Crowd seems to boost cash for hospitalized sheriff’s deputy – Salisbury Submit

The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office lit 100 or more grills in its parking lot to raise money for employees or charities, but Thursday’s fundraiser for Brian Benfield could top the list of most food sold, Sgt. David Earnhardt said.

Benfield has been hospitalized with COVID-19 for more than a month and is expected to be transferred from the hospital to a long-term care facility. His wife and son also contracted COVID-19 and have since recovered.

To help their colleague, Rowan County Sheriff’s Office staff turned into quick orders Thursday, grilling hot dogs and making sausage sandwiches in the parking lot next to the Rowan County Courthouse. They attracted interested customers and also arranged orders,

“This is probably the biggest we’ve ever made, most of the food we’ve ever sold,” said Earnhardt, Benfield’s manager.

He estimated the fundraiser would cover a large chunk of Benfield’s hospital bills out of pocket, but it wouldn’t nearly fully cover the costs he incurs.

“If one of us is involved in something or needs help, we try to do something for him and to help him as well as possible,” said Earnhardt.

As they watched the line of people buying groceries Thursday, Benfield’s daughter Gracie and father Ned called it “a blessing”.

“Brian made a lot of friends,” said Ned Benfield. “We’re thankful.”

To learn more about Brian Benfield’s hospital stay, click or tap to read the Post’s story released Thursday: “The Rowan Sheriff’s Office is holding a fundraiser for a deputy hospitalized with COVID-19.”

Romantic flyboarder stuns crowd with 007-style tips… and a wedding proposal 

Love is in the air! Romantic flyboarder amazes the crowd with 007-style tricks … and a marriage proposal

  • Flyboarder James Prestwood grabbed his girlfriend while dressed as 007
  • He proposed marriage to his girlfriend and then flew away in his water-powered jetpack
  • Spectators watched the romantic routine with a surprising twist in Dartmouth

Flyboarder James Prestwood throws himself into the sky and rushes across the water again – just like the song.

Disguised as 007, he grabs his exhibition partner – and girlfriend – Kasia Waryszak and flies away on his water-powered jetpack.

But Mr. Prestwood, 37, had one more trick up his sleeve – a surprise marriage proposal.

And to the delight of the crowd in Dartmouth, Devon, she said yes.

“I was shocked and speechless. It was really romantic, ”said the NHS administrator, 31.

Disguised as 007, he grabs his exhibition partner – and girlfriend – Kasia Waryszak and flies away on his water-powered jetpack

Flyboarder James Prestwood throws himself into the sky and floats back over the water – just like the song

He bought the engagement ring - white gold with diamond - five days before his marriage proposal and hid it in the toolbox of his car

He bought the engagement ring – white gold with diamond – five days before his marriage proposal and hid it in the toolbox of his car

Miss Waryszak was introduced to flyboarding by her fiancé, who also performs outside of his lighting business.

He said, “I had thought about applying for a while, but had hardly told anyone when it was going to happen.

“My father knew and had the ring in his pocket on the pier. Kasia was overjoyed. It was great.’

The couple from Paignton, Devon have been together for three and a half years.

The flyboard rider stands on a board that is connected to a watercraft by a long hose

The flyboard rider stands on a board that is connected to a watercraft by a long hose

Miss Waryszak said, “I had a hint that he was going to do something because for the past few weeks he has been asking: Do you still love me? I think he made me say “yes”. ‘

He bought the engagement ring – white gold with diamond – five days before his marriage proposal and hid it in the toolbox of his car.

They haven’t set a date yet, but are planning the wedding in their home country Poland in May or June next year.

Flyboarding involves performing tricks like backflips with a water jet backpack strapped to your feet.

The flyboard rider stands on a board that is connected to a watercraft by a long hose, in Mr Prestwood’s case a 300 hp Sea-Doo jet ski.

Water is forced under pressure into a pair of boots with jets underneath that give the rider thrust to fly up to 60 feet in the air.

Mr. Prestwood competes and performs at shows and weddings.

