BBC protection of Philip’s dying attracts report complaints | Leisure

LONDON (AP) – The BBC’s coverage of the death of Prince Philip has generated nearly 110,000 public complaints, making it the UK’s most objectionable television program

The station released its regular shows on two television channels on Friday to launch a series of special programs after Queen Elizabeth II’s husband passed away at the age of 99. Popular shows like “EastEnders” and the cooking contest show “Masterchef” have been postponed and replaced with news broadcasts and recorded honors, and the BBC Four channel has been completely taken off the air.

BBC radio stations also broadcast programs on Philip.

The BBC said in a statement Thursday that Philip’s death was a “significant event that attracted great interest both nationally and internationally,” but acknowledged that some felt the rolling coverage was excessive.

“We acknowledge that some viewers have been unhappy with the level of coverage and the impact this has had on the television and radio programming that is billed,” she continued. “We don’t make such changes without careful consideration and the choices we make reflect the role the BBC plays as a national broadcaster in moments of national importance.”

The company also received complaints about its decision to include Prince Andrew in its tribute coverage despite his association with U.S. sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. It said it had “handled his comments appropriately”, reported in detail on the allegations against Andrew and made it clear that he had not been charged with any criminal offense.

Steve Kornacki on Election 2020 Protection and Turning into a Model Icon

Your coverage of the marathon elections was legendary. Are you still recovering

We started at 6pm on Tuesday evening. I slept a couple of hours from Wednesday to Thursday, then went straight back inside. Thursday through Friday we worked around the clock again and I was out all night. That was the night Biden took the lead in Georgia. It was three or four in the morning. There’s a board that I use in the air, and right behind it we had a couple of folding chairs and a table. I would come out of the air and sit down and my eyes would be so heavy I could have fallen asleep. But as soon as we got an update I got an energy boost and had no problem. I didn’t feel tired in the air. The election was finally scheduled on Saturday around 11:30 am and I was out of the studio by noon.

You have suddenly become a style icon for your uniform of gap khakis, white shirt and tie. Did you have to wear a uniform to school as a child?

It was a very strange thing to see the attention my clothes got just because it was so inversely related to the amount of thought I put into them. I went to a public school so we didn’t have to wear a tie. I still couldn’t even tie a tie if you asked me to. When it comes to pants, they say that consumption habits are established at a relatively young age. Well, about 20 years ago I wore these pants and said, ah, this works for me, and out of habit I just keep buying them and never think about them.

Wait, you don’t know how to tie a tie?

I learned that all you need to know is people who know how to tie ties and they will tie them for you and you can put them on and off easily. I have a shelf in my office that has three ties on it right now and they’re all tied so they’re ready to go.

How does it feel to become such a beloved public figure? You have People’s “Sexiest Man Alive!” List, celebrities have your name screaming and have been on all talk shows.

Since this is all happening during the pandemic, I don’t really feel it. It’s not like I’m going anywhere. Seeing some of the stuff online was flattering, but strange. I also think these things come and go.

What’s the strangest thing a fan sent you?

I received a couple of ties. And as I said, I can’t really tie them.

They crack statistics and data. Were you good at math in school?

I was probably the worst calculus student in my high school history. To this day I have stress dreams that I am back to trigonometry or calculus, trying to figure out the volume of a cone or sphere. But for whatever reason, I’m good at computer math, adding and subtracting on the fly. And I actually did statistics for my high school basketball team.

What was it like going from the election to the NFL playoff probability breakdown for Sunday Night Football?

It flowed naturally. I played Road to 270 on the board for two months – “If Biden wins this state but if Trump wins this state” – and it’s the same for playoffs: “See if the Steelers lose this game next week and The Bills.” win this game, it’s going to change the playoff picture so much. ”I’m a huge sports fan and follow this stuff at first so it was a really similar approach.

You wrote a book in 2018, The Red and the Blue, about the birth of tribalism in our political parties. Do you see an episode between sport and politics these days?

The tribalism of sport invades our politics. In sport, if the referee makes a call and goes against the home team, it doesn’t matter if the call is right or wrong, the crowd will make fun of it. And if the call goes in favor of the home team, the crowd will cheer, and again, it has nothing to do with whether the call itself is right or wrong. It has to do with it, did it help or harm the team we’re cheering for? It’s a healthy thing in sport, but I don’t think that’s a healthy thing in politics.

What does the rest of 2021 have in store for you?

I’m as curious as anyone about what American politics will look like in a month, three months, six months from now. There will be mid-term elections next year. There will be some gubernatorial elections this fall. The New York Mayor’s race will take place later this year. I’m sure there will be some high stakes special elections. I know wherever they are, whenever they are, whatever they are, I’ll cover them live when the voices come in.

Insurers add meals to protection as method to enhance well being and lower your expenses

When COVID-19 first flooded the United States, a health insurer called some customers asking: Do you have enough to eat?

Oscar Health wanted to know if people would have enough to eat for the next few weeks and how they planned to stock up at home.

