GAC, Nio-backed EV start-up Hycan claims one other funding spherical coming

Yang Ying, CEO of Hycan, speaks with Evelyn Cheng of CNBC during the 2021 East Tech West Conference in Nansha District in Guangzhou, China.

GUANGZHOU, China – Chinese electric car startup Hycan hasn’t shipped many vehicles yet, but claims it’s about to start a major fundraiser as investors pour more money into a hot sector.

The news that more capital is looking to other players in the Chinese electric car market comes as more established startups like Nio and Xpeng delivered more than 10,000 cars each in November alone. Unofficial figures – which Hycan refused to confirm – point to sales of a few hundred vehicles in the first ten months of this year.

“We raised more than 2 billion yuan ($ 312.5 million) in January, which is recognition from our big investors. Next, the total new round of funding will be no less than that number,” said Yang Ying, CEO of Hycan in Mandarin on December 1st at CNBC’s annual East Tech West Conference in the Nansha District of Guangzhou, China.

Yang did not indicate when the funding round would be completed. He claimed that about 20 funds and investment institutions around the world are interested in Hycan.

The start-up was founded in 2018 under the name GAC-Nio and refers to its investors: state-owned automakers GAC and the US-listed electric car manufacturer Nio.

GAC and a company called Pearl River Investment invested 2.4 billion yuan in the start-up in January, according to the electric car maker. Yang became CEO that month after holding various leadership roles at GAC. In May, the start-up rebranded under the name Hycan.

The company launched its second model in October, an electric SUV called the Z03, priced from 132,800 yuan to 168,800 yuan. That’s a lower price range than models from Nio and Tesla.

Yang said Hycan received more than 30,000 orders. He expects the company’s total deliveries for this year to be at least ten times those of the previous year. It wasn’t clear how many vehicles Hycan was delivering in 2020 when the only model on the market was which was the 007.

Hycan has focused its strategy on attracting young consumers who were mainly born after 1995. The start-up has played its partnership with the Chinese esports team EDG, which defeated a South Korean team in a highly regarded championship in November.

Yang said the company plans to partner with two or three international fashion brands next year, although he has yet to reveal their names.

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Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin: Essay claims ‘poisonous’ office

Jeff Bezos

Elif Öztürk | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

According to an article published Thursday, 21 current and former employees of Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin claim the space company is a “toxic” place to work.

Led by former Blue Origin Head of Employee Communications, Alexandra Abrams, the paper claims that the The company urges workers to sign strict nondisclosure agreements, suppresses internal feedback, ignores safety concerns, and creates a sexist environment for women. There were also examples of alleged sexual harassment.

“I’m far enough from that that I’m not afraid to silence myself about them,” Abrams said in a CBS interview that aired Thursday.

The essay was posted on the Lioness website on Thursday. It was signed by Abrams and said it was endorsed by 20 other current and former employees whose names were not listed.

In response to CNBC’s request for comment, Linda Mills, Blue Origin’s vice president of communications, said Abrams was “dismissed for cause” in 2019 “after repeated warnings about issues related to federal export control regulations.”

In response to Blue Origin, Abrams said in a statement to CNBC that it has “never received any verbal or written warnings from management regarding issues related to federal export control regulations.”

Abrams admitted in the CBS interview that she was fired from Blue Origin. She told CBS Mornings that she was “shocked” when she was fired, but her manager said, “Bob and I can no longer trust you,” referring to CEO Bob Smith. According to her LinkedIn account, she now works in employee communications for a large software company.

Alleged sexism and harassment

The essay stated that “gender gaps are common among the aerospace workforce,” but claimed that “they are also manifested in a certain type of sexism at Blue Origin”.

There were two examples from the management level. It was alleged that a “senior executive in the loyal inner circle of CEO Bob Smith” has been repeatedly reported to the company’s human resources department on allegations of sexual harassment. Despite the allegations, the essay states that Smith made the executive a member of Blue Origin’s recruitment committee when the company was in a senior human resources role.

In the second example, a former executive is said to have humiliated women, “called them ‘Baby Girl’, ‘Baby Doll’ or ‘Sweetheart’ and asked about their dating life.” The essay claims that Blue Origin would warn new female employees not to stay away from the executive who allegedly had a “close personal relationship with Bezos.”

“He physically groped a female subordinate so that he could finally be released,” claims the essay.

Mills said in her statement that “Blue Origin has no tolerance for discrimination or harassment of any kind”.

