1 Critically Injured in Crash Involving Trike Type Bike on Route 6 in Killingly – NBC Connecticut

One person was seriously injured in a trike-style motorcycle accident on Route 6 at Killingly on Saturday.

State Police were informed of the accident on Route 6 in Killingly just before 10 a.m.

When the state police arrived, they reported possible serious injuries. LifeStar was dispatched to the scene and one person was transported to a nearby hospital, according to the soldiers.

The authorities did not say whether other vehicles were involved in the accident.

It is unclear what could have caused the crash.

The scene remains active. Everyone in the area is asked to use alternative routes.

Younger ladies in Calera elevating cash to donate to Tallapoosa County Lady’s Ranch after lethal van crash

CALERA, Ala. (WBRC) – Two 8-year-olds in Calera sell lemonade to raise money for a donation to Tallapoosa County Girls Ranch.

Maggie Marling and Jamison Garzarek opened the lemonade stand just under a week ago and collected money cup for cup.

“I like to see the smiles on their faces,” said Jamison, “and knowing that they are loved and that we will take care of them.”

The girls collect money to help with the expenses afterwards fatal van accident on I-65 in Butler County count in June. 8 people on board died. The victims were 3 to 17 years old. Two other victims died in the wreck.

“We wanted to come up with a high number,” said Maggie, “like $ 200.”

But sales exceeded the target. The philanthropic duo is approaching $ 3,000.

“It’s probably hard for a child to imagine what happened – how tragic it is,” said George Marling. “But in their world, connecting and helping others is an important step.”

The girls plan to sell lemonade at the Main Street First Friday event in Calera on Friday at 5 p.m. They also accept donations through a Go Fund Account.

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Coworkers elevating cash to assist tattoo artist hospitalized after bike crash

CINCINNATI (WXIX) – After her friend and work colleague was hospitalized after a motorcycle accident, Beelistic Tattoo raises money to help one of their own.

Ken Hutchinson, 32, was driving to Beelistic Tattoo to start his work day on Tuesday when he was hit by a car on Westwood Northern Boulevard.

According to Serenity Baumer, manager at Beelistic Tattoo, Hutchinson suffered broken ribs, a broken pelvis, a bruised heart and bleeding in the brain.

Hutchinson is now in a medically induced coma in the intensive care unit on a ventilator.

To make matters worse, his house was robbed the day after the crash.

“He had a girlfriend who lived with him and she went to the house she lived in and the door was open and the safe was open and it was empty,” Baumer said.

To help Hutchinson get back some of the stolen money, his employees try to raise $ 15,000.

“He has five children to look after, all of them pretty small. He wanted to save money for them, ”explains Baumer. “He has no insurance and no medical bills, I can’t imagine, so we all have to put people on deck to raise the money we can.”

To raise more money, Beelistic is donating $ 10 from every piercing and tattoo to the fund this week.

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Lake Metropolis Bake Sale Raises Cash for Teen Injured in Automobile Crash

A 15-year-old boy from Lake City was in a life-changing car accident last November.

Friends and family are now raising money to get him the equipment he needs.

Ricky Atherton-Dudek is currently at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation in Grand Rapids.

Doctors thought he was insane at the time of the crash, but after several surgeries, Ricky got through.

His friends and family were selling baked goods outside the Something Personal store in Cadillac over the weekend to raise money for a wheelchair ramp and vehicle.

Ricky is expected to come home from rehab on June 10th.

Teen donates portion of scholarship cash to household of classmate killed in crash


A small town in southwest Florida has experienced a lot of heartache and pain in the past few weeks. Despite everything, the people of Clewiston come together during these troubled times.

Over the weekend, a high school graduate decided to donate part of her profits to the family who had lost her son in an accident just the day before graduation.

The moment Annette Blanco found out she had won an Alan Jay Dealership car, she was thrilled. But what she did next might come as a shock to some people.

The dealership has a program that rewards graduates for getting an A. But instead of taking the car, she did something else.

“Annette decided to take the ten thousand dollars in cash.”

She took the money and donated part of it to Julian Avalo’s family. He was a classmate of hers who died in a car accident a few hours before his performance on stage.

“I said ‘you know I doubt I’ll win it but if I do I’ll be more than happy to give him something’ and you know I have it,” said Blanco.

