How ‘Gossip Woman’ star Jordan Alexander’s model compares to Julien’s

As Julien Calloway, ringleader of Constance Billard cool girls “Gossip Girl” from HBO Max Jordan Alexander relies on fashion to help her find her character.

“The clothes she wears, and the makeup, too, helps me become her,” the 28-year-old Toronto native told Page Six Style.

Social media influencer Julien wears oversized button-downs with cycling shorts and parties in see-through pieces by LaQuan Smith and David Koma – pieces Alexander admitted she could “style differently” in real life, but still with her own personal one Style resonates.

“I tend to wear things that are a little fancy or very dramatic,” she said. “I like androgyny with style, and Julien integrates that a bit too.”

Jordan Alexander on the set of Jordan Alexander on the set of “Gossip Girl”.GC images

But the star’s true source of style inspiration is closer to home.

“My grandma is a very chic lady – if she was [from] New York, she’d be safe on the Upper East Side, ”joked Alexander.

“She has always been very fashion conscious; my sisters and I put on their clothes and they were just so flamboyant and wonderful. That probably influenced me a lot when it comes to the fashion drama. “

Jordan Alexander at the Jordan Alexander turned heads at the “Gossip Girl” premiere in June in a white Wiederhoeft corset and trousers with a matching face mask with a bow.WireImage

While they might Go for a big impact on red carpets, Alexander’s everyday look is all about adding a modern twist to wardrobe classics like pearls and little black dresses (she prefers the latter with slim straps and a sexy slit).

And while Julien is something of a sneakerhead, the actress she plays prefers a towering platform heel.

“There’s just something about platforms that makes me feel like I’m alien,” she shared. “They affect the way you walk, and I like that!”

Morrissey compares COVID-19 lockdown to slavery | Leisure

Morrissey has compared the COVID-19 lockdown to slavery.

The Smiths singer – who has been vocal about his anti-lockdown views – says “freedom is restricted” and compared the British government to “Chinese emperors”.

During an interview with his nephew Sam Esty Rayner on his official website, Sam said: “The Covid Society is also the most accurate description of slavery, but we are supposed to be in a time when everything to do with slavery is in Must be blown or tossed into the air Bristol Canal. “

And Morrissey replied, “Exactly. And more people are now being pushed into poverty, which is another form of slavery, as well as taxes and council taxes and all the other ways we are pegged and persecuted. Our current freedom is limited to going to supermarkets ”and buying sofas. The government acts like Chinese emperors … ‘We will allow you to live the way we do if you behave’. “

Morrissey, 62, also called the Covid pandemic “Con-vid” and said it “brought out the worst in people”.

He said, “The problem is that no one can agree with anyone else, and that is the main result of Con-vid. It brought out the worst in people and we were never at it together. We are disadvantaged. ”To see and hear other people, and above all you want to be with others who see and hear what you see and hear, because that is elementary oxygen for the human soul. Take it away and the people are dead. “

When asked whether he believed in a revolution, the rocker replied: “No, because the tanks would immediately be turned against the people. The police are already trained to believe that any answer you give them is a lie to do with me. It’s just like that. “

How Amongst Us’ New Artwork Type Compares To The Authentic One

Popular social deduction game Among Us got a major new update this week, with a subtle visual makeover to the game’s characters.

To celebrate the game’s third birthday, Between us has released its latest update that includes many big changes to the game. In addition to the gameplay changes, some visual adjustments are also added – more colors, a new kill screen meeting menu, and an improved graphic style. How does Among Us’s new look compare to the game’s previous look?

The latest update was teased by Innersloth for some time, and development progress has been gradually revealed through the announcement of new colors and other upcoming features such as the ability to honk the airship’s horn. The most anticipated of these changes, however, was an increase in Among Us’s maximum player capacity from 10 to 15 people. The release of the update also included several bug fixes and support for mobile controllers.

