Dad strolling barefoot down Atlantic Coast to boost cash for daughter’s uncommon well being situation

Posted: 09/17/2021 / 12:07 PM EDT
Updated: 09/17/2021 / 12:07 PM EDT

JACKSONVILLE, NC (WNCT) – Finding hope for Hasti. That’s what keeps father Chris Brannigan going.

Brannigan wanders from Maine to North Carolina without shoes. Everything to give his daughter a better life.

“Hasti and I took little barefoot walks just half a mile around our house and we really enjoyed that, we talked the whole time,” said Brannigan. “It has occurred to her now that this walk will allow me to take her new medicine home with me.”

Hasti needs gene therapy. She has CdLS, a rare disease that affects growth, cognition, and more. This makes it difficult for the little girl to lead a normal life.

“Like all 9-year-old girls, she loves trampoline jumping, swimming and ballet lessons,” said the father. “Her passion is cooking. She is always in the kitchen, peeling carrots and potatoes and chopping everything up. She would really like to become a cook one day. “

The clock is ticking to get this treatment as her condition is expected to worsen around the age of 12. The problem is that it costs $ 3.5 million to conduct a clinical trial for the disease.

“The thought that we might change their fate keeps me going,” said Brannigan. “It’s huge, it’s all I can really think about every day.”

That’s why her father runs 1,200 miles … barefoot!

“Every time someone sees me walking barefoot they double-take because it’s so bizarre and very painful, and that’s the idea of ​​getting people to look twice,” he said.

Brannigan’s final destination will be in Jacksonville at Camp Lejeune. He hopes to end his trip there by the end of October.

“I served in the British Army for 14 years, I thought it would be great to deal with my people and my military family,” said Brannigan.

He has more than 800 miles to go.

“My feet get a little more sensitive and a little more bruised every day,” he said. “I just have to keep going. I keep thinking about what Hasti wants and what she deserves, and that drives me to take steps. “

The nonprofit has raised over $ 1 million. Brannigan said although this looks like a lot of money, they still have to double it up to help his daughter and others like her.

Brannigan said every donation is important. To donate, visit this link.

Minnesota dad slicing his hair to lift cash for Rett Syndrome analysis


Chuck Evert grew his hair during the pandemic and will now cut his locks as part of a fundraiser for Rett Syndrome research.

Chuck Evert has been growing his hair for 14 months. While joking that it is primarily about teasing his wife, he adds that forced closings due to the pandemic have also played a role.

His long hair has allowed him to transform himself into some of the best in pop culture, including Chuck “Doc Brown” Evert, who resembles the fictional character from the “Back to the Future” series, and “Chuck The Sequel Evert” – a Piece from the movie “Dumb and Dumber.”

Faribault’s father’s funny haircuts help raise money for the children’s hospital

A Faribault dad’s fun haircuts are more than just a way to break the pandemic blues. He used his hair to raise money for Gillette Children’s Hospital.

His family and friends are fed up with the longer hair, but Evert says he didn’t want to cut it off for nothing.

“It was my wife’s idea,” he told FOX 9. “I told her the stuff had to go because it was getting warm. She said, ‘Maybe we should do a fundraiser.'”

Now he’s raising money in honor of his daughter, who was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome at the age of two. Rett syndrome is a rare genetic neurological disorder that affects a child’s development. It affects 1 in 10,000 women and is even less common in men, according to the International Rett Syndrome Foundation.

“There are roughly 8,000 cases in the United States,” Evert wrote online for the fundraiser called Chucks Cut For Rett. “The gene in question plays a key role in the development of babies. If this gene cannot function properly, the child will not be able to reach their milestones. This means that my daughter is non-verbal, has no specific hand skills, and cannot be helped can go.”

The money raised will go to Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare in Saint Paul – a very special hospital for the Everts.

“You’re a big part of our family,” said Evert. “It’s like a family reunion instead of going to the doctor.”

When the Everts daughter was diagnosed in 2000, Evert said the only clinic in the United States that specializes in Rett Syndrome is Baylor University in Texas. Today it is known as the only one of 14 hospitals operated by the Right Syndrome Foundation.

“Gillette is a center of excellence for Rett Syndrome. You have been here our entire trip since our daughter is now 23,” he said.

Evert told his family that if he raised $ 2,000 he would cut his hair. The word got around and he raised four times that amount and now has more than $ 8,600 to donate to the hospital.

