New Climate Frog-style character clocks could also be coming to the Nest Hub

Earlier this year we saw a major update to the Nest Hub and similar Google-powered smart speakers that had a bunch of features and a cute little guy named “Weather frog“While the Sanrio-style frog is the only animated screen of its kind to date, alternatives come rolling when the latest leaks are a clue.

9to5 Google reports that the frame for additional “character clocks” in versions 1.54 and 1.56 of Nest Hub Max is available under the “Character” option in the Settings menu. For the most part, the discovered interface appears to be placeholders relating to “A Link” and “Web Ambient” elements. But the hint seems clear: at least at Google, someone is working on expanding the current system.

We’ll have to wait and see if that manifests itself as new versions of the weather frog (weather dog? Weather parrot? Weather naked mole rat?). “Characters” could be a broader term referring to animated home screens, and of course it could be a change that Google doesn’t end up making at all.

What’s Coming Up on Cash & Markets + Lululemon Earnings Preview

Money and Market Economy Week Week of September 6, 2021: The financial markets are closed on Mondays, but there is still a lot to add to the calendar.

We will continue to be busy with Money & Market. I’d love to preview some of the upcoming content that I don’t want to miss. We’ll also tell you what to expect from Lululemon Athletica’s earnings and what to see in a post-COVID-19 job market report.

come money & market

Here Are Some Sneak Peaks Money & Market The Content You Can Expect Last Week.

Monday: It’s a holiday for the financial markets and our team. But we’re trying something new. You will find an email in your inbox with details about the first competition. It’s your chance to win money and market equipment, and I’ll give you one tip: improve your stock valuation skills in the green zone here..

Tuesday: Green Zone Fortune co-editor Charles Sizemore is considering your retirement. Big news fell from Social Security last week. Charles has some tips on how to make sure your nest egg is in good shape going forward.

Thursday: Research analyst Matt Clark enjoys talking about our cannabis stock Youtube channel.. In a live chat on Thursday you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the cannabis industry. Get ready for your question and join Matt at 4:00 p.m. EST.

Deeper Insight: Lululemon Income

Beyond the high-earnings season, there are still a few notable companies to report quarterly figures for the next few days.

Lululemon Athletica Inc. (Nasdaq: Lulu). I will report the income on Wednesday.

A popular sports and casual wear company has become a pandemic darling as people work and exercise at home. LULU’s share price has risen 135% from its March 2020 lows.

And that success resulted in a number of revenue and sales blows.

Earnings per share (EPS) are reported to have increased $ 1.16, 27.5% higher than analysts expected, in Lululemon’s latest earnings call for the quarter ending April 2021.

Looking back, Lululemon has seen sales jump nine of the last ten quarters, the only problem being the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in spring 2020.

Lululemon’s sales fell sharply at the start of the pandemic, but sales steadily recovered through the second half of 2020, almost doubling from the second quarter to the fourth quarter of 2020.

Lululemon reported that online sales accounted for 44% of sales in the first quarter of 2021, compared to 54% in the year-ago quarter. As a result, total store sales increased 55% compared to the previous year. -The mortar site has reopened.

slim: Analysts are forecasting EPS growth of $ 1.18 for LULU in the second quarter and revenue of $ 1.33 billion in 2021, which I believe will once again beat that number.

Companies that focused on selling online during the pandemic flourished. I’ve seen it at traditional retailers like Walmart and Target, but it’s the same at small businesses like Lululemon.

With consumers wrestling with the COVID-19 delta variant, it will be interesting to see how that trend unfolds as the holiday season approaches.

Data dump: USJOLT jobs

A healthy labor market equals a healthy economy.

The Job and Sales Survey (JOLT) provides insights into the state of the labor market and the Bureau of Labor Statistics will publish the results of the July survey on Thursday.

JOLT uses three criteria to define a job. There is a position, the position can be opened within 30 days and the company is actively hiring the position. The JOLT survey also reports on employment and turnover (layoffs, retirement, etc.) so it provides a relatively broad view of the labor market.

There were 10.1 million jobs end of June, Series up.

There are enough jobs

Employment also rose 4.6% to 6.7 million in June, increasing retail, state and local government, education, and consumer durables manufacturing. The separation also increased slightly to 5.6 million.

Overall, there was a net increase of 6.9 million employees in the 12 months to June.

slim: Economists forecast 9.28 million jobs in July. That’s well below the June numbers, but I think it’s easy to beat.

Over the next few months, this data should reflect the effects of the COVID-19 delta variant. The federal unemployment benefit set by the CARE law in 2020 will also expire on Monday.

Sales report

Finally, Money & Markets Week Ahead, let’s take a look at some of the keys here revenue Report this week:


Uxin Ltd. (Nasdaq: UXIN).

Agraflora Organics International Inc. (OTC: AGFAF).


Caseys General Stores Inc. (Nasdaq: CASY).

Dada Nexus Ltd. (Nasdaq: chest).


Lululemon Athletica Inc. (Nasdaq: Lulu).

GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME).



Sun Hung Kai Properties Co., Ltd. (OTC: SUHJY).

Affirm Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: AFRM).

National Beverage Corp. (Nasdaq: FIZZ).

Academy Sports Outdoors Inc. (Nasdaq: Yes sir).


Ellaktor SA ADR (OTC: ELLKY).