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The Below us roadmap, unveiled about a week ago during Summer Game Fest 2021, outlines what fans should expect next from Innersloth. A new map, hide and seek mode, and other cosmetic changes are currently in the works. However, the recently introduced artistic revisions have already sparked a lot of discussion among gamers. While some believe that by switching to a more uniform outline style, Among Us has lost some of its unique visual identity, this could make future updates to the game easier.

What is different about our new art style?

How we compare the new art style with the original

According to the announcement by Inner sloth, the game’s new graphic style is cleaner and easier to animate. While the characters in Among Us previously had somewhat rough black outlines, they now appear smoother and more uniform, with rounder shapes and rounder visors. While the change is subtle, the simplified character models will likely make it easier to implement entirely new character animations, cosmetics, and even colors in later updates. Than even more roles and Game modes are presented among us, the game seems to be shifting more focus to player freedom and game customization, and it’s likely that changing the graphic style will help make future additions a lot easier.

In the update announcement, the developers also addressed the fact that the game’s latest colors – especially low-contrast pastels like rose and banana – aren’t particularly color-blind-friendly. Innersloth aims to remove color as the primary form of player identification within the game, although as of now there is no concrete statement on how this will be implemented. Probably, additional cosmetic options among us will be provided. On the visors, crew members could wear capes, necklaces or other accessories to differentiate them even more drastically than before without relying on color. Between us Fans can more than likely expect a number of other visual updates to the game to come out in the near future.

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Source: Inner sloth

Blast furnace in Minecraft

Minecraft: how to make a blast furnace (and what it’s for)

About the author

Ky Shinkle
(166 published articles)

Ky Shinkle is a Senior Gaming Features Writer for Screen Rant and an avid gamer and writer overall. Her previous experience has been largely that of a video game narrative designer, although her writing spans all formats from scripts and novels to stage scripts. A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, she works on digital media projects and other types of fiction when not writing. Ky currently works out of Ohio and enjoys spending her free time role-playing or running her dog.

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Dave Bautista Compares Zack Snyder’s Directing Model to James Gunn’s

According to Dave Bautista, Guardians of the Galaxy’s James Gunn and Army of the Dead’s Zack Snyder have very different directing styles.

Army of the Dead Star Dave Bautista recently spoke about it James GunnThe more structured directing style compared to Zack Snyder’s flexible approach behind the scenes.

Bautista told vulture“James Gunn is a whole different director. To me, he’s a lot more involved in my performance, especially because he’s invested so much in Drax and the characters as a whole. We’re usually very much directed by James. He makes sure he does it gets.” what he wants, and then he always gives us some settings to do what the hell we want. We are very structured, but at the same time it gives us freedom. “

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CONNECTED: Army of the Dead is set to be a sequel on a larger scale

When Bautista talked about how Snyder’s directing was different from Gunn’s, he said, “While Zack – he gave me more freedom than any director I’ve ever worked with.” However, this does not mean that the Army of the Dead set was relaxed. Indeed, Snyder himself announced that no session was allowed on set to allow more direct communication between its cast members.

The official synopsis for Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead read,

Army of the Dead takes place after a zombie outbreak that left Las Vegas in ruins and cut itself off from the rest of the world. When Scott Ward, a former zombie war hero who is now turning burger on the outskirts of the town he now calls home, is approached by casino boss Bly Tanaka, this is the ultimate suggestion: break into the zombie-infested one Quarantine zone to receive $ 200 million sit in a vault under the strip before the city is destroyed by the government in 32 hours. Ward has little left to lose and is up for the challenge. He puts together a ragged team of experts for the robbery. With a ticking clock, a notoriously impenetrable vault, and a smarter, faster horde of alpha zombies approaching, in the biggest raid ever, only one thing is certain: survivors take it all.

Directed and co-written by Zack Snyder, Dave Bautista, Garret Dillahunt, Ella Purnell, Omari Hardwick, Raul Castillo, Tig Notaro, Theo Rossi and Ana de la Reguera. The film is now in theaters and is streamed on Netflix.

