Movie Workplace: three productions accomplished in Albuquerque | Leisure

SANTA FE, NM (AP) – According to official figures from New Mexico, three feature films have completed production in the state in the past few months.

According to the state film bureau, the films included “Vengeance” by Blumhouse, “Cop Shop” by Warren Goz and Eric Gold, and “Intrusion,” a Netflix feature.

The film bureau said all three productions were shot at least partially in Albuquerque.

The story of “Vengeance” was said to be under wraps, “Cop Shop” was about a Criminal Syndicate criminal who went to jail on purpose, and “Intrusion” was a drama that included a home invasion and shooting.

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Warren County offers extra money for Mullen demolition; Challenge may very well be accomplished this week | Native

Bronze Contracting continues work on demolishing the Mullen Building on Bay Road in Queensbury last week. Warren County provided some additional funding to complete the project.

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QUEENSBURY – Warren County’s regulators have provided additional money to demolish the Mullen building on Bay Road but have not yet made a decision on what to do with the land.

The Board of Supervisors on Friday agreed to provide an additional $ 2,000 for project costs.

Bronze Contracting from Remsen in the district of Oneida began with the demolition work at the beginning of this month.

Claudia Braymer, director of Glens Falls’ 3rd division, said more of the waste that was removed did not contain asbestos. The contractor will have to amend its application to the state Department of Labor to get permission not to treat all waste as asbestos, she said.

The original cost of the contract was around $ 72,000. The county has the money in its reserve fund to cover the additional costs.

“I want this to proceed immediately,” said Braymer.

The regulators had no problem with the additional funding. Peter McDevitt, director of Glens Falls’ 2nd division, said he was excited that the building is falling and it will be a very positive thing economically for the county.

“This is an eyesore at the junction of Glens Falls and Queensbury. It’s the first thing you see when you get on and off, ”he said.