Number one,


Assistant Managing Editor, Money & Market

What’s Up for Money & Markets + Lululemon Yield Forecast Source link What’s Up for Money & Markets + Lululemon Yield Forecast

Considering Cash for Children exhibition coming to the South Lorain Department, because of nationwide grant – Morning Journal

That Branch office south Lorain The Lorain Public Library System will host a traveling exhibit teaching youth and their families about money thanks to a competitive national grant from the American Library Association (ALA) and the FINRA Investor Education Foundation.

Thinking Money for Kids is a new multimedia experience for children ages 7-11, as well as their parents, carers and educators, according to a press release from the Lorain Public Library System.

The interactive exhibit uses games, activities, and a fun story to help children understand what money is, its role in society, monetary decisions, and monetary values ​​like fairness, responsibility, and charity, the press release said.

The exhibition is on display in the South Lorain Branch, 2121 Homewood Drive, along with a number of related special events from August 16 through
September 26th

“Money is such an important issue that people often forget to talk to their children about,” says branch manager Ally Morgan. “We encourage people of all ages to explore Thinking Money for Kids.”

Lorain is one of 50 websites selected to host Thinking Money for Kids on its two-year tour of the United States, the press release said.

Nearly 130 public libraries across the country applied, according to the American Library Association.

In addition to the touring exhibit on loan, the Lorain Public Library System will receive $ 1,000 for public events related to the exhibit.

The library will also receive funding to send a staff member to a Thinking Money for Kids workshop held during the American Library Association’s annual conference in Washington, DC, where they can learn more about the exhibit and financial literacy issues, according to a press release Experienced.

For more information on Thinking Money for Children, see

Hawaiian-style restaurant coming to Brownwood Paddock Sq.

A new Hawaiian style restaurant is coming to Brownwood Paddock Square.

Island Fin Poke will be located at 2752 Brownwood Blvd. move, right next to the new Villages Cycles location.

The Island Fin Poke restaurant chain was founded in 2106. Nearby locations are in Winter Springs, Lake Mary, and Orlando.

A new Hawaiian style restaurant is coming to Brownwood Paddock Square.

The restaurants offer a “cool-casual surroundings” and a beach-themed decor. The menu includes homemade sauces, 25 toppings and “sustainable fish”.

Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Island Fin Poke has found a way to survive – and thrive.

“Poke was one of the hottest menu segments prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and consumer demand has clearly not slowed,” wrote Sam Oches, chief editor of Food News Media. “That could explain why Island Fin was so successful even in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. With a nutritious yet delicious menu that offers a culinary adventure when real adventure seems impossible, Island Fin has become one of the few poke brands with a real chance for national growth. ”

An opening date for the new location at The Villages has not been announced.

Petition requires 4th stimulus verify, however is extra aid cash coming? This is the most recent

The economic recovery and the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine are two reasons why further aid is unlikely.

Angela Lang / CNET

A number of Internet hoaxes were circulating this month claiming a fourth stimulus payment is on the way. While some lawmakers called for additional stimulus money back in the spring, many now argue that it isn’t a priority due to signs of recovery after the lockdown – like Unemployment claims to its lowest level since last year. Still, there is a lot of public support for ongoing emergency relief. With over 2.6 million signatures, a petition notes, “The true unemployment rate for low-paid workers is estimated to be over 20%, and many people have faced heavy debts from last year for things like utilities, rent and childcare.”

The three stimulus checks helped families pay for household expenses and other needs during the pandemic. However, a fourth payment is not included Draft of a non-partisan infrastructure Plan or any of President Joe Biden’s recent economic proposals. One type of extra money that will benefit millions of families in 2021 is expansion Child tax deduction, with the first prepayment on July 15th. This year, even parents who don’t earn enough to pay income tax can get up to $ 300 per child per month.

So what is the fate of a fourth stimulus check? We’ll explain it below. As for other monetary matters, new rules on child tax credit give parents that Possibility to receive monthly advance checks for extra cash this year or a lump sum of up to $ 3,600 per child in 2022. That’s how it’s done Review your tax refund If you haven’t received it yet and what to know about it Tax relief in the event of unemployment. We have updated this story.

What happens to the $ 2,000 current check petition?

A stream petition which has garnered more than 2.6 million signatures, calls on Congress to send out a fourth monthly economic check for $ 2,000 for adults and $ 1,000 for children for the remainder of the pandemic. The petition states that “the recovery has not reached many Americans” and points to the need for immediate controls and recurring payments so “we can stay afloat”.

According to a recent study, the first three incentive controls helped reduce hardships such as food insufficiency and financial instability. So far, during the pandemic, eligible adults have received a maximum of $ 3,200 and children have received a maximum of $ 2,500. For many families in need, this is not enough to recover from a decline in wages and benefits. While’s petition is on the verge of becoming one of the most popular on their website, whether it will have any impact is another question.

What’s new about Washington’s stimulus money proposals?

Since the American rescue plan When the March Act passed, the White House proposed two packages – the American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan – neither of which called for further stimulus packages. On June 3, a press conference at the White House indicated that efforts would be focused on the infrastructure spending package. Biden is “open to a number of ideas” regarding stimulation aid, so White House Press Secretary Jen Psakibut she also said he had already suggested what would be “most effective in the short term.”

The new reduced compromise of the bipartisan infrastructure agreement that the The White House announced on June 24th, contains nothing to do with “human infrastructure” – it is not about childcare, improved wages or vocational training. At the same time, the announcement states: “President Biden remains committed to the comprehensive agenda of the American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan.”

