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When most Destiny 2 players hear about armor builds, they usually write them off as too confusing and not worth using. Most of this confusion stems from Combat Style mods, armor mods that focus on providing buffs through the use of Charged with Light, Warmind Cells, and Elemental Wells.

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These mechanics aren’t nearly as unintuitive as one might assume. Warmind Cells are fantastic in any PvE build, and Charged with Light can provide some of the strongest effects in franchise history, outshining most Exotics in terms of usefulness. For players that want to make the best character builds, here is a complete guide to understanding Destiny 2’s Combat Style mods. Raid and nightmare mods are excluded from this guide as they are tied to more niche activities.


Updated January 26th, 2022, by Charles Burgar: Combat Style mods have become critical to making builds in recent seasons. With recent buffs to Elemental Wells and nerfs to Warmind Cells, it was time to give this guide a refresh. We’ve updated this guide to include more information on each mechanic, how these mods work in PvP, and refreshed our recommended Combat Style mods to reflect recent balance changes. Some organizational changes were also made to make this article easier to navigate.

What Are Combat Style Mods?

Destiny 2 Combat Style Mods

Combat Style mods offer powerful, build-enabling effects that go in your armor’s fourth mod socket. These effects range from granting free grenade energy to giving your Guardian a massive damage resistance buff when their shields break. Think of them as miniature Exotics in mod form.

You can have up to five Combat Style mods installed at any given moment. There are three types of Combat Style mods as of Season of the Lost:

Charged With Light Warmind Cells Elemental Wells
Description A malleable buff that lasts until either spent or you die. Explosive orbs that deal massive damage over a small area Pillars of energy that refund ability energy
Example Effects
  • 50% damage resistance
  • 20% more damage with weapons
  • Refund 15% grenade energy
  • Explosive weapons can spawn Warmind Cells
  • Enemies near Warmind Cells take 10% more damage
  • Consume a Warmind Cell to gain an overshield
  • 25% more damage with weapons that match your subclass element
  • Gain 15% additional ability energy per Elemental Well
  • Set your Intellect stat to 100 for 30 seconds
Works In PvP? Yes No No

All Combat Style Mods have an elemental affinity associated with them, similar to your other armor mods. Combat Style mods can be Arc, Solar, Void, Stasis, or Universal for their affinity.

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Combat Style Mod Mechanics


All Combat Style mods revolve around one of three mechanics: Charged with Light stacks, Warmind Cells, and Elemental Wells. Here is a brief description of what each mechanic does:

  • Charged with Light: A permanent buff that stacks up to two times and does nothing on its own. Consume stacks of Charged with Light to receive unique bonuses. Mods influence how this buff is earned and spent.
  • Warmind Cell: A bright orange ball that can be detonated by damaging it. Warmind Cell detonations deal heavy damage over a small area. Mods influence how Warmind Cells behave.
  • Elemental Well: These energy orbs can be consumed by walking over them, granting 10% ability energy. Elemental wells spawn with one elemental affinity (Solar, Arc, Void, or Stasis). Mods influence how you spawn Elemental Wells and what additional benefits they provide.

Charged With Light Explained

Destiny 2 Taking Charge Mod Icon

Charged with Light mods work inside The Crucible.

Charged with Light is the most versatile Combat Style mechanic in Destiny 2. Certain mods will give you a stack of Charged with Light upon doing something. On its own, Charged with Light does nothing. It’s not until you equip a mod that consumes Charged with Light stacks that the buff becomes useful. That might sound strange on paper, so let’s give an example of how you can use Charged with Light to give your weapons a sizable damage increase.

One of the most common Charged with Light mods you’ll see is Taking Charge, a mod that gives you one stack of Charged with Light upon grabbing an Orb of Power. Masterworked weapons generate an Orb of Power after every double kill, so we effectively gain a Charged with Light stack after every double kill.

OK, so we can get Charged with Light. How do we spend it? You can equip High-Energy Fire to give your weapons a 20% damage increase while you are Charged with Light. This effect lasts until you either kill someone or die yourself. So long as you grab an Orb of Power after every double kill, this buff will be active half of the time.

But what if you wanted High-Energy Fire to be active all of the time? We can equip a third Combat Style mod called Stacks on Stacks. This mod doubles the amount of Charged with Light stacks we receive from any source, Taking Charge included. With this setup, you’ll now receive two stacks of Charged with Light upon grabbing an Orb of Power. And since you only need a double kill to spawn an Orb of Power, you can effectively give your Guardian a permanent 20% damage increase in both PvE and PvP.

