Purple Bull’s Dance Your Fashion Competitors Landed in Chicago

Photo credit: Chris Hershman / Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull’s global Dance Your Style competition took off at the Windy City with a focus on footwork, jitting and more!

For years Red Bull has hosted dance competitions that featured some of the fastest and most talented dancers in the world. Synchronized Dance your style, its unique battle format has seen members of the movement community compete head-to-toe in qualifying rounds in cities across the United States ahead of the National Finals in Washington DC in 2021. One of those stops was the hometown of house music and footwork – Chicago.

Red Bulls Dance Your Style produced incredible local talent for everyone to see 25th of September at Thalia hall in the southwest of Chicago. This included renowned dancer Child nimbus, The Era Footwork Crew, DJ King Marie, and more. From the beginning of the show to the end, it was all about dance, music and, above all, the love of the city of Chicago – and we were lucky enough to get a front row seat.

Thalia Hall was lit with an eccentric energy that could be felt from the moment you walked into the venue.

Upon entering, I could get a good view from the balcony and immediately get a good feel for the energy of the audience and performers. It was set up like a classic back-alley dance-off, with a crowd forming a circle around the two dancers who competed against each other. There were a total of 15 rounds, with each participant only having one minute to show their hottest moves. As the battles continued, the winners played against each other until there was only one dancer left.

Something that stood out about Dance Your Style was that the audience had the opportunity to participate in the experience as well. Before we entered the main dance floor, we were given bracelets that could be either red or blue. After both dancers showed their moves, the MC called on the crowd to show which team they liked best. The lights would go out so all the bracelets could be clearly seen and the majority would be crowned victor. The oohs and ahhs of the crowd at the joint light show put a smile on my face every round, it was so much fun at an event like this.

Child nimbus and Lam Sedechu were the last to stand, fight, and show us incredible footwork and tutting skills. Both were incredible dancers, but in the end it was Kid Nimbus’ crazy flexibility, insane facial expressions, incredible agility and charisma that earned him the trophy. The crowd roared with excitement as MC Bravemonk looked at all the bracelets one last time and announced he was the winner.

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A cattle roping competitors helps elevate cash for a boy that broke his femur in half

MICANOPY, Fla. (WCJB) – Friends and family came together in Micanopy to receive a roping benefit to pay Dade Markham’s medical bills.

Dade was diagnosed with Chiari malformation, in which the brain tissue extends into the spinal canal. On August 2, Dade fell and fractured his left femur in half.

On Saturday, his family and friends met at the Rock Star Arena for a rappelling competition to raise money for Dade.

It was $ 40 each and there were raffles, an auction, and grill plates for lunch. Dade’s father, Wesley, is a firefighter in Ocala and is happy that people have come to support his son.

“When someone is really in need, the community here and friends and family really know how to value their time at events and get out of it and really want to be part of helping someone. It is good to know that there are still a lot of people who want to give something and feel good about it. “

Dade is expected to be in his cast around September 13th.

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Household begins ‘My Restaurant Guidelines’ type competitors for lockdown 

Mama shows the style competition “My Restaurant Rules”, with which her family survives the lockdown – and encourages others to try it out too

  • A Melbourne mother presented her family’s cooking contest online
  • She said the My Restaurant Rules-style competition beats boredom
  • The mother teamed up with her nine-year-old son, her husband with her six-year-old daughter

A busy mother of two showed her family trying to find dinner time in a “My Restaurant Rules” -style competition. to embellish Lockdown.

the Melbourne Family previously weathered six city-wide lockdowns and become experts and invent new ways to pass the time indoors.

In the latest game, mother Stephanie and her nine year old son Dustin cook against her husband Dave and their six year old daughter Sienna.

A busy mother of two showed her family trying it out in a “My Restaurant Rules” -style contest in lockdown

Sienna, six, with the nigiri she made with her father Dave for the starter in her pop-up restaurant

Sienna, six, with the nigiri she made with her father Dave for the starter in her pop-up restaurant

The father-daughter team is three points behind, but loves the competition

The father-daughter team is three points behind, but loves the competition

In the My Restaurant Rules-style challenge, the two teams compete for the best menu with points for taste and presentation.

And Stephanie says the game was a huge hit, especially with her son excited to take the lead.

“We win with three points,” she told FEMAIL.

“We help them create the menu, but we mostly choose dishes that we all like to eat,” she said.

In the first round of the restaurant there was Stephanie and Dustin’s menu.

As a starter, the family had saganaki before dealing with dumplings for the main course.