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Source: vulture

Dave Bautista extends his MCU exit: “The shirtless thing gets tougher”

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“Stephen Curry is the headliner of all of the leisure on Earth!”: Kendrick Perkins compares the Warriors’ celebrity to Michael Jackson and calls him the best present on Earth

Kendrick Perkins, former NBA player and current analyst, calls Stephen Curry the greatest show in the world

Stephen Curry is an absolute beast! After a night in which he scored 49 points in 29 minutes, Curry supported them with a night of 36 points against the top team in the NBA. The main difference between these two services? While Curry went against OKC for 49, he shot 11/21 from the deep. Tonight, however, Utah limited its shots from depth to 3/13. That didn’t seem to stop Steph. Curry took up the challenge and went into the paint to get most of his points tonight. Along with Curry, four other warriors rose and achieved double-digit results to defeat Utah 119-116.

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With this win, Steph and his warriors now have the split game they need against the Jazz and the Suns. If they manage to win their next two games, the Dubs can stay in eighth place when they take on the Grizzlies on Sunday.

“Stephen Curry is Michael and everything else in Jackson 5”: Kendrick Perkins

On ESPN’s Get Up, Kendrick Perkins was asked if Stephen Curry is the greatest athlete in all of sports history. Perkins denied the same claim, calling Steph the greatest show in the world instead.

Do not respect Steph Curry and limit his show to sports, he is the headliner of all entertainment in the world. He’s Michael and everything else is the Jackson 5! Continue…

– Kendrick Perkins (@KendrickPerkins) May 10, 2021

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Perkins also compared the Warriors star to Michael Jackson and his Jackson 5. He compared Steph to TV shows like Real Housewifes and Elephants at the Circus, and said Steph was the front runner among them all. Perkins also said that it’s not just what Steph does, but the way he does it that makes it so special.

Stephen Curry has been phenomenal this year. He has led the league in the standings, breaking several NBA records and setting new records almost every night. It is surely the most entertaining show one can see on earth night after night.

Dakota Johnson compares her night fashion to a disco ball | Leisure

Dakota Johnson dresses like a “disco ball” at night.

Actress ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ has revealed that all of her outfit choices are inspired by the mood boards she creates.

Speaking to Kate Young about the latest episode of her YouTube series ‘Hello Fashion’, she said, “I love mood boards. I use them for clothes, for emotions and for meals.

“Moodboards are like playlists for physical things.”

Regarding the differences between her ensembles from day to night, she added: “I am definitely a disco ball. I’m just a normal ball during the day and just a disco ball at night. “

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that the ‘High Note’ star has taken her relationship with Chris Martin to a new level as the two now live together.

The Coldplay front man and 31-year-old star have made the “yellow” hitmaker’s Malibu mansion their home since he bought the property in October.

A source said in February, “Chris has always been a huge Malibu fan. He loves the beach and often goes surfing and running.”

The insider added that Dakota “seemed more like a town girl” until she met Chris, 43, and started dating the musician in 2017, claiming the star had adopted her new lifestyle.

The source added, “She seems to be enjoying it as much as Chris. They both love the outdoors and often take beach walks. They also support local restaurants.”

It was also revealed that Chris and Dakota often travel to Los Angeles for Sunday lunch with ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow, with whom he shares children Apple, 16, and Moses, 14, and their husband Brad Falchuk.

The insider said, “It is obvious that everyone is still getting along well.”

Blachowicz Needs Jon Jones Struggle Compares His Type To Adesanya

The light heavyweight champion, Jan Blachowicz, is ready for Jon Jones Keeping his promise after knocking out Corey Anderson some time ago and believes the fight would look similar to the one he just had with the middleweight champion Israel Adesanya.

Overall, it seemed like Blachowicz and Jones were dating as the champ continued to graduate contenders, but that eventually stopped. After much discussion, the light heavyweight king decided to vacate his belt and move up to heavyweight to compete. After a while it passed UFC President Dana White admitted Jon Jones would most likely get the title shot as his first fight in the new weight class.

For a while, Jones became calm and slowly preparing for his new weight class, but now, having seen the Polish champions perform, he needs to be at least a little interested. After all, the fight was a technical masterclass and was ultimately won late in the championship rounds based on combat IQ.

