Chael Sonnen’s sturdy criticism of Brandon Moreno’s model

Chael Sonnen came out surprisingly tough against Brandon Moreno after UFC 270

Brandon Moreno was beginning to look like a star, and Dana White seemed particularly hopeful because of him ability to attract a crowd, but Chael Sonnen seems to have a problem with Moreno.

While it wasn’t his character or ability to draw an audience that frustrated Sonnen, Moreno’s fighting style seemed to be a big issue.

“He was a complete idiot. There is nothing good about his fighting style other than his offense. Oh boy is his offense spot on.

“His posture is wrong, his movement is wrong. Don’t be an aspiring fighter and watch Moreno and then do it.”

Another great chapter in this flyweight rivalry 🙌

Deiveson Figueiredo is back at the helm of the division after a five-round war with Brandon Moreno

— UFC on BT Sport (@btsportufc) January 23, 2022

stylistic problems

The level at which Moreno keeps his hands was the main issue for Sonnen as he felt it was ineffective.

“The son of a bitch is fighting with his hands here [below his face]. It’s like he’s peeking out from under a blanket just to make sure you have all the good stuff to hit.

“Why don’t you just put your hands down? If your hands aren’t in front of your face, why don’t you just put them away.”

While Sonnen criticized Moreno’s defensive tendencies, he had some compliments for Moreno, albeit ending in major criticism.

“It’s annoying to watch but his offense is good, I have to give him that.

“He’s fast, he’s tough as an old leather boot. There are many compliments I could give him, but World Champion, come on, no.”

Although Sonnen was aware that he was taking the situation tough, he couldn’t see what he would have wanted from Moreno next if he had won.

“I’m an ass, I see,” he added. “I’m an idiot, but I’d like an answer to the question before you call me an ass…

“What did you want to see from him next?”

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BlackRock responds to George Soros’ criticism over China investments

George Soros, billionaire and founder of Soros Fund Management LLC, pauses as he speaks at an event on the third day of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, on Thursday, January 23, 2020.

Simon Dawson | Bloomberg | Getty Images

LONDON – BlackRock, the world’s largest wealth manager, has responded to billionaire George Soros’ sharp criticism of the company’s investments in China.

Registered mail The Wall Street Journal On Tuesday, Soros described BlackRock’s initiative in China as a “tragic mistake” that would “harm the national security interests of the US and other democracies.”

The comment, titled “BlackRock’s China Blunder,” said the company’s decision to pour billions into the country was a “bad investment” that would likely lose money for its customers.

It comes soon after BlackRock launched a range of mutual funds and other investment products aimed at Chinese consumers. The initiative resulted in BlackRock becoming the first foreign-owned company to operate a wholly-owned company in the Chinese mutual fund industry.

The asset manager told CNBC on Wednesday that its Chinese mutual fund subsidiary launched its first fund in the country after raising 6.68 billion Chinese yuan ($ 1.03 billion) from more than 111,000 investors.

“The United States and China have a large and complex economic relationship,” said a BlackRock spokesman in response to Soros’ comments.

“Total trade in goods and services between the two countries exceeded $ 600 billion in 2020. Through our investment activities, US asset managers and other financial institutions contribute to the economic networking of the world’s two largest economies.”

BlackRock’s investment institution recommended In mid-August that investors even tripled their exposure to China. At the beginning of the year, CEO Larry Fink in a letter to shareholders described China’s market as “a significant opportunity to achieve the long-term goals of investors in China and internationally”.

A BlackRock Inc. sign hangs over their building in New York.

Lucas Jackson | Reuters

“The vast majority of assets BlackRock manages are for retirement. BlackRock’s customers around the world – including many US customers – are looking for a wide range of investments, including in China, to meet their retirement and other financial goals, ”the spokesman said.

BlackRock added that it believes it can help China cope with its growing pension crisis by providing expertise, products and services for pension systems.

“We believe that globally integrated financial markets will give people, businesses and governments in all countries better and more efficient access to capital that supports economic growth worldwide.”

“The situation is completely different now”

Soros said Tuesday that BlackRock’s investments in China showed that the company had “misunderstood” Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Beijing cracked down on several companies this year, resulting in a sharp sell-off in Chinese stocks. Soros warned that while the new rules target tech companies, they should also be seen as a sign that Xi will do whatever it takes to stay in power.

“Previous efforts could have been morally justified by claiming they were building bridges to bring countries closer together, but the situation is completely different now,” Soros said. “Today the US and China are in a life and death conflict between two systems of government: repressive and democratic.”

Write for the Financial Times In a separate comment posted Aug. 30, Soros said investors in Xi’s China are facing an “ominous awakening” before adding that Xi’s crackdown on private companies showed he “doesn’t understand the market economy.” .

BlackRock reported on July 14 that assets under management rose to a record $ 9.49 trillion in the second quarter, compared to $ 7.32 trillion a year earlier.

BlackRock’s shares are up over 28% since the start of the year.

‘Not concerning the cash’ says Isner after Miami money criticism

Issued on: 25/03/2021 – 01:00Modified: 03/25/2021 – 00:58

Miami (AFP)

American veteran John Isner eased his criticism of the ATP Tour on Wednesday after beating the organization last month after confirming at the Miami Open earlier this week that the prize money had been cut.

The world number 28 called the ATP a “broken system” in February after it became known that the pandemic-stricken tournament had increased prize money for individual winners from $ 1.35 million in 2019 to just over $ 300,000 that year had decreased.

The 35-year-old called for a “real test” of the tournament to see how much money was available and berated tennis for “a lack of transparency”.

On Wednesday, Isner returned to the topic, insisting that reducing the prize money was not his main concern.

“I think for some players it’s not so much about the prize money,” said Isner. “We don’t really want to make it.

“Maybe the tour structure is about the fact that the players want to know better why decisions are made and what went into each decision.”

Tennis finances have taken a hit since the pandemic. The season has been suspended for much of 2020, and tournaments like the Miami Open last year and two editions of the Indian Wells Masters have been completely canceled.

Isner acknowledged that the players understood that revenue had dropped due to the loss of ticket sales.

“Again, it’s really not about the money,” added Isner. “Of course we would prefer to play for a bigger wallet.

“There’s just a little bit of uncertainty about how those numbers came into play and why the prize money is what it is.

“Of course we’d love to gamble for more, but we understand that as we lose ticketing revenue, our wallets will go down,” he said.

“But there are some players who have questions about why it was so bad. The tour implemented a strategy that keeps the lower rounds pretty similar.

“The prize money in the quarters, semi-finals and finals has been cut quite severely. The top players in our game have had a great deal of success in terms of prize money lately.”

However, Isner said the ATP Tour has been more open with the players in recent meetings.

“Look, there will always be some things that players are unhappy about,” he said.

“I think lately the players have felt that the tour was more transparent for them. We’re trying to understand the process a little better.”

Isner added that the new Professional Tennis Players Association, led by World Number 1 Novak Djokovic, whom he joined last year, would address some of the players’ concerns.

“I think it could ultimately be healthy for the tour,” said Isner. “Some people would definitely disagree with me.”