Both menus were designed by Sienna - after Dustin lost interest in physical design Sienna and Dave served a Swedish cake, shrimp salad and nigiri with dinner

Both menus were created by Sienna. The one designed by Dustin and Stephanie contained dumplings and sganaki, while Sienna and Dave’s had Swedish cakes and sushi

Dustin proudly posed in front of the dumplings while they cooked

Dustin proudly posed in front of the dumplings while they cooked

For dessert, the mother and son team served chocolate pudding with ice cream.

A week later, the papa-daughter team set up their menu and served nigiri at the beginning, followed by a shrimp salad and kladdkaka, a Swedish chocolate cake, at the end.

Stephanie said they are trying to do whatever they can to entertain the children despite the tight restrictions imposed by the Andrews government.

The nine-year-old boy is pictured here turning his saganaki dish over

The nine-year-old boy is pictured here turning his saganaki dish over

The Swedish-style chocolate cake was a hit with the family who adopted the recipe from Facebook

The Swedish-style chocolate cake was a hit with the family who adopted the recipe from Facebook

“It’s hard, especially now that playgrounds are banned,” she said.

The children proudly posed in front of their meals while they cooked. Dustin lost interest in preparing the physical menus, so Sienna did it for both meals.

The mother posted photos of the experimental dinner challenge on Facebook, where she inspired dozens of others to start a cooking contest with their children.


In Peloton competitors with gyms, health app Strava might win

More than 400 hardware devices can connect to Strava, including fitness and fitness equipment, smartwatches and bike computers, and the company claims it uploaded more than 1.1 billion activities to its platform in the past year.


When this year’s Tour de France left the city of Brest on June 26th, most of the 184 professional cyclists were registered with Strava.

So do millions of recreational athletes all over the world, from runners in Rio to swimmers in Switzerland to mountaineers in Montana. Legions of Strava users were also inside Peloton Ergometers and treadmills, Zwift “smart” trainers and NordicTrack rowing machines.

The Strava mobile fitness app tracks more than 30 different activities in real time and loads speed, distance, cadence and other performance data onto a platform on which 86 million users analyze their own workouts, share and compare them with other users and send them to friendly people Challenges can take part with friends and strangers. Its popularity soared amid the pandemic when gyms closed and home and outdoor workouts boomed.

“We have seen tremendous growth in our community,” said Michael Horvath, Strava chief executive officer. “There were months in 2020 when we had three million new registrants and we are now at around two million per month, double what it was before Covid. This means that Strava motivates people, helps them get through this time and gives them the opportunity to get in touch with other people. “

From the Harvard Row team to a $ 1.5 billion startup valuation

Strava, a privately held company, was founded in 2009 in San Francisco by Horvath and Mark Gainey, former Harvard rowing teammates who now serve as CEO and Executive Chairman respectively. The company has approximately 270 employees and additional offices in Denver, Bristol, England, and Dublin, Ireland – the overseas locations as more than 80% of Strava users are outside of the United States

More than 95% of these 86 million users access Strava for free; the rest pays a monthly subscription fee of $ 5 for additional features. While Strava is not reporting any revenue, analytics firm Sensor Tower estimates it generated $ 72 million last year, up from $ 60 million in 2019, ostensibly from data sales, partner rights, challenges, and subscriptions sponsor.

Strava raised $ 110 million in a Series F round last fall, led by TCV and Sequoia, on new funding valued at more than $ 1.5 billion. The founders said it wasn’t a profitable company yet.

Connection with all types of workouts

More than 400 hardware devices can be connected to Strava, including home fitness and fitness equipment, smartwatches and bike computers. The company said it uploaded more than 1.1 billion activities to its platform in the past year, up 33% from 2019. This is in line with the surge in fitness hardware sales from companies like Peloton.

“Covid has shown the importance of physical activity to people’s lives,” said Tom Cove, president and CEO of the Sports and Fitness Industry Association in Washington, DC, which represents manufacturers and retailers.

At the last count, Horvath said “nearly 50 million peloton activities have been uploaded to Strava,” acknowledging the synergy of his partnerships with equipment manufacturers. “As the hub of the networked fitness landscape, we offer athletes a place where they can keep in touch with their community after training.”

The continued success of fitness products seems a good harbinger for Strava.

Health and fitness equipment sales more than doubled to $ 2.3 billion from March to October last year, according to retail research firm NPD Group. Stationary bike sales almost tripled, while treadmill sales increased 135%. “For the first three months of this year, retail sales were up 30% over the same period last year,” said Matt Powell, vice president and senior industry advisor, NPD. However, sales in March remained unchanged compared to the same month last year, which he proxy for the rest of the year 2021.

