Springfield-Greene County Well being Dept. receiving more cash for COVID-19 vaccine incentives

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri (KY3) – Springfield City Council approved a contract with the Missouri Department of Health to do more for obtaining the COVID-19 vaccine.

The city is being given $ 300,000 to incentivize more vaccinations. The approved new money will allow the department to purchase 6,700 more gift cards. The Springfield-Greene County Health Department provides incentives for anyone who receives their first or second dose of the vaccine. Employees reported that 35 percent of those who received the vaccination over the weekend at a specialty clinic in Springfield did so because of the incentives.

“It made a huge difference to us,” said Cara Erwin, communications and outreach manager for the Springfield-Greene County Health Department. “We had a special event at the weekend. We had two locations at Williams Elementary School and our clinic on Battlefield East. And we vaccinated over 1,000, almost 1,000 people, and many, many of those people came knowing they were going to get the gift card. So that’s one of many reasons that motivates you to come here. “

The health department will ask you to register for the required dose of the vaccine. Click here to login.

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Profitable, Cash Saving Summit County Psychological Well being Program Grabs Consideration Of Colorado Leaders – CBS Denver

DILLON, Colorado (CBS4) – A program in Summit County aimed at responding to those in the midst of mental crisis has caught the attention of state leaders. Earlier this month, Governor Jared Polis traveled to Dillon to speak with community leaders about what makes the Summit County model so successful.

Governor Jared Polis and other heads of state meet with community leaders in Summit County. (Credit: CBS)

“First and foremost, we’re building it up from the community, not the law enforcement down, which is really important,” said Jaime FitzSimons, Summit County sheriff.

The SMART program, or System-wide Mental Assessment Response, was launched in Summit County just last year, and FitzSimons said it was an idea put forward by the community and tailored to the needs of the Summit County community. That is what makes it unique, but also what makes it work.

“There’s a lot of community support with this team. The other thing is that it’s a plainclothes answer, which means they don’t show up in uniform. They show up as a team and they show up in plain clothes, an unmarked car, and they go to all the cities here in the Summit County jurisdictions, so it’s a nationwide response, ”he said.

The response always includes a deputy paired with a clinician. This is the co-response part of the program, but it goes beyond that initial contact.

“You have a third component in your team, the case manager, so I always describe it as a deputy and clinician in times of crisis. You have the focus in the moment of crisis and stabilization – and stabilize this person in the community. At the back end is the case manager who comes now and provides the all-round service for further stabilization, ”said FitzSimons.

(Credit: CBS)

Over the past 10 months, the joint response has saved hundreds of people from landing in the emergency room, saved the emergency room from overflowing, and saved the county money. FitzSimons and his team estimate that for every person they can help avoid a trip to the emergency room, the county will save about $ 15,000.

“This year it was just over $ 2 million for the first 10 months of this year. It’s a huge number, but more importantly, how many people we’ve stabilized rather than sending people to higher levels of care or destroying our emergency room. We have stabilized an incredible number of people, what we say ‘on the spot’, be it at home, wherever that place is, but not going to a higher level of care, that has crushed the community. “

FitzSimons believes any ward can accept the program and make it successful, but what works in Summit County will likely be different for Denver. In Summit County, the start-up cost of the program is around $ 425,000, and while it was a successful program, funding has been one of the biggest hurdles.

Fall fashion: Prepping the Belgians for the county honest | Heraldrepublican

When the DeKalb County Free Fall Fair takes place this week, hundreds of people will tour the Draft Horse Barn to marvel at these “gentle giants” who once fueled the agricultural industry.

These horses, which are twice the size of a riding horse, are pretty impressive up close.

What most visitors don’t see is the work of the exhibition exhibitors to bring the animals to the fair. The days before the fair are busy for our family as we prepare our Belgian draft horses for the show ring.

Budding Belgians will have six horses in the draft horse stable: our mare: Lillie and her foal Tulip Moana; and four geldings, Dan, Chip, Dale and Wally. Tulip was born on May 31st and will stand in a box with her mother. She will be a popular place to go for petting children and adults.