“We have seen time and time again that the lack of good and nutritional food leads to members being re-admitted to hospitals,” said Oscar manager Ananth Lalithakumar.

Grocery has become a bigger focus for health insurers as they seek to expand their coverage beyond care in a doctor’s office. Other plans pay for temporary food deliveries and some teach people how to cook and eat healthier foods.

According to social benefits experts, insurers and policy makers are increasingly used to treating food as a form of medicine that can help patients lower blood sugar or pressure and stay away from expensive hospitals.

“People are finally starting to feel comfortable with the idea that everyone saves money by preventing things from happening or someone’s condition from getting worse,” said Andrew Shea, senior vice president of online insurance broker eHealth.

This advance is still relatively small and is mostly taking place in government-funded programs such as Medicaid or Medicare Advantage, the privately run versions of the government health program for people 65 years of age or older or with disabilities. But some employers who offer coverage for their employees are also increasingly interested.

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Medicaid programs in several states are testing or developing food coverage. In the next year, Medicare will begin testing coupons for meal programs for patients with malnutrition to improve care and reduce costs.

Nearly 7 million people were enrolled on a Medicare Advantage plan last year, which research by consultancy Avalere Health found offered some sort of food benefit. That is more than twice as much as from 2018.

Insurers usually cover temporary food deliveries so that patients have something to eat when they return from hospital. And for a number of years now, many have also paid for meals tailored to patients with conditions like diabetes.

But now insurers and other bill payers are taking a more nuanced approach. This is because the coronavirus pandemic is causing millions of Americans to seek help from local grocery banks or food pantries.

For example, Oscar Health found that nearly 3 in 10 of its Medicare Advantage customers had food supply issues at the beginning of the pandemic, so arranged temporary food deliveries from a local store at no cost to the recipient.

Medicare Advantage specialist Humana started giving some customers with low-income debit cards $ 25 or $ 50 to help them purchase healthy groceries.

The insurer is also testing the food deliveries in the second half of the month. Then the money from government nutrition programs can run out. Research shows that diabetes patients then make more emergency rooms, said Humana manager Dr. Andrew Renda.

“They may still be on their medication but not have enough to eat. And so their blood sugar goes crazy and they end up in the hospital,” he said.

David Berwick of Somerville, Massachusetts credits a meal delivery program with improving his blood sugar and wishes he could stick to it. The 64-year-old has diabetes and started the program last year at the suggestion of his doctor. The Medicaid MassHealth program covered this.

Berwick said the nonprofit Community Servings provided him with dry cereals and prepackaged meals to warm up on a weekly basis. This included soups and turkey meatloaf, which Berwick described as “absolutely delicious”.

“These are not things that I would certainly do on my own,” he said. “It was a gift, it was a real privilege.”

These programs typically last a few weeks or months and are often aimed at customers with an illness or low income who are struggling to obtain nutritious foods. However, you are not limited to these groups.

Indianapolis-based Preventia Group is starting supplying groceries to some employers looking to improve the eating habits of those covered by their health plans. People who sign up work with a health coach to learn more about nutrition.

Then they can either start with short term deliveries of meals or large amounts of food and recipes to try. The employer pays the costs.

It’s not just about hunger or a lack of good food, said Susan Rider, chief operating officer. They also educate people about what healthy, nutritious food is and how to prepare it.

A 2019 study of Massachusetts residents with similar medical conditions found that those who received meals tailored for their condition had fewer hospitalizations and generated fewer health care expenses than those who did not.

The study author Dr. Seth Berkowitz of the University of North Carolina noted that these meals are just one method of treating food or nutritional problems. He said there is much more to be learned about “which interventions work in which situations and for whom”.

Lack of healthy eating “is clearly linked to poor health, so we know we need to do something about it,” said Berkowitz.

Tremendous Bowl LV protection: four tales on recreation’s leisure, advertisements

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Super Bowl LV kicks off tonight after the usual hoopla that swells around the annual game.

It’s big enough to attract 100 million viewers – many of whom are keen to see the fight between quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady while others will do more for the promotion and the halftime show.

Super Bowl LV: Kansas City Chiefs v Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 6:30 p.m. Sunday, February 7, CBS.

Here is a compilation of some of our stories that led to Super Bowl 55:

ENTERTAINMENT: 55 things: Super Bowl LV, what to know, trivia, betting, entertainment, more

From triviality to mundane, from betting to eating, from the number of times the coin tosses to end, to the number of winners we win, our annual compilation of factoids has covered: About the game, betting, food and much more

ADVERTISING: Advertising in 2021: Upcoming Trends, Types of Ads to Expect

We’re examining advertising trends over the past four games to see what to expect. A marketer on the trends in this year’s game: About in-game advertising

ENTERTAINMENT: Notable Clevelanders make predictions between Kansas City, Tampa Bay

Our annual survey brings together well-known Clevelanders from different walks of life and provides information on who will win, how high the score is and why. We talk to people from art, media, sports and other worlds. About their predictions

ADVERTISEMENT: Preview: Well-known names out, Covid in, but always room for humor

In recent years, it has been a trend for many advertisers to post their ads days before the game. Why not? If you pay $ 5.5 million for a 30-second commercial, you can get as much for your money as you can: A little glimpse into some of this year’s ads

I am online cleveland.comThe life and culture team covers topics such as food, beer, wine and sports. If you wanna see my stories Here is a directory on Bill Wills of WTAM-1100 and I usually talk about food and drink at 8:20 am Thursday morning. And tune in to “Beer with Bona and Much, Much More” on Fridays at 8:05 a.m. with Munch Bishop at 1:50 p.m. The Gambler.

