The NFL’s highest-paid quarterbacks in 2021 wage, assured cash and complete contract worth

No NFL team wants to be left out in the quarterback position. Over the years we’ve lost a lot of great teams to spotty quarterback play and raised a lot of mediocre teams from an elite quarterback.

When NFL teams get a guy they like at QB, they don’t like to let him go. At a certain point in time, their only option is to pay them; and in the past decade the quarterback market has skyrocketed.

Seeing $ 100 million worth of contracts awarded in the NFL used to be a rarity. Now it goes without saying for good quarterbacks. While it’s true that an increase in the league’s total revenue partially fueled this, franchise fears of losing a high-quality quarterback also played a massive role in this. Because of this, passers-by in the league are paid higher than ever, and often every new contract tries to outperform a new contract.

That may change after Patrick Mahomes’ record deal, but as long as the NFL exists, there will be a high-end market for quarterbacks. Because of this, teams will spend over $ 1 billion to compensate the NFL’s 10 highest-paid quarterbacks.

In 2021, 10 quarterbacks make more than $ 30 million during the season, but one quarterback leads the class at $ 45 million a year. Here’s an in-depth look at top-earning NFL quarterbacks for 2021 and beyond.

(All salary numbers are over

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Which NFL quarterback has the highest salary?

NFL contracts are a little more difficult than most other professional sports because they are not fully guaranteed and often include incentives. The best way to determine a quarterback’s highest salary is to use the average annual value of their contract. The base salary for players is often far less than what the quarterbacks earn.

In 2021, Patrick Mahomes has the highest median salary at $ 45 million. He is one of three quarterbacks who will make more than $ 40 million in a year, alongside Josh Allen ($ 43 million) and Dak Prescott ($ 40 million).

Below are the full top 10 average annual value, including all quarterbacks making $ 30 million or more in a season.

rank player Average annual value
1 Patrick Mahomes $ 45 million
2 Josh Allen $ 43 million
3 Dak Prescott $ 40 million
4th Deshaun Watson $ 39 million
5 Russell Wilson $ 35 million
T-6 Aaron Rodgers $ 33.5 million
T-6 Jared Goff $ 33.5 million
8th Kirk cousins $ 33 million
9 Carson Wentz $ 32 million
10 Matt Ryan $ 30 million

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Which NFL Quarterback Makes The Most Guaranteed Money?

Josh Allen makes $ 150 million more guaranteed cash than any quarterback in the NFL. He set the NFL record when he did agreed to a six-year extension for $ 258 million with the Bills just before the start of the 2021 preseason. Allen’s guarantees of $ 150 million exceeded Patrick Mahomes’ previous record by about $ 8.5 million.

Eight quarterbacks enter more than $ 100 million in guarantees. They are Allen, Mahomes, Dak Prescott, Deshaun Watson, Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, Russell Wilson, and Matt Ryan. Ryan Tannehill ($ 91 million guaranteed) just missed the top 10.

rank player Total guarantees
1 Josh Allen $ 150 million
2 Patrick Mahomes $ 141.5 million
3 Dak Prescott $ 126 million
4th Deshaun Watson $ 110.7 million
5 Jared Goff $ 110 million
6th Carson Wentz $ 108 million
7th Russell Wilson $ 107 million
8th Matt Ryan $ 100 million
9 Aaron Rodgers $ 98.7 million
10 Matthew Stafford $ 92 million

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Which NFL quarterback has the biggest overall contract?

Patrick Mahomes owns the largest NFL contract among quarterbacks with his $ 450 million deal. He is said to make nearly $ 200 million more than nearest competitor Josh Allen, albeit on a contract four years longer than Allen’s. Mahomes and Allen are the only two quarterbacks to have signed contracts worth more than $ 200 million.

Only 13 NFL quarterbacks have signed contracts totaling more than $ 100 million. Most of the others have rookie-scale deals or have high-end backup price tags. The middle class for quarterbacks has largely disappeared in terms of total value, with only Kirk Cousins ​​getting paid between $ 36 million and $ 118 million. The Vikings starter has a $ 66 million deal.

rank player Total order value
1 Patrick Mahomes $ 450 million
2 Josh Allen $ 258 million
3 Dak Prescott $ 160 million
4th Deshaun Watson $ 156 million
5 Matt Ryan $ 150 million
6th Russell Wilson $ 140 million
7th Jimmy Garoppolo $ 137.5 million
8th Matthew Stafford $ 135 million
T-9 Aaron Rodgers $ 134 million
T-9 Jared Goff $ 134 million

Which NFL quarterback has the highest career earnings?