Belgians have already gone to the blacksmith for their pedicures. Your hooves are trimmed, shaped, and filed smooth (think of a giant fingernail file) to make the best impression on the judge. Our horses are trimmed roughly every six to eight weeks, year round, to keep their feet safe and sound.

Every Belgian gets a bath today, the day of the fair check-in, and the mane and tail are deburred and combed. Washing a Belgian is like washing a pickup truck – the whole family lends a hand to prepare each horse for the ride into town.

The whole family will also lend a hand during the week of the fair. My husband Lowell, son Jeremy, daughter Dawn and son-in-law Kerry Yingling are all responsible for showing the horses in the show ring. I’m the chief operations officer, cleaning the harness, packing supplies for the cleaning tray and making sure my two-step ladder is at hand to comb the mane on the heads of the Belgians. We all ensure that the stands are clean for our trade fair visitors all week long.

For a number of years we had the help of 4-H members who signed up for the draft horse project through the Doubletree 4-H Club. The draft horse project is the only animal project where the 4-H member does not have to own the animal. In DeKalb County, 4-H members who do not own a draft horse are matched with a member of the DeKalb County Horsemen’s Association to “borrow” a horse for the graduation show and learn from the adult volunteers.

Here are some photos from our trade fair experience in recent years. See you at the fair!

Baskin: extra county cash, accountability for Buffalo anti-violence teams wanted

The Erie County’s Legislative Chair is proposing training and data collection for nonprofits working to curb violence in the city of Buffalo.

BUFFALO, NY – The increase in gunfights and killings in Buffalo is a major concern for any elected official representing the city.

That certainly applies to April Baskin. Their Erie County Legislature District includes the east and west sides of Buffalo, which have the most violent neighborhoods.

But for Baskin it’s also very personal.

“My first cousin, Marcus Robinson, stopped on April 24th to get some refueling. A couple of guys drove up and killed him, ”Baskin said.

The crime scene is across from Baskin’s district office on East Delavan Avenue. The case remains unsolved.

To help defuse disputes that can escalate into violence, there are a number of nonprofit groups operating in Buffalo. These include Peacemakers, Mad Dads of Greater Buffalo, Stop the Violence Coalition, and The Fathers.

Baskin, as chairman of the county legislature, wants them to receive county funding, but with constraints and questions.

“Solving these problems isn’t just about dumping money into programming or just writing checks. What grants do the members of these groups receive? What kind of work do you do? ”Baskin asked in a recent interview with 2 On Your Side.

Baskin put together a proposal that she calls the Erie County Gun Violence Relief Alliance. She wants to support the work of these anti-violence groups with district money in a certain way.

The proposal calls for $ 500,000 to train members of these groups in peer mediation, conflict resolution, and trauma-informed care. And she wants another $ 300,000 to be spent on a software system to analyze data collected by the anti-violence groups to show “the results of their … contact”.

If that sounds like Baskin wants to see the county get results in exchange for their money, this is exactly what they are looking for. 2 On Your Side asked Baskin what she would say to groups who might be afraid of being judged in this way.

Her answer: “If we are to do the job and improve the results, there should be no need to be reluctant or concerned. But those who disagree with the type of structure I am proposing should perhaps question their opposition. Anyone who opposes this means that they are reluctant to get better results and so there is no longer any room for them to act in this area. “

Pastor James Giles agrees.

Giles heads the Back to Basics Ministry, which oversees Peacemakers, the best known of the local anti-violence groups. He says other government sources of funding for peacemakers already require various records of achievement.

But Giles wants a voice in evaluating his group because he says elected officials are often unaware of the depth of the work involved in deterring violence.

“I rarely see one of them at funerals. They don’t actively engage with the players or with the gangs. They don’t know who the gangs are. They don’t know why they’re shooting You don’t hang out in the clubs where there are fights. I don’t see them in clubs out there on Chippewa. So it is really hard for you to determine measurements for me. ”

Baskin says she discussed her proposal with Erie County’s executive director, Mark Poloncarz, who earlier this year described gun violence as a county public health crisis, indicating more county spending on the issue.

