Magnatone’s Starlite guarantees to pack basic Fender-style tones right into a 5-watt Class A combo

boutique guitar amp Manufacturer Magnatone has lifted the lid on a new low-wattage Class A combo dubbed the Starlite.

Using a combination of a single 6V6 tube in the power amp and a 12AX7 tube in the preamp, the Starlite offers five watts of power and is touted as an ideal partner in studio or home setups.

There’s easy volume and tone control on the panel, and the latter was designed to cover the territory between classic ’60s tweed and Fender-style tones, with a mid-cut set just before the 12 o’clock position of the dial occurs. There is also a negative feedback switch that activates a negative feedback loop that can be used to rein in the power amp’s gain.

Magnatone Starlite amp

(Image credit: Magnatone)

A choice of two inputs offers high and low sensitivity options, with the second input being better suited for low-gain tones or guitars with hotter pickups.

Speaker duties are handled by an 8-inch Magnatone Custom Ceramic Magnet, and there’s also an 8-ohm speaker jack for connecting to an external box.

It’s all dressed in a vintage brown finish with gold detailing and measures 17″ x 8″ x 12″ for a mere 19 lbs. The package also includes an amplifier cover and a 20-foot cable.

Reviewers have raved about Magnatones since the brand’s rebirth in 2014, often noting that the only downside seems to be the immense quantities they produce. Given the recent proliferation of small boutique tube combo amps, perhaps what is most surprising about the Starlite is that it has taken so long to get to market.

Ted Kornblum, Magnatone CEO, admits that the amp has actually been on their list for a while.

“People have been asking us for a long time to come out with a small, low-power amp for practice and studio applications that retains the traditional Magnatone style, tone and performance,” he says. “We believe that with Starlite we’ve hit the mark of classic American tone with something that takes small to the next level.”

For more information on the Starlite, see magnaton.

Google wins attraction in opposition to UK class action-style swimsuit in search of damages for Safari monitoring – TechCrunch

Google has won an appeal on a class action lawsuit-style privacy lawsuit in the UK Supreme Court – avoiding up to £ 3 billion in damages if the case were lost.

The cross-country skier Litigation was brought forward by veteran consumer rights activist Richard Lloyd, who has been conducting a class action lawsuit since 2017 alleging that between 2011 and 2012, Google used a Safari workaround to override iPhone users’ privacy settings in Apple’s Safari browser – and data breach compensation for the estimated more than 4 million affected UK iPhone users.

Lloyd’s litigation had sought damages for invasion of privacy. In a broader sense, the lawsuit sought to determine that a representative action for damages for a data breach could be brought in the UK – despite the lack of a general class action mechanism in UK law.

Back in 2018 the High Court blocked the lawsuit from proceeding – but the next year The appeals court overturned the verdict and opened the court to hear the lawsuit.

Today’s unanimous Supreme Court judgement essentially relies on the view of the High Court: Blocking the representative action.

The Supreme Court justices held that damage / loss must be suffered in order to claim compensation and that evidence of damage / loss on an individual basis cannot be skipped – ie Compensation cannot simply be uniformly asserted for the “loss of control” of the personal data for each member of the alleged group of representatives, as the Lloyd trial lawyers had demanded.

“Without proof of these facts, a claim for damages cannot be successful,” the Supreme Court sums up its judgment.

The ruling is a heavy blow to UK activists’ hopes of class action-style class action lawsuits against the tracking industry.

If Google had lost the ruling, this would have opened the door to further representative actions for data protection violations. But with the adtech giant won the appeal, there will likely be a big shake up British class action suits targeting data mining tech giants – who had in the past few years, which attracts financiers to commercial litigation.

A law firm responded to today’s verdict, NOT YET, wrote that the outcome of the case “will be a cause for joy for Google and any organization that handles significant amounts of data or bases its business model on the use of personal data (as well as their shareholders and / or insurers)”.

