Ultimate Dallas Funds Restores Police Additional time Cash – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Value

A record $ 4.35 billion budget for the city of Dallas, final approved on Wednesday, puts public safety first, but some other functions get extra money, including road repairs.

The final vote after months of community budget meetings and city hall debates was 13-2, with Members Cara Mendelsohn and Gay Donnell Willis opposed over concerns about rising property taxes.

In the closing hours of this year’s budget debate, city councilors restored a $ 10 million cut in police overtime they had approved just two weeks ago.

Part of the larger budget comes from COVID-19 aid funds that will not be available in the coming years.

“That’s a damn good budget. I think it’s the best budget we’ve ever seen, ”said Councilor Chad West.

West voted for the final budget, although he opposed the restoration of police overtime pay and cited the overtime cut two weeks earlier.

He wanted Police Chief Eddie Garcia to return to the City Council’s Public Safety Committee in the future if the money was required for overtime.

West said a preliminary audit report suggests there may have been a lack of police oversight of overtime in the past.

“56% of overtime was neglected in some way. That doesn’t mean that 56% had abuse. That means we don’t know, ”West said.

Councilor Paul Ridley on Wednesday also voted against the restoration of police overtime pay.

“I think we need accountability. I think taxpayers expect us to be accountable, ”said Ridley.

Mayor Eric Johnson cited violence in Deep Ellum Sunday, which killed a second of six shooting victims on Wednesday, as a justification for overtime pay.

“The police’s overtime budget is initially our backing against the increasing violence in our city. Chief Garcia has applied for this funding to complement his efforts, and I don’t think we should get him to get this money that he tells us we are going to need badly, “said Johnson.

The Dallas Police Department is hundreds of officers smaller than it was 10 years ago.

In a 12-3 overtime vote, most city councilors approved Mayor Johnson.

“And I think it’s important to keep sending the message that we support our first responders, we support our cops, and we equip them with the tools they need, including overtime while we are understaffed,” Councilor Adam McGough said.

The new budget also includes money to hire 250 more officers, pay increases for police and fire departments, and buy dozens of additional patrol cars to increase police patrol presence.

The leader of Mothers Against Police Brutality, Sara Mokuria, urged the council not to provide additional money for the police. She said the Dallas neighborhoods need more investment to increase public safety.

“DPD has consistently proven to be an ineffective intervention in creating a safe public over time,” said Mokuria.

The budget allocates funds to community programs to improve lighting and reduce putrefaction, treat substance abuse, and expand mental health alternatives to take police action.

There’s also better pay to attract and retain 911 operators and garbage disposal workers, both municipal services that have suffered from a lack of hiring difficulties.

The streets of Bad Dallas are receiving a $ 150 million repair budget, the largest yet, to start a multi-year program to reverse decades of neglect.

But the police get the largest share of the budget at around $ 565 million, including the city’s largest police budget of all time.

“We have seen some early signs of success from the chief of police in a crime reduction plan, but we have a lot more to do,” said Mayor Johnson.

Slightly lowering the property tax rate in the new household will not be enough to offset soaring Dallas real estate values. Most taxpayers will see higher bills.

Most council members said residents told them in community meetings that they wanted the services the new budget will provide and that they are willing to pay for them.

The new budget comes into force on October 1st.

The city of Dallas received a total of $ 627 million in federal COVID-19 aid some of them have been included in the new budget and some have already been spent in the current year.

Pretend Job Listings Value North Texans Time, Cash – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Value

Fake job offers have increased during the pandemic, according to the pandemic Better business office. In 2020 the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center data showed that 16,012 people were victims of employment fraud. They said they lost more than $ 59 million.

We told you about cyber criminals who fake legitimate companies and post on popular job boards to deceive job seekers.

Now a man from North Texas says a job fraud cost him potential unemployment benefits. Read on to learn more about how to spot the signs of fraud.