“We are offering a variety of options to our employees, including a 24/7 anonymous hotline, and will promptly investigate any new allegations of misconduct,” added Mills.

Blue Origin is headquartered in Kent, Washington.

Blue origin

Blue Origin has also stepped up its use of strict nondisclosure agreements, the article said, and in 2019 urged all employees to sign new contracts with a non-degradation clause, both current and former employees asserted. The letter quoted a senior program director with decades in the aerospace and defense industries who claimed that “working at Blue Origin was the worst experience of my life.”

FAA is investigating security allegations

Safety concerns are another important part of the essay, which claims that “some of the engineers who keep the missiles safe” have either been ousted or paid off after internal criticism.

The paper said that last year Blue Origin’s leadership showed “increasing impatience” with the low airspeed of its suborbital New Shepard rocket, and said the company’s team had to go from “a few flights a year … to more.” than 40 “jump.

“When Jeff Bezos went into space this July, we didn’t share his enthusiasm. Instead, many of us watched with overwhelming discomfort. Some of us couldn’t stand it at all, ”the essay says. “Competing with fellow billionaires – and ‘making progress for Jeff’ – seemed to take precedence over security concerns that would have slowed the schedule.”

The Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement to CNBC Thursday that it is reviewing the safety concerns expressed in the essay.

“The FAA takes every security allegation seriously,” the regulator said in a statement.

The paper claims that environmental concerns were a minor concern at the company, with implications for local ecology and required permits after “the machines showed up” at Blue Origin’s Kent, Washington, facility.

Additionally, Blue Origin’s Kent headquarters – which opened last year – is not a LEED certified building, according to the essay, and claims that it was “built on wetlands drained for construction”.

Blue Origin’s Mills’ statement to CNBC did not address these other issues.

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Massive E Claims He’ll Money in Cash within the Financial institution on Tonight’s WWE Uncooked

This week’s edition of Monday Night Raw could be the most eventful of recent if Big E’s latest claim proves to be true. It was announced late last week that instead of meeting at Extreme Rules pay-per-view later this month, Bobby Lashley and Randy Orton would be fighting for the WWE Championship on tonight’s episode. Big E, who annoyed during a SmackDown promotion last week about finally using his money-in-the-bank contract, took to Twitter to openly announce that he was cashing in.

“Let’s get this cat out of the bag … I intend to redeem and redeem my Money-in-the-Bank contract tonight to become WWE Champion,” wrote E.

Let’s get this cat out of the bag … I intend to redeem my money-in-the-bank contract tonight and become the WWE Champion.

– Ettore “Big E” Ewen (@WWEBigE) September 13, 2021

It is entirely possible that E is lying, despite the fact that Sean Ross Sapp reported it Combative selection prior to E’s tweet, the New Day member was expected to be on Raw tonight anyway. Sapp described the role of E as “all over the show”.

While E initially stated in interviews that he only wanted to use the money-in-the-bank briefcase for Roman Reigns, he has recently changed his mind. When asked about targeting Lashley late last month, E said Sports Illustrated“The story of Bobby, Kofi and Woods has history, so it’s all there,” said E. “That would be our chance for retaliation, and it just feels right. I loved The Hurt Business. I loved seeing what they could do and the fact that their whole hurt business era wasn’t in front of the fans it was before the ThunderDome which is amazing. Maybe there is a chance they could put all the arguments aside and get back together, then with The New Day and Hurt Business you would have so many options and choices, even six men.

“Bobby is on his best run,” he continued. “He wears like a champion; he looks like a champion. When I was first signed to WWE in 2009, I remember seeing him and Cena match up over and over again. He was someone I wanted to work one day so it’s an honor to have Bobby talk about us like that. It has an incredible run and there is definitely a lot of meat to chew on. “

LeVar Burton claims to host “Jeopardy!” – Completely [Unscripted column] | Leisure

I’m not the ordinary “Jeopardy!” Observer. When it’s on, sit down and watch, but don’t actively attend the show every night.

But I say this: LeVar Burton will be the perfect host to replace the slow and great Alex Trebek full time.

Burton is an actor whose career spans generations. The fun “say how old you are, not how old you are” game consists in asking someone about the role that best remembers Burton.