Another law firm, Linklaters LLP, described the ruling as “a severe blow to plaintiff law firms and funders who had hoped to create a new opt-out regime for data breach damages.”

“We would expect that many of the similar lawsuits that have now been brought in the wake of this would fall away,” added Harriet Ellis of Linklaters, dispute settlement partner, in a statement. “Plaintiff companies will carefully review the decision to see whether viable opt-out class actions can still be brought. But it looks really tough. “

We asked Mishcon de Reya, the law firm that Lloyd represents, for a comment.

In its own response to the Supreme Court ruling, Google avoided discussing the details of the case – and only wrote:

“That claim related to events that took place a decade ago and which we addressed at the time. People want to know that they are safe and secure online. That is why we have been concentrating for years on building products and infrastructures that respect and protect people’s privacy. “

A spokesman for the tech giant also referred to a statement by the techUK Employer’s liability insurance association – the intervened in the case in support of Google; and who writes today that “if the appeal had been denied, this would have opened the door” Bringing speculative and harassing claims against data controllers, with far-reaching consequences for both public and private organizations ”.

The UK Trade Association goes on to claim that it “does not oppose representative actions, but we believe it is right that any lawsuit must first determine whether the individual has been harmed by a data breach before filing it”. Compensation”.

However, as the Supreme Court justices note – in relation to the cost of “opt-in” (rather than “opt-out”) litigation – the barrier to access to justice can simply be pushed out of reach if individual claims are just worth it are a few hundred pounds apiece (the Lloyd litigation proposed a rate of £ 750 per person) as the associated case management costs of handling individual claimants “can easily exceed the potential value of the lawsuit”.

So – to be clear – techUK rejects representative lawsuits that are initiated over almost any data breach.

The UK’s privacy watchdog, meanwhile, has shown a total lack of willingness to enforce the law against the data mining adtech industry – despite the ICO warning that since 2019, of rampant unlawful persecution.

While The British government is now also discussing a slowdown the national data protection regime.

So the question of how exactly the average UK citizen can get the privacy rights claimed by UK law looks pretty grim right now …

So much money is at stake today, considering the other cases rely on Lloyd.

We’ll see if the following continues:

Rumble versus Salesforce
McCann on Google
One child against TikTok
Jukes versus Facebook

Various problems play a role in most of them, but all suffer from a represented class problem.

– Robert Bateman (@RobertJBateman) November 10, 2021

In the US, Google received an approval order with the FTC via Safari cookie tracking released a decade ago – already agreed in 2012, $ 22.5 million

Human rights groups have responded to the Supreme Court ruling by calling on the government to launch collective redress.

In a statement the Open rights groupJim Killock’s executive director said, “There must be a way for people to seek redress against massive data breaches without putting their homes at risk and without relying on the Information Commissioner alone.

“The ICO cannot and is sometimes unwilling to act in every case. We have waited over two years for action against the adtech industry, which, according to the ICO, is operating illegally. There is no sign of action.

“Still, it would be totally inappropriate for someone to risk their home on court fees in such cases. Without a collective mechanism we stay there: in many cases, data protection is very difficult to enforce against tech giants.

“The government should keep its word and consider implementing collective action under the GDPR, which d[t] expressly rejected in February on the grounds that Lloyd vs. Google had shown that the existing rules could offer a way to redress. “

JHS Class of 1970 elevate cash for scholarship

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) – The 1970 Jonesboro High School class remembered more than just seeing them again on Saturday night.

The reunion took place at The Gardens at Harmony, and classmates and family members gathered for dinner and auction after the event was postponed for a year due to COVID concerns.

The auction, run by class members, was used to raise funds for a Vo-Tech scholarship.

Organizer Brenda Posey Knight said they chose a Vo-Tech Scholarship to provide more financial opportunities for students entering careers.

“Many times Vo-Tech kids are overlooked because they don’t have as many opportunities for scholarships, so we try to raise funds to send others to advance their education in the career of their choice,” Knight said.