Destiny 2 High-Energy Fire Example

You might have noticed that the mods we used are color-coded. The color of a mod dictates what it does:

  • Green: Generates Charged with Light.
  • Yellow: Consumes Charged with Light.
  • White: Augments how you receive or spend Charged with Light.

Hopefully, this gives a clearer idea as to how these mods work together. If you want to learn more about the ins and outs of Charged with Light, consult our in-depth Charged with Light guide.

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Warmind Cells Explained

Destiny 2 Burning Cells Mod Icon

Warmind Cells cannot spawn inside The Crucible.

Warmind Cells are much easier to understand. While any Warmind Cell mod is equipped, any Seventh Seraph or IKELOS weapon will spawn an orange ball after killing a set number of enemies. This ball has an invisible health bar. Shooting the Warmind Cell will lower this health bar. Once you deal enough damage, the Warmind Cell will explode, dealing a large amount of damage over a moderate area.

Mods augment how Warmind Cells work. The mod’s elemental affinity relates to how the mod will influence your Warmind Cell:

  • Solar: Grants bonuses for destroying Warmind Cells, such as healing for nearby allies or burning enemy targets affected by the explosion.
  • Arc: Walking over a Warmind Cell will consume it, providing some sort of effect. This can be a self-buff like an overshield, or it can be a utility effect like pushing enemies away from you.
  • Void: Grants utility effects, such as reducing an energy’s damage output while they’re near a Warmind Cell.

If you want to learn more about Warmind Cells, check out our in-depth Warmind Cell guide.

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Elemental Wells Explained

Destiny 2 Well of Life

Elemental Wells cannot spawn inside The Crucible.

Elemental Wells are similar to Orbs of Power, providing a myriad of buffs based on which mods you have installed. Just like Orbs of Power, Elemental Wells are instanced per player, making them an excellent choice of ability energy for your fireteam. Most Elemental Well mods require ability or element-specific kills to spawn an Elemental Well. Grabbing an Elemental Well grants 10% ability energy to whichever ability has the lowest amount of energy. Should that Elemental Well’s color match your subclass, you’ll receive 10% energy to all of your abilities instead (excluding your Super).

Quite a few Elemental Well mods grant some sort of boon when a matching Well is consumed. For example, the Font of Might mod grants a 25% damage increase to weapons that match your subclass element upon collecting a matching Elemental Well. This stacks with High-Energy Fire and other character-based damage boons. Other mods increase the energy your Wells restore, cause your Wells to seek nearby allies, or even max your Intellect stat for 30 seconds.

We cover Elemental Wells in more detail in our Elemental Well guide.

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Where To Obtain Combat Style Mods

Destiny 2 Ada-1 in her new armor synthesis room

Ada-1 is the only NPC vendor that sells Combat Style mods from past seasons. She will sell a random Combat Style mod every day for ten Mod Components. Check her stock every day for new mods to complete your collection.

Ada-1 will sell two different Combat Style mods each day once The Witch Queen expansion launches. Mod Components will also be depreciated (source), meaning you’ll only need 10,000 Glimmer to purchase a mod from Ada.

When a season introduces new Combat Style mods, they are typically found in the H.E.L.M. social space. Speak to any vendors added in a given season to see if they have any new mods for sale. As of Season of the Lost, you can find all Elemental Well mods at the H.E.L.M.’s various vendors.

Keep an eye out for these mods whenever a new season begins. The mod section of the collections tab gives a good idea of how to obtain any new Combat Style mods.

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The Best Charged With Light Mods

Destiny-2-Season-of-Dawn-Weapons Cropped

Players don’t have to memorize all 53 Combat Style mods to know which options are the best. Here are some of the largest standouts that relate to the Charged with Light mechanic.

Mod Name Element & Cost Effect
Taking Charge
  • Affinity: Universal
  • Cost: 3 Energy
Become Charged with Light by picking up Orbs of Power.
High-Energy Fire
  • Affinity: Universal
  • Cost: 4 Energy
Receive a 20% damage buff while Charged with Light. Defeating an opponent consumes one stack.
Lucent Blade
  • Affinity: Arc
  • Cost: 4 Energy
Grants a 35% damage buff to Swords after striking a target, lasting five seconds. Consumes one stack of Charged with Light. Equip a second Arc mod to greatly increase your Sword’s charge rate.
Protective Light
  • Affinity: Void
  • Cost: 2 Energy
Receive a 50% damage resistance buff for a variable duration after your shields break, consuming all stacks of Charged with Light. -10 Strength while equipped.
Powerful Friends
  • Affinity: Arc
  • Cost: 4 Energy
When you become Charged with Light, nearby allies also become Charged with Light. Equip a second Arc mod to gain +20 Mobility.