Tom Brady was rarely among the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL, but he’s been in the league long enough to make the most career earnings. The current Bucs starter has earned $ 291.1 million in salaries during his NFL career. It will break the $ 300 million mark in 2021, but it won’t hold onto the top spot for long.

Once Mahomes and Allen’s renewals go into effect – which will come after the official end of the rookie portion of their contracts – they will quickly climb to the top and move closer to Brady. It may take five or six years, but the two will eventually oust Brady from the top – unless the 44-year-old continues to push fatherhood to its limits.

rank player Professional income
1 Tom Brady $ 291.1 million
2 Ben Röthlisberger $ 267.3 million
3 Matt Ryan $ 267 million
4th Aaron Rodgers $ 263.3 million
5 Matthew Stafford $ 246.5 million
6th Russell Wilson $ 181.4 million
7th Joe Flacco $ 171.1 million
8th Kirk cousins $ 161.7 million
9 Ryan Tannehill $ 140 million
10 Newton cams $ 130.9 million

Authorities denies Bezos’ Blue Origin protest over NASA HLS contract

Jeff Bezos, owner of Blue Origin, unveils a new lunar module called the Blue Moon during an event at the Washington Convention Center on May 9, 2019 in Washington, DC.

Mark Wilson | Getty Images

The US government accountability office on Friday rejected protests from companies affiliated with it Jeff Bezos that NASA has wrongly awarded a lucrative lunar lander contract exclusively to astronauts Elon Musks SpaceX.

The complaints were filed by Jeff Bezos ‘Blue Origin and Leidos’ subsidiary Dynetics.

“NASA did not violate public procurement laws or regulations when it decided to award only one award … the evaluation of all three proposals was reasonable and in line with applicable public procurement laws, regulations and the terms of the announcement,” said Kenneth. , Managing Associate General Counsel of GAO Patton wrote in a statement.

The GAO ruling supports the Space Agency’s surprise announcement in April that NASA has placed an order with SpaceX valued at approximately $ 2.9 billion. SpaceX was likely to compete with Blue Origin and Dynetics for two contracts before NASA awarded a single contract due to a lower allocation to the program from Congress.

NASA, in a statement, said the GAO decision will enable the agency “to set a schedule for the first manned landing on the moon in more than 50 years”.

“As soon as possible, NASA will provide an update on the way forward for Artemis, the human landing system, and the return of mankind to the moon. We will continue to work with the Biden administration and Congress to secure funding for a robust and sustainable approach. “For the nation’s return to the moon in collaboration with US trading partners,” the US space agency said.

A spokesperson for Blue Origin told CNBC that the company still believes that “there were fundamental issues with NASA’s decision, but GAO couldn’t address it due to its limited jurisdiction.”

“We will continue to advocate two immediate vendors as we believe this is the right solution,” said Blue Origin. “The Human Landing System program must have competition now instead of later – that is the best solution for NASA and the best solution for our country.”

SpaceX and Dynetics did not respond to CNBC requests for comment. For his part, Musk commented on the GAO’s decision in a tweet with a single emoji for the flexing arm.

NASA decision

Prototype spacecraft rocket SN15 launches from Boca Chica, Texas.


The GAO protest ruling resolves a dispute over NASA’s Human Landing System program, one of the final key elements in the agency’s plan to return US astronauts to the lunar surface.

Prior to the recent award, NASA had placed nearly $ 1 billion in concept development contracts – SpaceX received $ 135 million, Dynetics received 253 million, and Blue Origin received $ 579 million.

When choosing SpaceX for the next round of development, NASA decided to fund a variation of SpaceX Spaceship rocket, the prototype of which SpaceX has tested at its development site in Boca Chica, Texas.

NASA plans to have their astronauts use Starship to transfer from the agency’s Orion spacecraft when the capsule reaches lunar orbit.

Protests from Blue Origin and Dynetics

Shortly after NASA’s announcement in April, Blue Origin and Dynetics each filed protests with the GAOquestioning the space agency’s process and decision.

Blue Origin condemned the award as “flawed” in April, saying NASA “moved the goal posts at the last minute”.

