NY expands Covid vaccine eligibility to all adults beginning April 6, Cuomo says

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will receive a Covid-19 vaccine at a church in Harlem, New York on March 17, 2021.

Seth Little | AFP | Getty Images

New York will expand its Covid vaccine eligibility to all over 30s starting Tuesday, followed by all residents 16 and over on April 6, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Monday.

President Joe Biden is moving almost a month before May 1, which is when states can largely open their supplies to all residents.

“Today we are taking a monumental step forward in the fight against COVID,” Cuomo said in a statement. “As we continue to upgrade eligibility, New York will make the vaccine available to every community to ensure justice, especially for color communities too often left behind.”

Nearly 30% of all New Yorkers have been reported to have received at least one vaccine. The state has fired 9,056,970 shots so far.

Fox Information meteorologist Dean turns into fierce Cuomo critic | Leisure

There was no point for Dean in bringing potentially contagious patients anywhere near some of the oldest and most vulnerable populations in society.

She did not speak publicly about it at first. That all changed last May when CNN host Chris Cuomo waved a giant cotton swab to joke over his brother, the governor’s big nose.

“It was so numb,” she said. “It was disgusting.”

She shared her anger in a text exchange with boyfriend Tucker Carlson and, at his invitation, went to his show the next night to tell her story.

Last month she wrote a story for Fox News’ website titled, “Cuomo’s COVID nursing home policies stole their 60th wedding anniversary from my in-laws.”

Dean, who is the weather forecast for Fox & Friends and has been on the network since 2004, said her bosses fully supported her.

“Obviously, it’s a position that is probably a little uncomfortable for her because I’m the meteorologist and suddenly I’m in the role of a lawyer,” she said. “But at the end of the day my family was affected. And I think that’s an important role when there aren’t people who have a voice. “

For Fox’s audience, which is dominated by Conservatives tired of hearing criticism of then-President Donald Trump’s pandemic, this was a topic that raises serious questions about a politician hailed by many liberals.

Brazil Covid variant detected in New York resident for the primary time, Cuomo says

On January 14, 2021, nurses chatting outside 28 de Agosto Hospital in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil amid the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.


Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday that a more contagious variant of Covid-19, originally identified in Brazilian travelers, has now reached New York.

The strain was discovered by scientists at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City and verified by the Department of Health’s Wadsworth Center Laboratories. The center collects approximately 90 random samples for genome sequencing every day and has sequenced more than 8,200 samples nationwide.

The patient with the Brazil variant is a Brooklyn resident in their nineties with no travel history, according to a press release.

“The discovery of the Brazilian variant here in New York further underscores the importance of taking all appropriate measures to continue protecting your health,” said Cuomo. The governor urged New Yorkers to continue wearing masks, avoid the crowds and get vaccinated if necessary.

The Brazilian strain, designated P.1, was first identified in four travelers from Brazil who were tested during a screening in Tokyo, Japan, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The P.1 variant was discovered in the USA End of January. The CDC has since reported 48 cases nationwide. The strain has a number of additional mutations that could affect its ability to be recognized by antibodies.

There is evidence that the variant is more contagious and may make the vaccine less effective. Oxford University researchers recently released data that was not peer-reviewed, suggesting they may be less resistant to vaccines. However, additional research is needed.

Cuomo’s announcement comes as daily events Increase in New York and 20 other states. In New York, mortality and hospitalization rates are falling as vaccine distribution accelerates.

Joe Concha: Cuomo nursing house scandal now has a ‘follow-the-money-angle’

New York Gov. Andrew cuomo ‘The nursing home scandal now has a “follow-the-money” angle, Fox News staff and The Hill media Columnist Joe Concha said “America reports“Friday.

The New York Times Late Thursday it was reported that the Democrat’s top aides had removed a list of nursing home residents deaths from the coronavirus pandemic from a report distributed by state health officials in June.

The Times report noted that the “extraordinary intervention” from Cuomo’s administration came as the governor began writing his book, “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons From The COVID-19 Pandemic.”

“I never thought that we would have a ‘follow-the-money’ angle in this story, as we see in so many scandals,” Concha told host John Roberts. “But if you look at what Governor Cuomo paid in advance – $ 783,000 from HarperCollins … that’s a pretty damn thing, given the kind of money this was about.”

Concha added that the reported changes to the report came at a time when Cuomo was enjoying massive popularity.

“He had an overall approval rating of around 70%, the highest in his career. So yeah, it’s the right time to write a book and the wrong time to get bad news about nursing homes.”

Concha went on to say that the latest Times and Wall Street Journal reports “are devastating to the governor … fighting on multiple fronts, not just the nursing home scandal, which is the biggest story, but the allegations as well of sexual harassment by three women. “

Concha also criticized President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for their silence on the various controversies surrounding the governor of New York.


“She hasn’t held a press conference since Kamala Harris was selected as Joe Biden’s running mate,” said Concha.