Blanco says, even though she wasn’t close to Julian, that you don’t have to be close to feel the pain.

“I think I was hit hard because I lost my cousin just as he did or as we lost him. I think it hit me a lot more than I would think. You know, I couldn’t really do much for my cousin, but now that I’ve been able to help his family, you know I did, ”she said.

David Garcia is General Manager at the Alan Jay Dealer in Clewiston.

“It was just very heartwarming to know that she wanted to give something back to the family,” said Gacia. “I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place.”

Julian’s parents say that because of Annette’s donation and the donations of many others, they can give Julian the funeral he deserves.

Carlos Avalo is Julian’s father. “I mean, no parent should go through this ordeal. To bury their child, I keep hearing from everyone that time and time will pass and you will feel better. But this community was very special and they were behind Julian because of his nature, ”said Avalo.

Originally, Blanco offered to give half of the money, but the family couldn’t accept that. They knew she needed money to go to college too. So she decided to give them $ 1,000.

Blanco hopes that her selfless act shows others that a little kindness can go a long way.

And their selflessness will continue. Blanco wants to go to college and study medicine.

Golfer was dashing as quick as 87 mph earlier than crash, cops say

Tiger Woods accelerated up to 87 mph – more than 45 mph over the legal limit – before his SUV crashed Late February in Southern Californiaseriously injured the golf legendThe leg, said the investigators on Wednesday.

Woods’ vehicle, a 2021 Genesis GV80 SUV, was traveling an estimated 120 mph when it hit a tree and rolled over in the luxury vehicle, citing a data recorder, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

The recorder showed that the vehicle was going between 68 and 86.99 mph in some places before Woods was unable to negotiate a curve on the road just outside Los Angeles.

It was at least Wood’s third mysterious car accident.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who adamantly denied that Woods had received favorable treatment during the investigation, said the most recent accident on Feb.23 was the result of 45-year-old Woods driving unsafe given the road conditions.

At a news conference, Villanueva also said there was no evidence that Woods was impaired or drunk at Rolling Hills Estates at the time of the Feb.23 crash.

Investigators didn’t check that Woods was texting before the crash, saying it wasn’t necessary.

They also said they will not issue a quote for Woods, who is recovering at his Florida home. Issuing a reckless driving ticket would require evidence, according to investigators, that Woods committed multiple violations prior to the accident, such as: B. unsafe lane changes or unsafe overtaking maneuvers on other cars.

Woods has no memory of the collision, investigators said at the press conference.

Villanueva said He could only reveal the cause of the crash because Woods had agreed to it. According to the sheriff, by law, such accident reports are confidential unless the individuals involved in the incident consent to their disclosure.

“The main cause of this traffic accident was driving at a speed unsafe for the road conditions and the inability to negotiate the curve of the estimated speed of the road in the first impact area was 84 to 87 mph,” said Villanueva.

According to investigators, Woods didn’t brake before crashing the car. They said the data recorder revealed that he may have accidentally stepped on the accelerator instead of the brakes prior to the collision.

“I know there are some who say he somehow received special or preferential treatment that is absolutely wrong,” said Villanueva.

“There was no sign of impairment. Our main concern when we were obviously at the scene of the collision was his, his safety.”

Villanueva said there was no likely cause such as open alcohol containers or signs of narcotics in the car that would have allowed investigators to obtain a search warrant to test Woods’ blood for intoxicants.

In a statement released later on Wednesday, Woods did not apologize for driving nearly double the legal speed limit.

Instead, Woods said he was “so grateful to the two good Samaritans who came to help me and called 911” after his SUV was ready.

“I am also grateful to the LASD MPs and the LA Firefighter / Paramedics, especially the LA Sheriff’s Deputy Carlos Gonzalez, and the LAFD Engine Co. # 106, the Fire Paramedics Smith and Gimenez, for being so competent on the spot helped and got me safely to the hospital. “”

“I will continue to focus on my recovery and my family and thank everyone for the overwhelming support and encouragement I have received during this very difficult time,” said Woods.

The golfer, who was alone in the SUV, was trapped in the wreckage that occurred after hitting a mean mean on the road and then raced into the brush and hit just before 7:12 a.m. PT on Feb.23 a tree.

After Woods was freed from the vehicle, he was taken to a hospital where he underwent emergency surgery for a doctor at the time called “significant orthopedic injuries” to his right lower leg.