Most of these mods are easy to build around and offer a powerful buff. Taking Charge is all players need to gain Charged with Light stacks. As for buffs, Lucent Blade and High-Energy Fire offer a large DPS increase for PvE and PvP, respectively. For a more defensive build, Protective Light can be used to make your Guardian a walking juggernaut.

Crucible players will want to use Powerful Friends, a mod that grants +20 Mobility if you use a second Arc mod in your build. A stat boost of +20 is nothing to scoff at and build-enabling for Hunters. You can even pair this mod with Radiant Light to gain +20 Mobility and Strength from two mods.

If you want to learn how each Charged with Light mod works, check out our Charged with Light mod guide.

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The Best Warmind Cell Mods

Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy Armor

Warmind Cells might be much easier to understand, but there are still a myriad of choices that vary from poor to exceptional. Here are some of the strongest Warmind Cell mods that you should keep an eye out for.

Mod Name Element & Cost Effect
Rage of the Warmind
  • Affinity: Solar
  • Cost: 5 Energy
Warmind Cells deal additional Solar damage.
Wrath of Rasputin
  • Affinity: Solar
  • Cost: 1 Energy
Solar splash damage kills can spawn Warmind Cells. Solar grenades, Dragonfly, Xenophage, and Sunshot are compatible with this mod.
Cellular Suppression
  • Affinity: Void
  • Cost: 4 Energy
Damaging a Warmind Cell will radiate a suppressive Void effect. You also deal less damage to Warmind Cells.
Warmind’s Protection
  • Affinity: Void
  • Cost: 2 Energy
Enemies deal 50% less damage when near Warmind Cells. This stacks with other damage resistance buffs.
Grasp of the Warmind
  • Affinity: Void
  • Cost: 3 Energy
You can pick up, carry, and throw Warmind Cells.

Wrath of Rasputin is a phenomenal mod for those looking to use Warmind Cells, allowing the likes of Solar subclasses and Exotics like Sunshot to spawn Warmind Cells. If Rage of the Warmind is also installed, Warmind Cells can spawn Warmind Cells if they kill enough targets. This causes a feedback loop where you constantly have Warmind Cells you can detonate. For a more support-oriented playstyle, Grasp of the Warmind and Warmind’s Protection can be used to carry around an orb that halves enemy damage output.

For more devastating Warmind Cell mods, check out our Warmind Cell mod guide.

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The Best Elemental Well Mods

Destiny 2 Elemental Well

Elemental Wells might be a new addition, but they have already proven themselves to be an S-tier option for builds that spam abilities. Their synergy with Charged with Light is hard to overstate, giving you x2 Charged with Light stacks whenever you land a grenade or powered melee kill. These mods will let you get the most out of Elemental Wells:

Mod Name Element & Cost Effect
Elemental Charge
  • Affinity: Universal
  • Cost: 2 Energy
Become Charged with Light by picking up an Elemental Well. If the Elemental Well’s element type matches your subclass element, you gain 2 stacks of Charged with Light.
Melee Wellmaker
  • Affinity: Universal
  • Cost: 4 Energy
Powered melee combatant final blows spawn an Elemental Well that matches your subclass energy type.
Elemental Ordnance
  • Affinity: Universal
  • Cost: 3 Energy
Defeating a combatant with a grenade spawns an Elemental Well that matches your subclass energy type.
Well of Life
  • Affinity: Solar
  • Cost: 2 Energy
Picking up a Solar Elemental Well grants increased regeneration for a short period of time.
Font of Might
  • Affinity: Universal
  • Cost: 4 Energy
Picking up an Elemental Well that matches your subclass energy type grants a 25% damage boos to weapons of that same elemental type. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Font of Might has become one of the strongest Combat Style mods in Destiny 2 in recent months. This mod grants a massive damage increase that stacks with buffs like High-Energy Fire and Weapons of Light. If you can build a loadout around matching elements and this mod, prepare to dish out some absurd damage. Melee Wellmaker and Elemental Ordnance also allow your abilities to generate Charged with Light stacks when paired with Elemental Charge.

If you want to know more about how each Elemental Well mod functions, check out our Elemental Well mod guide.

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FDA assembly places Biden’s plan to fight virus in danger

An important part of the president Joe BidenCovid-19’s plan to fight Covid-19 is in jeopardy as a Food and Drug Administration vaccine advisory committee meets on Friday to debate and vote Pfizer and BioNTech‘s application to offer booster shots to the general public.

The vote by the Agency’s Advisory Committee on Vaccines and Related Biological Products – scheduled for about 2:30 p.m. ET – comes as some scientists, including at least two to the FDA, say they are not entirely convinced that every American who has received the Pfizer vaccine is currently in need of additional doses.