“I want to hear [Biden in-person] condemn Andrew Cuomo or say what he has to say about an investigation [like] let it play. As we discussed yesterday, he is the first president in 100 years not to hold an individual press conference in the first five weeks after taking office. “

Cuomo agrees to impartial probe of sexual harassment allegations

Andrew Cuomo, New York Governor, speaks to reporters during a press conference at a COVID-19 pop-up vaccination center in the William Reid Apartments in Brooklyn, New York City, the United States, on Jan. 23, 2021.

Mary Altaffer | Reuters

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo On Sunday, he abandoned his plan to appoint a former federal judge who will be in close contact with one of the governor’s top advisors to oversee an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against him.

The Cuomo administration said it would ask New York attorney general Letitia James and Janet DiFiore, the chief justice of the state’s highest court, to decide who will oversee an independent investigation. The decision would help “avoid even perceiving a lack of independence or inferring politics,” Cuomo’s special adviser Beth Garvey said in a statement.

“We will leave all decisions regarding the investigation at the discretion of the independent attorney chosen by the Attorney General and the Chief Justice,” Garvey said.

The governor’s reversal came after a number of Democrats criticized the governor’s initial decision to conduct a review and called for an independent investigation into the allegations after a second aide came forward to allege sexual harassment against Cuomo. Some Democratic lawmakers also joined some Republicans in urging Cuomo to resign immediately.

Cuomo’s office initially said it would select former federal judge Barbara Jones to lead the review. Jones had worked with Cuomo’s top advisor, Steven Cohen.

The requirements for an independent investigation follow a New York Times Report released Saturday night describing the allegations made by Charlotte Bennett, a 25-year-old former aide to the governor, who said Cuomo asked her about her sex life and whether she was monogamous in relationships and was ever “with an elder.” been “was man.”

It was the second allegation against the governor in a week. Former Adjutant Lindsey Boylan, Former State Economic Development Officer, detailed allegations of sexual harassment against Cuomo last week, including a kiss without her consent in his Manhattan office. Cuomo has denied Boylan’s allegations.

Cuomo responded to Bennett’s allegations in a statement on Saturdayand said he intended to serve as a mentor and “never made any progress toward Mrs. Bennett, nor did I ever intend to act in a manner that was inappropriate.”

Pressure from democrats

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Cuomo should undergo an independent review of both allegations in an interview on CNN on Sunday. President Joe Biden supports this and “we believe we should move forward as soon as possible”.

A spokesman for Senator Chuck Schumer, DN.Y., said the Senator believes the allegations “should be investigated thoroughly and independently.” Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, DN.Y., also called for an “independent, transparent and prompt investigation into these grave and deeply worrying allegations.”

MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DN.Y., along with other Democrats, called for an independent investigation into the governor, led not by someone chosen by Cuomo, but by the Attorney General.

“Lindsey Boylan and Charlotte Bennett’s detailed reports of sexual harassment by Governor Cuomo are extremely serious and painful to read,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote in a tweet on Sunday morning. “There needs to be an independent investigation – not one led by someone chosen by the governor, but by the attorney general.”

The new allegations also come after a January report that the Cuomo government failed to report thousands of Covid-19 deaths in state nursing homes.

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, a Democrat, said Sunday that Cuomos state lawmakers must immediately revoke emergency powers overriding local scrutiny and called for two separate independent investigations into the sexual misconduct allegations and the undercounting Deaths in nursing homes.

“New Yorkers have seen detailed, documented reports of sexual harassment, multiple cases of intimidation and admitted withholding of information about the deaths of over 15,000 people,” De Blasio said in a statement. “Questions of this magnitude cannot hang over their heads as New Yorkers fight a pandemic and economic crisis.”

New York State Senator Alessandra Biaggi praised the two women for their allegations and called on the governor to step down in a statement posted on Twitter Saturday night.

“The harassment of these former employees is part of a clear pattern of abuse and manipulation by the governor, and that pattern makes him unworthy of the highest office in New York,” wrote Biaggi.

Republicans again urged Cuomo to resign after the second allegation, including MP Elise Stefanik, RN.Y., who described the governor as a “criminal sexual predator” in a statement on Saturday and said he should resign immediately.

New York’s Cuomo says amusement parks, summer season camps can reopen

People ride a tandem bike wearing face masks along the Coney Island boardwalk in Brooklyn, New York as coronavirus disease (COVID-19) lags on May 4, 2020.

Shannon Stapleton | Reuters

New York is pushing ahead with reopening more businesses after seeing a drop in post-vacation Covid-19 cases. However, the governor said the state is “keeping an eye” on problematic variants of the virus that could reverse its progress.

Indoor family entertainment centers such as arcades, trampoline parks and laser tag facilities are allowed to reopen from March 26 at a 25% capacity with additional precautions such as social distancing, wearing masks and frequent cleaning, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Wednesday.

Outdoor amusement parks can reopen on April 9 with 33% capacity and similar requirements, and parents can plan for the summer camps to return overnight sometime in June, the Democratic governor said on a call with reporters.

“That won’t happen until June,” said Cuomo to the summer camps, “and we hope that the current development remains until June – keep an eye on these interesting variants. But they can plan a reopening.”

