Miami Dolphins Shut Out Season in Fashion

It was definitely not their main goal, but the Miami Dolphins did some important things in their season finale against the New England Patriots at Hard Rock Stadium.

With their 33-24 win, the Dolphins set a winning record for the second year in a row, the first in seven straight wins from 1997-2003.

The win also earned the Dolphins their first Patriots win of the season since 2000, when Miami head coach Dave Wannstedt was and before Tom Brady became New England’s quarterback.

The Dolphins beat New England for the eighth time in 10 games at home in December or January.

The Dolphins never lagged behind in that game but faced a Patriots comeback attempt after taking a 27-10 lead in the fourth quarter. The Dolphins scored a goal last play when Sam Eguavoen intercepted a sideline at the goal line as New England began to do a miracle last play from their 3-yard line.


As with their win at Hard Rock Stadium in December 2020, the Dolphins beat New England with their floor game. This time it was Duke Johnson who got his second 100-yard performance last month.

Johnson stormed for 117 yards and a touchdown that put Miami in the lead 24-10 in the third quarter.

Jaylen Waddle had another touchdown in Miami that came on his record breaking opening drive.

Waddle caught four passes on that drive to set an NFL record for most receptions by a rookie, breaking the 101 mark set by Anquan Boldin in 2003. Waddle set the record with a 5-yard reception, his third Catch snapshots for the dolphins in the game’s first four offensives.


Waddle topped the drive with a 7-yard touchdown catch from Tua Tagovailoa in a third-and-1 play.

The Dolphins quickly increased the lead to 7-0 when Xavien Howard scored his third defensive touchdown of the season with a 37-yard interception return.

On a third down pass, Howard left his receiver to undercut Mac Jones’ shorter pass for the easy choice.

It was one of two takeaways for the Dolphins defense that also received a fumble recovery from rookie first-round pick Jaelan Phillips after Jones dropped the ball with a snapshot.

Tagovailoa completed 15 of 22 passes for 109 yards, only 17 of them in the second half, but hit the market with two major scrambles, including an 11-yard win that nearly secured victory with a third and 8 after two minutes warning .

Previously, he had a 23-yard scramble on a drive that ended with one of Jason Sanders’ two field goals.

Including Tuas Scrambles, the Dolphins stormed 190 yards that game after hitting 250 yards in their home win against New England last season.

The Dolphins were leading 17-0 before New England closed the gap to 17-7 at halftime and then 17:10 in the third quarter.

Miami was eventually overtaken by New England, but the plus-2 sales ratio made all the difference and helped the Dolphins start and end this most unusual season by beating the Patriots.

Ceremony Support to shut a minimum of 63 shops within the coming months

A Rite Aid store is on display in downtown Los Angeles, California, the United States, October 16, 2019. Picture dated October 16, 2019.

Mike Blake | Reuters

Drugstore chain Ritual help said Tuesday it plans to close at least 63 stores as the number of locations needed is re-evaluated.

The company said the closings were identified as part of an ongoing review and expects more stores to close over the next several months.

Rite Aid said its goal is to cut costs, increase profitability and have “solid foundations”. The company said the 63 closings that began last month are expected to increase its earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization by about $ 25 million.

On Tuesday, Rite Aid released mixed financial results for the third quarter of its fiscal year. Although the company was making more than expected on an adjusted basis, its revenue for the three months ended Nov. 27 was lower than analysts forecast. The retailer also lowered the sales outlook for the financial year.

Rite Aid’s shares rose more than 16% in early trading. By the close of trading on Monday, the stock was down about 22% year-to-date, bringing Rite Aid’s market cap to nearly $ 692 million.

A list of the dozen of stores Rite Aid sought to close was not immediately available. Rite Aid operates more than 2,400 retail pharmacies in the United States

Last month drug store rivals CVS health said it will around 900 stores close over the next three years as it adapts to buyers who buy more online.

Both CVS and Walgreens have increased their focus on digital growth and made businesses into destinations that offer a range of health services from flu vaccinations to diagnostic tests.

Find the full press release on Rite Aid’s results here here.

Phoenix boys shut out common season in fashion – Medford Information, Climate, Sports activities, Breaking Information

Pirates in fourth place defeated the Skyline Conference champion and third-placed Henley 2-0 to move into the playoffs of the states with a lot of momentum

PHOENIX – In the past few weeks, Phoenix head coach Chris Gallegos has been feeling better and better about the way his team plays.

