Mercedes Idea EQG Debuts In Munich With Electrical G-Class Model

The moment has finally come. Mercedes Benz is strongly pushing for electrification and its iconic G class is no exception. The vehicle you see here is not what you will be able to buy in the future, but it is close. Mercedes calls the Concept EQG – a near-series version of the upcoming EQG and a vision of an electrified G-Class.

It definitely looks like a G-Class, and purists will be happy if it should be just as robust. A ladder frame still underpins the box-shaped body, which sits on independent suspension at the front and on a rigid axle at the rear. The greenhouse stands tall, the massive spare wheel carrier holds the station at the rear, door handles are distinctive on the sides and round headlights illuminate the way to the front. Even at a quick glance, this should not be confused with a G-Class.

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However, it is clearly a completely different G-Class. Without a motor under the hood, the bold G-Class grill on the Concept EQG becomes an illuminated black-panel grill. Illuminated blue squares create an artificial grille look, with the three-pointed star in the center illuminated in a 3D effect. A white border completes the front grille, while additional LED daytime running lights encircle the headlights.

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On the sides you will find even more LED lighting that is integrated into the protective strips of the Concept EQG. The flat roof integrates an LED light bar at the front and a third brake light at the rear. 22-inch wheels with a late 1990s feel sit on the corners, and although the Concept EQG has a rear spare wheel carrier, you will likely notice that it’s not shaped like a tire. In reality, it is an external storage box, which on the outside pays homage to the traditional G-Class, but swaps the tire for things like charging cables.

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG rear view
Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG front view

Speaking of which, how does the Concept EQG bring the power to the ground? Mercedes isn’t ready to share details like horsepower or range just yet, but we’ve been told that this concept uses four electric motors mounted close to the wheels. Each motor can work independently to give the EQG “unique driving characteristics”. The drivetrain also has a switchable two-speed transmission, which basically gives you a crawler gear for tricky off-road situations.

Since this is a near-series concept, there will be some changes before the EQG becomes official. There’s no timeframe for when that will happen, but Mercedes promises it will pass the same tests and conquer the same terrain as all previous internal combustion engine G-cars.

Gorgeous Belafonte Superyacht Idea Proves Some Issues By no means Go Out of Fashion

July was the auto evolution Italian month, a month long virtual celebration of Italian style and excellence in design and performance in automotive, two-wheeler and Marine industry. Let’s wrap up this party with one final bow to a design that has stood the test of time and proves that few do better than the Italians when it comes to classics: Federico Fiorentino’s Belafonte superyacht concept.

Introduced in late 2014, The Belafonte avoided that Superyacht concept slippery tendency to “think outside the box”. Ironically, Fiorentino thought outside the box and delivered a project that is still considered modern, futuristic and yet elegantly timeless to this day. So a classic.

As Fiorentino explained Forbes In the same year: “A yacht does not have to be revolutionary.” That does not mean that you have to blend in or dampen originality, but that disruption for the sake of disruption should not be an end in itself. “There are some designers with strong personalities; They don’t necessarily make revolutions, but their styles are very distinctive. I think the Belafonte (and all of our other designs) has this basic characteristic. It is not necessarily a revolutionary yacht, but it has a strong personality and cannot be confused with any other yacht. “

Indeed, The Belafonte is unmistakable. It’s both modern and classic at the same time, with a striking bronze hull with automotive design elements that make it what it is immediately noticeable – and unforgettable. The design is inspired by small Dutch day boats, with the stainless steel detail on the bow paying homage to the Alfa Romeo Grille and so anchored this futuristic ship in the 60s and 70s. The overall design is clean and simple, with stark contrasts and unexpected combinations like mahogany cap rails and polished steel as a contrast.

It is 50 meters long, has three decks and an open back, reminiscent of motor boats. Performance would be on par with motorboats, too, although the level of comfort and luxury is undoubtedly super-yacht worthy.

Fiorentino initially envisioned The Belafonte at a top speed of 24 knots. A year after the project was presented, the designer conducted a study with Van Oossanen Naval Architects to further develop it. As such, it was found that the Belafonte thanks to the fast displacement hullwhich would also allow significant fuel savings. At a cruising speed of 13 knots, the superyacht could have transatlantic range and could even have transpacific range if sails at an even more leisurely speed of 9 knots.

Accommodation on board would be for 10 guests in five cabins: a VIP suite, two double cabins and one double cabin. The master suite would be huge with 84 square meters of living space, with its own office, a fold-out balcony, two bathrooms and two walk-in closets, as well as access to the private sundeck and the forward lounge on the main deck.

Amenities include a formal salon, dining area, two pools, a sky lounge with its own bar and outdoor dining area, and a gorgeous but minimalist beach club. For the project, Fiorentino mainly focused on the exterior, mentioning that the interior layout would not be designed until a potential customer came over. That too allowed for customization certain elements; After all, when you’re paying $ 26.4 million (Fiorentino 2014 estimate) for a superyacht, you want one final word on what goes where in terms of the rooms and the stuff you put in them.