The governor has gradually started lifting restrictions on businesses in recent weeks as the state rolls in more doses of Covid vaccines and cases continue to decline due to a post-holiday spike.

According to a CNBC analysis of data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, the state reports a weekly average of 7,949 cases of Covid per day, a decrease of more than 8% from the previous week and the lowest since early December.

Last week, Cuomo said major stadiums and arenas in New York will reopen in late February with the necessary testing ahead of time, a strategy the state “wants to lead the way” with. At the weekend, New York restaurants were allowed to reopen their indoor restaurants with a capacity of 25%.

However, new and highly contagious Covid-19 variants could reverse New York’s progress or hinder its planned reopening. The governor said the state has now identified 82 Covid-19 cases with variant B.1.1.7 first identified in the UK in December, with 12 cases added since Saturday. He said most of these new cases were found in the New York City area.

Federal health officials have repeatedly asked Americans to remain vigilant amid the highly contagious varieties first found in the UK, South Africa and Brazil.

So far, the USA has identified at least 1,277 Covid-19 cases with variant B.1.1.7 discovered in South Africa, 19 of variant B.1.351 discovered in South Africa and 3 cases of variant P.1 in Brazil to current data from the CDC.

“I think we should assume that the next wave of case growth, as far as we have it, will happen with B.1.1.7 and I think everyone needs to be even more careful.” Andy Slavitt, a senior advisor to White House Covid, told MSNBC on Monday.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said Wednesday that nationwide Covid cases have declined for five consecutive weeks and new hospitalizations have also declined since early January.

However, the spread of communicable variants of coronavirus could “jeopardize the progress we have made over the past month if we lose our vigilance,” Walensky said during a press conference for the Covid Response Team at the White House.

Cuomo administration underreported Covid deaths in nursing properties, report says

A view of a patient being rolled out of a nursing home in Flushing Queens New York USA during the coronavirus pandemic on April 22, 2020.

John Nacion | NurPhoto | Getty Images

The New York Department of Health reported Covid-19 deaths in nursing homes by up to 50%, according to a new report released Thursday by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

The 76 page report comes after a month-long investigation by the attorney general’s office to allegations that nursing homes have not followed the security protocols for coronaviruses.

The investigation found that the number of Covid deaths among nursing home residents in some facilities has increased by more than 50% after counting residents who died in the hospital. The official Covid-19 state death toll in nursing homes excludes patients who have died after being transported to hospital.

Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo has Exposed to criticism for not disclosing the total number of nursing home residents who have died from Covid-19. In her comprehensive report, James, also a Democrat, noted that “many nursing home residents in hospitals died of Covid-19 after being transferred from their nursing homes, which is not reflected in the overall data on nursing home deaths published by DOH . “

Cuomo representatives did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request to comment on the results.

The attorney general’s findings put them directly in conflict with the governor, who often boasted of the state’s response to the coronavirus. Cuomo has also dismissed criticism of a policy by the Ministry of Health that directed nursing homes to accept residents who tested positive for the coronavirus. The governor has repeatedly defended his government’s response to the pandemic, stating that the state was poorly supported by an inept federal government that was caught by surprise by importing the virus.

James’ results are based on a survey of 62 nursing homes, or approximately 10% of nursing homes in the state. She said her law firm is continuing to investigate inconsistencies in the data reported by the Ministry of Health and the numbers reported to the Attorney General.

The investigation also found that a number of nursing homes did not adhere to “Critical Infection Control Guidelines”; B. Failing to isolate residents who test positive for the virus.

“As the pandemic and our investigation continue, it is imperative that we understand why New York nursing home residents have suffered needlessly so alarmingly,” James said in a statement. “While we cannot bring back the people we lost to this crisis, this report aims to provide transparency the public deserves and encourage increased action to protect our most vulnerable residents.”

This is the latest news. You can find updates here.

Cuomo price range bets large on on line casino cash from Seneca Nation | Govt-and-politics

Protecting the long-term viability of the thousands of jobs our gaming facilities in West New York provide and the significant economic investments the nation has made in Niagara Falls, Buffalo, and Salamanca over the past two decades is a priority for the nation . We assume that this also applies to the state, “said the Senate nation in a written statement.

The governor is committed to reconciling fiscal year of the current year, battered by the effects of Covid-19 and economic downtime, with his Seneca Nation budget department’s estimates of over $ 450 million in commitments Casinos.

Freeman Klopott, a spokesman for the Cuomo Budget Office, said the dollar amount was based on court records and state estimates of Seneca casinos’ performance during the pandemic.

“Again, if these funds are not received, the local governments that rely on them will not receive these payments and the state will have funds in its finances to deal with timing issues like these,” he added.

Local governments across West New York have lost tens of millions of dollars in revenue-sharing payments received from casinos. Under the terms of the original contract with the state, the tribe pays the state 25% of the revenue from its slot machines at the tribal gambling establishments in Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and Salamanca. The state in turn shares some of this money with the local governments in the region. Some municipalities were particularly dependent on the annual cash flow from the agreement.