It has been a few months since the Democratic members of the House and Senate pleaded for another economic review. In late March, a group of lawmakers urged Biden to regular business stimulus payments in its next stimulus package. In May several members of the Committee on Ways and Means of the House made a similar request. Citing increasing poverty and rising American debt, they found that “most people spend relief checks on monthly expenses or essentials like groceries, utilities, rent, and mortgage payments.”

Look at that:

Child Tax Deduction: Everything We Know


What aid funds have already been spent in 2021?

The American Rescue Plan Act of March 2021 included three types of direct payments to individuals:

Stimulus checks: Incentive payments up to $ 1,400 has been spent on those who meet the requirements. It also goes to certain people in the form of money “plus-up” payments .

Child tax credit: A temporary extension of the Child tax deduction for 2021, send qualified families up to $ 3,600 for each child – you can Calculate your child tax credit Here. The partial prepayments started this month will run until the end of the year, with a final payment in 2022.

Federal unemployment benefit: One week $ 300 unemployment benefit has been extended to September 6, as has the pandemic unemployment benefit for gig workers and freelancers. However, more than half of the state governments have opted for it unsubscribe from the extended benefits before September 6, so that millions of unemployed Americans in these states were cut off from these funds by mid-June.


So far, eligible U.S. families have received three stimulus checks amid the pandemic.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Will Congress approve more money before December?

There is a lot to consider when assessing the future of family economic aid. The White House could put extra money in Americans’ pockets in the following scenarios:

If this increases the child tax credit permanently: Money from the advanced Child tax deduction is scheduled to start this week with monthly payments to families with low and middle income children. In a July 7 speech on the Build Back Better Agenda for Working Families, Biden called for Extension of the extended child tax credit until 2025. Other aspects of the American family plan related to health care costs and sick leave also remain to be negotiated.

When there is a minimum wage increase: Some senators continue to look for ways to increase the federal minimum wagewhich is $ 7.25 an hour. Some proponents want to raise the bar to $ 15 an hour, while others want to hit just $ 11 an hour. In recent years, many federal states, municipalities and companies have implemented minimum wage increases above the national level. However, the discussion of a new national hourly rate of $ 15 has encountered an obstacle in recent months and the likelihood of it being rolled out anytime soon is slim.

If it extends federal unemployment benefits beyond the fall: Some legislators originally requested that federal unemployment benefits be extended beyond Labor Day. However, dozens of states already have it cut off advanced services early, and increased unemployment benefits are unlikely to continue beyond the expiration date in other states. On June 4, Biden pointed out that the temporary thrust in Unemployment benefits should expire At the beginning of September as planned.

In the meantime, here’s what to do if a Problem with your stimulus check. And we know that from about new IRS portals That will help you get money through the child tax credit checks that started on July 15th.

‘Change is coming’: UN units out Paris-style plan to chop extinction charge tenfold | Biodiversity

Eliminating plastic pollution, reducing pesticide use by two thirds, halving the introduction rate of invasive species and eliminating harmful environmentally harmful government subsidies amounting to 500 billion in biodiversity loss.

The goals of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), which should help stop and reverse the ecological destruction of the earth by the end of the decade, also include protecting at least 30% of the world’s oceans and land and the Providing a third of the climate crisis mitigation through nature by 2030.

The newest design the agreement based on grueling virtual scientific and financial Negotiations in May and June, is under consideration by the governments ahead of an important summit in the Chinese city of Kunming, where the final text will be negotiated.

In addition to the draft targets for 2030, the new goals for the middle of the century include a tenfold increase in the current rate of extinction, the improvement of the integrity of all ecosystems, the appreciation of nature’s contribution to humanity and the provision of the financial means to make the vision a reality.

The Guardian assumes that the summit planned for October is expected to be postponed a third time due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is now expected to take place in Kunming in the first half of 2022, subject to personal preparatory negotiations that could take place in Switzerland at the beginning of next year.

Basile van Havre, co-chair of the CBD working group responsible for drafting the agreement, said the goals were based on the very latest in science. He added that if adopted, it could mean a significant change in global agriculture.

“Change is coming [in food production], “he said.” In 10 years there will be a lot more of us and they need to be fed, so it’s not about decreasing activity levels. It’s about increasing performance and doing better for nature.

“Halving the nutrient runoff, reducing the use of pesticides by two thirds and eliminating plastic discharge: that’s great. I am sure they will raise some eyebrows as they represent significant changes, especially in agriculture. “

Last month, Van Havre warned that the time was running out for an ambitious deal in Kunming, part of a decade-long goal to live in harmony with nature by 2050.

scientist have warned that humanity is causing the sixth mass extinction in the history of the planet, fueled by excessive resource depletion and overpopulation. One million species are threatened with extinction mainly from human activities. according to the UN assessment threatening the healthy functioning of ecosystems that produce food and water.

The plan includes the goal of protecting 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030. Photo: Soumyabrata Roy / NurPhoto / REX / Shutterstock

In the latest series of 21 goals to be negotiated in Kunming, nature-based solutions such as the restoration of moors and the introduction of regenerative agriculture will contribute at least 10 GtCO2e (gigatons of carbon dioxide equivalent) per year to efforts to contain the global climate crisis – about one Third of the required annual emission reductions of 32 GtCO2e, as in the Emissions gap report of the UN Environment Program 2020 – while at the same time ensuring that there are no negative effects on biodiversity.

