John Cena confirms plans for WWE comeback | Leisure

John Cena has confirmed his plans to return to the WWE.

The Hollywood superstar wrestler – who starred in blockbusters “F9” and “The Suicide Squad” this summer – has not been seen in a ring since joining a cinematic Firefly Fun House match on “WrestleMania 37” had competed against “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt. in April 2020.

However, he appeared on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ this week, addressing speculation about a possible return to the ring, saying, “Those rumors are true. I will definitely be back at WWE, I just don’t know when. “

The 44-year-old star sparked fan chats last month when he shared the company’s logo on Instagram, despite now claiming he just feels “nostalgic”.

He added, “Yeah, I posted that back in May. I was feeling pretty nostalgic about the WWE and just wanted to post the logo.

“Some people took it when I returned straight away, which they didn’t.

“I didn’t have my last game and I can’t wait to have my next game.”

Rumor has it that Cena will be lining up for a match against current Universal Champion Roman Reigns at next month’s SummerSlam event in Las Vegas.

The grappling icon responded to the reports recently, slamming both Cena and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Reigns said: “It’s like a dream for many of our fans. It’s not a dream for his.” [fans]. I do that a lot with Dwayne and then with John Cena, these guys are doing very well.

“No question. I dont know. If I were these guys, I don’t know if I would come back and take care of myself.

“I’m a problem for everyone right now. If I were her I would stay on the set. I would keep pumping out these streaming service films. “

Meanwhile, Reign’s ‘special agent’ Paul Heyman had previously addressed the idea of ​​a dream game against The Rock.

He said “I applaud Dwayne The Rock Johnson for keeping his name in the media by expressing a desire to step into the ring with Roman Reigns, the number one box office attraction in sports, entertainment or sports entertainment.”

Colorado Comeback Money winner Pete Vegas has sustainable agriculture plan for cash

By Alex Edwards

Boulder has new comeback cash winners in Colorado’s seed lottery. Pete Vegas received $ 1 million in prize money and Levi received a $ 50,000 scholarship as part of ongoing efforts to mitigate the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The winners were announced at a press conference held by Governor Jared Polis on Friday, streamed on Facebook. See below Since Levi is only 13 years old, his last name has not been disclosed.

Vegas owns Sage V (pronounced Sage Five) Foods, which specializes in making rice-based ingredients for processed foods. As a private individual, Vegas didn’t want to talk about its profits.

However, he was more than happy to talk about his plans for the money. Vegas is passionate about the environment and as a professional farmer he recognizes the negative impact modern agriculture can have on it.

“I plowed the land I had at least five times a year,” he said. “People are still following these practices and have reduced the organic matter in the soil over time.”

Organic matter contains a lot, which brings with it two problems: Plants need carbon to grow, among other things, but plowing the land disrupts and displaces the carbon that is then released into the atmosphere.

According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, agriculture can cause up to 31% of greenhouse gas emissions. Vegas plans to use some of the money won to subsidize regenerative farming for some of the farms growing for its business to help reduce that impact.

“It (regenerative agriculture) is trying to restore the soil, and it is trying to pull carbon out of the air and put it back into the ground,” he said.

And it’s not just a fad: Regenerative agriculture works.

However, widespread adoption could be an uphill battle due to government funding and policies favoring other crops like corn and soybeans. In addition, the cost of adopting regenerative agriculture will be high, simply because there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

“If you go south, where you have a lot more moisture, you have a much larger weed population, a population of insects,” he said. “Whoever does it first will lose money because we don’t know how to do it. It’s going to be an experiment. “

This is where the Colorado Comeback Cash Money comes in. Vegas said he plans to work with farmers who grow for him to test regenerative agriculture using rice crops. He plans to pay them whatever they lose during the experimental cultivation.

“It doesn’t get any government aid,” he said. “If you are interested in regenerative ag, you are on your own.”

While members of Vegas’ own older generation are more skeptical of the practice, he said that young members are open to the opportunities the practice offers.

On vaccines and public health, Vegas expressed its frustration at how superficial concerns about the vaccine appear to be. In his opinion, vaccines are viewed as something to prevent an individual from getting sick rather than for the good of the nation and the world.

“It’s not just about protecting yourself,” he said. “It’s a really selfish attitude. This is a situation where people have to think about the whole thing; You have to think of other people and what we can all do together to eradicate such a disease. “

Smallpox was eradicated by vaccination and declared eradicated in 1980 by the World Health Organization.

“Everyone’s talking about, ‘Oh, it’s safe,’ or, in this case, ‘If you get your vaccine, you might make some money,'” he said. “We’re all trying to come together and turn this disease off, and that can’t happen if some people hold back.”

