because we believe it is for our own good. We expected that governments should do something for their citizens in exchange for their taxes – to provide us with social services and to protect us from evil people like jihadists, North Koreans, atheists, and most importantly, each other. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes summed up this position when he said: “I like paying taxes; with them i buy civilization. “

That’s true as far as it goes. But while we pay for government, we also pay for politics – that’s the theatrical performance that takes place in the political foreground while the government does real things behind the scenes. At the top of the stage we find Congress, and we can ask as we prepare to pay our taxes for the final year, “What did 116th Congress in 2020 do for us?” The short answer is: practically nothing but presiding over a huge surge in spending and public debt. The permanent stalemate has turned Congress from a legislature into a theater where the show never changes or improves. The two parties cannot debate more rationally than two football teams in the middle of a game.

Congress has never been popular, and I suppose we shouldn’t expect it to be useful. There are no tenure limits so it can turn into a lifelong career, and the salaries and benefits are so extremely generous that the main goal of any non-legislative legislature is to get yourself re-elected. But Congress is a big budget item – not far from $ 1 billion in 2020, including salaries and benefits. A billion doesn’t sound like a lot these days when trillions are tossed around. But I can remember when a billion dollars was worth something and a billion doesn’t sound like good value to me in exchange for anything. If the IRS ever pulls in our 2020 tax returns, a generous refund is the least we should expect.

Copyright: David Bouchier

David Dawson solid in My Policeman | Leisure

David Dawson will play Harry Styles’ lover in “My Policeman”.

The ‘Ripper Street’ actor will play Patrick Hazelwood as Tom Burgess, the title officer, and Emma Corrin as Tom’s wife Marion in the upcoming film.

The film is based on Bethan Roberts’ 2012 novel and begins in the 1990s when the elderly invalid Patrick goes to Tom and Marion’s home and takes a trip back in time to explore sexual politics in the 1950s, when homosexuality was illegal .

And according to the Daily Mail’s Baz Bamigboye, the bosses of the Amazon Films-sponsored picture – directed by Michael Grandage – hired Linus Roache to play older Tom alongside Rupert Everett as Patrick and Gina McKee as Marion.

In the novel, the story takes place in the form of two magazines, one from Marion and one from Patrick, which offer their opposing views of Tom.

Filming is scheduled to begin in April in London and the South East of England from a script written by “Philadelphia” writer Ron Nyswaner. More intimate scenes are shot in an unspecified large studio.

The casting news comes after Rupert recently insisted it was “wrong” that gay roles should only be given to gay actors, citing Matt Damon and Michael Douglas’s performances in Behind the Candelabra as an example How a performer’s sexuality shouldn’t be an issue.

He said, “I think that’s not right at all. I always felt like I didn’t miss the movie ‘Behind the Candelabra’ for anything.

“As a gay man, I was touched by both performances.

“Because acting is acting, and it’s great for gay people to be playing roles too.”