“To be too good to be true”

After being laid off last year, Moises Duke was in training for a new job. It was not in his area and it did not provide the full benefit. So when another company looked for a graphic design position with full health and dentures, Duke said he grabbed the chance.

“When I got the offer letter, I thought, okay, I’ll file my resignation with the other company,” Duke said.

Duke said all negotiations with the new company were handled via email. The company informed him that it would be discontinued this way because of the pandemic.

“I tried to sell myself through the emails and everything went well,” said Duke. “At some point they said that due to COVID we are going to send you a check so you can buy the computers and everything. Everything was a little too good to be true. “

He later learned that the second offer was a scam. Since he had quit his job, he could not apply for unemployment benefits.

“The problem is, I quit this company, the other one was fake, so I have no unemployment or a job,” said Duke.

Cyber ​​criminals use sophisticated tricks

Cyber ​​criminals go to extra lengths to make the scam more believable. They can fake legitimate companies – even pull up public information to impersonate actual employees.

According to the latest BBB to learn In job fraud, victims are usually contacted via email or text message, and most believe that the contact was the result of their online job search.

“A lot of people post their résumés when they apply for jobs without knowing that this information is readily available to everyone, including scammers,” said Erica Mendoza, investigations manager for BBB Serving North Central Texas.

Mendoza said that cyber criminals are after your personal information and money. A common trick is to send a job seeker a check with deposit instructions and then purchase equipment for work from home from a provider of their choice. The “seller” is also a fraud.

Once the victim sends money for equipment, the money is gone from their account. Later, the original check fails and the victim’s money is gone.

The Federal Trade Commission explained Just because you can see the balance in your account after you deposit a check, it does not mean that the check has been “cashed”. While banks are required to provide funds from deposited checks within a few days, it can take weeks before they discover that the check is a fake.

“In the end, you transfer your own money to these scammers and then you’re on the hook for the money,” Mendoza said.

Recognize red flags

Moises Duke didn’t lose any money in the end. The scam ended when his alleged new boss sent Duke a check to pay for equipment to work from home. Duke, a graphic designer, said he could see that the bank logo on the till check was not quite right.

“Usually the banks are the ones who make their logo look perfect,” Duke said.

He broke off contact with the fraudster, reported the system to the BBB and posted fraud warnings on his accounts. Although Duke did not return any cash, he had provided the scammer with personal information after they insisted on a background check.

“It’s a bit daunting because you’re trying to work hard to get a job,” said Duke.

He wants to share his story so that another job seeker doesn’t get thrown back by a scam.

“If it all sounds too good to be true, it’s not true,” said Duke. “Take care.”

Other red flags include grammatical and spelling mistakes, vague job descriptions, and the promise of immediate hiring without an interview.

The FBI warns job seekers to be careful about interviews that are not conducted in person or through a secure video call.

If asked to buy start-up equipment or pay for your own background check or check, it is likely a scam – according to the FBI.

The BBB said working from home, where packages are received and re-sent, is a fraud.

Be careful about providing personal information – including your full address, date of birth, and financial information – on your resume or to unverified recruiters and online applications.

The FBI advises that after hiring employees, legitimate companies will ask for direct deposit information for payroll purposes. It is safer to do this in person. Even reputable companies shouldn’t ask for your credit card number.

How to protect yourself

Check the job posting directly through the company. Don’t use a stranger’s contact information. Instead, call or go directly to the company’s website for contact information to validate the job posting.

If you can find multiple websites for the same company, or if the web address is just a few letters away from the URL of an actual company website, it may have been spoofed.

If a job posting appears on job boards but not on the company website, it could be a scam.

Check the Settings Manager email address. Does it match the web addresses used by the actual company? Scammers can use a similar looking address.

You can also do an internet search with the name of the employer and the word “scam” to look for reports of similar job fraud cases.

If a new employer sends you a check asking you to send money to a third party – either via wire transfer, cash app, or gift cards, don’t do it.