Charleston Coliseum & Conference Heart set for busy summer season, fall as leisure business makes a comeback

CHARLESTON, W. Va. – A spate of announcements from the Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center over the past few weeks has got fans of all entertainment genres excited about what’s ahead and a sign that the industry is coming back to life after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Patrick Leahy, the general manager of the Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center (CCCC), told MetroNews that now is the time for the entertainment industry as state and national guidelines for the virus relax and more people are vaccinated.

“Around February first, the industry saw the light at the end of the tunnel and started planning shows for the fall and next year,” Leahy said.

In the past week alone, CCCC officials announced that musical acts Lynyrd Skynyrd, Judas Preist and Foreigner, as well as comedian Jeff Foxworthy, were arriving in Charleston this fall.

It’s in addition to the planned comedian acts by Jim Gaffigan and Bert Kreischer and musical guests James Taylor, Jason Aldean, Aaron Lewis and Stateliners, The Avett Brothers, Brantley Gilbert and Chicago for this fall and winter.

Leahy, who also works for the facility as director of booking, said planning for the fall started with sourcing and negotiations in November 2020. He said the pace of activity has increased in recent months.

Patrick Leahy

He praised the broader relationship of the new Management group of CCCC, Oak View, for shows quickly booked in Charleston once restrictions have been eased. He said there was more access to information about who’s on tour, what they’re trying to achieve, and how to make a compelling case for coming to Charleston.

“This market has a great history, has a great concert history. We tell the story of why Charleston, ”Leahy said.

VIEW: The complete schedule for the CCCC

For Leahy it is important that a community meeting place like the CCCC and its branches reflect the community. Event organizers have tried to offer a variety of programs to keep everyone interested.

“We are confident that we can attract a wide range of events, be it music, sports, family and more,” he said.

Aside from rock and country announced for the fall, the Charleston Municipal Auditorium is hosting a juneteenth celebration on June 18 with hip-hop artists Yung Bleu & Mooski. The officials are also enthusiastic about the ticket sales for Blippi, the musical for children.

From a sporting perspective, CCCC will host a nationwide televised basketball tournament (TBT) event from July 17-21. The games feature star college basketball program alumni, including WVU and Marshall, playing for $ 1 million on the ESPN family of networks.

Leahy said Charleston’s national presence is an important detail for future bookings and economic development.

“Companies looking for ways to do business in the market are looking for the same amenities and activities as other cities,” Leahy said.

Leahy said that from March 2020, when the pandemic started, to June this year, there were 127 events at the CCCC. But not many came with the excitement of these future events knowing there should be full crowds and live atmospheres.

The CCCC is aggressive Hire people to work on the events and facilities that are preparing for these much larger crowds.

Las Vegas buffets and leisure make a comeback; Resorts World pronounces opening particulars – Every day Information

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This file photo dated April 19, 2021 shows Resorts World Las Vegas under construction in Las Vegas. The new resort is slated to open on June 24th on the Las Vegas Strip. (AP Photo / Ken Ritter, File)

A highly anticipated resort in Las Vegas will open its doors for the first time at the end of June and in late fall will experience the residences of several well-known artists such as Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan.

Elsewhere in Vegas, resorts are bringing back shows that were halted during most of the pandemic and adding capacity to their game days.

Some resorts are also bringing their buffets back after closing for more than a year.

PS We’ll be talking about Southern California casinos next week and what they do with their buffets. Continue reading.

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Fantasy Springs hosts free shows by country star Cam and Famer Felix Cavaliere’s Rock & Roll Hall

ICYMI: The Pechanga Resort Casino opened the new Mexican restaurant Cantina in 1882

Beyond Southern California …

Media Company and Toronto Star owner Torstar is diversifying in an unusual way. The company announced that it plans to launch an online casino betting brand in 2020 pending approval from the Ontario Alcohol and Gambling Commission. The chairman and co-owner of Torstar said the move will “help support the growth and expansion of quality community-based journalism.” The Toronto Star has more.

Kevin Spacey’s film comeback | Leisure

Kevin Spacey is said to be celebrating his comeback on the big screen in “L’uomo che disegnò Dio” (The Man Who Drawn God).

The 61-year-old actor’s career collapsed three years ago after a series of sexual misconduct allegations were made against him. Kevin now plans to get back into acting by playing a detective investigating a wrongly accused pedophile in ‘L’uomo che disegnò Dio’.

The film will also star Vanessa Redgrave and is set to be directed by her husband, Italian filmmaker Franco Nero, who, according to The Telegraph, will play a blind artist wrongly accused of sexual abuse.