And while he loses what he calls the “man bun,” he gains so much more for research for children like his daughter.

“I can’t say enough about the people who supported us,” said Evert emotionally. “It’s pretty cool.”

The big haircut is on July 1st at 6:15 p.m. You can watch it live on Facebook.

5 Cool Dads Who Are Rewriting the Guidelines of Dad Model

ThereThe fact that coolness and fatherhood cannot coexist has long been a myth that fathers are unnaturally drawn to sloppy fits and unnecessary bulk when it comes to clothing. And yet dad fashion has been on trend for several years at the same time, because chunky New Balances and lightly washed high-waist jeans are always ubiquitous among young people who manage to look chic and cool ironically in the same clothes, traditionally made fathers see everything else than out. So what is a father to do, and more importantly, how should a father dress?

How does a father manage to find the perfect balance there? At least to stay on trend a bit and neither look like he was 22 years old nor as if he had given himself completely to the bad dad style?

Well, we have to start by dispelling the notion that fathers can’t be cool, and then it’s time to look at the fashions of fathers who continue to express themselves in style. Below are five cool dads who are rewriting the rules of how men can and should dress after they become parents.

Matty Matheson

Matty Matheson has gained an abundance of loyal fans in recent years, not just because of his cooking skills and oversized personality, but also because of his personal style. The heavily tattooed chef and father of three has set a dress code for himself, a uniform that varies subtly from day to day, but ultimately consists of the same basic parts – T-shirts, jeans, a pair of clog-like shoes that go together go well with a chef’s lifestyle, all topped off with some sort of hat. It sounds simple enough, but the key to Matheson’s style and what makes him so interesting is his penchant for workwear-inspired pieces and vintage t-shirts, the former offering details like patch pockets and the latter typically within an inch of their life. Paired with Birkenstock Bostons or the Yeezy-like Merrell water shoes, as well as a retro trucker hat or a cap that sits slightly over your head, a look is created that exudes an effortless coolness that many try to achieve.

Adam Pally

Like Matheson, actor Adam Pally, also a father of three, is drawn to workwear styles and brands, be it a durable canvas jacket or Red Wing boots. But the actor doesn’t shy away from throwing some hypebeast elements into the mix on occasion, typically in the form of a very enviable pair of sneakers. For dads who have always been curious about Jordans but felt they didn’t have what it takes to take them off, Pally shows how to wear them without looking like a poser, and show them off with practical pieces like jeans or chinos and paired oxford with a classic blue, a look that can be achieved without being boring. Never leaning too far in any stylistic direction, it is obvious that Pally simply sticks to the rule of wearing what he likes and designing the pieces to fit the boundaries of his personal style, whether it be wallabees with a minimalist suit or Air Jordan 1s with a blazer. We also praise his recent decision to bleach his hair at 39.

Blondey McCoy

What happens when a Palace-approved skateboarder becomes a father? You are getting the coolest of all cool dads. Having previously modeled for Supreme and Burberry, McCoy is currently the creative director at Thames, largely inspired by skatewear and British culture, in addition to his all-important dad title. Long lauded for his personal style, McCoy seems to have really come into his own in recent years, the way he dress is undoubtedly influenced by fatherhood. He still retains the occasional boyish elements like knee socks worn with shorts and Addias sneakers, his style is steeped in classic men’s clothing like crisp striped button-downs and navy blue crew necks that reflect his youth (he’s only 24, after all) and background, adding a heavy gold bracelet and chunky rings or a pair of sleek rectangular hues to make them feel fresh again. For all of those classic menswear pieces that you have in your closet but hate to wear because they feel over the top, McCoy’s style is a reinvention masterclass.

Adonis Bosso

The fact that Adonis Bosso is one of the most sought-after male models certainly doesn’t harm his coolness factor, but that not only makes him cool, especially since he often wears matching outfits with his son Saphir. equips him with mini leather jackets and tracksuits that mirror his own. When he doesn’t suit his son, Bosso dresses casually, which is understandable given the more flashy designer pieces he has to wear for a living. That’s not to say Bosso’s style lacks interesting elements, as he is often inspired by his African heritage and he’s not afraid to throw in vintage pieces, like a Harley Davidson leather vest over a Bob Marley T. – Shirt with a fluffy houndstooth jacket and a cowrie shell that dangled from his hair.