A rod was introduced to stabilize his tibia and femoral bones, while a “combination of screws and pins” was used to stabilize injuries to the bones of his foot and ankle, according to Woods’ Twitter account.

Woods had stayed at a resort in Rolling Hills after hosting the Genesis Invitational tournament. He stayed in the area filming under a contract with Golf Digest and the Discovery Channel.

Just two days before the crash, Woods was asked during a CBS Sports interview if he would participate in the Masters tournament that begins this Thursday at Augusta National Golf Course in Georgia.

“God I hope so,” he said.

Woods’ epic career, It has 82 PGA titles and wins 15 major championships, was upset in November 2009 after crashing another SUV into a fire hydrant one morning just outside his then Florida residence.

Woods was knocked unconscious for more than five minutes from this crash. His then-wife Elin Nordegren is said to have used a golf club to break a window and pull it out of the car.

The crash lfor weeks reported that Woods was involved in several extramarital affairs. He entered shortly afterwards a clinic for treatment.

In May 2017, Woods was accused of driving under the influence of Florida after police discovered him sleeping in a damaged car.

In an apology later, Woods blamed “an unexpected reaction” to a mixture of prescribed drugs for his faint.

“I want the public to know it’s not alcohol,” Woods said at the time.

A month after this arrest, Woods entered a clinic for treatment of problems with prescription pain medication and a sleep disorder.

Woods reportedly used pain medication to get up and move around while he was recovering of four back operations.

In January, Woods announced that he had his fifth microdiscectomy on his back to remove a pressurized disc fragment that caused him pain during December’s PNC championship in Orlando, Florida.

This tournament was the last time he competed.

Woodhaven enterprise raises cash for household after mom dies shielding sons from automobile crash

WOODHAVEN, me. – Friends and family gathered Sunday to honor Hillarie Galazka, a 29-year-old mother who lost her life to protect her sons.

Her family said she was killed in a crash to shield her twins I-96, Near Davison.

Woodhaven Nails & Spa held a fundraiser on Sunday for Galazka’s three children. The owners said they saw the story and knew they had to do something.

“She was lighting a room when she went into a room. She gave a lot and cared, ”said Jodie Kelley, Galazka’s mother. “It’s like a shock to me, it’s like a bad dream.”

The tragic accident happened on March 1st. Galazka was walking the I-96 ramp off Davison Freeway with her children when their tiny car was crushed by an SUV.


In the past two weeks, her mother has come to terms with her untimely death.

“Her body was thrown against the front of the vehicle. She went sideways where the twins went, ”Kelley said.

Galazka’s last move was to save her 5-year-old twins, Owen and Hunter, in the back seat by using their bodies as a shield.

Just before the impact, she asked her children to lower their heads to protect them.

“They were micro-premieres,” said Kelley. “As a single mother, my daughter has always done everything to ensure that her well-being was very well looked after.”

The hardest part was explaining to them what happened to their mother.

“We tell them that she is in heaven with God, and that’s where all humans go,” said Kelley.

All earnings on Woodhaven Nail & Spa Sunday will be matched and donated to Galakza’s children. It’s the first time they open their doors on a Sunday.


The owners said that while they didn’t know them personally, the fundraiser is the least they could do.

“These little boys saw their mother die before them. She shielded that of her little boy so they can survive, ”said owner Jade Pham. “My little girl, she is so small. What if this was my little girl? It’s not a lot, but if we bring everyone together I think we can make a great donation and it can really help them. “

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Simon Cowell would fairly have had bike crash than COVID | Leisure

Simon Cowell would rather have broken his back than contracting coronavirus.

The music mogul is recovering after injuring his spine last summer when he fell off an electric bike. Despite the paralysis, the 61-year-old star is grateful that the results of his “terrible” accident had a clear path to recovery. Things are so “unpredictable” about the virus.

Piers Morgan was considering going for a walk with his buddy and wrote in his Mail On Sunday Event column: “We talked about his accident. “I knew immediately that I was in serious trouble,” he said. “I’ve never felt such pain before.”