Meanwhile, last year, Kevin – who has denied the allegations against him – compared his situation to that of workers laid off due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the podcast “Bits & Pretzels” he said: “I think it won’t surprise anyone to say that in autumn 2017 my world completely changed.

“My job, a lot of my relationships, my standing in my own industry were all gone in a matter of hours.

“I don’t often like telling people that I can relate to their situation because I think it undermines the experience they may be having, which is their own unique and very personal experience.

“But in this case, I feel like I can relate to what it feels like when your world suddenly ends.

“And so, although we may have found ourselves in similar situations, for very different reasons and circumstances, I still believe that some of the emotional struggles are very similar.

“And so I have empathy for what it feels like to suddenly find out that you can’t go back to work or that you could lose your job and that it’s a situation that you have absolutely no control over.”

The blockbuster film makes a comeback this summer season | Leisure

After more than a year on the bench at its greatest spectacle, Hollywood is ready to dazzle again.

From “F9” and “In the Heights” to “The Suicide Squad” and “Black Widow” there will be a steady stream of blockbusters populating multiplexes across the country for the first time since March 2020. The promise of air conditioning, popcorn, Soda fountains, 60-foot screens, and cutting-edge sound could be a welcome change from living room and virtual clock parties. Not to mention the always romantic concept of shared experience.

It’s not a moment too early for crowded cinemas.

The modern summer movie season, which runs from May to Labor Day, regularly generates over $ 4 billion in revenue and accounts for around 40% of annual revenue. Last year, summer earnings were $ 176 million, down 96% from 2019. Although theaters have been ramping up for some time, this summer will prove to be the biggest litmus test yet to see whether habits have changed irrevocably during the pandemic.

Summer movie preview Quiet place

This picture, published by Paramount Pictures, shows from left Millicent Simmonds, Emily Blunt and Noah Jupe in a scene from “A Quiet Place Part II”.

In a way, the calendar looks like a revision from last summer. Many of the most anticipated releases were due a year ago, including John Krasinski’s “A Quiet Place Part II,” which first came out on May 28th, the film adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony-winning “In the Heights” (11th May). June), the ninth episode of the “Fast & Furious” series “F9” (June 25), Marvel’s “Black Widow” (July 9) with Scarlett Johansson, Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson action-adventure “Jungle Cruise” ( July 30th) and Nia DaCosta’s “Candyman” restart (August 27th).

Summer movie preview in the heights

This picture, published by Warner Bros. Entertainment, shows Dascha Polanco, from left, Daphne Rubin-Vega and Stephanie Beatriz in a scene from In the Heights.

In the Heights director Jon M. Chu had to convince Miranda that it was worth waiting for a theatrical release. Miranda wanted his joyous musical about a bodega owner, Usnavi (Anthony Ramos) and his friends in Washington Heights, to be immediately available to people. But Chu knows the importance of global release for films with underrepresented cast members. Like “Crazy Rich Asians”, “In the Heights” features strangers in key roles, ready for a breakout on the right platform.

“We had big dreams for it,” said Chu. “To be able to do this on the largest scale possible meant so much.”

Summer movie preview F9

This picture, published by Universal Pictures, shows Nathalie Emmanuel (left) and Vin Diesel in a scene from “F9”.

And it’s not the only Blue Sky blockbuster in the bunch. The “Fast & Furious” series has always been about creating a fun theatrical experience, and “F9” not only brings back a fan favorite – Sung Kangs Han – it also literally sends cars into space. It is expected to be one of the biggest hits of the season.

“Whenever I get together with Vin (Diesel) and everyone to make these films, we don’t even talk about the plot or anything, we talk about the feeling. I remember when I was a kid I saved enough money in the summer to to go there.” the films to share that experience with a group of strangers, “said director Justin Lin.” When that moment comes and everyone laughs or cheers together, it’s magical. “

Before the pandemic, going to the cinema in the summer was a ritual. Audiences made up for last year by showing off summer retro hits at drive-ins. Now it is a wild question as to whether the promise of an “event film” will motivate audiences back to the cinemas, especially if there is something available to watch at home as well.

Summer movie preview Space Jam

This image, published by Warner Bros. Pictures, shows an animated LeBron James in a scene from Space Jam: A New Legacy.

“Space Jam: A New Legacy” Director Malcom D. Lee called his film “The Epitome of a Popcorn Movie”. In the sequel to the 1996 Michael Jordan picture, LeBron James now shares the screen with classic Looney Toons characters.