“Love Novel” was the second of three screenings – including one at night with fireworks – that he performed in Dartmouth on Saturday.


The Avenue Type Crowd Went Preppy on Day 2 of London Trend Week

On the street at London Fashion Week Spring 2022.

Neat style made a prominent appearance on the second day of London Fashion Week, with showgoers dressed in everything from college sweater vests to polo shirts to pleated skirts and loafers.

We discovered evidence of upper class leisure activities (tennis skirts are on strike again) and school uniforms in preparation for college. While this poppy collar look isn’t new to the fashion scene, it is Street style Prep Spread in London was a little more playful than we’ve ever seen: a guest dressed a crisp, white, pleated mini for off-court engagements by pairing it with edgy mules; another didn’t tuck her oversized striped shirt into her khaki pleated skirt or button the shirt all the way, which made for a refreshingly cool look that broke the dress code.

Those who didn’t go back to school had a great time in neon green and bold floral prints. There were also a handful of guests showing off their top notch layering skills, wearing skirts over pants like it wasn’t a big deal.

Browse through our favorites Street style looks from the second day London Fashion Week in the gallery below.

In case you missed it, check out our favorite street style looks from day one from London Fashion Week under.

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Working Your Means Into The ‘New Cash’ Crowd

“People of the same kind stick together.” Often times, once people get some serious money, they like to take themselves out of the general traffic. How do you get admission as a consultant?

Old and new money have a complicated relationship between them. New money wants to be perceived as old money. Both groups include younger people, as old money is often cross-generational. You can lose all your money and still be accepted as old money as the category appears to have a grandfathering clause. People with little or no money strive to be accepted by new money. It’s complicated.

If you’re a consultant looking to break new ground, here are 10 approaches:

1. Private restaurants or cocktail clubs. WS, a private food and wine club in Hudson Yards, was founded in partnership with Wine Spectator. Roof, the private club at River House in New Hope, Pennsylvania, has a 600-person waiting list, even though membership is $ 1,000. according to to the New York Post.

2. Alumni Association. Fellow graduates continued to do great things. The alumni newsletter and the list of honorary degrees provide information. Some schools have physical club buildings in large cities. In New York there is the University Club. Most schools have alumni associations with local departments. People who succeed often stay focused on their school. College makes that possible.

3. Go to the correct gym. Working out is a great leveler. Everyone wears sweat. There are well-known fitness studios in big cities. They also have “sports clubs” which are private clubs with an emphasis on sports.

4. The expensive vacation. Has everyone heard the story of the advisor who built their book to take expensive vacations like safaris and make friends along the way? The rich like privacy. Most of the cruise lines you’ve heard of are in the “mass market” category. You’ve seen the smaller all-suite ships and the very high cruise fares.

5. Buy at auction. On March 21st, the New York Times published an article entitled “Bored Rich Spend Money”. The price of collectibles is rising rapidly. Large auction houses offer special auctions. Fine wine is a good example. The auction attracts people willing to spend big bucks to get what they want. In some cases, wine auctions are preceded by a receipt. When you become part of the crowd of auction participants, you often rub your shoulders with new money.

6. Collectors clubs. This one seems obvious. Porsche owners like to spend time with other Porsche owners. People often confuse a car with a rolling balance sheet, which means that certain interests can attract people with money. Here’s the difficulty: in order to play the game, you must own the game piece.

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Wall Avenue simply confirmed the Reddit crowd the right way to actually generate income

In the first few weeks of 2021, amateur traders who backed meme stocks like GameStop, AMC Entertainment, and BlackBerry caught the world’s attention.

Since spectacular gains resulted in huge losses for hedge funds, who bet that stocks would fall, a David versus Goliath tale seized. Eventually, the little guy triumphed against The Man, who had benefited from a rigged system for decades.

In the end, however, it turned out that Goliath did pretty well.

Global hedge funds that reported data to Eurekahedge, a research group, returned nearly 5% in the first quarter, roughly in line with the broader market. It was the best start to the year for hedge funds since 2006.