The progress that the pirates have made could be seen on Monday evening.

In a fight between two of the top teams in Class 4A, the goals of the seniors Victor Martinez and Jorge Mejia in the second half as well as a strong defensive performance of No. 4 in Phoenix brought a 2-0 win against third-placed Henley in the final of the regular season for both teams at PT Rising Field.

“The way things went and things built up, we played better,” said Gallegos. “Everyone came together and it was building block, building block, building block.

“This is what we needed to prepare for the playoffs, so that’s what we set out to do. Henley is a phenomenal team, we knew it was going to be close so this will be the perfect game to help us get into the playoffs. “

When these two teams met for the first time on October 6th in Klamath Falls, Henley – who won the Skyline Conference title with a win over Klamath Union last Friday and snapped Phoenix’s five-year run at the top of the table – scored a 6-2. Victory, a game Gallegos knew things just totally got away from his team.

On Monday evening, however, things looked very different for the Pirates (12: 2, 8: 2 skyline).

Not only did Phoenix take the win and a bit of revenge on Henley (11-3-1, 9-1), the Pirates limited the Hornets to a total of eight shots throughout the game.

“We had to clean up a few things defensively,” said Gallegos. “As soon as we did that, it started to click. The guys start to click and they really just collapse. We are going in the right direction. … I have a great back line right now and they do a great job. Defense wins championships, and they do. Sergio (Alegria) showed a phenomenal game and really improved. He was just a great leader for us back there. “

The first half ended goalless, although Phoenix left Henley 9-3. The Pirates’ best chance in the first half had seven minutes before half-time when Cielo Marlia-Larsen sent a cross towards the rear post from the right. Caden Gallegos made the run into the 6-yard box, but his attempt to slip just failed.

The Pirates’ fate changed in less than six minutes in the second half when Martinez, reigning Skyline Player of the Year, attempted to split a pair of defenders right in the box. The center referee ruled that a foul had been committed, which gave Phoenix the penalty and a chance to get in front.

Martinez had no problems with that, sending Henley keeper Andrew Edwards in the wrong direction and sinking his shot into the net to the left. I

It was the first goal Henley – who entered the game on Monday night with a four-game winning streak – had allowed in a 3-2 loss to McLoughlin since October 9.

The Pirates doubled their lead in the 62nd minute, Martinez re-initiated the action that led to the goal. Martinez gave the defender a deft move, marking him as he spun with the ball, but saw his shot blocked. Before the ball could land, Caden Gallegos attempted a volley in the direction of the goal, but that too was blocked. The second ricochet landed at the feet of Mejia, who had time to control the ball at the back post and shoot it home to give Phoenix a 2-0 lead.

Less than three minutes later, Henley had his best chance of the evening, but Phoenix keeper Tucker Speaks’ double save – the first to come after a looping shot he dumped on the crossbar – kept the Hornets off the scoreboard.

It allowed Speaks and the rest of the Phoenix defense to post their fourth shutout in their last five games.

“We did a good job and much better than there,” said Alegria. “When we were over there, (the defenders) decided to move up because we weren’t scoring enough goals. We should have just stayed behind the whole time. … We really wanted (the shutout) because we gave everything. Mentally we weren’t there for the game that was played 6-2 (against Henley), but this is our home here and we did what we do at home – and that’s the win. “

Speaks, another of Phoenix’s nine seniors, finished with four saves while Edwards made five stops.

As a team, the Pirates outperformed the Hornets 17-8.

“The playoffs are just around the corner and we’re trying to get better, we’re trying to improve,” said Alegria. “We’re trying to win.”


HENLEY 6, PHOENIX 2: At Klamath Falls, Phoenix fell behind early and was never able to recover in the final of the regular season against a Henley squad that finished second in the postseason.

After the Hornets (9-4, 7-3 Skyline) with goals in the 12th 20th minute after a pass from junior Sofia Rodriguez.

After a goal by Henley at the beginning of the second half, Phoenix senior Maddy Mayer hit with a PK after 46 minutes to reduce the Hornets’ lead to 4-2.

Junior Morgan James played well in midfield, winning 50/50 balls and creating opportunities for the Pirates in the transition period.

Reach reporter Danny Penza at 541-776-4469 or Follow him on Twitter @penzatopaper.