Those looking for a more R-rated experience can thank James Gunn for turning the once obscure Guardians of the Galaxy into movie stars and now doing the same for the misfit, Z-class villains “Want to do. The Suicide Squad.” He had a choice of DC characters and turned down Superman for Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, Idris Elba’s Bloodsport, and John Cena’s Peacemaker.

Gunn was inspired by one of his favorite genres: the 1960s war cap. Think “The Dirty Dozen” and “Where Eagles Dare”.

“Reviving this genre with just those fucking super villains as protagonists really appealed to me,” said Gunn.

Summer movie preview Summer of Soul

This image, published by Searchlight Pictures, shows Sly Stone at the Harlem Cultural Festival in 1969, which was featured in the documentary “Summer of Soul”.

There are many other options as well, including a variety of well-known documentaries, from Morgan Neville’s “Roadrunner: A Movie About Anthony Bourdain” (July 16) to Peter Jackson’s “The Beatles: Get Back” (August 27). There are family films like “Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway” (June 18) and “Hotel Transylvania: Transformania” (July 23) and horror films like “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It” (June 4) and ” Don “‘t Breathe 2” (August 13). You can see Matt Damon try to save his daughter in the drama “Stillwater” (July 30), or see Gael García Bernal in M. Night Shyamalan’s “Old” (Jul 23) Ryan Reynolds has appeared in two major action films, The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (June 16) and Free Guy (August 13), and there’s even an epic Dev Patel-directed version of one classic Arthurian legend. “The Green Knight” arrives on July 30th.

Summer film preview Hotel Transylvania

This picture, published by Sony Pictures, shows a scene from Hotel Transylvania: Transformania.

“I’m really glad our film is one of those films that has been withheld because I really want audiences to have the opportunity to see it on the big screen,” said David Lowery, director of The Green Knight . “It should obviously be seen that way, but it’s also a strange movie, and I think the idea of ​​having that experience in a cinema with other people is going to be really, really exciting, especially after a year outside the big ones Canvas . “

Some studios, like Godzilla vs. Kong, have been cautiously releasing larger films lately in order to get decent results. But after seven weeks, even this monster is still reluctant to break the $ 100 million mark domestically. And it’s unclear what the new benchmarks for success will look like, or if a movie has the chance of achieving something that comes close to pre-pandemic expectations. The last “Fast” movie opened in 2017 for $ 98.8 million. “Black Widow” was once slated for a start of at least $ 90 million. The largest domestic opening so far this year was just over $ 30 million.

It has also become difficult for moviegoers to keep track of ever-changing dates, delays, and releases across multiple platforms. Some summer-ready titles like “Top Gun: Maverick” and the new James Bond “No Time To Die” are waiting for their debut until the end of the year. Jurassic World: Dominion has been postponed to 2022. And changes are still being made as some titles are being outsourced for streaming services. Sony sold its “Cinderella”, run by Camilla Cabello and Billy Porter, to Amazon Prime and its Kevin Hart as the single-dad picture “Fatherhood” to Netflix.

Even the big-screen films will have either unique hybrid release plans or shortened theatrical windows. All Warner Bros. titles, including In the Heights, The Suicide Squad and Space Jam, are available for free to HBO Max subscribers for 31 days and in theaters. Most Disney films, including “Cruella” (May 28), “Black Widow” and “Jungle Cruise”, open in both theaters and on Disney + as premium rentals for $ 29.99. Your Pixar title “Luca” will go direct to Disney + on June 17th, free for subscribers. And the Sundance outbreak “CODA” will be released in theaters and on Apple TV + at the same time.

There are many unknowns for theaters and studios. Are cinemas even on the priority lists for the reopening? Will there be a $ 100 million opening weekend soon? Will there ever be another $ 250 million opening weekend? The filmmakers are not trying to deal with it. But everyone is emotional that going to the movies could finally get back to normal.

“I think about it all the time,” said Gunn. “I can hardly wait to sit in a theater with a group of people and watch films again. It’s a real joy of life. It’s a magical space for me and has been since my childhood.”

Follow AP film writer Lindsey Bahr on Twitter:

Brookshire Grocery Enviornment poised to make leisure comeback this yr | ArkLaTex In-Depth

BOSSIER CITY, La. – This is where the ArkLaTex rocks.

It’s the newly named Brookshire Grocery Arena, which is right across the Red River in the Bossier parish.

In addition to this new name, there is also a new game plan for the future.

Rebecca Bonnedier

Rebecca Bonnedier, General Manager of the Brookshire Grocery Arena

“I think we’ll be back to normal with a number of events in 2022, but we’ll have events in 2021,” said Rebecca Bonnedier, general manager of Brookshire Grocery Arena.