“The doctors told him that he was half an inch from his broken spinal cord and that he was paralyzed. “It was horrible, but at least I quickly knew exactly what I was dealing with and what to do about rehab and so on. I would rather have gone through this than COVID, which seems so unpredictable. A great friend of mine was in a coma with the virus for several weeks and we thought we were going to lose him. That was incredibly scary. I knew I wasn’t going to die, even though I was worried that I would never walk again. ‘”

America’s Got Talent judge Simon, who is known to quit smoking and revise his eating habits last year, also baffled his friend when he revealed that he takes two-hour walks every day and finds his walks “life changing” Has.

Piers, who had previously appeared on the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ jury with Simon, wrote: “I go for a two-hour walk most days,” he suddenly announced. ‘Two hours?! I exclaimed.

“I broke my ankle last summer and it’s still not fully recovered. That would be a pretty tough physical test for me. Of course not that I dared admit it.

“‘Yes. They really changed life. I go for a walk with friends or work colleagues and I can talk to them in ways we normally never would. I loved it and I’m also fitter than ever in my life . ‘”

Despite feeling concerned about the length of their walk, the Good Morning Britain host admitted it was one of the best times he had ever had with his boyfriend.

He said, “Our chat was surprisingly deep. We talked about friendship, family, work, loyalty … and infidelity; about people we have banned from our lives for various reasons, and about people we now value even more. “

Bail cash not required for star basketball recruit charged in lethal DUI crash

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Some harsh feelings are now mingling with grief following a high profile DUI crash that killed a Clark County school district employee and cast doubt on the future of a star basketball recruit.

The case has not been brought to justice, but the victim’s family say they are already being denied justice.

This story is the latest in our series of reports on what many consider to be an issue with bail bail hearings, and again shows that it’s a no-one wins issue.

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“I think I’m still in shock because I still can’t get past December 30th. It’s like there wasn’t a New Year. There was nothing,” said Ann Marie Echevarria.

The last time she heard from her husband Eric, he went to get something to eat for her 14-year-old son, who shares his father’s name.

“And I called him and he doesn’t answer, so I called my son and I thought, Eric, where’s dad? And he said he wasn’t home yet. And I already knew he died. I knew it before I got to it. ” the scene. I knew it was him. “

The scene on the corner of Fort Apache Road and Furnace Gulf Avenue still shows the signs of the crash that killed Eric: broken pieces of plastic from a taillight, spray paint from the crash investigators marking the street, and wooden planks the one Cover the decimated ash block wall.

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“We live right at the end of the street. And … it was the worst,” said Ann Marie.

Eric Echevarria, 52, had worked as the Clark County School District administrator for nearly two decades, sometimes helping with autistic students.

He was a veteran, organ donor, beloved father, grandfather, and husband.

“I think when is he coming home? I look out the window all the time, looking all the time … Because his place is right in front of the house. I just look out there and the car isn’t there and it’s coming never go back, “said Ann Marie.

Your son, an eighth grader, has the hardest time.

“He wakes me up in the middle of the night which is heartbreaking to make me wonder mom what happens to me when you die?”

The teenager charged with the murder of Echevarria is 19-year-old Zaon Collins. The former Bishop Gorman High School student was a valued UNLV basketball recruit at the time.

In Collins’ arrest report, police say he drove about 88 mph in a residential area at 35 mph.

“When he hit him so hard, he got his car so far in the air that the roof of his car hit the wall,” said the victim’s sister-in-law, Evelyn Sulrzycki.

The arrest report states that police found a “glass with a green leafy substance” in Collins’ car and that Collins appeared to be tall.

The prosecutor says Collins tested positive for 3.0 nanograms per milliliter of THC – or marijuana – in his blood. Anything above 2.0 is considered impaired under Nevada law.

“He got high behind the wheel. Very high. And he decided to walk down this street,” said Ann Marie. “He turned off the road and hit my husband.”

Collins was charged with two crimes: DUI and reckless driving, both of which resulted in death.

Nevertheless, there is one thing Ann Marie cannot overcome. “He was home in less than 24 hours.”

Collins was released from prison the day after his arrest and was allowed to go home with his parents while his case is being heard in court.

“So it’s not fair. It’s just not fair!”

Collins received what was known as a self-recognition, or surgical release, which was not bailed but had several restrictions.

“What do you notice about this case?” Darcy Spears asked Lilia Ceballos, a bailiff who routinely works with DUI defendants.

“The fact that someone died,” replied Ceballos. “I was expecting half a million dollars bail to be honest. And surveillance! And when we saw he got OR we were like … What ?! How ?!”

