Aleida Núñez forgets the gown and poses within the Galilea Montijo type – CVBJ

Aleida Núñez forgets her dress and poses in the Galilea Montijo style | Instagram

The beautiful Aleida Núñez left her most ardent followers more than surprised with a photo session with which she reminded many of nothing else and nothing less than the host of the Hoy program, Galilea Montijo.

The Mexican actress dazzled social networks, posed on a sofa and forgot about her dress or any other item of clothing in the simplest way. Aleida surprised with a very small set of two parts, very colorful and patterned.

The photo shows Aleida Nunez the most flirtatious and a few years ago, because the singer’s face also shows that she is much younger.

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Because of her looks and personality, the former Las Estrellas star Bailan en Hoy reminded many of the beautiful Galilea Montijo as she wore very natural makeup, curly hair and charms in the style of Hoy’s hostess in her calendar times.

The photo of Aleida Núñez liked her followers so much that they took it up again to post it on an Instagram account of followers of the talented actress in order to admire her again and again.


Aleida Núñez forgets her dress and poses in the Galilea Montijo style. Photo: Instagram.

Aleida Núñez has made it clear that beauty and intelligence are not fought, the celebrity not only let her artistic side shine, but also the business. The actress surprised many by sharing that she owns her own brand of women’s clothing.

Thinking of women, Núñez created a line of leggings and pants that favor the female figure, which have been a great success and what her followers like most is that she herself is the model of these clothes.

Núñez amazes social networks by sharing her outfits, which makes it very clear that she looks really spectacular and if she looks like that, they would surely acquire all of her followers.

Aleida Nunez He started his artistic career at a young age, but did not get a leading role in soap operas, but he was recognized by the audience as he was one of the current faces despite his time on the small screen.

This beautiful woman has recently appeared in entertainment shows such as the Hoy program, La Cantina del Tunco and others, and has also developed into a television presenter.

Most recently, Aleida was part of the headlines of the shows because of the departure of the singer Carlos Marín, who died of Covid-19 last December.

Anastasia Kvitko fashions Jennifer Lopez fashion on a yacht – CVBJ

Anastasia Kvitko models JLo on a yacht, “bye bata” | Instagram

To the JLo! The beautiful Russian model Anastasia Kvitko surprised her followers on social networks by sharing a photo in which she not only says goodbye to her robe, but also looks like Jennifer Lopez.

The beauty Anastasia kvitko She looked like an angel from a spectacular yacht, on which she decided to dress and undress in white, keeping her famous and distinctive curves in the field of view of the camera and her fans.

The famous Russian influencer posed with a huge Jennifer Lopez-style hat and only bared half of her face; For the occasion, she also chose a small two-piece swimsuit in white and a transparent robe, which she said goodbye to during the photo shoot.

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In the picture you can see the beautiful Anastasia taking off her robe to reveal her beautiful bathing suit, but above all her hourglass figure, which is the envy of women and the charm of men.

Anastasia Kvitko and her photographer knew how to perfectly combine their beauty with the beautiful blue of the sky and the sea, which made this photo a more than spectacular one. The truth is that the Russian woman is really more than a beautiful woman.


Anastasia Kvitko models JLo on a yacht, “bye bata”. Photo: Instagram.

The photo was shared by the model in social networks and it was taken and shared by her fans in an account of Anastasia followers on Instagram, where they take the opportunity to admire her again and again and fill her with hearts and compliments.

Currently, Anastasia Kvitko is one of the most famous and sought-after women on social networks and whether blonde, brown, with a lot or little clothes, the truth is that this woman always looks spectacular at all times.

Kvitko has an angelic face and a curvy and gorgeous figure that has become her trademark, traits she shares with equally beautiful British model Demi Rose.

Anastasia kvitko She has a huge personality and looks innocent, which attracts her followers who try to get to know her better with every photo she shares on her social networks.

This beautiful woman’s beginnings were not easy as she had to knock on many doors before someone gave her prominent curves a chance, then social networks did her thing and earned her international fame.

Inexperienced Lantern collection on HBO Max would have a darkish fashion like Watchmen – CVBJ

Warner Bros. has had many problems developing its superheroes’ stories successfully over the past few years, but the above keeps them passionate about developing stories for the small screen. With the premiere of the Marvel Studios series on the Disney Plus platform, Warner wants to do justice to the occasion with new projects for television, one of which is Green Lantern, which was announced a few months ago for HBO Max. With that title, things are gradually taking shape and now it is revealed by The Illuminerdi that the production would have a grown-up and dark tone similar to that of Watchmen – 80%.

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What are the details we know about the new Green Lantern series? It will have 10 chapters and its showrunner is Seth Grahame-Smith, author of LEGO Batman: The Movie – 91%. Green Lantern represents a broad catalog of characters who have rarely had the opportunity to be developed in live action projects, but soon fans will see their dreams come true. Warner and HBO already got the series off the ground and it seems like something great is coming.

Illuminerdi reports that Warner wants something spectacular with the Green Lantern series with Finn Wittrock, something on par with what Watchmen has achieved, this prolific series that caught the attention of the Emmy Awards some time ago. The production will include some of the most popular Green Lanterns in comics and would have been the style of Guardian; It’s clear that with this title the studio wants to go a long way in terms of adapting the Alan Moore comic, or even what WandaVision has achieved – 95% back then. Very soon we will witness an insatiable competition where the superhero genre is again the most viewed and commented on.

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This isn’t the first time we’ve had a real action adventure for the famous Green Lantern. Remember the 2011 film that tells the story of the ruthless test pilot Hal Jordan who receives an alien ring that gives him unearthly powers and introduces him to an intergalactic police force called the Green Lantern Corps. Green Lantern was directed by Martin Campbell and additionally Reynolds, features appearances by Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard and Mark Strong. Without a doubt, it’s one of the worst-received jobs in the world Ryan and Warner, and we need very little footage to find out.

Few fans will agree that in live action, Green Lantern was forever cursed by the movie from Reynolds and that we will never see altitude adjustment again. But maybe Warner Bros., with the series prepping for HBO Max, will make us change our minds and grant an adventure worthy of the character on television. At the moment there is no release date known for the project.

Warner Bros. and DC have many film and television plans. Despite the many setbacks in the past, the club is working with all its might to become the first choice for fans of the genre and is presenting ambitious projects with their favorite characters. Is it time Green Lantern got the recognition it deserves in live action format? Time will tell whether it achieves pride of place among DC and Warner Bros. productions and stands out from other superheroes who have been successful in the cinema or on television.

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