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Contemporary design is free from clutter and fuss. Rooms are well defined and lines of sight flow from room to room. Fabric and surfaces are smooth and smooth. Homely or rustic materials such as quilts, traditional tapestries or needlepoints do not have to be used.

Open floor plans are perfect for contemporary decor, especially for rooms with high ceilings. Imagine a hotel lobby in Manhattan with furniture placed with grid-like precision. The look is semi-formal.

Choose bold furniture. Avoid couches with skirts, lumpy loungers, or seats with large floral designs. Instead, opt for sofas with well-defined pillows and contemporary styles like angular arms or exposed legs.

Large cuts are also good for modern spaces.

Coffee tables and side tables can be round, square or rectangular and have surfaces made of glass, wood or stone.

Round glass tables with geometrically shaped chrome floors are the hallmark of modern dining areas. However, you can choose tables with glass tops, metal or wooden legs. A concrete table flanked by modern wooden chairs looks timeless.