In documents released prior to the advisory committee meeting, FDA scientists have refused to take a stand on whether to support third shots, saying US regulators have not independently reviewed or verified all available data to support use of boosters. They also appeared to be skeptical of some of the data provided, including frequently quoted effectiveness figures from Israelwhere researchers have published observational studies showing that the Pfizer vaccine’s effectiveness against infections has waned over time.

It sets the stage for a tense meeting on Friday as the Biden government has announced that it will offer booster injections to the public as early as next week pending FDA approval. The move is part of the administration wider plan to counter a higher number of Covid cases in the USA, which is fueled by the rapidly spreading Delta variant.

The country’s leading health authorities, including CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Acting FDA Commissioner Dr. Janet Woodcock and White House Senior Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci, approved Biden’s booster plan back in August. While the FDA has not always followed its committee’s advice, it often does. The agency surprised investors and the public earlier this year when it abandoned the recommendation of its independent panel of external experts to approve Biogen’s Alzheimer’s drug.

If the committee doesn’t pass a positive vote, it could force the Biden administration to postpone its plan and potentially restrict third shots to certain groups of Americans, including disease, said Lawrence Gostin, director of the World Health Organization’s Collaborating Center on National and International Global Health Law.

The FDA group could give Biden’s booster plan a “cool reception,” Gostin said. “While there is good evidence that vaccine immunity may decline, two doses of mRNA hold up robust by preventing serious illness, hospitalization and death.”

The vote puts the committee in an “uncomfortable position” as the government has already announced that it would start distributing boosters in the week of September 20, said Dr. Bruce Farber, chief of infectious diseases at Northwell Health.

“I’m sure they will disagree at all on what they said because we already know they are not unanimous,” he said.

Scientists and other health experts had already expressed their criticism Biden’s move to boost all Americans 16 and older when senior health officials outlined the plan last month. The scientists and other experts said the data cited by federal health officials are not compelling and characterize government pressure on boosters as premature.

In the outlines of the plans for launch Distribute booster next week, administrative officials cited three CDC studies showing that vaccines protection against Covid has waned over several months. The government’s plan is for people to receive or a third dose of Pfizer Modern Vaccination eight months after the second vaccination. Biden has since said that scientists are considering whether to postpone the third shot up by three months. US health officials said they needed more data Johnson & Johnsons Vaccine before they can recommend boosters of these shots.

Pfizer and Moderna each have theirs too own analyzes The incidence of breakthrough Covid cases – which occur in fully vaccinated people – was less common in clinical trial participants who were recently vaccinated, suggesting that the protection of Covid vaccines wears off over time. In separate documents released Wednesday, Pfizer said an observational study in Israel showed that a third dose of the Covid vaccine restored infection protection to 95% six months after a second shot.

Still, some scientists argue that booster vaccinations are not currently required for the general public.

A leading group of scientists published a paper Monday in the medical journal The Lancet, which said that available data shows that vaccination protection against serious illnesses remains in place even as efficacy against minor illness wears off over time. The authors, including two outgoing senior FDA officials and several World Health Organization scientists, said the widespread distribution of booster syringes to the general public is “not appropriate” at this time.

There is currently no consensus in the biomedical community on boosters for the general public, said Harvard Medical School immunologist Dan Barouch. “There are high-level experts who fall on different sides of the debate.”

Dr. Arturo Casadevall, Chair of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, supports boosters for the general public.

He said a third shot would boost immunity and reduce the chance of breakthrough infections, including the variant strains. “With all vaccines, immunity degrades over time, and Covid-19 vaccines are no different.”

Yale School of Medicine immunologist Akiko Iwasaki contradicts the widespread distribution of boosters in the United States.

Still, she said, booster shots are currently needed for some more vulnerable people as breakthrough cases lead to serious illness and hospitalizations.

These severe cases “mostly occur in older people and older adults such as 65 years of age and older,” she said. “I think it really makes sense now to give it to the seniors.”

Valorant gamers name for Overwatch-style characteristic to fight toxicity

A tweet from Cloud9 streamer Joseph “Keeoh” Winkler calling for an Overwatch-style “honor” system to allow a greater separation between toxic and better educated players in Valorant matchmaking has garnered massive support from players.

Toxicity is an extremely difficult issue for any multiplayer game maker, and Valorant gets its fair share of complaints.

Since the game’s release, high-profile cases of gamers being abused via voice communication have sparked discussions about how to deal with toxicity. The likes of popular streamers Imane ‘Pokimane’ years and Chess star Andrea Botez both experienced the problem in the past.

Riot has assured the players plans to tackle toxic behavior are in the works, but how that will manifest is still unclear. But Keeoh’s suggestion has got gamers debating ways to tackle the problem at hand.