However, Baskin insists that any increase in funding comes with collecting data to know what the county is getting in return.

“We’re going to be doing more with funding and we’re going to be giving a lot more, but when we do we will have a transparent process to understand that it is having an effect,” Baskin said.

Martinez in Columbia County ranked #21 on Cash’s 50 Greatest Locations to Dwell

First Evans, now Martinez.

For the second year in a row, a Columbia County township was named Money magazine’s Top 50 list of places to live in the United States.

Among the cities and towns with a population of 25,000 to 500,000, Martinez was ranked 21st on the publication’s 35th annual list.

Growth of population:This is how Columbia County got bigger in 2020

“Things are going well in Columbia County, and that’s putting Martinez back in the spotlight,” said Kerry Bridges, chairman of the board of directors for Columbia County’s Development Agency.

“We’re excited to have Martinez named one of the best places to live in the United States,” said Doug Duncan, chairman of the Columbia County Board of Commissioners. “It’s not just a testament to just how successful Columbia County is, it’s the entire Augusta region.”

In 2020, Evans took first place on the list.

According to Money, the rankings are based on “nearly 100 different metrics,” which include data that falls into nine categories – cost of living; economic opportunity; Diversity; Education; “Fun” (or convenience); Health and safety; Real estate market; Income and personal finances; and quality of life.

Evans didn’t make the list this year because the list’s editors and researchers disqualified last year’s top five churches in an effort to “keep the list interesting” in 2021. In addition, winners were limited to one per county and three per state.

Two other Georgia cities, both in suburbs of Atlanta, made the list – Peachtree City at number 24 and Woodstock at number 31.

The $ 140,000 Question:Could You Be a Columbia County Homeowner?

It’s not uncommon for the same county on the money list to spawn a top 50 community in recent years. This year, 21 counties in addition to Columbia County completed the feat.

It is also not the first time that the unincorporated communities have been highlighted in the magazine. When Money curated a top 100 list of the best communities, Evans was ranked 32nd in 2005 and Martinez ranked 76th in 2007.

When describing Martinez, the magazine highlighted many outdoor recreational spots like the Savannah River and several trails for hikers, joggers, and cyclists.

“Aside from its extensive outdoor offerings, Martinez is among the top 5 for economic growth opportunities among the 1,200+ locations we considered for our list this year,” the magazine wrote in its new issue. “Of the 50 positions that have made it, it is No. 6 for job creation in the (past) five years. The suburb also had the third lowest unemployment rate of any city on our list in June at just 3%, well below the 5.9% for the country as a whole. ”

The magazine also cited Fort Gordon’s U.S. Army Cyber ​​Command and Columbia County’s new Amazon facility as evidence of Martinez’s growth potential.

According to the numbers

Columbia County’s Martinez Ward, as reported by Money magazine:

Population: 37,997

Median household income: $ 82,027

Median house price: $ 180,712

Unemployment rate: 2.6%

Hearth Departments In Beaver And Lawrence County Increase Cash For Chief Recognized With Pancreatic Most cancers – CBS Pittsburgh

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

NEW BEAVER, Pennsylvania (KDKA) – Fire departments in Beaver and Lawrence counties came together on Sunday to help their own.

CONTINUE READING: Motorcyclists organize “Ride For Kids” for the benefit of the Pediatric Brain Tumors Foundation

Kevin Peters served for more than 20 years as chief of the New Beaver Borough Volunteer Fire Department, which was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

CONTINUE READING: “A blessing for the Central Catholic Congregation”: Central Catholic Congregation remembers 15-year-old who was killed at Haunted Hills Hayride

Unfortunately, it has since spread to his liver.

MORE NEWS: “You want to go to work:” Westpa. District of Laborers urges Congress to pass Biden’s infrastructure plan

The communities held a fundraiser to help Peters manage the expenses as he continues his battle with cancer.

Ted Rhodes golf match raises cash for Fisk | Davidson County

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – The players were back on the course for the annual Ted Rhodes golf tournament on Saturday.

Ted Rhodes was the first black professional golfer to play at the US Open in 1948. Rhodes is from Nashville. He was also the founder of the Fisk University golf team.