The company also announced that its $ 5.99 billion bid was roughly double that of SpaceX. NASA later announced that Dynetics’ bid was even higher at $ 8.5 billion.

One effect of the protests is that NASA was unable to advance work on HLS with SpaceX, with work on the program essentially being suspended pending the GAO’s decision.

Bezos’ counter

Shortly after he flew into space himself on Blue Origin’s first manned flight, Bezos wrote a letter to NASA earlier this week that he would cover up to $ 2 billion in the space agency’s cost for a lunar landing contract.

“We stand ready to help NASA moderate its technical risks and resolve its budget constraints and get the Artemis program back on a more competitive, credible and sustainable path,” Bezos wrote in the letter.

Blue Origin communications vice president Linda Mills told CNBC in an email that Bezos had “made no change to the offering” following the GAO ruling.

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Taylor Heinicke on Gaining Weight, Altering Taking part in Fashion After New Contract – NBC4 Washington

Taylor Heinicke on weight gain, changing playing style originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

In his whirlwind of professional football career, quarterback Taylor Heinicke has only made two NFL starts. In both, he was forced to either leave the game or miss snapshots due to injury.

But after his heroic performance in January, in which he almost led the Washington Football team to a playoff storm over the eventual Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Heinicke was awarded a two-year contract with Washington – the safest contract of his career.

Although Heinicke has a new sense of job security, the quarterback continues to approach the game like he’s fighting for his football life. It started that off-season when Heinicke trained with Joel Seedman and gained 15 pounds from what he called “good weight” to increase his strength.

“I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job this off-season,” Heinicke said on Wednesday about Zoom. “I gained about 15 pounds of good weight, had a super healthy diet, and went to the gym a lot. I just felt like every time I walk in this field something happened for some reason I felt like I had this Checked box. “

Heinicke is listed at 6 foot-1,205 pounds and will always be undersized for his position. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be successful. There have been many signal callers shorter than him who excelled at the NFL level.

As Heinicke proved in his NFC Wild Card game against Tampa Bay, his athleticism is also an important part of his game. While the quarterback understood the need to gain weight this offseason, he also made sure he was following a strict plan that didn’t sacrifice speed or agility to build muscle.

“I have the feeling that I can move just as well. Again, it wasn’t as if I was lifting heavy weights and not running so well,” said Heinicke. “I did a lot of agility, a lot of footwork, so I didn’t want to lose that aspect of my game because I know it’s a big part of it. I wanted to be smart, gain weight. ”But I still have the speed and agility and things like that. I think my coaches at home did a pretty good job. “

When Heinicke returned to Ashburn for OTAs, his coaches – including offensive coordinator Scott Turner – noticed the changes he had made.

“I had that conversation with him at the end of the season. The only thing I told him was that he had to put on weight just to protect himself, just to protect his body from being hit,” said Turner. “He definitely did. You can see the dedication. He’s bigger.”

Heinicke’s training schedule not only changed this off-season, it changed his diet as well. He started his day with a protein shake and a nice walk, then came back and had either oatmeal or another protein shake.

At dinner, the quarterback said he came to the barbecue this off-season and would mainly cook steak, chicken, burgers, or vegetables – foods high in protein and good carbohydrates.

Why did he work so hard this off-season even though he had a new contract? His answer was simple.

“I was on the other side – I didn’t play a ball for a year and thought I was done,” said Heinicke. “Once I got this contract and everything I kind of dived cannonball style that I wanted to do well this year.”

During his performance against the Buccaneers, Heinicke won the fans in Washington by putting his body at risk. No game demonstrated this more than a third and fifth, with Washington trailing by eight at the end of the third quarter when Heinicke dodged a sack before sprinting over the left sideline and dipping four meters towards the pylon for a touchdown.

When Heinicke next enters the field for Washington, he wants to play with the same fire and the same passion, but also a little more conservatively in order to protect his body and his health a little more.

“We played Tampa Bay in the playoffs and I didn’t know if I would ever play again,” said Heinicke. “If this is the regular season in the fourth quarter this year, I’ll run out at the two-yard line and we have four downs to score a touchdown. I think that’s kind of a change I’m going to make this year . “

However, Turner did everything to ensure that Heinicke gave everything in this case.

“I know Taylor,” said Turner on Thursday with a smile. “If he’s in that situation, he’ll jump back to the pylon. No question about it. That was a playoff game, we had to have it.”