Phoenix’s Caden Gallegos (2) hits Henley defenseman Eli Hayes to the ball in the first half of Monday night’s game. Photo by Denise Baratta

Phoenix’s Victor Martinez, right, hits Henley’s Trevor Tobiasson to the ball for a shot on goal in the first half of the game on Monday night. Photo by Denise Baratta

Victor Martinez shoots on goal under pressure from Henley’s Lello Squera in the first half of Monday night’s game. Photo by Denise Baratta

Phoenix’s Jenner Seldon (5) and Henley’s Jeshua Ruelas (17) will fight for first place at a loose ball in the first half of the game on Monday night. Photo by Denise Baratta

U.S. officers maintain shut watch on the ‘delta plus’ mutation because it spreads within the U.Okay.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, testifies before a Senate hearing on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions at the U.S. Capitol on May 11, 2021.

Jim Lo Scalzo | Swimming pool | Reuters

US health officials are watching an emerging Covid-19 sub-variant dubbed “Delta Plus,” which some scientists say is more contagious than the already highly transmissible Delta variant.

Formally known as AY.4.2, Delta plus contains two new mutations in the spike protein, A222V and Y145H, that allow the virus to enter the body. These mutations were found in other variants of Covid, so it is unclear how dramatic these changes will be on the virus.

Francois Balloux, director of the Genetics Institute at University College London, said it could be 10% -15% more contagious than Delta, which first appeared in India and, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is spreading more easily than Ebola, SARS, MERS, and the 1918 Spanish flu.

According to CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky has an R-zero or reproduction rate of eight or nine, which means that every person who has Covid will pass it on to up to nine other people. The “wild type” or original strain of Covid had an estimated R-value of about three. Someone infected with the Delta variant carries 1,000 times the viral load of the original Covid strain.

India’s Ministry of Health reported in June that Delta plus was more transmissible than the Delta variant, adding that the subtype binds more tightly to lung cell receptors and could even reduce the effectiveness of monoclonal antibody treatments.

The mutation was discovered in the United States, but there has been no noticeable increase in Delta Plus cases nationwide, Walensky said at a Covid briefing at the White House on Wednesday.

“We are specifically monitoring sublines that could affect therapeutics such as monoclonal antibodies and vaccines,” said Walensky. “There is currently no evidence that subline AY.4.2 will affect the effectiveness of our current vaccines or therapeutics.”

The sub-variant AY.4.2 has been detected in at least five cases in the United States since August: in Washington, DC, California, North Carolina, Washington State and Massachusetts, see above The website collects data from GISAID, a global genome database on Covid and influenza cases.

Top health officials have been warning for weeks that stronger and potentially vaccine-resistant variants of Covid could develop as long as widespread outbreaks continue, fueled by billions of people around the world who remain unvaccinated. Dr. Anthony Fauci., White House Chief Medical Officer said in August that the US could be “in trouble” if another mutation crosses the delta, urging the unvaccinated to get their vaccinations in hopes of containing a surge that has crushed the nation’s health systems this summer.

Finally, Delta plus could also affect the age groups eligible to receive Covid booster doses, said Dr. Peter Marks, the Food and Drug Administration’s lead vaccine regulator, on Wednesday evening. The FDA and CDC have approved Covid boosters for a wide variety of US adults from all three manufacturers in the US: Modern, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer.

“The exact age of this will be based on what we see of the emerging situation which is quite dynamic right now as we continue to see reports of new variants,” said Marks. “And we are also seeing changes in the epidemiology of Covid-19 in our country, with new hotspots emerging even as certain places become extinct.”

Concern about Delta Plus is high in the UK, where officials are grappling with a surge in cases and facing another health crisis. Delta Plus cases accounted for about 6% of all sequenced Covid cases in the week beginning September 27, according to the latest data from the country’s health authority. The subline is “becoming more common” in the UK, noted the agency and doctors from the National Health Service Confederation in London request a return to stricter Covid protocols in the winter.

But global health leaders urge the public not to panic. While the emergence of a Covid subtype does not equate to the development of an entirely new variant, tracking Delta’s progress could enable the medical community to better understand the mutation, says Dr. Sylvain Aldighieri, Covid-19 incident manager at the World Health Organization’s regional office for the Americas, said at a briefing on Oct. 6.

“When you look at these additional changes, it can help researchers track the variants on a fine scale,” Aldighieri said. “But they don’t imply any functional or biological difference.”