“We wanted [the contribution of nature] into an absolute number. We don’t control what’s going on on the climate change agenda, but science tells us we can bring that into the issues, ”said Van Havre. “The challenge will be how we carry out the carbon footprint.”

Other goals include restoring freshwater and marine habitats, conserving the genetic diversity of wild and domesticated species, increasing financial flows to developing countries, improving business information disclosure about how their activities are damaging the environment, and respecting the rights of indigenous communities in decision-making about biodiversity.

Prof. Sir Robert Watson, who previously headed the United Nations Scientific Organizations on Climate and Biodiversity and held various senior positions in the UK government, NASA, the World Bank and the US government, welcomed the draft targets but cautioned that some are unrealistic and difficult to measure. Governments Failed to fully achieve the goals of curbing natural destruction for consecutive decades, including the goals for the 2010s as Aichi goals.

“Overall, the paper recognizes and deals with all key issues, as well as the 20 Aichi goals. The question is whether governments can set appropriate national targets and regulatory and legal frameworks so that other actors, particularly the private sector and financial institutions, can do their part, ”said Watson.

“I would have liked the paper to have explicitly recognized that the issues of biodiversity, climate change and land degradation had to be tackled together and that the goals, specifications and measures of the three conventions had to be developed and harmonized together.”

The goals and objectives now have to be negotiated in face-to-face meetings, where they are updated based on feedback from the national governments. Once the agreement is reached, the final agreement will be adopted by the 196 contracting parties to the CBD.

Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, Executive Secretary of the CBD, said, “Urgent policies are needed at the global, regional and national levels to transform economic, social and financial models in ways that change the trends that have exacerbated biodiversity loss , stabilize by 2030 and the recovery of natural ecosystems in the next 20 years, with net improvements by 2050. “

Find more Age of Extinction coverage here, and follow biodiversity reporters Phoebe Weston and Patrick Greenfield on Twitter for the latest news and features

TV-style ads are coming to a online game console close to you

Simulmedia launches a new platform that connects marketers with game developers to offer players rewards for watching video ads.

While there is no shortage of controversy regarding it financially manipulative tactics in games, with numerous Microtransaction scandals come to mind, There is one cog in the capitalist machine that you are sure to avoid while playing console video games – advertising. But maybe not much longer.

Axios reported that a new platform is about to be launched with the intention of bringing TV-style ads to console games. It’s a no from me (and I can probably assume literally every other player).

Image: Simulmeida

The platform in question, called PlayerWON, has been described as “a first in-game advertising platform of its kind” that will enable marketers to place video advertisements in both console and PC games. The platform, owned and operated by the data-driven TV advertising company Simulmedia, is slated to launch this week.

The new venture is set to help marketers who traditionally opt for big TV ads rather than targeting younger audiences with video games, supposedly without sacrificing user loyalty. Simulmedia touts their ability to “connect your brand with engaged players without sponsorship packages or deep integrations” and instead emphasizes theirs Player-centered advertising formats, full transparency and cross-media integration.

absolutely not

– Dmitry P. on vacation ? (@Hambo_dev) June 30, 2021

Thankfully, unlike their televised counterparts, these ads will offer viewers at least some advantage. Users can choose to watch a 15- or 30-second video commercial to unlock exclusive gaming benefits – think of it like a microtransaction, but you pay with your attention instead of your money. It’s unclear if no video will be an option.

Simulmedia research concluded that the majority of gamers “enjoy receiving free rewards and content,” but it is misleading to perceive these perks as completely free. Herbert A. Simons famous model of the “attention economy” regards human attention as a scarce commodity of which we have limited quantities, so it has great value that can essentially be used for trade like any other resource.

This framework has been used by many modern scientists to study platforms like Facebook that are rated as “free” even though users pay for their access with attention and personal information that can be used as leverage to sell advertising space. Sure, many gamers might indeed appreciate receiving rewards for a low-hassle task like watching a video, but pretending these perks are free to the gamer is manipulative.

Image: Kongregate

Simulmedia research has been conducted for over a year and concludes that 76% of console and PC gamers “want the option to view ads in exchange for in-game rewards” and 86% of gamers “agreed, that they were allowed to watch rewarded video ads to “play the game longer”. They also found that, on average, players are willing to see six or more ads each day in exchange for in-game rewards.

They then created a platform that collects and reviews commercials from major brands that would normally appear on television. The company can then see if the ad has been fully viewed before sending a notification to the game allowing the reward to be released to the player (which can vary from game currency to new skins).

This process may sound familiar to fans of mobile gaming, but it is completely new territory for console games. With the proliferation of free-to-play games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Roblox, it is very likely that advertising will turn out to be a more desirable alternative to spending real money on these games. Hopefully the commercials will stick with these types of games instead of expanding into pay-to-play games.

I felt like EA was involved before I even read the article.

– Steve Esposito (@AgitatedStove) June 29, 2021

This new form of advertising has the potential to be huge. Simulmedia already has agreements with some major gaming studios, including EA (well known microtransaction fans) and Tencent’s Hi-Rez Studios, and they are working to expand their network of advertisers and developers who can be connected for in-console advertising opportunities.

Apparently, they plan to have in-game ads in at least a dozen games by the end of the year, so prepare for this new form of advertising to become a reality. Watch out, Black Mirror – it seems like we’ve already hit you.