Mordechai Rubenstein

Mordechai Rubenstein, known to most as Mister Mort, has long been stressing other people’s style, but the time has come to give him the credit he deserves for his own. A frequent fan of Gorpcore pieces (think LLBean sweaters, Birkenstocks, and hiking roots), Rubenstein pairs the pieces with his other favorite clothes – oxford shirts, patterned ties, brightly colored berets, and corduroy pants. The result is an often colorful mix of clothes that only someone with Rubenstein’s expert hand could pull off while styling. The seemingly different colors make sense when he’s wearing a pink V-neck sweater over an olive-green shirt with a collar (with an unbuttoned collar, of course) paired with 90s jorts and birks. It’s part neat, part cereal, part yuppie, part deadhead, and definitely crazy, but it never gets boring.

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Thomas Rhett is a professional ‘lady dad’ | Leisure

Thomas Rhett admits that he “got really good” at being a “girl father”.

The country musician and his wife, Lauren Akins – who are already Willa, five, Ada, three, and Lennon, 15 months together – will have their fourth daughter later this year, and Thomas insisted he be a pro Parenting girls.

He told Entertainment Tonight: It’s overwhelming to be honest with you.

“We’re due in November and we’re going to have four little girls and it’s going to be just great. I feel like I’ve gotten very good at being a girl dad and I’m so very, very excited.”

Although the couple are thrilled to have another girl on the way, their daughters were hoping for a brother.

Thomas shared, “I have a video of this that I haven’t shared with anyone.

“Lauren shows them the pregnancy test and they ask, ‘Is it a boy. Is it a brother?’ Lauren says, ‘We don’t know yet’ and when we told them they said, ‘We wanted a boy!’ “

The couple announced last month they had another little baby when Lauren shared a photo of Thomas with her growing belly on Instagram and wrote, “SURPRISE. He just couldn’t wait any longer so @thomasrhettakins shared our newest little secret told on stage at @billybobstexas in Fort Worth (my mother’s hometown) just in time for Mother’s Day. Akin’s family is expanding with our FOURTH baby in November 2021. (sic) “

Her husband shared a similar photo and wrote on his own account, “Well … we’re pregnant again. Tonight I was on stage in Fort Worth to play ‘for the boys who date my girls’ , my wife talked to me my (earbuds) and said ‘you can tell them if you want’ so anyway, now you know. We’re pumped to get our fourth girl. (sic) “

Tallulah Willis ‘resented’ resemblance to dad Bruce | Leisure

Tallulah Willis “angry” looked like her father Bruce Willis.

The 27-year-old star has pondered the physical similarities she shares with her father and admitted that she “punished” herself for not looking like her mother, Demi Moore.

In a frank Instagram post tagged with a Body Dysmorphic Disorder Triggering Warning, she wrote, “It took me far too long to realize this:

“A. Aging happens without your control, time passes, and your face can change

“B. I punished myself for not looking like my mother after I was told I’d been a BW twin since I was born. I was annoyed at the resemblance because I believed my ‘male’ face was the only one The reason for my displeasure was – WRONG!

“I was / am by nature valuable and worthy, in every phase of life, in every size, with every hair! (Like you)

“C. You must soothe the wound in your soul before trying to” fix “the outside. (Sic)”

Tallulah gave advice to her followers, telling them to “look out for the special and impressionable minds around you” as well as “their access to social media and possible triggering images”.

She continued: “Concentrating on your own appearance goes deeper than the desire to feel good about yourself.

“We all want to feel good and confident, but if it sneaks into a deeper, creepier place where it starts to gobble up your essence bit by bit, ask for help.

“Don’t be ashamed, this is not a ‘stupid, futile problem’, this is a real psychological pain and I see you so clearly and show the validity of your struggle.”

She also revealed things that helped through a BDD spiral here.

Not only did she take off mirrors and “implement self-limits” to look at her reflection in the mirror, but also suggested “taking breaks from social media”, “reading fantasy fiction books,” going for walks and listening to music and to enjoy a bath with “lotion all” over your delicate skin “.

She urged her fans to “find a safe person, community”, breathe and “take 5 minutes at a time”.

And she added, “Write. Vomit EVERYTHING that gurgles in your head on a piece of paper and tear it up or burn it.”

“Let it flow out of you and no longer take up the precious space in your head. (Sic)”

Cash recommendation NFL star Jimmy Garoppolo bought from his dad

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is future with the NFL According to reports in the balance after him Angular loads suffered throughout the 2020 season and since his team designed a new rookie quarterback. But at 29, Garoppolo has already had a lot of success.