– Holly Ellyatt of CNBC in London contributed to this report.

Dillan Gibbons helps increase cash to carry his shut pal to Tallahassee for Sport Day

TALLAHASSEE, Florida (WCTV) – Reunited and it feels so good. A story about a FSU soccer graduate transfer helps a close friend now that Mission Timmy to Tally was accomplished has been a success.

Dillan Gibson uses his NIL deal with a GoFundMe to raise money to take Timothy to Sunday’s Notre Dame game.

“There aren’t really words that can justify my feelings, but I’m just so excited to be here and so excited to offer this,” said Dillan Gibbons, FSU offensive lineman.

Dillan Gibbons described the moment when he finally reunited with his biggest fan, Timothy Donovan, after not seeing each other for over a year and they never missed a beat.

“It’s really surreal, just all the time, it’s been a couple of years and finally seeing him again and they’re picking up right where they left off, it’s great,” said Timothy’s father, Tim Donovan.

The former Fighting Irish lineman raised over $ 50,000 to bring Donovan to Tallahassee for a game that means so much to the two of them, but the family says it’s bigger than just the money.

“No, it’s not about, it really means most to us that Dillan is there for Timothy and the fact that we know if Timothy ever needs a friend or help with anything we can contact Dillan and he always will be there for him ”, explained Timothy’s mother Paul Donovan.

On Thursday, Timothy hit the rest of the offensive as they gathered for the pre-game pizza tradition. A moment he and Dillan were very excited about.

“I’m excited to just hang out with Dillan and everyone else,” said Timothy Donovan.

“I’m really excited that Timothy is enjoying the game and that the whole family is here and really making the most of it,” said Gibbons.

The family said they were grateful for the love they received from the Seminole community.

“It was really overwhelming and heartwarming to see how much you loved Timothy,” shared Paula Donovan. “I got the feeling that everyone in Tallahassee was expecting them and we’re just happy to be here.”

Despite being Notre Dame fans, the family says their alliance is with Dillan when it comes to the game.

The family say they will be at the game at Doak Campbell Stadium on Sunday night as they hope Dillan and the Seminoles start the season with a win.

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Home Republicans shut cash hole with majority at stake

“Our managers set records. And our members – especially these freshmen – have these $ 500,000 to $ 1 million reports released just a few years after a big Republican report that was usually around $ 250,000, “said Rep. Tom Emmer ( R-Minn.), Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

The GOP had some productive fundraising drives last quarter: The Reps. Young Kim (R-Calif.) And Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.) Both cleared $ 1 million. Representatives Nancy Mace (RS.C.), Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) And Ashley Hinson (R-Iowa) raised over $ 850,000. All but Fitzpatrick are members of the 2020 Freshman Class.

Of course, the House of Representatives still publish massive quarterly numbers. And the reallocation process makes it harder to know which incumbents will need large war chests. But Republicans are seeing a new wave of financial support in the sideline, and as Democrats recognized in 2018, it is often one of the earliest signs of basic enthusiasm and successful outreach for the majority.

“In 2018, we are putting a lot of emphasis on candidate development, candidate money, and the ability to empower candidates to tell their stories,” said Dan Sena, former Democratic Congress electoral committee executive director. “That was a key reason why we were able to recapture the house.”

“What Democratic strategists and the upcoming Democratic campaigns should be aware of is that it now looks like Republicans are doing the same,” added Sena.

Another sign of the GOP’s momentum: the National Republican Congressional Committee has overtaken the Democratic Congress Campaign Committee on fundraising, outperforming the DCCC by $ 8 million in the first six months of 2021. At this point in the 2020 cycle, House Democrats had outperformed Republicans by over $ 17 million.

The NRCC attributes this success in part to their painstaking and longstanding efforts to build a digital operation.

In interviews, Emmer often recalls a moment in early 2019 when a top committee digital strategist wrote him a memo urging him to invest heavily in small-dollar fundraising. That strategist, Lyman Munschauer, predicted that after one year the NRCC would suffer a net loss of 3 to 5 percent on this investment before making any profit.

But the benefits came even faster: the NRCC started making money within a year, and it kept pouring in.

In the second quarter of 2019, the NRCC raised $ 3.3 million online. More than $ 14.1 million was raised during the same period this year.

“This time we’re even more aggressive,” said Emmer. “Yes, this investment is paying off.”

