Notre Vans OG Fashion 36 LX Launch Date

While Notre has gained prominence on the boutique retail scene in recent years through its meticulous product curation, its identity lies in community. Her past collaborations have exemplified the idea of ​​teamwork with her current slogan “There are many ways to do things besides your own”. advance their mission. For their next footwear project, they’ve teamed up with Vans for a third overall collaboration to shed light on popular cafe drinks we usually share while connecting.

Notre converts the OG Style 36 LX’s famous side stripe and embeds its Handshake logo in the embroidered stripe (as on theirs AND Old School LX and the Notre Dunks). This logo treatment sits atop three different suede builds in matcha green, espresso brown, and a light gray tee (with navy blue hits).

The entire set is slated for release on February 3, 2022 via Notre; preview the official photos.

PS1-style “Bloodborne” demake will get a launch date

If you’re a From Software fan, you’ve likely seen interlaced recordings of the Bloodborne PS1 fan demake that has been in the works for a while. This project, titled Bloodborne PSX, now has a release date and new trailer, and looks just as impressively dirty as ever.

As is common with such ambitious fan projects, Bloodborne PSX is not affiliated with From Software or Sony and will be released for free on January 31, 2022. PSX tries to capture some of the most memorable moments from the early hours of. From Software’s masterpiece to the chunky polygons and lo-fi aesthetics of original PlayStation classics like Silent Hill and Resident Evil.

Ready for the Hunt – As shown in previous trailers, Bloodborne PSX will feature several of Yharnam’s more formidable enemies, including carrion crows, angry villagers, and those big trolls who attack really easily. It will also feature versions of Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne, who will be the first two bosses most players will encounter in the exclusive PS4.

Bloodborne PSX was mainly developed by two developers, Lilith Walther and Corwyn Prichard. The two developers said in an interview with Kotaku that they were inspired to do the project after seeing some models of a hypothetical Bloodborne demake on social media in 2015, feeling “what makes a demake a natural fit.”

Trapped in a Dream – Unfortunately for Fromsoft fans, the actual Bloodborne on the PS4 is still trapped in stasis with no sign of a PS5 upgrade or PC port in sight. Such a move seems inevitable, but Sony is apparently too focused on its God of War PC port to give Eileen the Crow lovers the time of day. In the meantime, Elden Ring was recently postponed to February 25th, so don’t get hollow yet.

Let There Be Carnage’ launch date moved up two weeks after ‘Shang-Chi’ success

Still from Sony’s “Venom”.


According to the studio’s website, Sony has postponed the theatrical release date for “Venom: Let There be Carnage” by two weeks to October 1st.

The new date for the much anticipated sequel to “Venom” follows a box office hit for another Marvel comic adaptation, Disney’s “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”.

Box office results for the four-day holiday over the weekend were $ 90 million for “Shang-Chi” after raising $ 75.5 million in theaters in the first three days, according to the figures, the Comscore Senior Media analyst Paul Dergarabedian on Monday shared.

These numbers show the willingness of fans to appear in cinemas for some films despite Covid concerns.

In general, movie theaters are struggling to recover from the pandemic shutdowns. A lack of new publications to display affected them. In some cases, the content that arrived in the cinemas was made available simultaneously via streaming services.

“Shang-Chi” was the first Marvel Studios film have only been shown in cinemas since the beginning of the pandemic. “Shang-Chi” with Simu Liu and Awkwafina also made history as Marvel’s first film with an Asian protagonist.

“Black Widow,” released in July, debuted in theaters and on Disney + Premier Access the same day. to initiate an argument on star Scarlett Johansson’s salary.

In 2018, the first “Venom” grossed $ 855 million at box offices worldwide and was the sixth largest film in the world.

“Venom: Let There Be Carnage” was originally scheduled for October 2020, directed by “Lord of the Rings” star Andy Serkis. This release date has been postponed to June 2021, September and more recently to October 15 due to a pandemic. related complications.

The thriller plays Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock aka Venom, a journalist who lives with an alien symbiote inside him and gives him superhuman powers. Co-stars include Michelle Williams in the role of Anne Weying, Woody Harrelson as the main villain Cletus Kasady aka Carnage and Naomie Harris as Frances Barrison aka Shriek.

The United States has recorded more than 40 million Covid cases and 651,690 deaths. according to NBC news tables.

– CNBC’s Sarah Whitten contributed to this report.

Shang-Chi would not have a launch date in China, why that is an enormous deal

Simu Liu plays Shang-Chi in Marvel’s “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”.


When “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” hits theaters on Friday, it will be the first time since the pandemic began that a Marvel film will be shown exclusively in theaters, but it’s its absence on a major one international market, the box office analysts in conversation.

