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Scarsdale-based Pamela Sklar and her band Intuition Quartet will play for Shop the ‘Dale weekend entertainment on Saturday May 29th at 12:00 noon.

The Intuition Quartet presents improvised solos from gentle to fearless from flute and harmonica and plays vocals and instrumentals from originals, blues, bossa nova, light jazz, R&B and pop.

Intuition members are Sklar, Flute; Hope Berkeley, harmonica; Irene Maher, guitar / lead vocals and Joan Indig, bass / lead vocals, combine their different styles of Chicago blues, rock, classical, jazz, pop and folk into a dynamic and inspired collaboration.

Previously recorded and known as The Blues Mothers, individual members have won an Original Song Award from Billboard Magazine, featured original music in the top ten on Women of Substance Radio, performed with many well-known artists and toured internationally and named “Best of 2012 Indie Artist” from WOS Radio.

Dale Ventures acquires majority stake in X-Golf Leisure | Information

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 25, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Global investment firm Dale Ventures has acquired a majority stake in Dubai-based X-Golf entertainment and will assist the pioneering company in launching its flagship urban golf club venue later this year.

X-Golf’s technology was developed in South Korea in 2005 and has since changed the world of virtual sports. With more than 15 years of research and development, participants can use the company’s golf simulators to play 18 holes on the world’s best courses with an accuracy of 98 percent in ball flight simulation. This market-leading accuracy is also combined with swing analysis software that allows the simulators to be used as precision training tools and for private golf lessons.

Thousands of simulators have been sold worldwide in the past decade. In the United States, X-Golf America celebrates the opening of its 29th franchise company, offering sports, drinks and entertainment for amateurs and professionals alike. The company is slated to open a further 21 venues by the end of 2021.

Following this, X-Golf Entertainment has an ambitious vision for growth around the world middle Eastwith the plan to launch the region’s first major urban golf club and sports bar, as well as a fleet of luxury residential and commercial projects in the hospitality and tourism industries. Dale Ventures’ investment will enable the company to realize its vision and capitalize on the increasing popularity of the sport in the EU middle East.

“X-Golf made it possible to play the sport from anywhere and in any weather at any time.” Dale W. Wood said. “I’m an avid golfer myself, I know the game’s draw all too well and I believe that X-Golf’s stunning simulators and exciting environments will help change what it means to play in your free time.”

In 2020, 33% of US golfers participated exclusively in off-course golf activities at locations like X-Golf and TopGolf. This growth significantly outpaced the growth in attendance on the pitch. This statistic increases significantly when it comes to the younger generation, 46% of whom have participated in the game outside of the course. The steadily growing demographic and global reach of the sport has put X-Golf Entertainment at the forefront of an industry with growth potential. Factors such as an unprecedented development boom in the middle EastAn emphasis on recreational activities and the stifling heat of the area have put X-Golf on the road to success as its growth continues.

“X-Golf is playing an important role in modernizing the sport and entertaining a new generation of players and” competitive “socializers.

The support of Dale Ventures through our new partnership will enable us to take full advantage of the opportunities that present themselves. It’s an exciting time ” Madeleine Curran, Joint Managing Director, X-Golf Entertainment

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Dale Ventures is a personal investment holding group founded by the serial investor Dale W. Wood. The company works with management teams to provide the essential strategic and analytical resources needed to build and grow remarkable businesses. Dale Ventures took a consultative approach that leverages the power of innovative teams to generate breakthrough ideas, tactics and strategies that drive growth and create long-term value.

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