People my age know Barton best, perhaps as the host of the educational children’s show “Reading Rainbow” or the quack voice of the lesser-known ’90s cartoon “Captain Planet and the Planet.” Will be. Older generations remember him best as Kunta Quinte in the 1977 miniseries “Roots”. He played with then-star OJ Simpson.

For me, he’s always been Lieutenant Geordi La Forge on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

For a new generation of television viewers, Burton can now be their Alex Trebek: a kind and kind guy with all the answers.

And that would make him perfect.

Burton is already going “Jeopardy!” According to a petition that garnered hundreds of thousands of signatures, I was there as a guest from July 26th to 30th. But the 13 Emmy winners are more than just innkeepers. He must be a full-time employer.

Most of it is because the most direct and obvious aspect of Burton’s personality is the tenderness he exudes. That’s part of what made it so well suited to Reading Rainbow and the ecology-focused Captain Planet. That’s why Geordi La Forge has become a personable character despite a few shortcomings in the series’ “Trek” writing room. That’s the main reason the audience took root in Kunta Kinteh many years ago (along with the dire plight the character went through as a result of the actual event).

Burton has also long served as the guiding light of wisdom and has spent decades promoting literacy and education of children through Reading Rainbow and other endeavors. His longstanding philanthropy was recognized by the Penn / Faulkner Foundation, which nominated him as the first literary champion in history.

He is also a leader in breaking representation barriers in the mass media and one of the most prominent black TV stars for over 40 years. It would be fair that he would be the first black presenter on “Jeopardy!” A move to bring him together with Steve Harvey as one of the few moderators on a minority game show.

Burton’s own room also has a pretty obvious elephant. He really really wants a job.

When he created, he essentially said the same thing In April I applied for the next “Jeopardy!” Host. The petition received over 250,000 signatures.

Don’t make fun of some of the other “Jeopardy!” Either! Innkeeper.

The majority of the show’s guest presenters are journalists and news anchors. Most of these innkeepers are successful people who already have a good reputation in a particular field.

I’m sorry, but I cannot convince myself that Aaron Rodgers and Dr. Oz will be leaving her successful career to host a game show.

The only seemingly legitimate candidate for a full-time restaurateur is Ken Jennings of Jeopardy! Fans remember that in 2004 he set the longest winning streak in the show’s history. He’s already made an appearance when he hosted the show for six weeks earlier this year.

There are also two of Lancaster’s very own Brad Rutter, youngest fan favorite James Holsauer and the show’s highest earning champion. Former participants are not currently listed with prospective innkeepers and do not seem interested in taking on this role.

But LeVar Burton, who has spent most of his career in and around television production and, more importantly, actually begging for work, fits in a lot better.

This is not illegal for Jennings and other restaurateurs with shows. Many of these part-time presenters, especially news anchors who are already familiar with speaking in front of television cameras, likely have or will likely do a great job.

Burton’s personality and career made him perfect for appearances, and not just because he is an actor with extensive film experience.

Burton’s kindness, generosity, and pioneering history are perfect for the show.

And that’s exactly the kind of television that we really need at this time.

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LeVar Burton claims, “Jeopardy!” – Permanent [Unscripted column] | entertainment

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The Phelps issue: Kalisz claims return journey to Olympics | Leisure

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) – Despite retiring from swimming five years ago, the influence of Michael Phelps was felt on the opening night of the U.S. Olympic Trials.

Chase Kalisz, who says Phelps is like a big brother, got himself another trip to the Olympics by winning the 400m individual medley on Sunday.

A hooded Phelps then cheered him on from the socially distant stands sauntered onto the deck to hug his former training partner at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club.

“Michael supports me a lot,” said Kalisz. “He’ll give me a kick in the butt when I need it, and sometimes I need it. Michael was an older brother to me in my life. I remember interacting with Michael when I was 6 years old – and here we are 21 years later. “

Phelps was impressed with Kalisz’s performance.

“His back half was great,” Phelps told the Associated Press. “I thought he might go a little faster. But he’ll be there soon. He took care of what he had to do. “

On the women’s side, the Americans had offspring: 19-year-old Emma Weyant prevailed against three Olympic veterans in her first tests and won an exciting 400 IM.

Another Olympic rookie, Kieran Smith, cut his previous personal best by almost 3 seconds to win the 400 freestyle and take his place for Tokyo.

Kalisz was halfway behind the top qualifier Carson Foster after the butterfly and backstroke course.

But Kalisz took the lead in the breaststroke and held it through the freestyles to the end, winning in 4 minutes, 9.09 seconds.