Riot gamesSometimes Viper in Valorant isn’t the only poisonous presence on your team.

June 12th, Keeoh tweeted a loose plan suggesting Valorant take a sheet of Overwatch’s book and add “endorsements or commendation ratings” to it.

In this system, players could be praised as “good teammates”, proactive “gunshots” or simply for good “sportiness”. The more of these ratings you have, the more likely it is that you will rank among people with high commendations – similar to CSGO’s “Trust Factor”.

“This does not solve toxicity, but it does solve it for the people who are positive, motivated and looking for good communicative teammates,” he added. “Toxic or negative teammates can play with other toxic or negative teammates.”

This doesn’t trigger toxicity, but it does for the people who are positive, motivated and want good communicative teammates.

Toxic / negative teammates can play with other toxic / negative teammates.

Let me know what you all think

– C9 Keeoh (@Keeoh) June 11, 2021

People like Team Liquid Streamer Jonas ‘Average Jonas’ Navarsete and former Overwatch pro Ludvig ‘Luddee’ Håkansson threw their support behind the system, the latter calling it a “good start” in solving the problem.

This method is directly analogous to Overwatch’s “endorsement” system, where players can receive boxes of loot if they are considered honorable by their teammates. Any Overwatch gamer could tell you that endorsements don’t exactly solve the toxicity problem, but as Kekeoh said, it might help a little.

And Riot isn’t averse to adding honor-based commendation systems. In League of Legends, players honored at the end of a game can pick up free loot to unlock skins, champions, and emotes, and their honor will be displayed on their profile.

For all we know, Riot has plans in the pipeline to deal with toxic players, although this will be in the form of an honor or endorsement system similar to Overwatch or something entirely different, remains to be seen.

Bally’s and KO Leisure fight sports activities deal goals to rework fan engagement

Image Source: Eugene Powers / Shutterstock.com

Sports betting and gaming company Ballys Corporation announced a strategic partnership with Oscar de la Hoya KO entertainment, a subsidiary of the elite boxing promotion company Golden Boy Promotions Inc.

The relationship, according to Bally’s, aims to “incorporate unparalleled innovation, objectivity and gamification into martial arts, thereby transforming fan engagement”.

The initiative was officially unveiled this week when the two parties piloted a. radiated Oscar de la Hoyas KO Entertainment presents Ballys Fight Night – a reinterpretation of the presentation of the sports boxing and MMA and the first development in the 2.0 gamification of martial arts.

The event included five professional MMA and four professional boxing competitions shown in a video game presentation. With the help of sensors and a specially designed data tracking dashboard, a large number of objective data points such as impact force and thrown and landed stroke combinations were recorded in real time.

Through the use of sports science, data was conveyed in an on-screen power bar, similar to what is found in video games, summarizing the total damage a fighter has absorbed. Bally’s and KO Entertainment claim that by collecting, analyzing, and incorporating this data into future broadcasts, they can create a more rewarding and safer experience for fighters while increasing transparency.

To further improve the gamification of martial arts and the viewing experience, Bally’s intends to integrate Monkey knife fight, its daily fantasy sports platform, in live broadcasts.

Soo Kim, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bally’s Corporation, said, “This partnership represents an exceptional opportunity to bring together experts in the gaming, media and martial arts to breathe new life into boxing and mixed martial arts.

“By integrating our innovative technology and interactive gaming platforms into martial arts, we will open up new and transformative ways for audiences to connect with our live broadcasts.”

Oscar de la hoya, Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, commented, “We have the utmost respect for the history and tradition of boxing and mixed martial arts. By partnering with Bally’s and working on developing this innovative product, we believe we can deliver real-time, data-driven insights into the punch-by-punch action, creating an unprecedented level of transparency and objectivity.

“We will also provide an experience that is easier to understand for the average viewer and at the same time more rewarding and safer for fighters.”

Bally’s Company and Oscar de la Hoya’s KO Leisure Type Partnership to Innovate Fight Sports activities Broadcasts and Remodel Fan Engagement

CAUTION, RI, June 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Bally’s Corporation (NYSE: BALY), the leading vertically integrated full-service sports betting and iGaming company in the United States, and Oscar de la Hoyas KO Entertainment, a subsidiary of the world’s most elite boxing promotion company, Golden Boy Promotions, Inc., today announced the establishment of. known a strategic relationship that aims to incorporate unprecedented innovation, objectivity and gamification into martial arts, thereby transforming fan engagement. To unveil this initiative, the companies will air a pilot of “Oscar de la Hoyas KO Entertainment Presents Bally’s Fight Night” – a reinterpretation of the boxing and mixed martial arts (“MMA”) presentation and the first evolution in 2.0 gamification of martial arts.