Peloton in particular has grown accordingly. Revenue for fiscal 2020, which ended June 30, rose nearly 100% year-over-year to $ 1.8 billion, and revenue from management projects is set to grow up to $ 4 billion in fiscal 2021 – itself under consideration of Peloton expects a $ 165 million loss for its treadmill recall. As of March 31, the New York-based company reported more than 54 million members, each with a monthly subscription fee of either $ 12.99 for digital access to live and on-demand courses or $ 39 for an expanded suite of features will pay between $ 1,895 and $ 2,345 for a Peloton bike or up to $ 4,295 for their treadmill, which is currently not available in the US as a company is working on a solution to the security problems.

Softening of the peloton demand

That demand could fade as personal workouts and gyms reopen. Wedbush Securities downgraded Peloton last week, claiming the company had seen a decline in customer loyalty based on analysis of trends in social media and internet search.

“PTON is now entering the next stage in its growth story, which in a post-pandemic era requires the company to generate its own momentum through clever marketing and compelling new products,” the Wedbush analysts write in their note.

Peloton declined to comment on this article.

The connectivity to Strava has helped Zwift, an online game-like cycling platform that allows subscribers who pay $ 14.99 a month to create animated avatars of themselves that ride from inside the virtual world. Typically, a real cyclist attaches the back end of his racing bike to a digitally controlled smart trainer that is connected to an app that simulates his avatar driving an actual route – from a local favorite to a mountain stage in the tour – seen on one Monitor, tablet or smartphone. The trainer automatically increases and decreases resistance to mimic the altitude of the route. About 75% of the Zwifters upload their driving data to Strava and integrate them into the functions.

My theory is that if you are spending a few thousand dollars buying a piece of equipment for your home, it is very unlikely that you will pay $ 50 a month to go to the gym and exercise on the same piece of equipment.

Matt Powell, Vice President and Senior Industry Advisor for NPD

Since Zwift was founded in Long Beach, California in 2014, 3.5 million accounts have been created. The company didn’t release the current number, but said the number doubled in FY2021, which ended in March. Strava said it uploaded 100 million Zwift activities to its platform, including thousands of grueling “Everstings,” a single virtual ride that climbed at least 29,029 feet in total, the height of the mountain. Everest. During the worldwide Covid bans last year, Zwift held a virtual Tour de France with classifications for men and women.

“Zwift is a platform for people to hunt down any carrot they’re looking for,” said Co-Founder and CEO Eric Min. “Our goal is to motivate people to do more.”

While subscriptions “really are where the value lies to us as a company,” Min said, the company is developing its own smart trainers and indoor bikes that are likely to hit the market next year. Zwift won’t be ruling out its existing hardware partners including Wahoo, Elite and Tacx, “but we think we should be the ones who set the bar,” said Min.

Future of Home Fitness When Gyms Reopen

As Covid restrictions continue to relax, people are returning to the gym. In May, gym traffic across the country was back to 83% of January 2020 levels and only 6% lower than the same period in 2019. according to the research results by Jeffries.

But does that mean Zwifters, peloton enthusiasts, and other exercise bikes are losing their mojo and using their equipment as coat hangers? “My theory is that if you are spending a few thousand dollars buying a piece of equipment for your home, it’s very unlikely that you would pay $ 50 a month to go to the gym and work out on the same piece of equipment,” said Powell.

The challenge for the home fitness industry then is to retain its millions of new customers. The key, Powell said, is keeping users connected to the other exerciser’s communities and “improving the experience so people will want to keep using it”.

This is music to Strava’s ears because no matter where people train, the data can be uploaded to their platform.

Despite Strava’s success, the fitness tracking app marketplace remains highly competitive. MyFitnessPal, which was sold by Under armor to the private equity firm Francisco Partners for $ 345 million in October 2020, which had more than 200 million users at the time of the transaction. Under Armor also owns MapMyRun and MapMyRide, which record running and cycling, respectively, while shoe brand Asics owns RunKeeper. Apple and Google have their own health tracking apps that include some physical fitness activities like walking and cycling that are more geared towards casual athletes.

“It’s pretty simple,” said Horvath of Strava’s loyalty strategy. “We are 100% focused on making Strava essential for athletes everywhere. If we do this well, it will fuel our community growth. “

“We believe there are 700 million people in the world who want to wake up and be active every day. We haven’t met them all yet, but we’re trying, ”he said.