Leisure warmth wave is coming this summer season: What to observe for | Arts & Leisure

Erinnern Sie sich an 2019, als der heiße Mädchensommer zu einem Motto für ein selbstbewusstes Leben wurde?

Nun, da sich das Leben der Normalität nähert und Impfstoffe die Pandemie in den Rückspiegel drücken – drücken Sie die Daumen – hat der Unterhaltungskalender 2021 für die nächsten Monate eine ähnliche Stimmung.

Nennen Sie es einen heißen Sommer.

Blockbuster-Filme kehren in die Kinos zurück. Live-Konzerte sollen wieder aufgenommen werden. Fernsehen und Streaming-Shows sind wieder ein schöner Teil der Mischung, nicht nur eine Lebensader der Unterhaltung. Und wenn das Reisen wieder heiß wird, können Strandbücher tatsächlich an einem weit entfernten Strand gelesen werden.

Um in diesem aufsteigenden Hitzeindex zum Spaß zu navigieren, finden Sie hier eine Liste von Empfehlungen, die sonnig, luftig, dampfend und brutzelnd sind. Du hast die Idee.

Michigans Einwohner, der sich großartig verhält, bleibt immer echt – erinnern Sie sich an sein kariertes Vaterhemd bei den virtuellen Golden Globes im Februar? Sein neuestes Projekt erinnert an das Ethos seines Heimatstaates der Ausdauer der Arbeiter. “American Rust”, eine neunteilige Serie, die am 12. September auf Showtime Premiere feiert, spielt Daniels als Polizeichef einer Stadt in Rust-Belt in Pennsylvania, der sich “abgeschreckt und irgendwie nervös” fühlt, als eine Mordermittlung seine Loyalität testet. Wenn die Vorschau ein bisschen wie HBOs düsteres „Mare of Easttown“ aussieht, ist das eine sehr gute Sache.

Im wirklichen Leben könnte der gebürtige Detroiter Tim Robinson ein ruhiger, gesammelter Typ sein. Aber als Sketch-Comedian hat er aus der wilden Überreaktion auf die kleinen Peinlichkeiten des Lebens eine Kunstform gemacht. “Ich denke, du solltest gehen”, seine Mini-Meisterwerk Netflix-Show, ist am 6. Juli mit einer zweiten Staffel zurück. Robinson macht sich nicht nur brillant zum Ziel der Witze, sondern erinnert sich auch immer an seine Freunde aus seiner Heimatstadt. Hoffen wir auf wiederholte Auftritte seiner Kumpels wie “Detroiters”-Co-Star Sam Richardson und Troys eigenem Oscar-Nominierten Steven Yeun.

Heißer Retro-Motor City-Sommer

Das Detroit der Mitte der 1950er Jahre wird in “No Sudden Move” von Regisseur Steven Soderbergh lebendig, das am 1. Juli auf HBO Max erhältlich ist. Das Krimidrama mit Don Cheadle, David Harbour, Benicio del Toro, Jon Hamm und anderen handelt von einigen Kriminellen auf niedrigem Niveau, die einen einfachen Auftrag erhalten, der sie in ein Mysterium hineinzieht, das bis in die Höhen der Machtstruktur der Automobilindustrie reicht. Der Film wurde letztes Jahr in Detroit unter strengen COVID-19-Sicherheitsmaßnahmen gedreht, denn Soderbergh, der hier 1998 “Out of Sight” gedreht hat, würde keine andere Stadt als Ersatz akzeptieren.

Vor sechs Jahren erstellte eine junge Kellnerin aus Detroit einen viralen Twitter-Thread über eine bizarre Reise, die sie mit einer neuen Freundin nach Florida unternahm, um freiberuflich Strippen zu machen. Es war so fesselnd wie ein Roman und so lebendig wie ein Film. Schnitt auf den 30. Juni, wenn „Zola“ mit Taylour Page und Riley Keough in die Kinos kommt. Es ist eine Komödie und ein Thriller, die Erwartungen trotzen und J-Los “Hustlers” mild erscheinen lassen. Regisseurin Janicza Bravo und Drehbuch-Co-Autor Jeremy O. Harris haben ein schlüpfriges Abenteuer geschaffen, das A’Ziah (Zola) King immer noch als starke Frau und originelle Schreibstimme respektiert.

Ja, Matt Damon ist jetzt alt genug, um einen Liam Neeson-artigen empörten Vater zu spielen, der für Gerechtigkeit kämpft. In „Stillwater“ ist Damon ein Arbeiter für eine Ölbohrinsel in Oklahoma, der nach Frankreich reisen muss, um seine Tochter (Abigail Breslin) von Mordvorwürfen zu befreien. Denken Sie an “Taken”, wenn es ein ernsthaftes Drama wäre, bei dem Tom McCarthy von “Spotlight”-Ruhm Regie führte und mitgeschrieben wurde. Es erscheint am 30. Juli, gerade rechtzeitig, um Damons Fans aus seinen “Good Will Hunting”-Tagen das Gefühl zu geben, uralt zu sein.