Ballys Fight Night features five professional MMA and four professional boxing competitions shown in a video game presentation. With the help of sensors and a custom-made data tracking dashboard, a large number of objective data points such as impact force and thrown and landed stroke combinations are recorded in real time. Using sports science, the data is transmitted in a power bar on the screen, similar to what is found in video games, which summarizes the total damage a fighter has absorbed. By collecting, analyzing and integrating this data into future broadcasts, Ballys and KO Entertainment will provide unparalleled objectivity that will provide fighters with a more rewarding and safer experience while increasing transparency. To further improve the gamification of martial arts and the viewing experience, Ballys intends to incorporate Monkey Knife Fight, its daily fantasy sports platform, into live broadcasts.

Soo Kim, Chairman of Ballys The corporation’s board of directors said, “This partnership represents an exceptional opportunity to bring gaming, media and martial arts experts together to breathe new life into boxing and mixed martial arts. By integrating our innovative technology and interactive gaming platforms into martial arts, we can will create new and transformative ways for audiences to engage with our live broadcasts. We look forward to piloting the Ballys Fight Night, which is just the beginning of this journey, invites viewers to tune in for an incredible night of entertainment. “

Oscar de la Hoya, Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, commented, “We have the utmost respect for the history and tradition of boxing and mixed martial arts. By partnering with Ballys, and are working on the development of this innovative product and believe that we can provide data-driven real-time insights into the punch-by-punch actions, creating an unprecedented level of transparency and objectivity. We will also provide an experience that is easier to understand for the average viewer, and at the same time more rewarding and safer for fighters. “

Ballys Fight Night is presented Mike Goldberg Cover game by game, Frank Trigg as a color commentator and Holly Sonders as a social host and reporter. Special will also give fans a glimpse behind the scenes with fighters and coaches, facilitate fan interactions and present Monkey Knife Fight Fantasy competitions.

The “Ballys The pilot “Fight Night” will be broadcast on Stadium, the Sinclair Broadcast Group’s digital and over-the-air television network Wednesday June 9, 2021 at the 5:00 p.m. ET2:00 p.m. PT. Fans interested in viewing Ballys Fight Night can access the broadcast via https://watchstadium.com/live/ballys-fight-night/ and https://watchstadium.com/live/ballys-fight-night-2/. You can also follow the action by following #BallysFightNight on Twitter and @BallysFightNight on Instagram.

over Ballys Group

Ballys Corporation is the leading vertically integrated full-service sports betting and iGaming company in the United States with a B2B2C business model. It currently owns and operates 13 casinos in nine states, a horse racing track, and 13 authorized OTB licenses in Colorado. It also owns Bet.Works, a premier sports betting platform, Monkey Knife Fight, the fastest growing daily fantasy sports site in North America, and SportCaller, a leading global provider of free B2B games.

With more than 6,000 employees, the company’s pro forma operations for upcoming acquisitions include 15,558 slot machines, 465 table games and 5,355 hotel rooms. After the previously announced Jumer’s Casino & Hotel (Rock Island, IL) and Tropicana Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nevada) Transactions as well as the completion of the construction of a land-based casino near Nittany Mall in State College, PA, Ballys will own and operate 16 casinos in 11 states. Ballys also has a multi-year market access partnership with Elite Casino Resorts, through which it offers mobile sports betting in Iowa, and a temporary sports betting permit to conduct online sports betting in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Its shares trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “BALY”.

About KO Entertainment

KO Entertainment would like to support all employees, from athletes to creative people, under one roof with ONE common goal. That is the development of culturally meaningful new media content, marketing and branding enhancement that elevates all Latino communities worldwide through their united love for sports and entertainment.

Founded in 2021 by superstar Oscar De La Hoya, known worldwide not only as one of the best fighters of his era, but also as an elite promoter, Grammy-nominated singer, astute businessman and active philanthropist.

About Golden Boy Promotions, Inc.

The angel-based Golden Boy was founded in 2002 by Oscar De La Hoya, the first Hispanic to own a national boxing advertising company. Golden Boy is a media and entertainment brand dedicated to making combat entertainment more accessible and affordable. The company’s in-house production team develops creative original programming for RingTV.com and international channels around the world.

The company holds the exclusive rights to top boxers and has sponsored some of the largest, highest-grossing events in the history of the sport. Today Golden Boy is one of the most successful boxing entertainment companies in the world and, through its 2019 partnership with the streaming platform DAZN, is shaping the future of boxing for fighters and fans alike.

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

This document contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the securities laws. Forward-looking statements are statements about matters that are not historical facts and include statements about Ballys Plans, goals, expectations and intentions.