It’s been a slow process to come back since the files screeched to a halt in the arena in March 2020. More than a year later, the financial impact of these vacancies is still being felt.

“Unfortunately, we had to reduce some of our employees during this time. The few of us who are here have been busier than ever before. We work every day to ensure that we do what we need so that we can bring our family back.” We had 24 full-time employees and now there are only three full-time employees and one part-time employee during the pandemic. We are there now, “added Bonnedier.

Brookshire Grocery Arena Events sign

In December it was announced that Brookshire Grocery had acquired the arena’s naming rights for the next decade. In the months that followed, important steps were taken to give the 21-year-old arena a makeover.

Those out and about on Arthur Ray Teague Parkway can now see some of the acts tentatively slated to take place at the arena in the coming months. In addition to outdoor signage, concertgoers can also expect an improved sound system and new LED lights.

These improvements take place inside and out. The city of Bossier wanted to help. Bossier City Council agreed and then donated $ 500,000. That happened in February, but new members of Bossier’s city council said they are also focusing on bringing concert-goers back.

Shane Cheatham

Shane Cheatham

“There is so much we can do in terms of revenue to keep people here and not have to cross the river to Shreveport to shop or entertain their family,” said Shane Cheatham, who was elected Mayor Tommy Chandler was selected to be the city’s next chief administrative officer.

Cheatham said the support will also continue with a new mayor and city council members.

“We have to work with our developers here,” he added.

With every state different in its COVID-19 health policies, it has been difficult to set a solid schedule for future artists and performers in the months to come. Only regional artists are currently planned. And if the COVID-19 guidelines change, the scheduled performance dates can also be changed.

By the time the concerts can start again, those in charge of the arena hope for September.

Vaccine prepared, cold-shoulder fashion makes a comeback

At Dolly Parton, who recently opted for a vaccine-ready sparkly blue knit top with cut out shoulder details when she took her first shot of the Moderna vaccine, ’90s style has made a comeback like never before! The country singer’s top, which was cut on the shoulder, was custom made by her creative director Steve Summers. “I even have a small neckline in my shirt – I adjusted it here,” she said to the doctor who administered the shot and pointed to her other shoulder. When Dolly made her Pfizer shot, the nurse quipped, “Everyone wears these tops.” According to reports, since the beginning of March, a number of shopping platforms have been looking for cold-shouldered tops.

Dolly’s purposeful style sparked a cold shoulder / top madness vaccination shirt. The next day, politician and diplomat Hillary Clinton posted a throwback photo of herself on Instagram from 1993 wearing a noir cold shoulder dress by Donna Karan. “I loved seeing @dollypartonbring as a vaccination look back on the cold shoulder,” she wrote. “Shall we make this a trend?”

In 1993, politician and diplomat Hillary Clinton posted a throwback photo of herself on Instagram wearing a cold-shouldered noir dress by Donna Karan. “I loved seeing @dollyparton bring the cold shoulder back as a vaccination look,” she wrote. “Shall we make this a trend?” (Photo: Instagram / HillaryClinton)

Donna was a key badge of the minimal 90s and put it on the map when she dressed supermodel Linda Evangelista for her fall 1991 getaway in a monochrome variant worn under a matching jacket. While fashion critics booed it at the time, Clinton remained loyal to her in her early years as FLOTUS.

Designers like Phoebe Philo (who was head of Celine at the time) and Proenza Schouler later reinterpreted the cold shoulder style in their collections.

“Thanks to Dolly Parton, cold shoulder tops and dresses seem like the chic picks for taking the bump. In addition, they are trendy both on runways and on racks, ”says designer Shruti Sancheti.

Designer Nikita Mhaisalkar sees the popularity of the trend as an open approach to make it clear that the world is open to get vaccinated and defeat the pandemic! “It’s a stylish way that fashionistas say getting vaccinated is a way of life,” says Nikita.

“From Dolly Parton to Lululemons to being labeled ‘vaccination shirts’, we couldn’t imagine them taking over the virus list. It is undoubtedly a clever alternative and aesthetic practicality to make walking easier, and that also makes sense, ”says designer Prreeti Jaiin Nainutia of the Nirmooha label.

“Cold shoulder is a major trend as our kaftan style with cold shoulder details was very popular. Women over 40 loved this style because they don’t want to wear sleeveless clothes and they also want to have a bit of sexuality. This style is flattering and sleek. Those who don’t want to wear sleeveless, cold shoulders are good choices. Of course, it’s great for vaccinations, ”says designer Pria Kataaria Puri, who is experimenting with caftans with cold shoulder styles for the coming summer.