What to do if you are a victim of job fraud

Contact your bank or credit card company immediately. If you’ve used a cash app to send money to a stranger, contact the bank associated with the account and notify them of the fraudulent charge. It may be too late to stop the transaction, but law enforcement agencies recommend that you notify your financial institutions immediately.

The Federal Trade Commission highlights additional steps you can take here if you have been the victim of fraud.

Report the scam to Cybercrime Complaints Office.

Notify the FTC on-line or call 877-FTC Help

You can also use the BBB and report the scam of the website that featured the job posting and the company that the cybercriminals impersonated.

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Dallas Price range Debate Over Police Time beyond regulation Cash – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Value

Dallas city council members admitted a record $ 4.3 billion budget for the first time on Thursday after a last-minute controversy over police overtime money.

The spending plan benefits from $ 355 million in federal COVID-19 aid funding. This includes a slight reduction in the property tax rate. Councilors Cara Mendelsohn and Adam McGough voted against. Mendelsohn has repeatedly said that she wanted a greater reduction in the tax rate. Most taxpayers will pay higher bills due to rising property values.

There was an 8-7 vote to divert $ 10 million in police overtime pay to a reserve account.

“We’re tired of not getting answers when we call. So I cannot support handcuffing these officers, ”said Councilor Carolyn Arnold.

Proponents of the budget change said a new state law passed after calling for a “defuse” of the police last year now forbids reducing city police spending below the amount included in this new budget.

Councilor Chad West proposed to start this year with a lower amount for the police.

“It gives us and the council more flexibility in the future if there are budget issues due to COVID or something else,” West said.

Several councilors said it was a token vote to respond to state lawmakers who imposed their will on city households.

“Make sure we keep our local budgets in control at the local level instead of being bullied by those in Austin for political points,” Councilor Adam Bazaldua said.

The police will get the overtime pay back from the reserve account and Chief Eddie Garcia said the money is needed.

“Taking $ 10 million from that budget for police overtime is a bad idea, just like it was last year. And we will go through the budget like last year, ”said City Councilor Cara Mendelsohn.

Despite the overtime rerouting, the Dallas Police Department is still getting $ 8 million more than last year in their $ 583 million portion of the city budget, most of it from all departments.

The police budget provides for the recruitment and training of 250 more officers, although some of the recruitment could be offset by the departure of officers. More patrol cars will also be added to increase the visibility of the patrols.

Several city council speakers called for the police not to receive additional money and for more spending to be allocated to crime prevention programs.

“Adding police does not increase security. They only respond to crimes, “said spokesman Carvell Bowens.

Speakers said their research shows Dallas will spend about $ 422 on police for each resident, compared to about $ 49 on housing and homeless solutions.

“When you work to build the Dallas we deserve, you are spending more money on services for our communities, not the police,” said Tearyne Almendariz.

The speaker could not convince the city council.

A second Dallas city budget approval is required later in September before it goes into effect October 1, and more changes are still possible, but Thursday’s vote is a big step after months of public meetings and voter input.

Hundreds of thousands of Aid Cash Obtainable for Texas Utility Clients; Act Now, Says Atmos – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Price

Texans struggling with overdue or high electricity and gas bills can qualify for up to thousands of dollars in aid if they act now.

Atmos Energy urges customers in need to contact their energy supplier and apply for the “Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program”.

The program has been around for decades, but millions of additional federal dollars are now available through COVID relief funding.

“We know there is a need out there,” said Faye Kinner, customer service manager at Atmos Energy. “We know families struggle to pay their current and overdue fees, so we really encourage them to get in touch if they struggle. Contact your energy supplier so that we can point you to the resources you need. “

Time is also of the essence, said Kinner.

The financing in the millions expires at the end of September.

“These funds will expire at the end of September, so we really want to encourage customers to act now,” she said.

All utility customers can apply.