Starvation Heroes! Foodbank challenges Hampton Roads organizations in meals, cash assortment competitors

For the fourth time, the Foodbank is holding its Hunger Heroes competition in southeast Virginia and the east coast. The demand for food is increasing in the region.

NORFOLK, VA. The Southeast Virginia Foodbank continues to confuse the question of how people can donate food and money to feed Hampton Roads neighbors struggling with food insecurity.

Hunger heroes is a food and fundraising contest open to local businesses, sports teams, clubs, youth groups, and families, starting on May 17th and culminating on June 11th.

Participants earn points for every pound of food donated or dollars raised, as well as other activities – such as volunteering, coordinating a food drive, posting on social media, and helping other teams register.

These points are added at the end of the competition and the organization with the most points wins.

Emma Inman, vice president of programs and development at the food bank, said Hampton Roads is no stranger to food security.

Foodbank expects food insecurity to increase by 17% for individuals and by 18% for children in southeast Virginia and the east coast in 2021 compared to 2019.

“We distributed about 17 million pounds of food at Hampton Roads during the pandemic. The average amount of food we distributed in the pre-pandemic years was typically 15 million,” Inman said. “This number only shows the great need in our region.”

Inman said it was a way to stir up excitement in a helpful effort, saying, “We want a little edge. This competition picks up on that spirit and puts everyone in a really friendly competition in order to be able to help our neighbors.”

At the end of the competition, the Foodbank will count donations and distribute them to families and individuals in Hampton Roads.

Inman said you still have time to check in before Monday. If you want to involve your organization, Click here.

Duchess of Cambridge desires pictures suggestions from competitors finalist | Leisure Information

The Duchess of Cambridge asked one of the finalists on her Hold Still project for photography tips after praising her “fantastically composed” entry.

Catherine, 39, hosted a photo project last year that saw people snap shots marking her 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In a new video posted on the YouTube channel she shares with her husband, the Duke of Cambridge, she asked finalist Niaz Maleknia for some key tips on capturing the perfect picture.

The Queen – who is a budding photographer herself – discussed the photo Niaz had taken while her daughter Romy was standing on Primrose Hill in north London on the day she was due to take her exam, reading a treatise on history held.

Catherine was full of praise for the 51-year-old’s photography skills when she said, “I obviously need some tips from you.”

Elsewhere in the chat, Catherine also talked about “wanting to break the stigma” that still lingers on mental health.

She added, “William and I are really interested in mental health. Everyone has experienced something together in some way, so there’s no shame in talking about it. That’s what we really liked to have done about that stigma break and try to start a conversation about mental health. “

Catherine spoke to some of the 100 finalists who shared their experience of the first lock and followed the recent release of Catherine’s new book, Hold Still: A Portrait Of Our Nation In 2020.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are not the only royal attempts to raise awareness of mental health issues, as it was recently revealed that The Duke of Sussex and Oprah Winfrey’s documentary series “The Me You Can’t See” was being made for Mental Health – which program focuses on the issues of mental health and wellbeing by focusing on stories from famous people. The premiere will take place on May 21 on Apple TV +.

Ok-Pop Competitors Collection In The Works With MGM & SM Leisure – Deadline

K-pop is so hot right now.

The Korean pop movement that spawned BTS and Blackpink is getting another series of competitions.

MGM and Korea SM entertainment, founded by Soo-Man Lee, are developing a reality series to find the newest member of the K-pop band NCT.

It comes after that Deadline announced that HBO Max was developing a K-pop boy band competition series from Latin America.

The untitled MGM / SM Entertainment series, open to young men between the ages of 13 and 25, sees America’s most talented emerging artists compete to win a coveted spot in the NCT universe. NCT currently consists of 23 members from around the world who also make up the subgroups NCT 127, NCT DREAM and WayV.

K-Pop Latin American boy band competition series in progress at HBO max

Once selected, participants will be sent to Seoul, South Korea to attend the K-Pop Bootcamp on the SM campus. In each episode, they will take part in challenges to test their dancing skills, singing, and style. You will be judged and mentored by K Soo-Man Lee and a host of current NCT superstars including NCT 127.

Soo-Man Lee and SM Entertainment have developed numerous K-pop stars over the years and are known for creating the Korean wave, also known as Hallyu, with artists such as HOT and BoA.