As it stands now, Heinicke will have the chance to compete for Washington’s starting QB job, according to head coach Ron Rivera. But barring the unexpected, it appears that veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the team’s Week 1 starter.

Regardless, Heinicke is in the best position of his NFL career to date and is enjoying the process every day.

“I wake up every day and I am thrilled to go to work and play soccer. You get paid well to do sports,” said Heinicke. “You can’t beat that. I wake up every morning, it’s a good day, go play football and have fun with it. We have a great squad here, a great coach and it’s a great environment. I think all of the guys feel the same way. “

Commissioners nonetheless working with Honest Board on ECR leisure contract – Akron Information-Reporter

The Washington County Commissioners met on Tuesday, May 4th. Pastor James Glisan of the First Presbyterian Church of Akron opened with a prayer.

Commissioner Lea Ann Laybourn announced that Free Landfill Day will be on May 15th instead of May 8th. There was also a discussion of whether there might be some dump trucks in town for residents to use. This will be discussed even more in the future as they felt that there wasn’t enough time to do it this year before Free Dump Day.

District Administrator Misty Peterson made her report. Resolution 73-2021, dealing with the hazard reduction plan, was discussed and the commissioners approved the resolution. Sick banking policy, resolution 74-2021, was also approved. There was a letter she wanted the board to sign for independent roofing specialists and it was approved. The contract with Simon Construction to overlay 44 County Road for $ 379,744 has been approved.

Maintenance Director Matt Green had three items to present to the commissioners. He asked for permission to sell an old rock wall in the horse stable, as it has been left over from the construction of the nursing home since 2015. He sold it and the commissioners agreed that he can sell them. He also asked for a capital purchase of a target mower for $ 3,821.20, and the commissioners approved. He then said he wanted to fill in the hole in the appendix of the concrete for safety reasons. Even though the hole was taped, he still thought it was a security risk. The board approved the repair of the hole.

District 2 requested the purchase of a Kenworth truck for $ 56,400. This capital purchase was approved. The board then approved a sheriff’s capital purchase of a new patrol car for $ 34,172. This was already in their budget.

Don Nadow, director of WY Communications, came to give the commissioners an update. He promoted two interim dispatchers. Employees receive training on clocking in and clocking out with a new system. Two employees are still on sick leave and he hopes they can return at least part-time the next time they visit the doctor. Everyone is currently working 12-hour shifts. The Otis and Lone Star Schools applied for a SAFER grant. When they get the scholarship, they work with the center. You will begin monthly meetings to discuss the calls and how to handle them. Your rating has increased in the past two months.

The assessor’s office is considering applying for a grant to support the GIS work and must decide whether to apply.

Emergency manager Bryant McCall said there are 12 active and five new cases of COVID. The sheriff’s office tests employees once a month, and the nursing home has reduced testing to every two weeks.

David Frisbee then spoke to the commissioners about some abseiling events and it was decided to hold an event in early October, which was scheduled for April 30, 2022. There was a team abseiling event last weekend, which was attended by 738 teams. He also gave an update on some of the roofs that are being made on circular buildings. The canopy schedules look good. Work on the roofs of the nursing home will begin shortly. You will do shingles first and metal will start on June 7th.

Vickie Sandlin, editor of Julesburg Advocate and Akron News reporter, asked if the county would work with the city of Akron to pay for an ad in Explore magazine. After some discussion, the county decided to work with the city to get a three-quarter page ad.

Alan Basler, President of the Washington County Fair Board, spoke to the commissioners about the contract to headline this year’s show. There has been some discussion and some changes need to be made before it can be signed. They will discuss the contract again in the next week. The contract for the opening act is still being discussed.

The meeting was adjourned without further business.

Genesee Well being Plan CEO says county pushed for cash earlier than placing contract out for bids

GENESEE COUNTY, MI – The chief executive officer of the Genesee Health Plan says district officials have started discussions about replacing his group as administrator of a program that will only help the working poor after they have urged millage funds for other uses to use.

“They wanted to take millage dollars and help with their budget deficit …” said Jim Milanowski, President and CEO of GHP. “Millage wasn’t chosen for that.”

The County Board of Commissioners voted last week to prepare a call for proposals for organizations interested in managing the uninsured health program after failing to reach an agreement on an updated contract with the Genesee Health Plan, which has been on the job more than 14 years fulfilled years.