“Shang-Chi” is the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe not to be released in China and only the second not to be released in China. The underlying controversy seems to stem from the cast of the film and perception of the comic book series on which “Shang-Chi” is based.

The absence from the Chinese box office means that “Shang-Chi” is leaving a large sum of money on the table. China has been the second highest box office of all Marvel films since 2012, just behind the US and Canada.

With a theatrical-only release and connections to a 24-movie blockbuster franchise, There is no doubt that “Shang-Chi” will top the box office this weekend in the US and Canada. It could even claim to be the highest Labor Day weekend opening ever.

But China is a key market for its size. Before the pandemic, China was the second largest box office in the world, according to Comscore data, with annual ticket sales of $ 8.67 billion. In addition, delays in the release of popular films in China often expose a film to higher levels of piracy.

“Marvel is an immensely popular franchise practically everywhere, and these films owe a significant portion of their international box office success to the ticket sales that China generates,” said Shawn Robbins, chief analyst at “Anywhere, 10 to 20% of the global gross sales of a Marvel film can come from the Middle Kingdom alone.”

Marvel has achieved this benchmark since 2013. In the early years of the Marvel franchise, China accounted for between 2% and 6% of total theatrical sales.

For the 2019 release of Avengers: Endgame Disney planned to debut for domestic and Chinese audiences on the same weekend. The result was that highest opening weekend in film history. During its lifetime, 22% of ticket sales came from China.

“The growth of the Chinese theatrical market over the past decade has been impressive; in essence, sales have tripled since 2012 and have become a major target for many American blockbusters, who often rely on the country’s box office earning power to help them to bring it to the next round. ” Level, “said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Comscore.

“Shang-Chi” will not benefit from these ticket sales until its domestic debut as it has not yet been approved by government officials for release in China. The region does not operate a free cinema market and all films produced abroad have to pass the censorship in order to be distributed locally.

China has strict rules on the content and suppresses everything it believes violates his basic socialist values ​​or affects his nationalist image. The country recently stepped up crackdown on its own entertainment industry, urging broadcasters to ban artists with “wrong political positions” and effeminate styles from shows in order to create a “more patriotic atmosphere”.

“Black Widow” was allowed to display in the country, but the release date coincided with a lockdown period in China. In July, the country leaves cinemas open for local productions and shows foreign films. This year, the planning for non-Chinese films was additionally influenced by the 100th anniversary of the founding of the ruling Communist Party. The occasion led to months of censorship in all media.

Unfortunately, the rampant piracy of “Black Widow” after its release in domestic cinemas and via streaming means that it will never get a run in China.

“Having near-perfect pirated copies of a major motion picture floating around is never good for business and is understandably a concern for the entire film industry,” said Dergarabedian.

Box office analysts have speculated that “Shang-Chi” would be removed from the file because of its source material. The comics on which the film is based are considered racist and full of reductive stereotypes. While Marvel boss Kevin Feige has gone to great lengths to allay any concerns about the portrayals in the upcoming film, it may not be enough to get it working in Chinese theaters.

Marvel’s “Eternals” could suffer a similar fate, although the reason for the rejection is very different. The film is directed by Chloe Zhao, who recently became a persona non grata in China after previous remarks she made about the country surfaced online. The backlash resulted in her name and accomplishments being deleted from much of the Chinese internet.

That leaves “Spider-Man: No Way Home” as the next potential Marvel film to hit theaters in the country. The last two standalone Spider-Man films have done well in China, generating sales of $ 117.5 million in 2017 and 2019.

The pent-up demand to see a Marvel movie on the big screen could lead to audiences flocking to theaters when it is released in December.

Correction: Avengers: Endgame generated 22% of its $ 2.8 billion or $ 627.2 million in ticket sales from China. An earlier version of this story misrepresented the value of sales in China.

Kevin O’Leary says everybody ought to speak about cash by the third date

Chocolate and flowers may be the first gifts when a couple first goes out, but if you ask Kevin O’Leary, the best thing you can give a new romantic partner is transparency about your finances.

The chairman of O’Shares ETFs and judge on CNBC’s New Show “Money Court” tells CNBC Make It that when a new couple is on their third date, they should put their cards on the table and “discuss your financial goals for the rest of their life”.

O’Leary, who also recommends couples sign a marriage contract before marriage, says the main reason couples split up is financial stress caused by factors such as different views on how to handle finances. By talking about money early on, couples can help avert nasty surprises down the line, O’Leary says.