“This series is exactly the kind of innovative programming MGM wants to develop around the world,” said Mark Burnett, chairman of MGM Worldwide Television Group. “K-pop is more than a genre of music. It’s a cultural phenomenon and we’re so excited to be working with the amazing Soo-Man Lee and the team at SM to bring K-pop to the US. “

“I am happy to be able to continue the global Audition project with producer Mark Burnett and MGM. I’m looking forward to an unconventional audition show that all music fans around the world can enjoy, ”added Soo-Man Lee. “We want to help the participants show their unlimited potential to become real artists. I hope the audience enjoys watching the journey of new stars in Hollywood who will be promoted as NCT Hollywood in the world market in the future. “

College students Sink Or Swim in Ocean County Faculty “Shark Tank” Model Competitors

Ocean County, NJ – Help local high school students share ideas, answer questions about their “business,” and compete for the title of High School Entrepreneurial Team of the Year in Ocean County College’s second annual sink or swim competition. Everyone is invited to take part in this virtual event to learn more about innovations in the hometown while supporting the students. The event will take place online Friday, April 23, Registration is now possible.

The Sink or Swim competition is organized by the Business Innovation Consortium (BIC). BIC is an umbrella organization of business clubs that connects the talents and ideas of our best and brightest. Ten teams will compete with cash prizes for first, second and third place. A special scholarship is given to the student who presents the best place for his group’s project. This year’s judges are Lori Pepenella, CEO of the Southern Ocean Chamber of Commerce. Jim Mahlmann, Managing Director at Net Cetra, Michael Forcella, OCC Manager for Business Engagement, Continuing / Professional Ed, and Ms. Katie Calabrese, Director for Memberships and Projects, NACCE.

The students develop an entrepreneurial product or an entrepreneurial service. The more original the idea, the better! Each team will complete and submit a business plan. From the submissions, our first judges, both faculty members and Ocean / Kean students of the Entrepreneurial Club, will select the ten best business plans for the actual competition. These ten teams will be notified that they have been selected to showcase their product or service at our virtual event on April 23rd. Each team will select one student from their group to present a one-minute elevator seat to our second panel of judges, which includes prominent members of the Ocean County community. The judges have the opportunity to criticize / question the students about their idea.

Santa Barbara Youth Symphony Opens Concerto Competitors | Arts & Leisure

Virtual event now available for students who play non-traditional instruments

January 17, 2021
| 11:27 a.m.

Concert competition winners will be invited to perform their pieces with the Santa Barbara Youth Symphony. (Courtesy photo)

The Santa Barbara Symphony Annual Santa Barbara Youth Symphony Concert Competition – a longstanding tradition that has enabled Santa Barbara County’s finest young musicians to perform as soloists with the Santa Barbara Youth Symphony – is now open.

For the first time this event will be virtual, and this year’s competition, normally only open to members of the symphony programs, is now open to any student 18 and under living in Santa Barbara County who is studying an instrument other than a traditional orchestral instrument.

“In these uncertain times, our music programs are more important than ever as they can promote the social and emotional well-being of students and promote community,” said Kristine Pacheco-Bernt, Education Director for Santa Claus Barbara Symphony.

“While this year’s concert competition will look a little different, we are very excited to continue this prestigious opportunity for our students to show their talent,” she said.

The concert competition is open to students currently enrolled in the Santa Barbara Youth Symphony’s 2020-21 season, as well as all students 18 and under living in Santa Barbara County who are studying an instrument outside of the typical orchestral field. For example, students studying piano, classical guitar or baroque instruments are invited to the competition.

To participate, students are asked to submit a pre-recorded foreplay video. Nir Kabaretti, symphony musician and artistic director, will head the jury alongside Yvette Devereaux, conductor of the Santa Barbara Youth Symphony, and musicians of the symphony.

The winners are invited to perform their piece with the Santa Barbara Youth Symphony in an upcoming concert. Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, the concert details have yet to be finalized.

“While we serve the entire community with different programs, we take great pride in following and developing our young musicians who show exceptional talent,” said Kabaretti. “Auditioning and competition are an essential skill in performing for musicians at all levels, and we are delighted that these students have this opportunity, especially in the early stages of their musical journey.

“I am personally very happy to hear from the students of the Youth Symphony, whom I normally only hear as part of the ensemble.”

Interested students must complete an online application available at the symphony website. The application deadline is February 7th; The deadline for submitting performance videos (with digitized points) ends on March 14th at 11:59 p.m. Late applications will not be considered.

There is a US $ 40 registration fee for students who are not in the Youth Symphony. Write a check to The Santa Barbara Symphony and mail it to 1330 State St., Ste. 102, Santa Barbara CA 93101, Attention: SBYS Concerto Competition.

For more information, see thesymphony.org.