WinRed, the GOP online fundraising platform created as an alternative to the Democrats’ ActBlue, launched in a similar fashion and has raised $ 2.3 billion since its inception in 2019.

“Your average Democrat who rules is now all about digital money,” said WinRed President Gerrit Lansing, noting that ActBlue was founded in 2004. “We just have to complete this 15-year cultural change and just try to condense it in a few cycles to catch up.”

For the GOP, this stroke of luck comes at a crucial time. When corporate PACs announced they were cutting their donations in the aftermath of the January 6 riot, there were concerns that would disproportionately hit Republicans, who are sometimes more reliant on these gifts.

“We’re all online-based now,” Lansing said of his party. The shift took place years ago, but “the fruits of that labor are really starting to materialize. And it happened to coincide with this giant company’s PAC cage-rattle situation. So it’s ironic.”

Perhaps more importantly, WinRed helped Republicans redirect the wealth to new candidates, especially Downballot. Of the $ 131 million raised on the platform in the second quarter, nearly 40 percent came from first-time donors for a single campaign.

Some of the party’s most dexterous fundraisers are able to move their supporters to other candidates. For example, Rep Elise Stefanik (RN.Y.), who has raised over $ 1 million every quarter since she was revealed in Trump’s first impeachment trial, has shared 150,000 donors since the beginning of the 2020 cycle.

All of this has fueled a digital-first mentality among Republicans that has long dominated the Democratic political ecosystem, which some in the GOP attribute to their current freshman class, younger, more tech-savvy, and less used to face-to-face fundraising than fundraising longer term

“We started building our digital programming early,” said Hinson, who served as the Cedar Rapids TV news anchor before turning his seat in 2020. “I like doing digital fundraising. I am a person who is right in front of the camera. “

Filming online advertisements has helped her connect with voters and donors, Hinson said. “We use Facebook ads a lot for our digital fundraising and we’ve got great feedback from the comment sections on those ads.”

And like the NRCC, GOP campaigns seem more comfortable with the idea of ​​spending money to make it. Hinson, along with some of the party’s biggest fundraisers like Kim, Steel, and Mace, spent well over $ 300,000 in the last quarter – a higher sum than was the norm a year and a half before the election.

All of them have made significant investments in fundraising advice, digital marketing, and web advertising, according to their FEC reports.

Still, Democratic incumbents retain a significant cash-on-hand advantage, especially those like Reps. Josh Harder (D-Calif.), Mikie Sherrill (DN.J.) and Antonio Delgado (DN.Y.) who did not face particularly competitive re-elections in 2020 and have well over $ 4 million in the bank. Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.) Has a staggering $ 12.9 million with her.

And some agents were privately relieved of the small booty of some highly touted Republican challengers. GOP State Senator Jen Kiggans from Virginia raised just $ 286,000 for her run against MP Elaine Luria (D-Va.). And Navy veteran Tyler Kistner raised just $ 279,000 for his rematch with Rep. Angie Craig (D-Minn.). Although these challengers didn’t hit the market until mid-April, both incumbents raised far more than twice as much.

However, some of the money also went to GOP challengers. Republican Derrick Van Orden surpassed incumbent Wisconsin MP Ron Kind by $ 754,000 to $ 409,000.

However, in the coming quarters, Republicans face an additional hurdle: potential challengers dragging their feet and waiting for the delayed redistribution process to begin.

“I hope more candidates will fill in soon and not wait for new district lines,” said Dan Conston, president of the Congressional Leadership Fund, a top GOP super PAC. “Because this condensed calendar is going to be a huge challenge for you to raise funds online and raise funds for big dollars.”

Gators shut out U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials in fashion

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – As soon as they got there, the US Olympic Swimming Trials are over.

After eight days of intense competition, the coveted 52-man roster for Team USA has officially been filled out.

The swimmers Caleb Dressel, Keiran Smith and Bobby Finke from Florida together won all six individual races of the men.

Dressel won the 50 and 100 meters, Smith won the 200 and 400, and Finke dominated the 800 and 1500 meters.

To round off the grueling qualification, Dressel set the American record in 50s freestyle by hitting the wall in 21.04 seconds to qualify for his third individual race. He will take part in a total of four events as he is part of the men’s 400 relay.

Finke also went out of the race with a bang when he blew away his competitors in the 1500 with a time of 14:46. He was 14 seconds faster than the runner-up.