Traditional income qualifications have also eased due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Even if they weren’t eligible before, they can be eligible now, and it’s supposed to help you with all of your utility bills,” Kinner said.

Eligible customers could get thousands of dollars in relief money on utility bills.

“It can really make a difference, both for recurring fees and for your overdue fees,” said Kinner. “With the start of the cooler months and winter, we want to ensure that our customers are up to date with their natural gas bills.”

Kinner says customers should call customer service, tell them they’re having trouble, and point them in the right direction for the program.

That includes Atmos and electricity providers like TXU and Reliant, she said.

The customer service number for ATMOS is 888-286-6700.

For information on income limits for the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP), see the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs website.

North Texas Girl Warns of Scams After Calls Requesting Cash on Present Playing cards – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Price

A North Texas woman sends a warning to others after saying she was defrauded of $ 170,000.

The woman, who does not want to be identified, tells NBC 5 that she retired last year, and in April she says scammers called her and told her that someone opened 18 accounts on her behalf and was sending money to Colombia.

“There is no way I said I am not sending any money to Colombia and I have no 18 accounts, no bank accounts. If you have any more money from your accounts, you have to speak to someone,” said the woman.

She says they convinced her to send their money in the form of gift cards for safekeeping.

She says she finally found out about the scam when she tried to mail a box of $ 16,000, but the box was lost in the mail.

She called the police, hoping her story can serve as a warning to others.

“I hope it helps people. I really do.”

The woman says she got some money back, but not all of it.

What are They and Is Your Cash Protected? – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Price

You may have seen NFTs make the headlines this year – especially since some have even sold for thousands Millions of dollars.

What are NFTs? How do you work? When you buy one, is your money safe?

Read on for answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for non-fungible token.

Fungible means exchangeable, like normal money. For example, four quarters are worth the same as one dollar bill.

Not fungible means that someone is unique. Non-fungible tokens are digital assets that can be just about anything, including art, video, or music.

When you create something that you want to sell as an NFT, you “shape” it by pushing it onto the blockchain.

What is the blockchain? Basically, it’s a common online ledger. It is also the backbone of the cryptocurrency.

“You can think of the chain as a huge table like a Google Doc. What’s in or in the case of Bitcoin is the amount of money everyone has, ”said Matthew Stephenson – a behavioral economist.

Stephenson said the blockchain is a set of rules about how information is recorded and updated. For example, these protocols prevent someone from simply giving themselves the equivalent of a billion dollars in cryptocurrency.

“If we’re going to share this big table, we can’t allow anyone to update it for better or for worse,” said Stephenson.

These principles also apply to NFTs on the blockchain. Blockchain technology creates shortages of things that exist in digital space, Stephenson said.

“It enables this digital scarcity, which is protected from manipulation over time by the rules. You can get money from it, you can get collectibles from it, and you can get all the other nice things we’d like to make scarce and unique, ”said Stephenson.

How North Texans Buy and Sell NFTs

Stephenson said he worked with Dapper Labs, the company that works with the NBA on Top Shot.

On NBA Top Shot, collectors can buy NBA highlight videos – so-called “moments”. Collectors can buy the moments in packs or individually in the market.

Every moment has a serial number. In general, the rarer the moment, the more valuable it is.

They are basically digital trading cards.

“It’s a moving image instead of a piece of cardboard, but it’s a collectible and there’s only one of them,” said Cash Sirois.

The North Texas sports radio personality also helped launch The Collectible Network, a streaming network dedicated to capturing collectibles.

Sirois believes NFTs will stay here.

“There used to be ticket stubs for the Mavs games, and now it’s all on your phone. We are evolving into a digital world in everything so this is a natural progression for me, ”said Sirois.

Sirois said he started adding Top Shot NFTs to his personal collection earlier this year and that he is not alone.

Dapper Labs said it started the year with 4,796 Top Shot collectors. By April 23, the number should have risen to around 460,000 collectors.