In addition to winning two Super Bowl rings as a backup quarterback with the New England Patriots, in 2018 Garoppolo made big news when he signed one Five-year contract for $ 137.5 million with the 49ers.

But Garoppolo’s father Tony, who retired after 40 years as an electrician, gave him some simple but important money advice early on.

“Save your money. Don’t be stupid about it,” says Tony Garoppolo, who taught his son.

On Tuesday, Garoppolo teamed up with his father to take part National Signing Day With SkillsUSA and Home Depot this encourages high school graduates to pursue careers in the craft.

“In my opinion [Jimmy] has a good feel for [his money] and he has good people around him and he’s not stupid about it, “says Tony.

Garoppolo, on the other hand, describes himself as both a donor and a saver.

“I’m a donor, but for the most part I’d say I’m a saver. I’m looking for more long-term than short-term,” Garoppolo told CNBC Make It.

When it comes to investing, Garoppolo says finances aren’t really his strongThat’s why he makes sure he surrounds himself with the right people who will help him make good investment decisions.

“I relied heavily on them to point me in the right direction and show me the ropes,” he says.

“I still literally learn about it every day,” he says. “But for the most part just the slow and steady convergence [to investing] – ‘Make your money work for you’ is the best I’ve ever heard. “

Garoppolo says he’s also intrigued by cryptocurrency. “I’m not currently invested in anything, I’m trying to find out which one I want [invest in]”, He says.” I know I’m late for the game. “

Garoppolo says a lot of his teammates own crypto, and he’s heard almost every pitch you can think of. But “[I’m] I’m still learning about it, “he says.

As for NFTswho have become increasingly popular and profitable in sports memorabilia“They’re still a bit confusing to me,” he says.

In addition to providing advice on money, Garoppolo learned from his father what he calls the “Blue Collar Mindset”. That includes working hard and staying “cool”.

“Especially as a quarterback you have to … stay cool,” says Garoppolo.

“I saw almost everything that could be seen [in my football career]”says Garoppolo – for example, right after signing this major contract, his 2018 season ended prematurely thanks to a tear ACL.

“I’m sure there will be something new tomorrow,” he says. So “you just have to roll with the punches and enjoy the moment while you’re there.”

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Leslie Odom Jr. is a dad once more! | Leisure

Leslie Odom Jr. has become a father for the second time.

The 39-year-old Hamilton star and his wife Nicolette Robinson welcomed their second child, a son named Able Phineas, after he was born on March 25, the younger sibling of their first child, three-year-old Lucille Rubin.

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Russell Crowe’s dad passes away | Leisure

Russell Crowe’s father has passed away.

The Oscar winner announced on Twitter that his father John Alexander Crowe died on Tuesday (3.30.21) at the age of 85. In a sweet post he remembered his father’s “sparkling eyes and cheeky demeanor”.

Russell wrote: “I got back to the bush last night. Although the sun is shining today and the pouring rain has subsided, this date will forever be marked by sadness. My dear old man, my lovely father, the gentlest man, has passed away . “

The 56-year-old star believes his father impressed people all over the world.

He continued, “I am posting this because I know there are people all over the world whose hearts he has touched and whose ribs he tickled with his sparkling eyes and his cheeky demeanor towards everyone and everything, and this is probably one just as efficient a way as anyone to get the news across. “

In another tweet, Russell added, “John Alexander Crowe, March 13, 1936 – March 30, 2021. Born in Christchurch, New Zealand. Died in Coffs Harbor, NSW, his homeland for the past 25 years. Rest in peace. (Sic ) “

Russell previously recalled that his father “rarely raised his voice” and put no pressure on him in his younger years.

He said, “My father took his guidance very easily. He hardly ever raised his voice, and he never cursed me until I was 16. He would make up words like ‘toil and thought’.”

“But I never really heard him swear until he taught me to drive when suddenly it was, ‘Russell, take your foot off the fuck-clutch!'”

Russell also remembered his father’s ingenuity and how he had always found a way to provide for his family.

The ‘Gladiator’ star said, “He was a resourceful man, and I remember he once bought a cane for three dollars at a flea market and turned it into a cricket bat for me.

“It was just that ugly old stick but he got some linseed oil and he oiled it and he bought a brightly colored rubber handle for it and when he gave it to me it was great. I’ve used that cricket bat all my junior years . “