“It was definitely a good quarter for returns. Most hedge funds were on the up, ”said Robert Sears, chief investment officer at Capital Generation Partners.

The profits were of course not evenly distributed. Just like some non-professional traders became extremely rich From their risky GameStop positions, hedge funds that have trimmed popular names have made great hits.

Melvin Capital, a major GameStop short seller, was down 49% in the first three months of the year, a source familiar with the matter told CNN Business.

Then there was that Archegos Capital implosion, which collapsed after making large bets on extreme leverage media stocks and complex derivatives.

But in general, hedge funds have taken advantage of the turmoil. When the markets are choppy, investors who play a more active role in managing their portfolios have the opportunity to play bold games. This worked especially well for those who preferred stocks, which Sears said were undervalued versus high-growth tech names.

“The rotation to value from growth … is a positive environment for stock pickers,” said Sears.

The trading desks of Wall Street’s largest banks also paid out money.

Goldman Sachs’ trading revenue rose 47% to $ 7.6 billion in the first three months of the year, its highest level since 2010. JPMorgan Chase’s marketing team posted revenue of $ 9.1 billion, an increase of $ 9.1 billion 25% corresponds. At the stock market counter alone, sales rose by 47%.

Morgan Stanley made $ 5.8 billion in trading stocks and bonds even though it was the blockbuster quarter Losses of $ 911 million related to the Archegos saga.

An increase in trading by individual investors also helped Morgan Stanley since it owns E * Trade. The daily average trades on the platform hit an all-time high of 1.6 million, almost 50% above the last three months of 2020.

Big picture: Wall Street is full of winners and losers. But this time it looks like the big guys still emerged victorious for the most part.

Johnson & Johnson’s vaccination break could slow recovery

Hopes for an economic turnaround are closely tied to the global launch of vaccines – which raises concerns about the Johnson & Johnson recordings is not good news On recovery, my CNN business colleague Chris Isidore reports.

The Latest: The spread of Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot vaccine has been halted in the US, European Union and South Africa as US authorities investigate a possible link to extremely rare blood clots.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, expects the review to be done quickly.

“Hopefully we will soon make a decision as to whether or not we can get back on track with this very powerful vaccine,” Fauci said at a congressional hearing last Thursday.

But even if regulators find the benefits of the shot far outweighed the risks, the headlines could undermine public willingness to vaccinate and potentially prolong the pandemic.

“There is a clear link … between fighting the virus, distributing the vaccine and having a robust and lasting economic recovery,” Jared Bernstein, a member of the White House Economic Advisory Council, said in a recent interview on CNBC.

Surveys show that rare blood clots have concerns with a similar vaccine from AstraZeneca Vaccine reluctantly fed in Europe. An online survey conducted in mid-March for BFM TV, a subsidiary of CNN, found that only 20% of people in France trust the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. (The vaccination skepticism in the country was already high.)

Economists are particularly concerned about the impact of a J&J hiatus outside of the United States. J&J planned to ship 1 billion cans worldwide by the end of the year.

Unlike Pfizer and Moderna, the shot does not require ultra-cold storage and patients do not have to return for a second appointment. This makes it a crucial part of plans to fight Covid-19 in much of the developing world.

Investor findings: The drug manufacturer reports profits on Tuesday. Johnson & Johnson is committed to providing the vaccine at cost during the pandemic. But its reputation is important, especially as countries are starting to weigh suppliers of booster shots.


Monday: Result from Coca-Cola, IBM and United Airlines

Tuesday: Apple Launches New Products; Harley-Davidson, Johnson and Johnson, Lockheed Martin, Philip Morris International, Procter & Gamble, Travelers, Xerox and Netflix

Wednesday: Income from Ericsson, Verizon, Chipotle and Whirlpool

Thursday: Interest rate decision of the European Central Bank; US Unemployment Claims and Existing Home Sales; Profits from Nestle, Credit Suisse, American Airlines, AT&T, Blackstone, Dow, SAP, Mattel and Snap

Friday: Flash PMI data; New US Home Sales; Income from American Express, Honeywell, and Kimberly-Clark