Starting Saturday night, the class raised $ 2,500 for the scholarship.

To donate for the scholarship, you can send cash or a check to:

JHS class 1970

C / O: Brenda Posey Knight

1433 Flintstrasse

Jonesboro, Ark. 72401

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Ravens’ 2021 draft class tries to call ’90s leisure icons

The Baltimore Ravens have had a lot of fun with their Draft Class 2021 over the past few weeks. From their first briefing on the building to OTAs, every rookie gradually got a feel for the NFL.

One thing the Baltimore creative team did is put out a series of draft class videos trying to name things from the 90s. First, the rookies were tasked with naming items from the 90s, followed by naming artists from the period. Now they have been asked to name entertainment icons some consider a long time ago and they did not disappoint with their responses.

To be honest, the rookies did a little better here ??

Name the entertainment icons of the 90s ?

– Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) May 28, 2021

It seemed like some players knew almost everything they were getting, including Daelin Hayes and Ben Cleveland. Most of the rookie class, however, could guess things like “Remember the Titans”, “Friends” and even “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” correctly.

Many know what the Ravens rookies can do on the field, but these videos and activities are a great way to get a look at what each of them looks like with it. It seems like Baltimore has drafted players who fit their culture and have great personalities, which the team greatly appreciates.

Center College College students Study Cash Administration, Donation Helps Preserve Monetary Literacy Class In Session – CBS Denver

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Mrachek Middle School students celebrated the success of their financial literacy class and helping the community expand this curriculum on Wednesday with a donation of more than $ 30,000 from Schomp Subaru. The money will help all seventh grade students at this school take the course on the next academic calendar.

(Credit: CBS)

“We’re going to get jobs soon in a couple of years and I think it’s important that we know from a young age how to manage money and how to use it responsibly,” said Izabella Tonjes, 12. “I have it not done.” I knew pretty much everything about money, I didn’t know anything about banks or anything. ”

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The students spent the semester learning about entrepreneurship and each was tasked with developing a business idea to act as a team. They’ve also spent time understanding how interest can help them slowly make money in a savings account and quickly increase debt when used on a credit card.

“They don’t have much experience with their own money, so they understand how to handle money,” said Tawnya Smith, the finance teacher at Mracheck. “Help students understand how their values, emotions, and goals influence their decisions.”

Smith says that in addition to being able to cover math and banking terms, they also need to look at behavior so that children of this age can understand the concepts that affect their teenage and adult lives. While these lessons traditionally came from parents, it is a subject that is becoming increasingly popular in schools. There are scholarships and funding available for teachers to provide this training in the classroom, Smith explained.

(Credit: CBS)

“Students always say that it’s so nice to learn something that we’ll use in life,” she told CBS4. “They want to be able to apply it to something they can really experience firsthand.”

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Students have also started learning about investing, but have raised concerns about the risk involved. Smith uses a website called PayGrade to help students study these concepts with man-made money introduced into their classroom. It rewards and punishes them with that currency and helps them explore the stock market in this fake environment. Smith says this is related to research into entrepreneurship. Students better understand the importance of helping a business grow.

“The choices you have to make have to be right for you, but I want you to understand how investing can benefit you,” she said. “There is so much to learn, we will not learn it for the whole semester, we will just make a start.”

The students enjoyed the challenge of creating a business plan that could work in the real economy. One group set up a company that could help people track food allergies by scanning items with a smartphone.

“It just makes you ready for the future, like last year in her class when we left and we really studied what we really wanted to do with our lives,” said Analilia Barajas, 12.

(Credit: CBS)

Aurora Public Schools said the donation will also help expand similar personal financial literacy programs in other locations in the district, including funding needed for teacher training.

MORE NEWS: COVID Booster Shots: UCHealth plans for the possibility of a third dose needed within a year

“It is important to learn these things at a younger age in order to be prepared and have this attitude consistently,” said Tonjes. “It should be one of the subjects that are normally taught because it is something that we will definitely use in life.”