Mark Young, county chairman of the board of directors, D-Grand Blanc, said Thursday April 22 that commissioners are not trying to take money from Millage for healthcare, which raises more than $ 9 million annually, but they want GHP to enroll inmates in the Millage program, a change that would save money for the county’s general fund.

“It’s just about making sure the Millage money is used to cover everyone in the county,” Young said.

Milanowski said GHP officials, who started with funding from hospitals and foundations in 2001, have to decide as an organization what to do next.

“This (decision to seek other suggestions) surprised us,” he said. “We kept our promises. We are confident that we can continue the work. “

GHP grew to 27,000 uninsured county’s residents after voters approved a nationwide property tax of 1 million in November 2006 in support of health programs for the uninsured working poor.

Since the Affordable Care Act was passed, that number has dropped to about 4,500, but Milanowski said the services have expanded and all Millage funds will continue to be used for services.

“We are very confident that everything can work out,” he said. “We really appreciated our relationship with the county.”

The CEO said he could not agree to an amended contract proposed by commissioners earlier this month due to issues including adding a language to allow inmates to enroll with GHP.

The proposal lacked details of how services would be provided and how invoices and payments would be made, Milanowski said.

“Our staff can’t just go to jail and enroll inmates,” he said.

Milanowski said the county has legal responsibility for inmate health care and GHP is only intended for those who have no other source of medical care.

The latest troubles between the county and GHP emerge seven months after Milanowski appeared before commissioners to speak against a proposed $ 1.5 million cut in its agency, a cut the county made before the current one was passed Has abandoned the budget.

A divided county board eventually approved a general fund budget of $ 99.6 million, with the cash reserves used to offset the county’s original proposed $ 1.5 million cut for GHP.

Milanowski said GHP has not yet received any millage funds from the county this year.

The amended contract proposal between the county and GHP stipulates that repayments will be made to the organization after it has submitted an invoice for the services it has provided.

The Commissioners have stated that the decision to solicit proposals from other groups interested in the implementation of the program is part of their oversight responsibility for taxpayers’ money.

Last year the county signed a Memorandum of Understanding with another organization that receives millage funds – the Flint Cultural Center – that requires county residents to get discounts on concert and show tickets if they pay a millage property tax that supports the arts.

Read more about MLive:

Genesee County is considering replacing Genesee Health Plan

The Genesee County Split Commission approves a new budget on the last day of the fiscal year

The new offer for the Genesee art tax provides for tickets with a discount of at least 30 percent

Workhorse Group drops almost 50% after EV firm is handed over for USPS contract

Workhorse W-15 electric pickup.

Source: workhorse

Shares of Workhorse group fell more than 50% on Tuesday after the company was turned over on a key U.S. Postal Service contract.

Amid the heightened volatility, the stock halted multiple times in the last half hour of trading before finally ending the session with a 47.5% loss. In extended trading, the stock fell another 10%.

The US Postal Service awarded Oshkosh Defense the first part of its 10-year multi-billion dollar contract to modernize its fleet of postal delivery vehicles. The initial investment will be $ 482 million.

Workhorse makes electric vehicles that focus on last mile delivery. The company currently has partnerships with UPS and FedEx Express, among others.

The contract award decision for the US Postal Service was made after a series of delays over several years. The deal was seen by the street as an upward catalyst for the Workhorse Group ahead of sales.

In a recent announcement to customers, BTIG said that Workhorse’s securing of part of the USPS contract was part of the company’s base case. The company has a Buy recommendation for the stock.

Though the stock almost halved on Tuesday, stocks are still up 347% over the past year.

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Ross Tucker Questions If Brandon Scherff’s Worth Is Value a Massive-Cash Contract – NBC4 Washington

Ross Tucker asks if Scherff’s worth is worth a big deal originally published on NBC Sports Washington

When Brandon Scherff joins the freelance agency this off-season, it seems like a breeze for the Washington Football team to be working to bring him back.

The veteran security guard has had a first-team all-pro season in which he was instrumental in helping Washington return to the playoffs. In addition, Scherff has stated that he wants to stay in Burgundy and gold and see the transformation of the franchise through. While his next contract is going to be expensive, it’s worth locking him up and securing the offensive line, isn’t it?

Former NFL offensive lineman Ross Tucker isn’t so sure if that’s the case. Keep talking 106.7 “BMitch & Finlay” by the fan He stated that the award may not be worth the reward.