An owner for The Belafonte has not turned up after all these years, but if it does, it can be expected to be completed in 2.5 years. Fiorentino knows Just the right kind of man or woman who would commission such a super yacht that he compares to one Porsche or a Aston Martin. “Sports car with an elegant touch, [and] modern lines mixed with classic elements. This yacht calls for the same kind of person who would buy these cars. “

Topgolf founders launching mini-golf, leisure idea within the U.S.

An entertainment concept that combines mini golf with technology and food and drink will open its first location in the United States.

Puttshack will make its US debut on the new mixed-use development The Interlock on April 21 in Atlanta. The concept was developed by Steve and Dave Jolliffe, the original founders of Topgolf and World Golf Systems, and Adam Breeden, co-founders of Flight Club, Ace Bounce, and All Star Lanes.

The 25,000-square-foot, upscale space in Atlanta will feature four tech-driven, highly competitive miniature golf courses, a high-profile menu, a fully stocked bar, and an indoor and outdoor rooftop terrace. Puttshack’s courses are colorful and energetic, with individually designed holes, interactive leaderboards, and a digital prize wheel. Each customer is assigned a cleared ball with a chip that automatically records his shot and registers his score in the ranking.

Children are welcome to play, but only at certain times on certain days and they must be supervised by an adult. The courses are not recommended for children under the age of seven.

Puttshack’s Atlanta location will be one of the brand’s three current locations in London. Additional US locations are in the works, with openings in Chicago and Miami later this year. The company recently signed a lease to open in Nashville at the Old Gibson Guitar Factory site in The Gulch neighborhood. The location is expected to open in the second half of 2023.

“We are very excited to open Puttshack’s first US facility in Atlanta,” said Joe Vrankin, CEO of Puttshack. “This city has amazing energy and we can’t wait to bring the putting shack experience to the community in just a few weeks.”

As Puttshack seeks to deepen its roots in the local Atlanta community, Puttshack Atlanta is also committed to supporting the local hospitality industry by partnering with Giving Kitchen in Atlanta, a nonprofit that provides food service employees through financial support and a network of emergency aid staff provides community resources. As part of its menu give-back program, Puttshack is promising $ 1.00 for every purchase of the Georgia Tailpipe, a locally inspired, shared, divisible dish made from slow-roasted pulled pork, bacon-collard vegetables, and allspice and cheese spring rolls.

Jeep unveils all-electric Wrangler idea SUV

The Jeep Wrangler Magneto concept is an all-electric SUV based on a 2020 two-door Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.



Jeep has unveiled a new all-electric version of its iconic Wrangler SUV, but consumers will likely have to wait at least a few years to buy one.

The brand presented the Wrangler “Magneto” as a concept vehicle on Monday. This means that it is a custom product that is usually developed by automakers to measure customer interest or to point out the future direction of a vehicle or brand.

“It’s a sustainable, stealthy climbing group,” said Jim Morrison, vice president of the Jeep brand in North America, during a media event. “It’s a zero-emission concept vehicle with Jeep 4×4 capability that is being taken to the next level.”

Jeep executives have said that every Jeep will offer some form of electrification in the future, but an all-electric version of the Wrangler has not been confirmed. The company recently started selling a plug-in hybrid electric version of the Wrangler under a new one “4xe” moniker, A game with the brand’s off-road reputation combined with electrification. Plug-in hybrid electric models have batteries like electric vehicles, but also a conventional internal combustion engine.

The Jeep Wrangler Magneto concept is an all-electric SUV based on a 2020 two-door Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.


The Jeep Wrangler Magneto concept is based on a 2020 two-door Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. To make it an electric vehicle, the engineers swapped out its internal combustion engine and some supporting parts for electrical components like four batteries and an electric motor.

The vehicle is capable of up to 273 foot-pounds of torque and 285 horsepower. The Magneto runs 0-60 mph in 6.8 seconds. The company has not approved the vehicle’s electric range.

The most unique thing about the Magneto is that it has a six-speed manual transmission that electric vehicles don’t need because of their engines. Mark Allen, head of Jeep design, said the vehicle had “the best features” of an automatic transmission but the “direct drive feel” of a manual transmission, which is vital for off-road enthusiasts.

The Magneto was featured along with several other custom or concept vehicles for the Jeep Easter Safari, an annual off-road event for the brand in Moab, Utah. Jeep regularly uses the off-road event as a test site for the performance of its vehicles and as a means of measuring customer interest in new products.

“The Moab Easter Jeep Safari has been a tradition for more than half a century,” said Morrison. “It’s a place where we can connect with our die-hard off-road enthusiasts and those who are most loyal to our brand.”

Concept vehicles for this year’s Jeep Easter Safari include (from left to right) Jeep Red Bare, Jeep Magneto, Jeepster Beach and Jeep Orange Peelz.