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A glance inside how CBS deliberate Tremendous Sunday protection | Leisure

LOS ANGELES (AP) – The trading of Super Bowls by CBS and NBC is one of the rare situations either network could benefit from.

Under the usual rotation, NBC originally had this year’s game from Tampa and CBS held rights in Los Angeles until 2022. But in 2019, the networks and the NFL agreed to change. The reason was simple: CBS didn’t want the game to play against NBC’s coverage of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

While NBC gets an Olympic / Super Bowl double header next year, CBS gets one of the best quarterback matchups in the game’s 55-year history on Sunday, with Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers battling Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs.

“After getting a matchup between Brady and Mahomes, I’d make that trade every year,” said Sean McManus, chairman of CBS Sports. “If you had asked us in September, what is the dream match? It would have been this one. It is almost too much to hope for, but we got it. ”

The matchup is also the linchpin for a program day that has been planned for over a year – and in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Many may think that the organization of a network’s Super Bowl coverage is primarily the responsibility of the sports department, but news, entertainment, and other departments are also involved. This is also the first chance since the ViacomCBS merger was completed 15 months ago to demonstrate the cooperation between many corporate divisions.

“Of course it’s a great day for the sport, but it really is a great day for the entire network,” said Kelly Kahl, president of CBS Entertainment. “On the day of the Super Bowl, 100 million people come and you try to get as many of them as possible to stay on a new show or introduce or strengthen an existing show. Every few years we are lucky enough to have that. “

The Super Bowl Today pregame show not only includes Norah O’Donnell’s interview with President Joe Biden and James Corden, host of The Weeknd’s Late Late Show, but also features from Showtime’s Desus and Mero. , Comedy Central’s “Daily Show” and Nickelodeon’s “Unfiltered” game show.

Coordinating producer Drew Kaliski has been planning features since April, but there have been changes until this week as well. When Tampa Bay first hit the game when a team was playing a Super Bowl on their home field, Kaliski began brainstorming. It will introduce Tampa Bay fans who have all three of their professional sports teams played for a championship in the past six months.

With the COVID-19 logs still in place – meaning no visits to team complexes – and a blizzard that occurred in New York earlier this week, Kaliski was delighted to be able to conduct remote interviews.

“We were able to set up our Studio 43 in New York as the base for the interviews, which looks phenomenal,” said Kaliski. “With all the obstacles we had to face, I never thought we would make it. And I’m a pretty positive guy. I think the human effort and technology out there right now is mind blowing to think about, but it just works perfectly. “

“Christmas came early”

After a crazy multi-year stretch of a pandemic, political campaign like no other, and the transition to a new government, CBS News is given the opportunity to focus on an event that Susan Zirinsky, president of the division, calls “almost spiritual in the World ”means American population. “

The news division has posted posts on shows and delivery to partners throughout the week, but the most anticipated post will be Biden’s first seated interview since he took office.

“Christmas came early,” Zirinsky said of the network that landed the first interview with Biden, which was held on Friday. “The presidential interview is a tradition. What appears on the pregame show is unique. It’s more of a conversation. This is the President’s first interview and a chance for him to touch America. “

Discussions about which show to air after the Super Bowl are typically suspended until the fall television season begins in late September. With most CBS shows only airing new episodes in November due to production delays during the pandemic, Kahl said they didn’t settle for “The Equalizer” until December.

“We want to get as much information and feedback as possible before we make this decision and understand the ripple effects this has across the company,” he said.

The series starring Queen Latifah has been on the network’s plans for some time, but production has been delayed due to the pandemic. It’s a reinterpretation of the classic CBS show that aired for four seasons, as well as two films starring Denzel Washington.

“When we saw a first segment of the show, we liked it and we realized that it would have a very broad appeal. This is an ideal candidate to leave a game like this behind, ”said Kahl.

A special episode of “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” gives casual viewers the chance to see how a show known for its monologues on the presidency of Donald Trump has changed.

“I think we haven’t said Trump’s name since he wasn’t elected. So this is an opportunity to really double that for people who may not have checked us out in a while, “said executive producer and showrunner Chris Licht. “We’ve done a lot on the show that has nothing to do with Trump, and we’re going to really highlight that side of Stephen because that’s where we really are as a show.”

The show will feature Robert Downey Jr., Tiffany Haddish, and Metallica. Licht said when they put on a show after the Super Bowl two years ago, the rating data showed that new or first-time viewers would be there for the next two to three weeks.

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