How institutions in North Texas implement NFTs

The Dallas Weekly, a black-owned publication in North Texas, announced it would shape future issues as NFTs.

“We had covers, we had spreads, and these things are basically moments,” said Patrick Washington, CEO and Editor-in-Chief.

“Working at Dallas Weekly has always been about coming up with new products and new digital ways to bring our information and stories to our audience and community. When we started talking, we loved it, ”said Jeremiah Long, director of product at Dallas Weekly.

The publication plans to offer NFTs of select future editions with artist-made covers to support their work and the black press.

“Earning a commission was really a tangible idea, and it’s another source of income for us,” said Jessica Washington, COO and chief financial officer.

“It was a way for us to tap into our local artist market, especially those who I think deserve to be seen and heard and to make hundreds of thousands of dollars for their work. And we could help, ”said Patrick Washington.

“The purpose of the black press is to tell our stories that otherwise would not be told. One of those stories is the presence of our creative side in the visual arts, ”added Washington.

What else is possible?

“I really have no doubt that the entire digitization of society and wealth will stay here,” said Richard Raizes, partner at the blockchain investment firm Plutus21.

The Dallas-based startup grew out of SMU’s entrepreneurship incubator and is focused on investing in blockchain infrastructure.

“The scarcity of something digital is definitely an issue that will stay here. Entrepreneurs and creators from all over the world will take up this scarcity in digital form and create what we cannot imagine today, ”said Hamiz Awan, founder of Plutus21.

Raizes and Awan believe that more assets can be minted in the future. And one day these offers will be as fast on the Internet as they are by e-mail now.

“There is a generation change: the children born today will probably never use cash. I think they will be naturally used to the digital world. To them, the value of something digital is the same as the value of something physical, ”Awan said.

Is your money safe?

NFTs are not regulated like your bank account. There are few protective measures.

Cathlin Tully, an attorney with the FTC’s privacy and identity division, said she was extra careful when promising to get rich quick with NFTs.

“Scams are common in these areas, especially in newer types of markets,” Tully said.

Tully said treat any accounts or digital wallets holding your tokens like bank accounts. Protect your passwords, make sure passwords are difficult and unique, and do not use passwords on other accounts. Tully said when it becomes available, enable multi-factor authentication.

Some NFT consumers tell NBC 5 that they have encountered other complications.

“I’ve probably invested quite a bit in them for about a month, both in terms of money and time. I’d say for the past two months I’ve been waiting to get my money out, ”said AG, who asked us not to use his last name to keep his account private.

AG told NBC 5 Responds that it had spent around $ 10,000 buying NFTs at Top Shot and made some trades, but said it would have to wait weeks to withdraw the funds. He finally got it.

Dapper Labs shared this blog post with NBC 5 Responds to indicate increasing pain and safety and compliance checks. It is said that accounts must be created for at least 45 to 60 days before an account is eligible for withdrawal access – a guideline to prevent chargebacks from bad actors.

“They will indicate that it is a beta. My point is if you can take my money you should be able to give me my money, ”said AG.

All about the money?

At Dallas Weekly, we asked Jessica Washington how she would define a successful Dallas Weekly NFT.

“What makes us successful as a newspaper is our commitment. Do people actually see what we are talking about? Said Washington.

“There’s a lot of negativity on the internet,” said Jeremiah Long – who is also an artist. “The NFT community enforces positivity. They want to see you shine, they want to see your positive things, they want to see you say something happy, they want to see you compliment someone’s art. “

Long’s advice to anyone dealing with NFTs?

“One bad reason to support this is Google: ‘What’s the hottest piece of art?’ and throw your disposable income on it and then hope it turns into a million dollars, “Long said.

“If you’re the kind of person who wants to see an artist that you really love, who does really well over time, that’s a good reason,” Long added.

For Cash Sirois, like his other collectibles, NFTs offer competitive fun.