Forward-looking statements are not guarantees and are subject to risks and uncertainties. Forward-looking statements are based on Ballys current expectations and assumptions. Although Ballys believes that his expectations and assumptions are reasonable at this point in time, they should not be construed as representations Ballys Expectations are met. Actual results could differ materially. Forward-looking statements apply only at the time this document was prepared and Ballys does not undertake to update or revise it as more information becomes available, unless required by law.

Important factors beyond those that apply to most businesses, some of which go beyond Ballys Controls that could cause actual results to differ materially from our expectations and assumptions include, but are not limited to:

  • Uncertainties related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including restrictions Ballys Operations, increased costs, changed customer attitudes, effects on Ballys Employees and the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on general economic conditions;
  • unexpected costs, integration difficulties and other events with an impact Ballys recently completed and planned acquisitions and Ballys Ability to realize expected benefits;
  • Risks associated with Ballys rapid growth, including those that impact customer and employee retention, integration, and controls;
  • Risks related to the effects of the digitization of gambling Ballys Casino operations, Ballys Expansion in iGaming and sports betting and the highly competitive and rapidly changing aspects of Ballys new interactive business in general;
  • the very significant regulatory restrictions on Ballys, including the cost of compliance;
  • Limitations and restrictions in agreements on Ballys Debt could have a significant impact Ballys Ability to run our business and liquidity; and
  • other risks identified in Part I. Point 1A. “Risk Factors” of Ballys Annual report on Form 10 – K for the past fiscal year December 31, 2020 as filed with the SEC March 10, 2021 and other filings with the SEC.

The above list of important factors is non-exclusive and does not include matters such as changes in general economic conditions that affect essentially all gaming companies.

You should not inappropriately rely on Ballys forward-looking statements.

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Native ministry raised cash to fight homelessness and meals insecurity

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) – A local government department raised funds through a community challenge in May to help tackle homelessness and food insecurity in Bloomington.

A group of donors raised $ 40,000 and asked community members to add to their contributions.

Home Sweet Home Ministries, a nonprofit, non-denominational Christian organization, ended up raising a total of $ 99,013.

Matt Burgess, chief executive officer of Home Sweet Home Ministries, said he appreciates the support of all who have an impact on the people they serve.

“Our generous donors have ensured that Home Sweet Home Ministries can continue to run
Providing basic services to people affected by homelessness and food insecurity in our community.
Thank you for giving hope to those in need, ”said Burgess.

To Fight Central America’s Unhealthy Governance, Biden Can’t Simply Throw Cash on the Downside

President Joe Biden faces a dilemma: To curb the exodus of migrants from Central America, the must Systems of governance of these countries need a thorough overhaul, which will cost a lot of money. Just pouring money into countries with corrupt administrations, legislatures, judicial authorities and elites will mean little more than refilling a leaky bucket. In Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua, the past four years have seen earlier successes and the challenges of working against impunity and corruption are growing. Although countries have different dynamics and schedules, they were all setbacks.

Under the circumstances, the $ 4 billion Biden pledged to improve the lives of Central Americans must be carefully managed so as not to simply get dragged into the kleptocracy machine. It’s not just about prioritizing governance, it’s also about doing it intelligently. That requires a detailed approach. The Biden administration is already signal The aim is to pass the funds on to reliable partners and to demand transparency in accounting and progress in the fight against corruption. Members of Congress are asking for the same. A few concrete measures could immediately help restore a solid foundation.

A few years ago, hybrid international state mechanisms to strengthen the prosecution were celebrated for their obvious successes. The most ambitious and successful, the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), resulted in more than 400 criminal convictions, including heads of state, lawmakers, judges and executives, over a period of 11 years, and dismantled around 70 criminal networks (see previous Just Security coverage). Honduras MACCIH (Mission to Support Fight Against Corruption and Impunity in Honduras) has managed, over its much shorter lifespan, to set up a vetted anti-corruption prosecutor and investigate a number of high profile cases. The newest and weakest of these mechanisms is the International Commission against Corruption and Impunity (CICIES) in The saviourworks there with the public prosecutor’s office on fraud related to Covid, among other things.

But much of that progress has been reversed under the Trump administration, and Biden cannot turn back the clock. While innovative mechanisms such as CICIG created opportunities, created victories and stimulated changes in criminal proceedings, the constellation of factors that made these ad hoc mechanisms possible is very unlikely to repeat itself. All depend on legislative and judicial approval and the political will of the executive, and none of this is likely to come from governments controlled by the same old corrupt forces (or, in El Salvador, by new authoritarian forces with little appetite for the outside world) Control). . A regional mechanism will face the same headwinds, although support from other countries in the region could potentially make it more profitable.