“Are you in debt? Was your family bankrupt? Do you have a brother who went bankrupt? All of these difficult conversations have to be had before marriage, before people move in together,” says O’Leary. “Because within five to seven years they will manifest as the reason for the breakup.”

Couples shouldn’t argue about money, but rather come to an agreement, he says.

“Money is ultimately a family member,” says O’Leary. “Without a strong financial foothold, you cannot have a successful family and have to pursue and enjoy the same financial goals.”

While being honest about their finances early on with a romantic partner can be challenging and sometimes embarrassing, O’Leary believes that doing so will lead to stronger relationships.

“It’s a business, that’s marriage. It’s a personal business,” says O’Leary. “It’s a partnership, and what’s behind it? Cash flow. Not very romantic, but it’s the truth.”

Don’t miss out on CNBC’s new Money Court series starring Kevin O’Leary on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

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Do not miss: “It has no inherent value”: Kevin O’Leary calls Dogecoin “pure speculation”

‘Wrath of Man’ unveils Ritchie’s darkest work to this point | Leisure

Guy Ritchie’s new film “Wrath of Man” begins similarly to Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”, which was inspired by Michael Mann’s “Heat”.

If you’ve followed Ritchie’s work through the action genre and you see Jason Statham in the appendix, expect something like “The Gentlemen” (2019) or “RocknRolla” (2008). “Wrath of Man” is grumpier; It’s subtly reserved for Ritchie’s flair and sarcasm.

Ritchie continues to borrow elements from Nolan, Mann, and his own previous work as cinematographer Alan Stewart (“Aladdin”, “The Gentlemen”) hovers over buildings and keeps the camera moving during the action. The first 10 minutes of “Wrath of Man” is better than the entirety of “The Gentlemen”.

“He’s overqualified,” notes a Fortico Security Company driver (think of a Brinks armored truck). His assessment of the company’s latest hiring, simply called H (Statham), is not wrong. Calm, relaxed, with little to say when a Fortico Security Truck with over 2 million cash is held up at gunpoint for just one week.

When H takes care of business, his colleagues are stunned. How can the guy who barely passed the rigorous gun, drive, and endurance tests take out a bunch of armed thugs in minutes without a scratch? The company calls H a hero; his new comrades now all want to ride by his side. H’s presence at Fortico has nothing to do with the robbery they suffered a month ago when two veterans and a bystander were killed.

The work of the composer Christopher Benstead on this film did not go unheard. Its deep base also comes from the Dark Knight series. It’s the kind of music that not only helps what’s going on, but creates much of the tension on the screen and requires your full, undivided attention.

Part of Ritchie withdrawing part of its signature style means discovering a new style. There’s a real embrace from the dark, from the cloakroom, the lighting, even the silence. Here “Wrath of Man” moves into the area of ​​John Wick.

You’ve never heard of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” being used the way Ritchie uses it here. Violence is the starting point for a Ritchie film, but the automatic gun tones are pulsating and it ensures that the viewer gets a close look at this in detail.

The real tension of the film is to guess who the inner man is. What works against this movie and everything with Statham is that it only signs up for one type of role and the ending is always inevitable.

Ritchie also makes a statement about predators and, like most, think they are invincible because they forget to look up the food chain. Andy Garcia, who only has two small scenes, gets the most ritchie-esque dialogue in the entire film, but the rest is devoid of carefree moments.

Until we get to the last act I won’t spoil anything, but “Wrath of Man” is much more like the opening sequence of “The Dark Knight” than just thematic elements. It’s like writers Nicolas Boukhrief and Éric Besnard were inspired by the first 10 minutes of Joker’s underhanded robbery and turned it into a scary action thriller.

Final thought: Guy Ritchie reticent reveals the director’s darkest work yet.

Dustin Chase is a film critic and associate editor for Texas Art & Film, based in Galveston. visit

Noah NY Vans OG Model 24LX Launch Date

Although Noah NY and Vans have had a pretty strong collaboration. And although the two have had a lot to do since their last meeting, they finally meet again to pay homage to the curbs of Venice and the OG Style 24LX.

In addition to official pictures, the streetwear label shares why they think the curbs themselves are so important. For generations, the skate-enabled architecture has literally laid the foundation for names like Natas Kaupas, Eric Dressen and Tim Gavin, who probably all share the same feeling: They are “fun”. To celebrate the beginnings of the culture, Noah tosses it back to the 80s, adding a vibrant camo flair to the above model. The print is tinted in two variations – one on pink, the other on white – and refers to shoes that were not uncommon at the time. Its contrasting, abstract shapes resemble striking retro designs. Rubberized toes and soles then offer durability in black or white tones.