“When I see guards being projected like $ 16 million a year, I think he’s a really good player. I sometimes wonder if a security guard … if a security guard really offers that much value, “Tucker said.” Especially someone who was just as much in the line-up as Brandon. “

His point of view of what a guard means to an NFL team doesn’t come from the outside, as Tucker played in that position for most of his five-year career. He understands it’s important for an offensive line, but in terms of financial compensation, he doesn’t see Scherff’s planned salary as equivalent to what he appreciates the position.

As Tucker explained, this has in part to do with Scherff’s injury history. Despite his success over the years, the security guard hasn’t played a full season for Washington since 2016. The wear and tear on Scherff and his inability to temporarily stay in the field have made Tucker fear that a big treaty could come back to bite Washington.

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Tucker’s opinion also comes from what he’s seen in the league when it comes to dealing with guards. He noted that New York Giants security guard Kevin Zeitler, who signed a three-year contract in 2019 with an average salary of around $ 10.6 million, and Andrew Norwell’s average cost of $ 13.3 million a year lately emerged as potential cap shedding measures.

These teams once thought these somewhat expensive contracts were worth it, but just a few years later it’s a commitment that organizations aren’t sure they can move on.

Seeing this, Tucker doesn’t want Washington to get into a similar situation. He has no problem with Scherff making the money the current market allows. He’s just not sure if it’s an investment that will pay off later.

“We all know that O-Line is really important, D-Line is really important. You’re good at D-Line, you don’t want to let people like Brandon Scherff go. But I feel like most of the teams that pay the top of the market for these guards say a year or two later, “Are we really getting our money’s worth there?” Tucker said.

EU publishes AstraZeneca vaccine contract as battle over provides heats up

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, will give a lecture at the end of a video conference of the members of the European Council that dealt with the Covid 19 pandemic in Brussels on January 21, 2021.


LONDON – The European Union co-published an edited version of the treaty on Friday AstraZenecaas the bloc is putting pressure on the drug maker to deliver the promised Covid vaccine.

The EU, which has been criticized for its slow adoption of vaccinations, was hit with a blow by AstraZeneca last week when the company said it could only deliver a fraction of the shots it agreed to for the first quarter.

AstraZeneca has denied it failed to deliver on its commitments, stating that shipments to the 27-nation bloc were targets rather than promises. The company also cited production problems at its European plants for the delays.

The European Medicines Agency is expected to make a decision on Friday on whether the AstraZeneca vaccine will actually be approved for use.

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said on Friday morning on German radio: “There are binding orders and the contract is crystal clear.”

“AstraZeneca also explicitly assured us in this contract that no other obligations would prevent the fulfillment of the contract,” she said, according to Reuters.

The head of the EU executive alleged the deal included clear delivery amounts for December and the first three quarters of 2021.

AstraZeneca wasn’t immediately available for comment when CNBC reached out on Friday.

International Competition Concerns

Earlier this week, Pascal Soriot, CEO of AstraZeneca, said the EU contract was based on what is known as a “best effort” clause and did not officially oblige the drug maker to a specific delivery schedule.

The EU von der Leyen rejected this proposal on Friday, adding that the clause would only apply if it was unclear whether AstraZeneca could develop a safe and effective vaccine. She also claimed that the contract specifically mentioned four manufacturing facilities that would supply the vaccine to Europe, two of which are in the UK.

EU officials have indicated that deliveries from the UK to Europe could be rerouted if delays in European production persist.

The EU of around 450 million people is struggling to get its vaccinations up and running as it is insufficiently supplied and is currently lagging far behind countries like Israel and the UK in delivering vaccines to its citizens.

A look at the headquarters of the British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca as a Covid-19 vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and inspected in Brussels, Belgium on January 28, 2021.

Dursun Aydemir | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

Vaccine maker Pfizer-BioNTech initially delivered a blow, announcing it would temporarily cut production to improve its production capacity in Belgium. This was followed by AstraZeneca last Friday, which reduced its delivery estimates for the region.

An unnamed senior EU official said Reuters The bloc expected around 80 million doses by March, but had learned it would only receive 31 million doses instead. The company has not confirmed the quantities concerned.

A deepening dispute between the EU and AstraZeneca has raised concerns about international competition for limited vaccine supplies. Hopefully the vaccinations can help end the coronavirus pandemic.

– CNBC’s Holly Ellyatt contributed to this report.