Use US aid

However, there is a way to leverage the vital work of these mechanisms: states must implement the recommendations of the CICIG, MACCIH, and CICIES as a condition of receiving US funding. All three mechanisms that have been left behind (or are still being created in El Salvador) are preparing extensive reform proposals to improve anti-corruption and impunity work. In the case of Guatemala, CICIG proposed far-reaching reforms to the judicial selection process. She proposed other key reforms to improve access to justice, minimize malicious law enforcement and delay tactics, professionalize the judiciary, and separate the judiciary from administrative duties. These were never implemented. MACCIH has also left a roadmap for the reforms needed and CICIES has started recommending changes in several areas.

In all three cases, victims’ access to justice was a key to the reforms, however was hemmed in by courtsespecially in cases of corruption. Corrupt officials are trying to close the cases left by CICIG and MACCIH without further investigation. The US Congress and the Biden administration should insist on a roadmap, timeline, and milestones for the proposed reforms, as well as monitoring the remaining CICIG and MACCIH files to determine how and when funds will be disbursed.

Biden has said He will ask the US Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors to work with their local counterparts in the region. But simply teaching better technical skills is not what prosecutors need. In all three countries, crusade attorneys general have been replaced by those not interested in taking over powerful state and elite private interests (with the partial and likely temporary exception of Raúl Melara in El Salvador). It is the specific units within these offices, such as the FECI (anti-corruption) or the human rights criminal units in Guatemala and the UFERCO anti-corruption unit in Honduras, that need direct support – political, security and diplomatic even more than technical and financially. All funds for these units must be protected from leakage through other parts of the AG offices as the United States also works to move these offices to be more efficient and honest.

Rule of law judges are becoming an endangered species in the region. In every country these judges are attacked. Anti-impunity judges at Guatemala’s Constitutional Court have faced constant threats of impeachment and worse, and the current judicial selection process has already continued to exert undue influence. Guatemala has set up high-risk judicial processes for corruption, organized crime and human rights cases, partly with the help of CICIG, but left the judges against impunity in that court exposed to constant harassment, even threats, tried law enforcement and lockdown. In El Salvador there were attempts to remove the judge in the El Mozote massacre (what I discussed here) out of the case, and these types of maneuvers can be expected when the criminal proceedings are only inches forward. Biden could expressly support these judges and make non-interference in their cases an indispensable requirement for any support.

Dissolve coalitions of the corrupt

As others have suggested, the anti-transplant penalties are the Angel list and the Global Magnitsky Act should be used strategically to break apart and weaken coalitions of the corrupt. This would open up opportunities for legislative changes (including campaign funding reform) and for the emergence of new clean hands political forces.

In order to achieve this, the United States would have to redefine its overarching goal from the temporal pursuit of regional stability at any cost. During the Obama years, a narrow definition of stability did not serve the United States well. This led, for example, to the decision to support the 2009 coup in Honduras, which paved the way for the current corrupt and criminal regime. In 2015, amid massive popular protests in Guatemala and the resignation of the President and Vice-President over allegations of corruption, the United States insisted on maintaining the election calendar until electoral funding and administration could be cleaned up, despite widespread calls for a postponement. The result was Jimmy Morales, whose attempt to hide his illegal campaign funding and his family’s corruption led to the overthrow of CICIG. President Biden, who was close to these decisions, should learn from them. Sustainable stability requires a different US approach.

After all, greatly expanded resources without strict accountability will only backfire. It’s not just that money shouldn’t be given directly to corrupt leaders and ministries. Even private and civil society groups should be screened for authenticity, leadership and local reputation. Organized crime and other corrupt forces are known to form their own civil society groups to obtain and divert funds, and local elites have long been involved in corrupt schemes.

It is especially important that USAID funds, including public-private partnerships in areas where corruption has flourished (such as health, housing, energy and infrastructure), are carefully monitored and partners are vetted before any money is paid out. There are groups in the US and across the region who can provide information about the makeup of corruption networks, who is who, and whether recipients are known for their honesty.

Whistleblowers and local communities affected by projects (or a corrupt diversion of funds) must have easy access to financial and social accountability mechanisms within USAID and other US agencies. Such protective measures extend the project design and implementation. But in the long run it will give hard-won US dollars the best chance of actually reaching the people in the region in order to create the conditions they need for a life worth living that they do not want or have to leave.

BILD: A doctor wearing a mask with Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez takes part in an anti-corruption protest in Tegucigalpa on September 11, 2020 amid the new coronavirus pandemic. (Photo by ORLANDO SIERRA / AFP via Getty Images)