Es ist fast ein Jahrzehnt her, dass „Gossip Girl“ seinen Lauf beendet hat, der viel zu lang ist, um ohne Modetipps von unglaublich schönen reichen Kindern zu sein. Das neu interpretierte „Gossip Girl“ auf HBO Max kommt am 8. Juli mit einigen bemerkenswerten Verbesserungen, wie der Inklusivität seiner Neuankömmlinge. Aber es bringt die ursprüngliche Erzählerin Kristen Bell (die in Huntington Woods aufgewachsen ist) als Stimme der Titelfigur mit der versteckten Identität zurück.

Schwitzen ist eine Körperfunktion, aber worum geht es genau? “The Joy of Sweat: The Strange Science of Transpiration” vom 13. Juli wird die Biologie, Geschichte und das Marketing hinter der Feuchtigkeit untersuchen, die uns zum Leuchten bringt (um einen höflichen Begriff zu verwenden). Es deckt alles ab, von der Rolle von Stress im Schweiß bis hin zur Deodorant-Forschung, bei der Menschen beteiligt sind, die die Wirksamkeit eines Produkts buchstäblich erschnüffeln können. Da die New York Times das Buch als eine ihrer 24 Sommerlektionen empfohlen hat, wissen Sie, dass die Autorin Sarah Everts die Details geschwitzt hat.

Die Spiele 2021 in Tokio, die vom 23. Juli bis 8. 8, wird die weltbeste Turnerin Simone Biles zeigen. Sie genießt immer noch Wettkämpfe, aber die Quarantäne gab ihr etwas Zeit, um ihre Work-Life-Balance zu verbessern, wie sie Glamour für die Juni-Titelgeschichte erzählte (die mit einer schillernden Fotostrecke von Biles einhergeht). „Früher habe ich mich nur auf das Fitnessstudio konzentriert. Aber es ist genauso wichtig, dass ich außerhalb des Fitnessstudios glücklich bin, wie ich glücklich bin und im Fitnessstudio gut abschneidet. Jetzt ist es, als würde alles zusammenkommen.“ Für die 24-jährige GOAT ist der Himmel – oder vielleicht die Schwerkraft – die Grenze.

„Wie viel Prozent der weißen Frauen hassen Sie? Und es gibt eine richtige Antwort.“ Das war eine der Fragen, die Internet-Sensation Ziwe ihrem ersten Gast, Fran Lebowitz, in der aktuellen Showtime-Serie, die ihren Namen trägt, stellte. “Ziwe” kombiniert Interviews, Sketche und Musik und setzt Comedy ein, um Amerikas Unbeholfenheit in Fragen von Rasse und Politik zu beleuchten. Die Ergebnisse sind urkomisch, also informieren Sie sich jetzt über Ziwe, bevor ihr nächstes Projekt ankommt, eine betrügerische Komödie für Amazon namens “The Nigerian Princess”.

Nimm die fahrerischen Fähigkeiten der Reality-Serie “Ice Road Truckers” und füge eine stoische Dosis Liam Neeson hinzu und du hast “The Ice Road”, das am Freitag auf Hulu uraufgeführt wurde. Der Abenteuerfilm beinhaltet einen Einsturz in einer Diamantenmine, die darin gefangenen Bergleute und den Mann (Neeson), der bereit ist, seine gigantische Bohrinsel über gefrorenes Wasser zu steuern, um eine Rettungsmission zu versuchen. Drehe die Klimaanlage vorübergehend auf!

Es gibt einen besseren Weg, ein Mensch zu sein, und er teilt sich einen Namen mit einer Apple TV+-Serie. “Ted Lasso”, die Fisch-aus-Wasser-Sitcom über einen American-Football-Trainer (Jason Sudeikis), der eingezogen wird, um eine britische Fußballmannschaft zu leiten, kehrt am 23. Juli für eine zweite Staffel zurück – das Datum, an dem Lasso-Fans ihre Bemühungen wieder aufnehmen werden Seien Sie einfühlsamer und ermutigender, genau wie Ted. Nur gibt es einen neuen Sportpsychologen für den AFC Richmond, der für Teds Charme und selbstgebackene Kekse unempfindlich zu sein scheint. Sie mag Ted nicht? Wir sind fassungslos!

Als Michael Che kürzlich bei “Jimmy Kimmel Live” zu Gast war, wurde sein Segment wiederholt von Dave Chappelle unterbrochen, der seinen Podcast “The Midnight Miracle” bei Luminary immer wieder einsteckte. Was Chappelle verkaufte, ist hörenswert. “The Midnight Miracle” bringt ihn mit seinen Co-Moderatoren Talib Kweli und Yasiin Bey und seinen berühmten Freunden aus der Comedy-Welt und darüber hinaus zu lustigen und zum Nachdenken anregenden Gesprächen zusammen mit Musik. Wenn Sie eine Fliege an der Wand von Chappelles Haus wären, könnten Sie Folgendes hören.

Die letzten 10 Folgen von “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” werden am 12. August auf NBC ausgestrahlt, ein viel zu kurzer Abschied von einer der am meisten unterschätzten Komödien der TV-Geschichte. Sie können “The Office” alle Ehre geben, aber die Detektive der Neun-Neun könnten mit Dunder-Mifflins Scranton-Filiale in Sachen Schrulligkeit, Menschlichkeit und Büroromanzen und Bromancen auf Augenhöhe mithalten. Es ist schwer, eine Lieblingsdynamik unter den Charakteren auszuwählen, aber die irritierte Vater-unverbesserliche Sohn-Vibes zwischen Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) und Det. Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) ist großartig.