“Everyone likes a good hunt,” said Sirois. “It reminds me of my childhood. It reminds me of buying a deck of cards and hoping for a Dwight Gooden and not getting it. Then get it sometimes. “

NBC 5 Responds is committed to researching your concerns and getting your money back. Our goal is to provide you with answers and, if possible, solutions and solutions. Call us at 844-5RESPND (844-573-7763) or call Fill out our customer complaint form.

Cutest Trend Present Elevating Cash for Good Trigger – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Price

Tuesday night, the cutest fashion show you will ever see helps raise money for a wonderful cause.

And it’s #SomethingGood to participate in from the comfort of your home.

The Dallas Ascension School will be hosting its 4th annual Runway for Rise which is virtual this year due to COVID-19.

The non-profit school works within the Moody Family YMCA in DallasEducation for children aged six months to six years with and without disabilities in an inclusive environment.

About 70% of students have enrolled at Rise have Down syndrome and other developmental differences, along with 30% of traditional learners. The school offers students comprehensive training, intervention and therapy during their years of education. Masters level educators and speech, work, body and music therapists help students meet their individual needs.

Tuesday’s fundraiser will be used to financially support children who depend on this school to improve their lives.

In the runway show, the cutest models show off styles from local boutiques and drapers like Dondolo, Mi Golondrina and Small Pockets.

The advancement school

There is no cost to register to see the event, but donations are encouraged. There is even a raffle that you can browse online.

The fun starts at 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. You can register to watch and donate RunwayForRise.org. You can see on hers too Youtube and Facebook Pages.

“With the annual Runway for Rise event, we can celebrate the great children who attend our school and thank the community for their continued support, especially during a very difficult year,” said Caroline Snabes, Rise School Development Director. “We hope you consider joining our tradition of celebrating diversity and virtually cheering the kids on this year.”

For more information on The Rise School, see Click here.

Small Companies, Targeted on Leisure, Seeing Enhance in Enterprise – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Price

Survival in the pandemic has taken on many meanings. Nearly 100,000 small businesses in the U.S. have closed permanently since the pandemic began. According to a recent Yelp analysis.

It’s even more difficult for small businesses in the entertainment industry.

Two north Texas business owners said they had problems in the beginning, but the work they did during the height of the pandemic has made them do better now than ever before.

“During this time, we brought the entertainment aspect into the virtual world. I knew I wouldn’t be able to host events in person, so I decided to offer the service to people virtually, ”said Nate Nelson, owner of LeForce Entertainment.

After most of its events were canceled or postponed in 2020, the north Texas-based entertainment company has got business going again.

“It was different [during the pandemic]. But when it came back it came back extremely hard and extremely fast. Especially in the last two to three months, ”said Nelson.

He and his team are currently working on dozens of weddings and nearly two dozen proms in North Texas on the horizon. Many of these proms will be outside, operating under COVID-19 safety protocols depending on the school district.

Proms and weddings also help Daniel Mofor’s bottom line. He is the owner of Don Morphy, a bespoke suit manufacturing company in the Dallas Design District.

He agreed that the hard work they put in closing the store is now keeping them going.

“We knew people were scared to come into the store and then they just couldn’t when we shut down,” said Mofor. “We had to develop an internal system to help our customers remotely in their homes.”

Mofor and his team have found a way to take accurate measurements virtually for their customers. While custom clothing production was still at a snail’s pace in 2020, he said he was only grateful that they were able to keep the doors open. Mofor and his sister Sonya, the company’s chief operating officer, also used their social media contacts to attract well-known clients like reality stars Cynthia Bailey and her husband Mike Hill. They also customize looks for the filmmaker couple Fox and Robertson Richardson, better known as FoxandRob.

Mofor said his company is on track to host 1,000 weddings in 2021.

Mofor and Nelson said they were grateful they did it in ways so many others failed, and owed much of their success to the support of the North Texas community. Your best advice is to watch out for reinvention when you think all hope is lost. Often she will help you with this.