The Tokyo Olympics will take place from July 23rd to August 8th.

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Cruella Stars Would Love a Godfather II-Model Sequel With Glenn Shut

Disney’s Cruella stars Emma Stone and Emma Thompson want to do a sequel with Glenn Close of 101 Dalmatians in the style of The Godfather Part II.

Cruella Stars Emma Stone and Emma Thompson vie for a sequel with Glenn Close in the style of The Godfather Part II. Disney’s original Cruella de Vil film hit theaters and Disney + on May 28. In the cutthroat fashion world of 1970s London, Stone envisions the fashionable villain in the epic fairy tale101 Dalmatians. Thompson appears with her on-screen as the antagonist Baroness Von Hellman. Directed by me, Tonyas Craig GillespieThe film is based on a rich material heritage.

It all started in 1956 with Dodie Smith’s novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians. The story was filmed as Disney’s 17th animated film by Disney in 1961 and quickly became a family favorite. Close caused a stir with her unforgettable portrayal of Cruella de Vil in the 1996 live-action remake 101 Dalmatians, which, due to its massive success, spawned a sequel. Over two decades later, Stone was lauded for putting the villain’s story front and center. Of course, the buzz of a Cruella sequel has already started spinning.

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CONNECTED: Emma Stone vs Glenn Close: who is the better Cruella?

Both Stone and Thompson want to return to the delicious world on a second installment. While chatting with Rotten tomatoesIt has been suggested that the Oscar-winning couple do a Godfather II-style sequel with Close. They immediately agreed, with Thompson even saying she would write the film and Stone saying she would be on board. Thompson replied cheerfully:

“I’m writing the letter now. Does anyone actually have any paper?” Dear Mr. Disney … “Oh, is he still there? I don’t even know. Please, can we do exactly what was just suggested in the interview? Me send it. Oh my god … this is really good – ok! “

Emma Stone versus Glenn Close Cruella

The two leading Emmas lit up at the prospect, and Stone said she signed up for everything Thompson wrote. In the meantime, Close had previously offered her own idea for one Continued with her Cruella. Ahead of the new blockbuster’s release, the acclaimed actress said she wanted to roam the streets of NYC in her trusty black and white wig. While keeping the concept a secret, she mentioned that Cruella was hiding underground in the sewers.

Regardless, hungry Disney fans are already longing for more evil fashion designers. Cruella ends with Estella finally transforming into Cruella de Vil and consequently teeing off 101 Dalmatians. While Disney hasn’t announced a sequel, given the largely positive review and audience reception, it’s likely that Big Mouse will take another opportunity to rule the box office. However, the property could take different routes.

While enough time has passed that Disney could recreate 101 Dalmatians with theirs Cruella Cast it would be difficult to top the live-action original. On the flip side, the Godfather II approach would basically be a mashup of a prequel and a sequel that show up both Stone and Close in the role. This could be an epic way to bring together viewers from every corner of the Dalmatian fandom and even give Close the Oscar she deserved to win the role in the first place.

NEXT: What to Expect from Cruella 2

Source: Rotten tomatoes

The Conjuring 3 Deleted Post Credits Scene Set up another movie

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Resort Henry will shut, the sufferer of a ‘pandemic physique blow’ | Leisure

Mortenson said the hotelier had openly understood the economic circumstances of the hotel all along.

“They really tried every ounce of effort to figure out how to keep the hotel going,” said Mortenson.

He said he was optimistic that another hotel would try once the pandemic was in the rearview mirror.

“It’s disappointing for us as well as for the entire region, but given how well known the campus is and the fact that people have seen it, I think this is just a temporary situation before we get a new tenant on the property to get.” Said Mortenson.

Tuesday’s announcement puts an end to confusion among some who have tried researching the hotel’s plans.

Two event planners told The Buffalo News that they had not received any responses from Hotel Henry regarding event reservations, reserved room blocks, or other important event details. They said their calls and emails went unanswered.

Before Tuesday, customers could still book the hotel on travel sites such as Expedia.

Emlyn Flanigan found out she had no reservations on Friday when she arrived by plane and rental car from Baltimore to look at the dark, foreboding structure.

She noticed unploughed parking lots. While she was looking for options, Mortenson came to her parked car. He asked if he could help and eventually sent her to the Principes and Murphy’s other hotel, the Mansion on Delaware.