“I know where to be to get away from the breaststroke,” said the 27-year-old.

Phelps, who retired in 2016 after winning a record 23 gold medals in the Olympics, said everyone at the trials should get a boost from racing in front of fans.

USA Swimming allowed around 50% capacity in the 14,000-seat arena, with many of the empty seats filled with cardboard cutouts.

After more than a year without fans in the stands, the atmosphere for the swimmers was still a welcome change.

“You get that power from the fans,” said Phelps. “I got goosebumps when I entered the arena tonight.”

Another 2016 Olympian, Jay Litherland, followed Foster over the last 25 meters and took the expected second place on the Olympic team in 4: 10.33.

Foster finished third in 4: 10.86 – outside of the Olympic Games.

This ensured that some veterans would be the first swimmers to grab spots on the squad that will travel with high expectations to the Tokyo games delayed by the pandemic.

Kalisz took silver in the 400 IM at the Rio Olympics while Litherland finished fifth in that event.

Kalisz swam over to hug Litherland after seeing them finish 1-2. Both attended the University of Georgia and are still training together.

“It means the world to have my training partner with me,” said Kalisz.

The pandemic-related Olympics turned out to be a blessing for Kalisz, who hadn’t even qualified for the final of the 400 IM at the 2019 World Championships. He was struggling with a shoulder injury and was clearly not in full force.

An additional year of training was just what he needed before he could take on the grueling 400 IM on exams.

“I would definitely say that,” said Kalisz. “I don’t want to say that last year I wasn’t prepared because I was. But I’m 27. My body needs a lot more rest than ever before. “

Practically in sync with the top 4 In the final round of the 400 women’s IMs, Weyant touched first in 4: 33.81.

Hali Flickinger secured the probable second place for Tokyo with 4: 33.96, while Melanie Margalis (4: 34.08) and Leah Smith (4: 34.55) just missed out.

They set the four fastest times in the world that year, a testament to America’s strength and depth among women.

Weyant said her strategy is, “Stick to my race schedule and don’t worry about everyone around me. Stick to my strengths and always take them home with you when doing freestyle. “

Flickinger, Margalis, and Smith were on the U.S. Olympic team in 2016, but Weyant defeated them all.

“I’m not going to lie,” said the teenager. “I was really nervous so I tried to get that out of my system (in the morning preliminary round). Tonight’s plan was just to race. “

Kieran Smith’s Olympic debut will also be his first time with the national team.

He won in 3: 44.86 but knows that he has to be even faster to get a medal – especially against a strong Australian squad.

Reigning Olympic gold medalist Mack Horton drove a faster time than Smith in his country’s trials, and it wasn’t even good enough to make it onto the Australian team.

“I’m really excited about this swim,” said Smith, who had a best time to date of 3: 47.71. “I’m looking forward to hopefully improving this swim and being competitive with the rest of the world.”

No one else in the eight-man final was fast enough to meet the qualifying time for Tokyo.

Sunday too Michael Andrew has set two American records in the 100th breaststroke, 58.19 in the preliminary rounds in the morning and even faster – 58.14 – in the evening semi-finals.

He will be the clear favorite in the final on Monday.

“There’s a lot left in the tank,” said Andrew. “Maybe I tried too hard with the lights and cameras to go home. Hopefully I can fix that tomorrow. “

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Fernandez claims French Moto2 win in commanding type as Lowes retires – Motorsport Week

Raul Fernandez dominated the French Grand Prix, taking his second Moto2 win of 2021 when title contender Sam Lowes was out.

Pole Fernandez fell behind Marco Bezzecchi from the start but managed to stay in second place at the end of the opening tour despite soon coming under pressure from an accusing Joe Roberts.

The American relieved Fernandez from second place in the encounter before turning his attention to leading Bezzecchi, although his chances of victory would be ruined if he braked too late at Turn 9 and lost the front of his Italtrans-led Kalex trying to evade the leader and eliminated him from the race.

Fernandez soon hit the back of Bezzecchi as he tried to regain the lead. The rookie took a strong step on the Italian to snatch the initiative at Turn 11. The Ajo racer quickly began to move forward only with fresh air.

He managed a lead of just over a second for the majority of the remaining tours, despite coming under pressure from teammate Remy Gardner in the final laps after the series leader managed to push Bezzecchi back to third after having his tires consistently good had cared for.

