Group raises cash to repair Springdale volunteer medical clinic destroyed by flash floods

SPRINGDALE, Utah – A lot can happen in a week, as Michael and Helen McMahan can attest.

The couple have volunteered at the Zion Canyon Medical Clinic for years. Instead of treating injured hikers for the past week and getting changed, they had to examine the clinic’s building, which was badly damaged by the historic flash floods that swept through the city on June 29.

The clinic closed this week and the McMahans say they should have turned people away.

On Thursday from Zoom, Helen walked through the clinic and showed what they have fixed so far.

She aimed the cell phone camera at gaping holes in the floor from which boards were being torn.

“Here’s our new floor,” she said of the exposed wood that covered other areas of the floor. She moved the phone closer to the holes, exposing the dirt underneath. “You can see the mud drying down there.

The look in the middle of renovation is a far cry from where the building stood more than a week ago, when stone, rubble, mud, and rain tore through Springdale and Zion National Park, and streets, shops, and buildings like Zion Canyon Medical Clinic damaged.

Video shows the water Sweep away vehicles in the parking lot and a shed behind the clinic that housed medical supplies.

The couple learned that the insurance did not cover a single penny of the damage to the clinic.

“We estimate probably $ 50,000. We do a lot ourselves. And where are we?” McMahan asked, looking around and examining the work. “We estimate maybe a quarter of the way to get the repairs done.”

Springdale Mayor Stan Smith also showed Zoom where things were in town more than a week later. It began in front of the medical clinic, in the now tidy parking lot of the town hall and the community center.

Then he moved on to companies like Cable Mountain Lodge, which he thought didn’t take as much damage as was initially thought.

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After the short drive down the street to Zion Canyon Campground and RV Park, Smith explained that the campground is fully open again and that even the pool – which was filled with mud a week ago – is working again.

But the lodge, which is on the same property as the campsite, is still a total write-off and needs to be demolished.

Smith pointed out temporary container-style buildings that now serve as campground offices.

“He brought these containers with him so he could have a job,” he said as he walked around the parking lot of business owner Stewart Ferber’s Zion Canyon Campfire Lodge. “And that’s probably where he’ll be working now and for the next … until he decides what to do with this building.”

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Smith stated that they are still hoping for state or federal help, but that relief is months away at best.

“That’s kind of what we’re trying to go through is what is insurance covered? What are the actual dollar amounts?” he explained.

The community has now gathered around the Zion Canyon Medical Clinic. raise most of the $ 50,000 in just over a week– prove to the McMahans what can happen in a week if people pull together.

“We even had a visitor who was seen that morning of the disaster and she saw the GoFundme and contributed to it,” said Helen. “And also left us a very nice compliment.”

“The community has developed a lot, otherwise we would have gone out of business,” repeated Michael. “And we can’t thank them enough. It was just a fantastic response.”

Vaccine Pop-up Clinic Partnership with Spurs Sports activities and Leisure

Published on July 01, 2021

Mayor Ron Nirenberg announced a partnership between the city and Spurs Sports & Entertainment (SS&E) is hosting a COVID-19 vaccine pop-up clinic on July 10 at the AT&T Center and July 17 at Toyota Field. additionally Mayor announced July 10th as SA vaccine day to encourage those who have not yet received their vaccine to make a commitment to get one.

The first clinic event is from 8 am-1pm July 10th at the AT&T Center. The Spurs Food Truck will be on site and SS&E will provide vouchers for SAFC soccer games as well as giveaways, prizes and vaccination stickers.

The July 17th Mobile Clinic Event from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Toyota Field will offer free tickets to SAFC soccer games to anyone visiting the clinic to get their COVID-19 vaccine. The Spurs food truck will also be there.

SS&E will also offer two season pass packages for 10 games, which will be given away on July 10th and 17th as an incentive to encourage people to get vaccinated.

Erie County, Pegula Sports activities & Leisure companion to open COVID-19 vaccination clinic at KeyBank Middle

Fri, March 5, 2021 9:30 a.m.

The Lexus Club is to serve as the location for an estimated 1,000 vaccinations per day

The barrier-free downtown location offers parking spaces and can be reached by public transport. will be the county’s third vaccination distribution point

Erie County’s executive Mark Poloncarz on Thursday announced the county’s partnership with Pegula Sports & Entertainment and the Buffalo Sabers to open a COVID-19 vaccination clinic at the KeyBank Center in Buffalo. The Lexus Club, an accessible downtown location with parking that is also on public transit, will serve as the location for the Erie County Health Department’s third vaccination distribution point. After activation, the KeyBank Center POD should carry out more than 1,000 vaccinations per day.

“I thank the Pegulas, Pegula Sports & Entertainment, and the Buffalo Sabers for providing the KeyBank Center location as the location for a new vaccine POD in Erie County. We look forward to opening this location as soon as possible,” said Poloncarz. “Your commitment to our region and the protection of our residents is remarkable and greatly appreciated as we work to ensure that more and more people are vaccinated. This website is well positioned to serve the city of Buffalo and all of Erie County. As soon as more vaccines become available, we can increase operations here.

“Together with the existing County Vaccination PODs at SUNY Erie South and SUNY Erie North, we are expanding our capabilities to vaccinate more residents and protect more people.”

Pegula Sports & Entertainment President and CEO and Owner / President of the Buffalo Sabers Kim Pegula said, “Our organization is proud to work with County Executive Mark Poloncarz and his team to provide as many vaccinations as possible to our community . We value the work our healthcare workers do at the forefront and are happy to help. “

Dr. Gale Burstein, Erie County’s Health Commissioner, said, “We appreciate our vaccination teams having this new, accessible place available. As three safe and effective vaccines become available and the supply grows, our department stands ready to get to work vaccinating Erie County’s residents with this vital tool in our COVID-19 prevention toolkit. “

This website will open on Wednesday March 10th with dates specifically for people aged 65 and over. Appointments are required and will open as soon as vaccine supplies become available. Registration information is first sent to people who have used the ECDOH vaccine notification form (