Please see the campaign images below for more information. A release is currently set to hit on April 8th.

In other news the Yeezy 450 slide is on the way.

Noah NY x Vans OG Style 24LX
Release Date: April 8, 2021 (Thursday)

Make sure you follow @kicksfinder for live tweets during the publication date.

Where to buy

Metropolis Units Opening Date For Newly Renovated The Dice Ice And Leisure Heart

The city of Santa Clarita gave a first glimpse into the renovated Valencia ice station on Tuesday, which has been renamed “The Cube – Ice Cream and Entertainment Center”. She showed upgrades of the plant and announced an opening date in April.

Some of the first things residents might notice when visiting the renovated Valencia facility are new landscaping and new blue and white colors inside and out to match the city’s official colors.

The ice station was purchased by the city of Santa Clarita for $ 14.2 million in August. On March 5, the city announced that the site’s name had been changed to “The Cube” through social media.

See relatives: City reveals new name for Valencia Ice Station

The 93,000 square meter area offers space for up to 2,400 people and offers events such as congresses, conferences, sports competitions and concerts as well as sports such as hockey and ice skating.

According to Frank Oviedo, Deputy City Administrator for the City of Santa Clarita, renovations to the facilities, including replacing the cube’s old reading board and installing new ice on the rinks, began in December 2020 on a budget of $ 720,000.

One of the major renovations currently under way by the city is the replacement of the reading board near the main entrance to the Cube. The board is to be replaced with a larger LED screen that will also cover the windows above the old board.

“You will be able to see what’s going on on the ice, as well as everything we’re showing from a marketing or sponsorship point of view, so we’ve got a lot of use out of that,” said Oviedo. “It’s going to be pretty spectacular.”

A large cube is to be installed in front of the building to represent the new name change.

“It’s kind of a connection to the subject of the dice and something that families and visitors can cherish and have memories of,” added Oviedo.

According to Oviedo, the facilities, which were over 20 years old, had to be serviced before they could be reopened to the public.

The day-to-day operations of The Cube will be handled by the American Sports Entertainment Company and the Los Angeles Kings (ASEC / Kings), who will be involved in “everything from opening front doors to issuing tickets and ice skates,” officials said.

“They will continue to conduct their operations and training at their El Segundo facility, but we have already had discussions with ASEC and the Kings about other options, including maybe bringing some of the Kings here and signing days for your favorite player who plays for the kings, ”said Oviedo. “We even talked conceptually about getting out of here and doing scrimmages.”

According to Oviedo, The Cube is currently set to open with a tape cut, which is scheduled for April 12th.

Mark your calendars – the cube should be open to the public next month!

There will be a tape cut on April 12th where the schedule for The Cube will be fully open to the public and will be announced based on health instructions.

– The Santa Clarita Cube (@TheCube_SC) March 16, 2021

“This will be the marker point where we will really open up and make that decision as the weeks get closer to how many people can be accommodated at the facility,” said Oviedo.

City officials said they have received positive feedback from members of the community who are excited about opening the cube to the public.

“People drop by towards the end of the day every day,” said Cruz Caldera, general service manager for the city of Santa Clarita. “They’ll show up at the end of the day and take pictures and post something on social media … just because they’re so excited. Just being part of it is a reward in and of itself. “

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Fiddlers Grove corrects opening date | Leisure

Fiddlers Grove originally set April 2nd as the opening date. However, it was by mistake that Friday April 2nd is Good Friday. Most of the offices will be closed and Fiddlers Grove is said to be closed to keep track of the holidays as well. Therefore, Fiddlers Grove will be officially opened on April 9th ​​at noon in the Veterans Building. There will be a short program and light snacks, finger food and drinks will be served.

The public is encouraged to participate in the opening in 2021. This is a great opportunity for everyone to see Fiddlers Grove make a mighty return from the tornado of March 3rd last year and hear what is planned for 2021.

The veterans building is located at 945 E. Baddour Parkway in Lebanon. The CDC and state guidelines in effect on that date will be complied with.

– Submitted to the Democrat

Submitted to the Democrats

Mandy Moore declares beginning of son ‘proper on his due date’ | Leisure

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Mandy Moore is officially a mom. The 36-year-old “This Is Us” star announced the birth of her first child, a son named August Harrison Goldsmith, on her Instagram Tuesday.

“Gus is here,” wrote Moore in the mail along with a photo. “He was on time and, to the delight of his parents, arrived on time for his due date.”

She added that they were ready, “Fall in love in all sorts of brand new ways, but it goes beyond anything we could ever have imagined.”

This is the first child for Moore and husband Taylor Goldsmith, a musician she married in 2018.

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