He reduced Fernandez’s lead to just under 1.5 seconds, and there were barely half a dozen editions left, although the former reacted calmly and was clearly able to withdraw as the race neared its climax, allowing him to roll over the last lap Checkered flag 1,490 in front of Gardner.

Fernandez’s second success in just his fifth start in the intermediate class puts him just one point behind Gardner in the championship standings, while Bezzecchi, who completed the podium after leaving the leading duo in the final stages, was 17 points behind the leader in third place overall Aussie is 17 points behind Gardner.

Tony Arbolino and Bo Bensneyder showed strong performances to get their best Moto2 placements in fourth and fifth. The pair were more than 16 seconds behind in the close battle for sixth place.

Marcel Schrotter ultimately prevailed as the winner of the war when he narrowly held back rookie Ai Ogura from Honda Team Asia, while Fabio Di Gianantonio finished eighth for long laps despite a double penalty.

The Gresini racer forced Hector Garzo into early retirement when he was fighting for sixth place early on at Turn 11. Di Gianantonio received a long round for his part in the incident.

The Italian crossed the white line on the inside of the penalty loop as he entered, but forced him to serve another soon after, leaving him a low 14th place at that point.

Simoni Corsi had a positive appearance for MV Agusta when he finished ninth ahead of Jorge Navarro. The speed up ace Somkiat Chantra denied a top ten result when he died.

Lowes seemed to have had strong pace from the start, despite a sluggish start that dropped him from 10th to 12th place. The Brit pursued Xavi Vierge for sixth place in a couple of laps.

He attempted an overly ambitious move on the Petronas SRT rider at Turn 8 and lost the front of his Marc VDS machine, getting both of them out of the contest Lowes, which is now 22 points away from leading the series.

Cameron Beaubier was another player to lose a great result after fighting from 24th on the grid to sixth. The American Racing driver crashed at Turn 3 with only a handful of circulations left.

Supervisor claims he helped NY sub store proprietor kill employee over cash dispute

The manager of the sandwich shop in New York state confessed to helping his former boss kill a colleague over a money dispute in 2019.

James Duffy, 35, pleaded guilty to second degree murder last month and is expected to testify against former shopkeeper Giorgios Kakavelos, 52, in a trial for which opening statements are available on Wednesday.

Duffy told authorities he worked with Kakavelos to kill 22-year-old Allyzibeth Lamont on October 28, 2019. Then he helped hide her body and dispose of evidence like the baseball bat he used in the crime.

Kakavelos allegedly owed Lamont money for working at his Johnstown restaurant, the local number 9 substation. Instead of paying her, he hired Duffy, and the two of them planned their murder over three days, according to Duffy reported by the Daily Gazette.

But Kakavelos maintains his innocence and his lawyer said the police played Duffy “like a violin” during the questioning. Duffy admitted smoking crack and drank alcohol in the days leading up to the murder, and he killed Lamont in his own dispute over cash she owed him, said Kakavelos’ attorney Kevin O’Brien.

“Mister. Kakavelos entered a bloody, just terrible scene and Duffy threatened him and his family if he didn’t help get rid of the body,” O’Brien told The Post. Kakaevlos had a wife and children and owed Lamont no money, he said.

“Like a kid, Duffy gave in and tried to get someone else to do it,” he added. “If the government wants to use a drunken crackhead as the main witness, that’s fine with me.”

Duffy’s attorney could not be reached on Tuesday.

Duffy said the night of the murder he attacked Lamont with a bat, while Kakavelos helped with a garbage bag, according to the Gazette. Duffy then used a hammer and choked her, said Duffy’s testimony.

According to Georgios Kakavelos' attorney Kevin O'Brien, James Duffy allegedly killed Allyzibeth Lamont over cash she owed him
According to Georgios Kakavelos’ attorney Kevin O’Brien, James Duffy allegedly killed Allyzibeth Lamont over cash she owed him

The two allegedly buried Lamont’s body after midnight in Malta in a shallow grave covered with cement, manure and sticks.

In the days leading up to the murder, Kakavelos was charged with reloading supplies such as duct tape, bleach, and laundry detergent quoted by the Leader-Herald. He also paid Duffy $ 1,600 for three days, the newspaper said.

O’Brien said the items mentioned in the indictment were bought for routine maintenance at Kakavelos’ store but were used for cleanup because he was “afraid” of what Duffy would do if the shopkeeper didn’t help.