Also, Blachowicz thought that if the two of them stepped into the ring, the fight would look a lot like the fight against Israel Adesanya.

“I don’t know right now. If UFC sends me the contract and I fight Jon Jones, me and my team will find a way to beat him, ”said Blachowicz Just scrap radio on “Of course I would try to take him out, but I think it would be a similar fight to mine with Israel.”

Apparently the Polish champions are ready to defend their belt again. However, some competitors deserve shots, such as: Glover Teixeira Maybe we’ll see this pairing soon. If Jones had plans to lose weight again, it would have to be something big, and at this point Blachowicz is not adding to Jones’ legendary status as a second belt would.

Who would you like to see Jan Blachowicz next in the cage? Let us know in the comment section below!

Daniil Medvedev Compares Mackenzie McDonald’s Fashion to Roger Federer at Australian Open 2021

Daniil Medvedev is always a pleasure to pay attention to all the audible self-talk he keeps doing. That did not change in his third round with 6: 3, 6: 3, 4: 6, 3: 6, 6: 0 against Filip Krajinovic. It was a match without an audience, but it was still an impressive spectacle.

The 28th Serbian seed made a great comeback after two straight sets to take advantage of the apparent frustration in Medvedev. He lost all rhythm in the last movement, however, and blew an otherwise brave performance away.

Daniil Medvedev showed “he’s watching”

In the pre-game post-game interview, the 4th seed Russian had some interesting answers to the questions. First he told how his coach left early because he knew Daniil was sure to win. Second, he praised his fourth round opponent by saying: “He plays Roger style”.

MedvedevThe third-round win was also his first-ever win in a five-seater, and it came in style. Throughout the game, the Russian lost his temper after every point loss, even when he led the sets 2-0. He had Daria Medvedev in the stands as his sole support, while among other things he struggled with the frustration of the beeper attached to the net. After medical treatment, the star won the crucial set in no time.

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Who is the next opponent of the Russian?

Mackenzie McDonald is an American gamer who angered 22nd seed Borna Coric in four sentences to move forward at AO 2021. His most notable game recently was against it Rafael Nadal in the second round of the French Open 2020. Although he lost it 1-6 0-6 3-6 for the King of Clay, it gave him some visibility for the big boys playing. Mackenzie has a controlling forehand and can hit very rough flat hits. Maybe that’s why Daniil compared him to him Roger Federer first of all. Check out the 25 year old American’s reaction to this –

His third round win against Lloyd Harris showed that he can serve big and that he will have a good fight against the hot-headed Russian. So what do you think Mackenzie can cause a stir here? Help us know in the comments.

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Angelina Jolie compares The Solely and Solely Ivan to pandemic | Leisure

Angelina Jolie compared ‘The One and Only Ivan’ to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 45-year-old star, who speaks the African bush elephant Stella in the Disney film she produced, explored the themes of the film, which was adapted from Katherine Applegate’s 2012 novel of the same name.

She told Variety, “There is also something about imprisonment that I believe was sad to talk to children and help one another by feeling imprisoned.

“I think it appealed to children and touched them at a good time.”

Jolie also considered her process when it came to breathing life into her character, which was created with incredible detail by the VFX team.

She explained, “You are making a being. What kind of being is that? It has the weight and weight of an older elephant.

“It was about the being that was trapped and injured, and about an elephant that was worried about the next generation – what is the soul of an elephant, that was it.”

She noticed how the voice actors – including Sam Rockwell (Ivan), Danny DeVito (Bob) and Dame Helen Mirren (Snickers) – changed their performances over time.

She added, “We would do our voices, we would play with the scene and we would see what was created in CG and VFX.

“We would repeat the performance because of the slow breathing or how long it takes to pull her feet when she is tired.

“Everyone would make an arduous effort [to recreate and readjust that moment] because it mattered in this film.

“I remember the first time I saw some of the animals, I thought, ‘There’s a soul.’ You don’t know how much work is in it. “