Fashion Conversational Week 1462: The Empress of The Fashion Invitational on this week’s new contest and outcomes

Also back in Loserdom this week is Milo Sauer, who quickly used up exactly 100 ink blots in the early 2000s and then disappeared. Well, his name anyway: Milo (aka Tim, a math professor at George Mason University) recently confessed to me that in 2005 he broke the strict no-pseudonym rule of invitations and assumed the identity of Elwood Fitzner from Valley City. ND, collected 100 more blots before retiring too. I actually looked up Elwood in my early days of Empresshood, and while I couldn’t find that exact name back then, I found numerous Fitzners in Valley City (6,400) and thought it must be there somewhere. (It turns out that Milo has Fitzner relatives there.) Now, almost 15 years later, it’s all gone, and I’m excited to see Milo is as smart as ever – two blots this week! – but folks, don’t enter under a false name.

Type Conversational Week 1460: The Type Invitational Empress on the competition for brand new dictionary phrases from

It’s the TWENTYSIXTH Invite win and the second Clowning Achievement winner for Hall of Famer Mark Raffman, whom I have met many times and who can vouch for his utter clumsiness, even if he will soon be chasing his last ambulances beforehand as a business lawyer in the Retirement. In my 100 clowners for 100 losers program, instead of a second trophy, he gets a small pennant with “II” on it to attach it to the base of the trophy he won in week 1413 (which happens to be poems with new words) ). I have now given 36 out of 100 clowns since December 6th, so 64 more of you will one day receive the disembodied clown head on a stick.