After Lamont’s disappearance, the two disposed of evidence and Kakavelos had the trunk of his Volkswagen Passat relined, cleaned and deodorized, according to the Leader-Herald.

Duffy and Kakavelos were arrested within days of Lamont’s disappearance, and Duffy led police officers to their body, reports say. On their first charges, they faced life in prison without parole.

Duffy’s April 30 plea came in return for a life sentence of 18 years. Fox 23 reported.

Truth Examine: Claims that TCI cash will go into the Particular Transportation Fund usually are not correct

In a March 11th op-ed For the Connecticut Post, Senator Christine Cohen, D-Guilford wrote, “All receipts [Transportation and Climate Initiative] will be deposited in the locker of the Special Transportation Fund to be invested in reducing transport emissions. “

Similarly, Energy and Environment Commissioner Katie Dykes said in an interview with that the STF’s constitutional locker protects TCI funds from legislative raids CT mirror.

However, given the legislative language or the governor’s budget proposal, these claims are not entirely accurate.

The transport and climate protection initiative would oblige gasoline producers and wholesalers to purchase carbon credits at auction. The proceeds of the auction will be passed on to participating states to invest in green energy, climate justice and public transportation.

The state expects the program to raise between $ 80 million and $ 110 million annually, but the funds will not be put into the special transportation fund, according to the governor’s proposed budget and legislative language.

TCI funds are deposited into a separate dedicated fund set up under the umbrella of the Transportation Grants and Restricted Funds Account.

According to the approval invoice, TCI funds are paid into a transport and climate account that “has been set up by the Comptroller as a separate non-expiring account within the Transport Grant and Restricted Accounts Fund”.

According to State statuteThe Fund for Transportation Grants and Restricted Accounts contains all transportation funds that are restricted, not available for general use and previously reported in the Special Transportation Fund as “federal and other grants”. The Comptroller is authorized to make the necessary remittances to ensure that, notwithstanding any provisions of the general bylaws, all transportation funds that are restricted and not available for general use are included in the Transportation Grant Fund and Restricted Accounts Fund. “

The enabling legislation – Governor’s Bill 884 – expressly points out that income from TCI auction sales are “not considered as pledged income” to the STF.

In the governor’s transport budget, TCI funds are not listed as income in the special transport fund, but as a cost reduction, as TCI funds would be used to supplement the costs of public transport.

From the governor’s budget proposal

Starting in 2023, Lamont’s budget shows a spending reduction of $ 24.3 million, increasing to $ 69 million by 2026. No changes in income due to the inclusion of TCI funds are listed in the STF.

The TCI revenues are invested by both the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection with the approval of the Office of Politics and Administration.

On the recommendation of an equity advisory board, 35 percent of the TCI funds are invested “in such a way that communities that are overloaded by air pollution or are undersupplied by the transport system are ensured”. The Equity Board consists of stakeholders selected by the commissioners of DOT and DEEP.

The law also stipulates that a maximum of 5 percent of the proceeds will be used for government administration costs to help Connecticut meet its goal of reducing emissions to 80 percent below 2001 levels by 2050.

Why it matters

Claims that TCI proceeds go to the Special Transportation Fund are intended to reassure the public that the money they are paying for higher gasoline costs is actually being used for the intended purpose of lowering vehicle emissions and other climate protection initiatives.

The money in the special transportation fund is protected by the constitutional locker approved by voters in 2018 and prevents lawmakers from sweeping funds out of the STF to fill budget gaps in the general fund and ensure the money is spent on roads, bridges, and transportation infrastructure becomes .

However, the locker does not prevent the diversion of funds to flow into the STF, as demonstrated by Governor Lamont’s Redirecting sales tax revenue from the STF in 2019 and 2020.

Connecticut’s long history of sweeping money from earmarked funds to fill budget gaps is well documented and gives cause for concern that TCI funds are also being used for things that are outside of their intended purpose.


TCI earnings are not pledged to the Special Transportation Fund, but rather transferred to a new dedicated account. A significant part of the proceeds will be used for environmentally and climate-friendly goals, while the remaining funds will offset the costs of public transport.

According to state law, money in the STF is “spent exclusively for transport purposes”. Since the TCI proceeds are not used exclusively for transport purposes, the funds have their own account. The Connecticut Department of Transportation states that the Transportation Grant and Restricted Fund account has the same locker protection as the STF.