Heißer Musical-Comedy-Sommer

Keegan-Michael Key und Cecily Strong von “Saturday Night Live” führen eine hochkarätige Besetzung in “Schmigadoon!” an, einer AppleTV+-Serie, die am 16. Juli Premiere feiert und ein Rucksackpaar auf magische Weise in ein Land der Musicals der 1940er Jahre entführt. Bis zur Wiedereröffnung des Broadways im September sollte dieser parodistische Liebesbrief an die Macht des Musiktheaters gut laufen. Und der Song “Corn Pudding” aus der Premieren-Episode? Eingängig!

Hall & Oates durchqueren die Nation mit genügend Hits aus den 1980er Jahren – „Maneater“, „Kiss on My List“, „I Can’t Go for That“, „You Make My Dreams Come True“ usw möchte deine Mom-Jeans gegen Elasthan-Leggings eintauschen. Als ob sie nicht genug Top-40-Güte wären, sind ihre Opener Squeeze, die sich all die Jahre später immer noch eine Tasse “Black Coffee in Bed” einschenken, und KT Tunstall, dessen “Suddenly I See” als Hymne von . verewigt wird “Der Teufel trägt Prada.”

Heißer rein weiblicher, rein muslimischer Punkband Sommer

Ein britischer Import, der jetzt auf dem NBC-Streaming-Spin-off Peacock ausgestrahlt wird, “We Are Lady Parts” wäre allein dafür bemerkenswert, Stereotypen über muslimische Frauen zu trotzen. Aber diese Sitcom über eine rein weibliche, rein muslimische, aufstrebende Rockband ist ein Juwel der Repräsentation und des Lachens, dank Charakteren wie Amina, einer schüchternen Doktorandin in Mikrobiologie, deren Beschwerden über einen Kerl, den sie “Bashir mit dem guten Bart” nennt, inspiriert ein Lied.

Während Woodstock zum Synonym für epische Musiktreffen geworden ist, wird das Harlem Cultural Festival von 1969 endlich die popkulturelle Anerkennung erhalten, die es verdient. “Summer of Soul: (…Or, When The Revolution Could Not Be Televised)” unter der Regie des Roots-Schlagzeugers Questlove wird am 2. Juli in die Kinos und in Hulu kommen. Es handelt von einem größtenteils vergessenen Ereignis, das Superstars wie Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone . anzog , die fünfte Dimension, Sly & the Family Stone und BB King. Mit seinem umfassenden Wissen über Musik, Archivmaterial und Interviews mit Künstlern und Teilnehmern hat Questlove eine Geschichtsstunde geschaffen, die auch das beste Konzert ist, das Sie noch nie gesehen haben.

Sobald Sie alle die Sommer-Streaming-Sensation “Loki” auf Disney+ kennengelernt haben, wenden Sie sich bitte zwei neuen Filmen zu. “Black Widow”, die lang erwartete Star-Drehung von Scarlett Johanssons ehemaliger KGB-Attentäterin Natasha Romanoff, feiert am 9. Juli ihr Debüt. Es folgt “Shang-Chi und die Legende der zehn Ringe” am 3. September mit Simu . in der Hauptrolle Liu (“Kim’s Convenience”) als Kampfkunstmeisterin des Titels. All dies wird Ihnen von der globalen Dominanzmaschinerie Marvel zur Verfügung gestellt.

„Respect“ mit Jennifer Hudson in der Hauptrolle kommt am 13. August in die Kinos, fast drei Jahre später verlor die Welt die Königin der Seele. Obwohl Cynthia Erivo Anfang des Jahres eine gute Leistung als Franklin in „Genius: Aretha“ auf der National Geografisches Netzwerk, die Chancen stehen gut, dass Hudson, die von Franklin selbst für die Rolle ausgewählt wurde, die endgültige Leinwand für Aretha sein wird.

Terry McMillan bezeichnet “The Other Black Girl” als unverzichtbare Lektüre. Entertainment Weekly beschreibt es als “‘The Devil Wears Prada’ trifft auf ‘Get Out’ mit ein wenig ‘Black Mirror’.” Dieser Debütroman von Zakiya Dalila Harris mischt Büropolitik mit Spannung in der Geschichte von Nella Rogers, einer Redaktionsassistentin, die die einzige schwarze Mitarbeiterin eines renommierten Verlags ist.Als Hazel, eine neue schwarze Mitarbeiterin, eingestellt wird, scheint sich die Lage zu verbessern. Doch dann bekommt Nella unheilvolle, nicht unterschriebene Notizen – ein weiterer Grund, von zu Hause aus zu arbeiten.

Nach fast vier Monaten in den Hot 100-Charts von Billboard bleibt „Leave the Door Open“ der Song, der am ehesten einen ruhigen Sturm auf der Tanzfläche hervorruft. Die Hitsingle von Silk Sonic (alias Bruno Mars und Anderson .Paak) mag wie ein Cover eines lange verschollenen Klassikers aus den 70ern klingen, aber es ist ein zeitgenössischer Song, der einen die Feuchtigkeit lange genug zum „Küssen, Kuscheln“ vergessen lässt , Rosenblätter in der Badewanne, Mädchen, lass uns reinspringen.“

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Proprietor of Austin-area buying facilities information for chapter; leisure advanced coming to Cedar Park and extra high space information

Washington Prime Group Inc. owns six shopping centers in the area, including The Arboretum. (Courtesy of the arboretum)

Read last week’s top business and community news from the Central Texas region.

