Chha Gosht: How To Make This Scrumptious Himachal-Model Mutton Curry

Sure, a plate of piping hot maggi is all you can think of when you talk about hills, but in reality, these hilly states are a treasure trove of flavors and exotic dishes that are still to be known. Surrounded by neighboring states like Punjab and J&K, which are known for their delicious meat recipes, Himachal Pradesh doesn’t disappoint either. From mutton raras to chicken momos, you can enjoy a wide variety of meat dishes in this hilly state. So if you’re craving something authentic and simple, a tasty experience that will whisk you straight into the Himalayas, try this flavorful and tempting Himachali Mutton Curry – Chha Ghost

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Chha Gosht (or Khatta Ghost), as known locally, is a mutton curry made from a lovely blend of gram flour, buttermilk and aromatic whole spices. The sauce is thick and juicy and the meat feels heavenly with a plate of rice. The people of Himachal make this mutton curry for occasions or a family dinner and after seeing how easy the recipe is we’re sure it will become a staple in your kitchen too. Thanks to cottage cheese and chillies, the sauce is sour, spicy and totally addicting, the nutty flavors of besan work wonders when mixed with mutton, this is definitely one of those mutton dishes not to be missed. Are you ready to try this Himachali style mutton curry? Read on to find out how to do that.

A rich mutton curry and a plate of rice are all you need for the ultimate comfort meal

How to Make Himachali Mutton Curry (Chha Gosht) l Himachali Mutton Curry Recipe l Chha Gosht Recipe:

The recipe is divided into 3 parts, first prepare the mutton, 2. prepare the sauce and finally bring both together. For the first step, cook mutton pieces and whole spices for 4-5 pipes under pressure. For the second step, add onions, ginger-garlic, dry ingredients in a pan and prepare a masala, with besan flour, buttermilk and everything cook properly. Finally add the mutton and the remaining seasonings and the smacking Himachali mutton curry is ready to be devoured.

click here for the detailed recipe of Himachali Mutton Curry.

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How to Make a Himachali Mutton Curry; Let us know what you think of the recipe in the comment below.

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Kendrick Perkins, former NBA player and current analyst, calls Stephen Curry the greatest show in the world

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Perkins also compared the Warriors star to Michael Jackson and his Jackson 5. He compared Steph to TV shows like Real Housewifes and Elephants at the Circus, and said Steph was the front runner among them all. Perkins also said that it’s not just what Steph does, but the way he does it that makes it so special.

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How To Make Bendakaayi Gujju: A South Indian-Type Bhindi Curry From Karnataka

South Indian cuisine is full of flavor – the many regional cuisines offer a range of delicacies that are sure to pamper your palate. Still, it has some of the most comforting dishes to offer that go way beyond idli sambar, dosa, or rice! In addition to the varied non-vegetarian cuisine, the South Indian cuisine offers a range of vegetarian delicacies that ensure a perfect lunch every day. From spicy tamarind rice and soothing curd cheese to masala dosa and spicy sambar, you have tons of options.

While drumsticks, eggplants, sprouts or cabbage are some of the most common vegetables that you see on a typical vegetable south indian lunch Menu, okra or bhindi are also something you will absolutely love when cooked in the traditional South Indian style! Moving from kurkuri bhindi or masala bhindi, this southern style bhindi curry will be your new favorite.

Hailing from Karnataka, Bendekaayi Gojju is a sweet, flavorful, and Masaledaarian blend of okra and masalas, including mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, green chili peppers, tamarind extract, and jaggery! The tadka above gives the dish a zesty pinch.

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Southern style bhindi is full of flavors.

How to do Bendekaayi Gojju | Southern style Bhindi recipe

To make this delicious Southern style bhindi At home, all you need to do is mix dry-roasted and ground fenugreek, sesame, and cumin and mix it with tamarind extract, fried bhindi, and jaggery. It is mixed and boiled in water for a while and topped with a fiery tadka just before serving! The tadka made from red chillies and mustard seeds gives the delicacy a unique flavor and flavor.

Find the full recipe from Bendekaayi Gojju here.

You can serve this southern style Bhindi curry hot with rice or roti.

Try the southern style bhindi at home for your next lunch and let us know the experience in the comments section below.

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