For 52 years, players from all over the world have been coming to the city of music to raise money for the Fisk golf program.

“He fought to make blacks play golf and he fought tirelessly for that because he was passionate about the sport,” said Tiffany White, Rhodes’ granddaughter.

The second round of the fundraising campaign will take place on Sunday.

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Prince George’s County man convicted in ‘execution type’ homicide in White Oak

A County of Prince George Man who shot two victims during a marijuana deal white oak was sentenced today.

READ MORE: Man charged with fatal stabbing of 23 year old woman in White Oak

A jury in Montgomery County found 22-year-old Andy Panton guilty of double first degree murders in the shootings of 23-year-old Jordan Radway of Laurel and 24-year-old Christian Roberts of Silver Spring.

READ MORE: Montgomery County Police are investigating 2 murders in the White Oak area

Panton faces two life sentences in a row.

The Montgomery County Police Department began investigations when Radway and Roberts were found in a car accident in the 11600 block of Stewart Lane.

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Investigators say Radway and Roberts met with a man named Dontaye Hunt and Panton.

Hunt was arrested shortly after homicides. He told police that the couple intended to rob the men, but they had no intention of killing them.

Although Hunt refused to identify the killer, police eventually found that Panton pulled the trigger.

Stolen automotive, cash, results in costs for Cayuga County man | Police

YORK – A Cayuga County man faces multiple charges in connection with a car reported stolen from Geneseo village, the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Richard R. Stagles, 35, of Sterling, was charged with possession of second degree stolen property, a Class C crime; third degree criminal possession of stolen property, a class D crime; unauthorized use of a first degree motor vehicle, a class D crime; difficult third-degree unlicensed operation; and additional violations of state vehicle and traffic law.

The charges stem from an August 23 incident in which the Livingston County Emergency Communications Center received a call at around 9 a.m. reporting that a vehicle had just been stolen from an address on South Street in the village of Geneseo. Geneseo police responded at the scene for an investigation.

Shortly after the call, Sheriff’s Assistant Molly Flavin was on patrol in the Genesee and Main Street areas of York City when she saw a vehicle that matched the description of the vehicle that had been reported stolen minutes earlier. The MP confirmed that the vehicle she saw was the stolen vehicle and conducted a traffic control on Virginia Avenue, with the person quickly taken into custody without incident, the sheriff’s office said.

The investigation alleged that Stagles had stolen a large amount of money that was in the vehicle at the time of the theft, the sheriff’s office said.

A review of the records also revealed that Stagles’ driving privileges in New York had been suspended.

After his arrest, Stagles was turned over to the Deputies of Central Booking in the Livingston County Jail for processing and pre-trial detention. Prosecutors were contacted about the crime-level charges on bail and recommended that Stagles be released at their discretion as the charges were ineligible for bail under the state judicial reform law.

Stagles was later indicted in the Livingston County Centralized Arraignment in the Livingston County Jail before the Sue Mahaney City of West Sparta Justice, which Stagles released on his own with a future court hearing.

The Livingston County Public Defender’s Office represented Stagles on the prosecution. The prosecution was notified but did not appear to be charged.

Members of the Patrol Division, Criminal Investigation Division, Forensic Identification Unit and Command Staff were supported in the investigation for the Sheriff’s Office. The investigation was under the command of Sgt. Chad Tuchmacher.

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New arts present raises cash for Shelby County Animal Shelter | Neighborhood

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – A new festival was held in Shelbyville this weekend to raise money for pets in need.

The Shelbyville Fall Art and Craft Show featured more than 80 vendors, food trucks, a petting zoo, and face painting over Labor Day weekend.

ArtSpark Productions’ Sherry Kremer says the first-time event was so successful that some vendors ran out of products on the first day.

Kremer used to work in tourism and wanted to develop a show that promotes regional companies – but not only regional companies benefited from the show.

“I wanted to create an event that would help the vendors, artisans and artists, and also benefit a local charity, so we chose Shelby County Animal Rescue,” said Kremer.

A number of raffles and promotions were also offered during the weekend to raise funds for the shelter.

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