The bail has been the subject of many screams across the country and here in Nevada.

“There were incredible racial and economic differences in bail application,” said David Chesnoff, Zaon Collins attorney.

Some crimes allow an administrative release in the context of legal proceedings.

However, this is not the case with DUI offenses.

“They don’t expect anyone to die so that someone can just be released,” said Ceballos.

District Attorney Steve Wolfson said his office had asked the court to place $ 150,000 bail on Zaon Collins.

In a March 2020 interview, Wolfson went harshly about driving under the influence.

“It’s a choice,” said Wolfson. “And you should face the consequences.”

Since defendants of DUI offenses are not entitled to release through pretrial services, they must appear in court.

Judge Joe Bonaventure made the decision to release Collins without bail.

“We depend on him as a citizen, and if he does not take everything into account – especially the family who has lost their loved one – there is no justice for me at the moment,” said Sulrzycki.

Attorney Chesnoff says the conditions for his client’s release are almost as strict as behind bars.

He is electronically monitored at a high level, must wear a SCRAM drug test patch and is not allowed to drive.

“Basically, the only difference between jail and whereabouts – and it’s good – he’s home and can work with me,” Chesnoff said.

“If you have clout, get out. And if you don’t, stay in jail,” said Ceballos.

“He was at Bishop Gorman – a fancy, expensive private school. He drove a $ 30,000 car. And now he has a very famous, expensive lawyer. How can we reconcile that?” Spears asked Chesnoff.

“Firstly, his parents love him and want him to go to the best school. And he led the school to three state championships as far as I know, so there are a lot of people who are glad he went there. Second, the car and third, his very expensive lawyer is doing this pro bono at this point, “said Chesnoff, which means he doesn’t charge the family for his services. “I understand what the deceased’s family feels like, but I also feel for a 19-year-old boy who has an incredible future that is now in danger.”

“He has to pay!” exclaimed Ann Marie. “And so that he is outside and glorified as a basketball player …!”

Collins’ driving record only stirs up anger for the Echevarria family.

“It’s very, very annoying that he was allowed to go home and my husband wasn’t allowed to go home. This wasn’t his first time.”

Not his first time accelerating. Or his second. In fact, Collins has four previous traffic incidents in the past three years. Two to go at least 20 miles per hour over the speed limit, one to be careful not to drive and one to go the wrong way on a one-way street.

“It concerns me that a judge could be induced to release someone with a story like this, whose actions killed someone!” said Ceballos.

Chesnoff counters: “I know a lot of teenagers who had bad driving records. So I’m not reducing that. It’s a fact to be decided here. But I also think that apart from the accident, a lot of teenagers had problems like this. “

Court records show Collins paid more than $ 2,000 in fines for his previous violations. He also had to attend a coroner’s visit program in 2019.

“And the victim’s family look at that and they clearly say it doesn’t matter. He didn’t learn from it. He kept doing it until he killed someone,” Spears told Chesnoff.

“At some point everything that needs to be said is said,” Chesnoff replied. “And I know it’s difficult, but everyone should be patient and move on to legal process.”

The Echevarria family so far say the legal process has failed.

“I hope when he comes back on February 17th I’ll be in the courtroom, I hope they lock him up! It has to be him – he can’t be home when he’s on his couch watching basketball videos when we.” are over there and don’t know what to do with ourselves! I’ve lost everything! Everything! ”Ann Marie exclaimed.

Zaon Collins is considering the mandatory prison sentence if convicted.

He is due for a preliminary hearing in court on February 17th.

Police unions elevating cash for Northampton officer injured in head-on crash

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Local police unions are joining forces to raise money for Northampton Police officer Matt Knowlton, who was seriously injured in a frontal accident last weekend.

This week Officer Knowlton’s family announced that he would need multiple surgeries and extensive rehab. A GoFundMe page has been created with donations exceeding $ 5,000.

After the accident, Officer Knowlton was still trying to help the other driver, who crashed into his department-issued vehicle at high speed.

Police unions seek to help an officer who they say is the definition of serving others in front of themselves.

“I wanted to get it right with our man, who he got it right himself and with the department by doing what he did after the accident, by getting out and trying to help the other driver “said Officer Joshua Wallace, President of the Northampton Police Union 186.