Central Texas

Austin area mall owner files Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Washington Prime Group Inc. announced on June 15 that it and its subsidiaries would file voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings in the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas.

Leander Cedar Park


• The Office of Police Oversight report finds that complaints against Austin police officers have increased but discipline has decreased in 2020
• North Pleasant Valley Road construction project in East Austin begins June 21st
• Austin Weird Homes Tour ends; Z’Tejas Shuts Down Restaurant Arboretum and Other News from Central Texas
• Travis County pledges to electrify its fleet and double its climate targets
• Indeed Tower in Downtown Austin is sold to a California real estate and development company in a $ 580 million deal

Pickleball, entertainment complex in Cedar Park

Cedar Park will be home to the first of three pickleball and entertainment complexes in central Texas.

Round Rock, Pflugerville-Hutto

RRISD parents request a public forum with the superintendent finalist and postpone the hiring

A total of 16 parents of Round Rock ISD spoke out on June 10th against the possible hiring of superintendent finalist Dr. Hafedh Azaiez without offering a town hall or a meeting.

In the Round Rock-Pflugerville-Hutto area, property prices are increasing year on year

The latest data from the Austin Board of Realtors shows that average house prices are reaching all-time highs in central Texas, including in the Round Rock-Pflugerville-Hutto area.


TxDOT is soliciting public opinion on proposed changes to I-35 in Georgetown

The Texas Department of Transportation is accepting public comments through June 26 on a proposed project in Georgetown to improve safety and mobility on I-35 between SE Inner Loop and RM 1431.

Brooke Sjoberg, Taylor Girtman, Brian Rash, and Trent Thompson contributed to this report.

Nationwide park guests – and cash – are coming again after 2020 plunge | Cronkite Information

A Grand Canyon National Park Preventive Search and Rescue volunteer speaks to hikers along the Bright Angel Trail in this March photo. After the number of visitors to the national parks in Arizona fell to zero last year due to the pandemic, the number of visitors has recovered. (photo by National Park Service/Creative Commons)

WASHINGTON – After hitting a 40-year low in pandemic year 2020, national park visitors – and their dollars – are steadily returning, but are still below pre-pandemic levels, according to new data from the National Park Service.

Parking restrictions and total closings in response to COVID-19 caused the number of park visitors to drop from 327.5 million in 2019 to 237.1 million last year. At the same time national park visitor Spending collapsed from $ 21 billion to $ 14.5 billion.

The same was true of Arizona, where visitors to national parks totaled 12.5 million in 2019 to 7.7 million during the pandemic, and spending – from gasoline to groceries, from lodging to recreational activities – fell from $ 1.3 billion to $ 712 million.

“The 2020 calendar year was far from normal,” said Steve Sullivan, Grand Canyon Permits program manager at the Backcountry Information Center.

However, Sullivan said business picked up again in April 2021 and his office has already received more than 2,000 permit requests for September and October that nearly filled campsites.

“We still have a lot of people who want to come in the summer,” Sullivan said despite the brutal hiking conditions in Arizona during the summer.

Other Grand Canyon businesses were similarly upbeat. They said there was great interest and they were confident that park tourism would soon return to previous levels.

John Dillon, executive director of the Grand Canyon River Outfitters Association, said revenues of its 16 member companies fell by $ 22 million when the park closed in the first half of 2020 when COVID-19 restrictions were eased.

“We’re doing very well, we’re recovering and there’s a lot of trust,” said Dillon, who said association members are already booking trips through 2023.

Visitor numbers for 2021 are not readily available for parks nationwide or nationwide. But monthly visitor Numbers at the Grand Canyon, the state’s most-visited park, confirm people keep coming back.

It would have been hard to go under: Visitors to the Grand Canyon hit zero in April 2020 when the park closed completely. The partial reopening began in late May last year, before Memorial Day weekend.

A sunrise from Hopi Point on the South Rim in 2018 – when visitors spent $ 1.8 billion in national parks in Arizona. Spending slumped along with visitors last year, but the numbers are starting to turn. (photo by M Quinn, National Park Service/Creative Commons)

As of April of this year, the Grand Canyon had 425,978 visitors who spent 6.6 million hours in the park, according to Park Service data. While that’s an improvement, it’s still 24% fewer than the 563,898 visitors who spent 8.7 million hours in the park in April 2019.

Sullivan said that hinterland permit applications “started a little slower in February and March” than a typical year, but that April and May were “pretty much on par with previous years.”

However, there are still challenges.

Sullivan said the parking infrastructure continues to hamper operations. Problems with the sewage treatment plant at the Bright Angel Campground at the bottom of the canyon, for example, have reduced the number of campers.

“We’re a bit limited at the moment, as our largest campsite in the canyon is only half full,” said Sullivan, who has 55 campers instead of the usual 110.

With foreign visitors making up a large part of the Grand Canyon’s tourism business, COVID-19 restrictions on international travel are another challenge. Tusayan Town Manager Charlie Hendrix said this created “some sort of delay” in getting back to normal business.

“We had wonderful local support, which we are very happy about, but we haven’t had any international trips yet,” she said.

But Dillon said improving the COVID-19 situation can only help. He cited vaccination rates as a key factor in restoring confidence and Maintain business.

“We haven’t had any COVID-19 outbreaks since June 14, 2020, and we saw 50,000 people for the remainder of the season last year,” Dillon said.