Watercolor class on the park workplace this Saturday | Leisure

The new office is located in the park next to a new volleyball court and has a small classroom next to Sweeney’s office.

“This is really nice because it allows Parks and Rec to offer courses,” said Sweeney. “I didn’t have a place in the classroom before so people came to me … and I would (say) unless you can do it in the outdoor pavilion. I couldn’t really work with you at all. “

The watercolor class is taught by Tremblay and shows students how to create simple, elegant greeting cards using stamps, pens, and watercolor. No prior experience is required, and all consumables are included in the $ 30 registration fee for each attendee to create four take-away cards.

“I chose the watercolor greeting card class because I knew I could be leading the class in a few hours and there were some simple techniques that you can use to create really beautiful watercolors without requiring a lot of experience or technical skills “said Tremblay. “You don’t need really specialized materials, and people can leave class with something that can be used or framed later if they prefer. I feel like people enjoy art classes more when they end up with a useful snack. “

Tremblay has been painting with watercolors since 2002 when she took her first art class.

Corwin Legislation Agency Recordsdata Class Motion Lawsuit towards Occasion Leisure Group, Metropolis of Miami over COVID Cancellation of the 2020 Extremely Music Pageant

MIAMI, April 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Corwin Law, a consumer rights law firm based in Boca Ratonhas filed a class action lawsuit against Event Entertainment Group and the City of Miami on behalf of Florida Residents who bought tickets for the 2020 Ultra Music Festival that was supposed to take place March, 20th – 22, 2020 at Bayfront Park in Miami Beach.

Lawyer Marcus W. Corwin stated that the 2020 festival cancellation was disguised as a postponement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the promise of an expanded package of benefits for the 2021 festival for ticket buyers in lieu of refunds. After the 2021 event was canceled, the event organizers reached out to ticket holders again to make further promises but still no refund.

“It is completely irresponsible for the organizers to withhold refunds for more than two years, and for the City of Miami with no guarantee that this event can take place in 2022 or 2023, “Corwin said.

“This is an abuse of fairness and accepted and proper trading practice,” Corwin continued. “Nobody argues that the festival should have continued, but if it didn’t, the organizers should have refunded the money. If ticket holders want to attend the festival, they can choose and pay on their own terms.” “

After the class action lawsuit with eight counts filed in the Eleventh Judicial District in Miami-Dade County, “Ultra engages in intangible, unfair, and / or misleading trading practices by promoting, offering, and promoting the festival, taking the money from individuals to attend the advertised festival, canceling the festival, and then not allowing ticket buyers to receive it a refund, effectively shifting all of the risks and costs of Ultra’s decision to cancel the event to consumers. “

Gabriella PetrokaThe class representative stated, “As a longtime loyal participant, I am grateful to Ultra for making many amazing memories possible, and I hope Ultra will last for many years to come. However, I also hope Ultra will do the same.” Please consumers by giving us the choice of getting refunds and our own choice of how to use that money and whether or not to attend future events as I believe that, given the indescribable duration, that is the only thing fair result is this ‘shift’. “

Corwin, who has been practicing since 1986, has successfully fought Madonna, Live Nation, AT&T, Comcast, HBO and others, validating the offer to replace old tickets with new tickets for dates that were not confirmed as “totally unacceptable” .

The Corwin lawsuit is filing # 124094995 with the Miami-Dade County, Florida Circuit Civil Division.

This is not a solicitation of an invitation to members of the class to join the litigation. NO CLASS HAS BEEN CERTIFIED IN THE ABOVE PROMOTION. Until a class is certified, you will not be represented by an attorney unless you keep one. YOU MAY ALSO REMAIN AN ABSENT CLASS MEMBER AND DO NOTHING AT THIS POINT.

For further information please contact CORWIN LAW AT [email protected]

Marcus Corwin
Corwin Law
[email protected]

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