Federal Stimulus Cash May Enhance Dozens of North Texas Roads – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Price

Transportation planners and contractors in North Texas are preparing for a major slump in infrastructure stimulus spending, which President Biden unveiled on Wednesday.

Members of Congress are debating how much to spend, but most agree that an infrastructure improvement plan of some size is necessary.

North Texas would be eligible for a large amount.

The North Central Texas Governing Council has a long list of potential transportation projects.

“Not only is it exciting to have these conversations because of the size of the programs, but there is also an opportunity to tear down traditional silos and create a new, bigger vision,” said Michael Morris, NCTCOG transportation director.

For example, Morris said that improved internet access can be seen as an environmentally friendly form of transportation that keeps people from driving.

“We may be talking about equal access to the Internet, possibly as a means of transportation,” said Morris.

President Biden also called for spending on technology breakthroughs on climate issues, with a significant portion of the money going to historically black colleges and universities such as Paul Quinn College in south Dallas.

“I’m very excited about it,” said Greg Cody, Dallas contractor. He attended a historically black university in North Carolina.

He now owns GCC Enterprises, which partnered with a Hispanic company, Azteca, on a renovation project to prepare for bigger things.

“It just shows that when we pool our resources, we can develop something that will increase our capacity,” said Cody.

The Dallas Regional Black Contractors Association is working to encourage the inclusion of minority companies in this grand stimulus plan.

“This is a job creation opportunity and we want to look for ways to say yes instead of excluding people,” said RBCA President Kim Shaw.

Major projects that could be eligible for federal funding include the full reconstruction of I-30 Canyon in Dallas. Deck parks are proposed to connect the downtown segment of I-30 to the Cedars area, which was cut off in the original highway construction.

A bigger vision also removes the elevated street that separates downtown Deep Ellum.

Adding technology for autonomous vehicles of the future and reconnecting neighborhoods could increase the Biden administration’s favor.

“Interstate 30 is a perfect example that I believe will tick all the boxes,” said Morris.

Other examples of major NCTCOG transportation projects that could get a boost include:

* Bullet Train: Dallas to Houston

* Bullet Train: Dallas to Fort Worth

* Autonomous Transit (Tarrant, Midtown)

* Technology (Freeway Induction Loops)

* State Highway 183 (Section 2E +)

* Y connection (IH820 / IH20)

You can see the entire agenda here – https://www.nctcog.org/nctcg/media/Transportation/Committees/STTC/2021/agenda-packet-mar.pdf?ext=.pdf.

On the first page, click the link about 3/4 of the page that says “Electronic Item 3.1”.

Oak Cliff Residents Get Entry To A Completely different Type of Banking – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Price

The people of Oak Cliff get a bank and a lot more in their neighborhood.

On South Polk Street, what looks like a normal Chase Bank branch has a different feel to it.

“A warm welcome and a chance for people to learn more about home ownership,” said JP Rodriguez Chase, director of Community Impact Alice Rodriguez. “Find out more about being an entrepreneur. Learn more about how to manage and save with your daily finances. “

It’s banking, as Rodriguez describes, in a living room with couches.

You can talk to consultants who know the community even if you are not a customer.

“The community trusts people in the community,” said Lawrence Bailey, director of community banking and business development at Chase.

Bailey added, “We are hiring people from the ward to work in the ward. We are hiring people who are home loan specialists from the community. Small business specialist from the community. “

Chase sees this as the perfect time to open the community center’s bank as the pandemic is affecting minority communities.

“Let’s face it, people got hurt,” said Rodriguez. “There has been a tragedy. There have been losses. There were fears as a result of the pandemic and it was a very heavy burden for color communities in particular. “

This is part of JP Morgan Chase’s $ 30 billion pledge to promote racial justice for underserved communities.

The center also offers workshops, free space and WiFi for community groups.