In concession to COVID, Lovell voters prove for drive-in-style city assembly

Lovell’s town meeting was held in a drive-in style recreation area on Smart Hill Road. Voters could turn on their car radios to hear the moderator and selection panel members and then vote by lifting green or red paddles to indicate their positions on the warrant articles. Andree Kehn / Sun Journal

Phoebe Monteith is voting on an article at Lovell’s drive-in style town get-together on Saturday. Voters were given green and red paddles to signal their approval or disapproval of the warrant articles. Andree Kehn / Sun Journal Buy this photo

LOVELL – In a COVID-related twist on the traditional annual city get-together, voters here on Saturday approved a municipal budget of $ 1.1 million for their cars and trucks and listened to what was going on on their radios.

Selected Ms. Janice Arsenault said all 85 items on the warrant were approved at the meeting as voters, parked in the recreation field on Smart Hill Road, listening from the comfort of their vehicles, and then voting by lifting either green or red paddles to signal their voice.

The budget of $ 1.1 million was roughly $ 150,000 less than last year.

Among the larger items approved at the city meeting were $ 330,000 for various city fees, $ 139,000 for maintenance of the city’s roads and bridges, and $ 110,000 for snow removal and maintenance of winter roads.

Selectman Robert Drew, who ran for another term unopposed, was re-elected to the board for a further three-year term.

The moderator of the Lovell city meeting, Jon Bliss, contacted Selectboard members Robert Drew and Janice Arsenault during the city meeting on Saturday. The meeting took place in a drive-through style in a recreation area on Smart Hill Road. Andree Kehn / Sun Journal

Eric Gulbrandsen holds his green paddle out of the car window to endorse an arrest warrant article during Lovell’s town meeting on Saturday. Andree Kehn / Sun Journal

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