Drew Barrymore hints she’s engaged on a cookbook | Leisure

Drew Barrymore “could” be working on a cookbook.

The 46-year-old actress has said that she has become an “obsessive foodie” over the years and loves discovering new dishes, and is even considering adding her favorite recipes to her own cookbook.

She said, “My mom, who I only lived with until a certain early point in my life, was a California vegetarian from the ’70s. She liked that crunchy cereal, veggies, clean food, and I still eat that mostly today .

“[I became] an obsessed foodie [in my 20s]. I started traveling the world, researching food, learning who my favorite chefs were, and trying different restaurants. And that inspired me to start cooking sometime in my 30s and 40s. “

The “Santa Clarita Diet” star said she now has an entire closet in her house devoted to cookbooks and teased her that she “maybe” has her own book in the works with her chef Pilar Valdes.

She added, “Cookbooks are like school books to me, and I read them front-to-back. I love the stories. I love learning a technique.”

And while fans may have to wait for Drew’s book to get their hands on her cooking tips, she’s already started offering advice to daughters Olive (eight) and Frankie (six), who she has with ex-husband, Will Kopelman give.

Speaking to People magazine, she said: “[Olive] makes amazing breakfast. She makes eggs, vegetarian sausages and toast. I recently posted an Instagram showing me a breakfast she made for me when I was sick. She did it one hundred percent on her own, and it meant so much to me. “