However, as has been shown in the past, the STF’s locker protection can be bypassed by diverting funds from a future governor or lawmaker. The fact that the transport and climate account has locker protection also means that it is subject to the same loopholes.

LAPD investigating Armie Hammer over rape claims | Leisure

Police have confirmed that Armie Hammer is under investigation after she was charged with rape.

The “Call Me By Your Name” actor allegedly subjected a woman known only as Effie to a four-hour ordeal in 2017, and after the 24-year-old detailed her allegations on Thursday (03/18/21), LAPD officers confirms the 34-year-old star is the suspect in an investigation that opened on February 3.

During a press conference with her attorney Gloria Allred, Effie Hammer accused her of “mentally, emotionally and sexually abused” her during a four-year on / off relationship that the actor was married to Elizabeth Chambers.

She also claimed, “On April 24, 2017, Armie Hammer violently raped me in Los Angeles for over four hours. Meanwhile, he hit my head repeatedly against a wall, squeezing my face. He also committed other acts of violence against me that I did not consent to. “

Effie told reporters that she thought the ‘Rebecca’ actor was going to “kill” her, claiming he hit her feet “to hurt” during the alleged attack and said she tried to leave her , “but he wouldn’t let her”.

Effie claims she met Hammer on Facebook when she was 20 and admitted that she fell in love with the actor, although she now believes she was a victim of “manipulation” tactics.

She claimed, “He has often tested my devotion to him. He abused me mentally, emotionally, and sexually. “

However, Hammer has already dismissed the allegations against him, and his attorney has provided screenshots of alleged textual conversations between him and Effie, which appear to suggest that he told her they couldn’t be in a relationship, even though they’re not being verified.

In a message, Hammer allegedly said to Effie, “I won’t be able to get involved with you in that particular way right now. It never ends well. We can talk and be friends, but I can’t. “

The actor’s lawyer also said Hammer’s encounter with Effie was “entirely amicable, discussed and agreed in advance, and mutually involved”.

In a statement, the attorney said: “Effie’s own correspondence with Mr. Hammer undermines and refutes her outrageous allegations. Still on July 18, 2020 [she] sent Mr. Hammer graphic texts telling him what to do with her. Mr Hammer replied, making it clear that he did not want to maintain that kind of relationship with her.

“It was never Mr. Hammer’s intention to embarrass or expose himself [Effie’s] Fetishes or kinky sexual desires, but she has now taken this matter to another level by hiring a civil attorney to hold a public press conference. With the truth on his side, Mr. Hammer welcomes the opportunity to correct the record.

“From day one, Mr. Hammer has claimed that all of his interactions with [Effie] – and every other sexual partner of his – were completely consensual, discussed and agreed in advance, and mutually involved. [Effie’s] Attention-seeking and ill-advised legal offers will only make it difficult for real victims of sexual violence to find the justice they deserve. “

Effie’s allegations come after an Instagram account called House of Effie sparked reports of Hammer’s alleged sexual behavior when they posted a series of unverified direct messages from the actor related to cannibalism fantasies.

After the scandal, Hammer left his upcoming film “Shotgun Wedding” – which also stars Jennifer Lopez – because he did not want to be away from his children in the midst of the “vicious and spurious online attacks”.

Berlin theater supervisor quits after harassment claims | Leisure

BERLIN (AP) – The manager of a prominent Berlin theater has resigned due to allegations by women of bullying and sexual harassment.

Klaus Doerr announced his resignation from the Volksbauer Theater in the German capital on Tuesday. He said he took “full responsibility for the allegations against me” and was stepping down in agreement with the city government.

“I deeply regret it when I have hurt employees with my behavior, words or looks,” said Doerr in a statement published by the theater.

He regretted that he had not succeeded in creating “an open, discriminatory climate” within the theater that would have recognized problems in good time and enabled employees to file complaints in confidence.

The city government’s culture minister, Klaus Lederer, said on Monday that employees had “reported incidents of abuse of power, bullying, verbal violence and sexual harassment”.

Officials spoke to the affected women in late January and still assessed a meeting with Doerr that happened earlier this month, he said.

Doerr, an experienced theater manager, took over the Volksbuehne in 2018.

Lederer’s department has said no one made complaints against Doerr before he was appointed. However, that changed in January when a letter of complaint was sent to a counseling office set up in 2018 for people in the fields of film, television, theater and music.

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