1 in 5 Utahns has misplaced cash, so how do you declare it?

One in five Utahners has lost money.

When a company owes money to a person or organization it can’t find, it transfers that money to the state of Utah after three or three years of no contact.

Right now, the state has millions of dollars in unclaimed or lost funds from places like dormant bank accounts, overpaid medical bills, and unpaid insurance benefits.

The Utah Office of State Treasurer’s unclaimed property division serves as a repository for abandoned money.

Since its inception, the unclaimed property division has repaid more than $ 350 million, of which $ 36 million between July 2020 and June 2021.

Treasurer Marlo Oaks encourages every Utahner to search the state’s unclaimed property database and mycash.utah.gov at least once a year for their unclaimed assets as well as for the property of family, friends, deceased relatives and organizations supported by them.

Many claims processes can be handled entirely online.

You can also use hers Instagram and Facebook Pages.

Lloyd and Rapinoe log off in type as USWNT declare Olympic bronze

The two veterans scored two goals each in Thursday’s 4-3 victory over Australia in what might be their last major tournament appearance

The US women’s national team saved something from a disappointing Olympiad with a 4-3 win over Australia on Thursday and won the bronze medal.

The USWNT played against the Matildas with a freedom and confidence that had mostly been lacking in their five previous games.

Vlatko Andonovski’s side won with two goals each from Megan Rapinoe and Carli Lloyd in a possible swan song for the two of them at a major tournament, which in turn was enough to overcome another shaky display of the team’s defense.

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The Matildas and USWNT split 0-0 in the group stage, but the bronze medal match was a wild one where defense was strictly optional.

This is the first time that the US has won bronze, while Australia will continue to wait for an Olympic football medal.

Rapinoe and Lloyd go out in style

If this was the case for Rapinoe and Lloyd at a major tournament with the USWNT, it was a fitting exit.

After failing to score in her team’s first five games at the Olympics, Rapinoe scored two blockbuster goals against Australia in the first 21 minutes.

She opened the score with a goal straight from a corner kickbefore following her Olimpico with a sensational volley goal straight from a bad game by Alanna Kennedy.

Megan Rapinoe USWNT Olympics

Lloyd also opened her account at these Olympics shortly before half-time and fired a low left-foot shot into the far corner after Lindsey Horan had forced a turnover.

The 39-year-old scored her brace five minutes into the second half when she pounced on a poor back pass from Kennedy and narrowly passed Teagan Micah.

Lloyd also scored a couple of individual milestones on Thursday, who became the USWNT’s top scorer at the Olympics with her 10th goal and with her 312

Lloyd and Rapinoe have together won four World Cups, three gold medals and now two bronze medals. Her place as all-time USWNT greats was secured well before Thursday, but if that was the big stage for her, there was no more appropriate way for her to say goodbye.

Andonovski makes a huge profit

Although he missed his goal in his first major tournament, US coach Andonovski was always unlikely to pay with his job.

Nevertheless, he would not have wanted to end the Olympic Games with consecutive defeats and without a medal, so his team’s performance against the Matildas was a welcome respite for the boss who was under fire.

Andonovski won 22 of his first 23 competitive games before the Olympics, but managed just two wins in 90 minutes in his six games in Japan, with his strong squad rotation and reliance on aging stars being questioned the whole time.

Vlatko Andonovski USWNT GFX

However, Thursday’s US appearance was a double-edged sword for Andonovski. Winning the bronze was a remarkable achievement, but there will also be questions as to why the USWNT boss in Japan could no longer elicit such appearances from his side.

Defense still well below standard

The US attack woke up against the Matildas, who will be covering up another wobbly display on the back line.

After conceding a goal in twelve games in the run-up to the Olympic Games this year, the USA conceded ten goals in six games in Japan.

Tierna Davidson’s poor pass from behind was attacked by the Matildas as Sam Kerr scored Thursday’s first goal in a nervous final 30 minutes.

Emily Gielnik eventually made it 4-3 with a late scream, but it was too late for the Matildas to find a dramatic equalizer.

The US defense was a great strength en route to the Olympics, but the tournament ended with the team holding for their lives to avoid conceding a fourth goal.

They only barely did so, holding onto the bronze in the process.

To learn more about USWNT’s performances at the Olympics and to hear from guests like Hope Solo, subscribe Goals Podcast “All Of Us: The US Women’s Soccer Show” wherever you listen to your podcasts.

‘Strain from management’: Slater docs declare cash influenced previous medical choices

PROVIDENCE, RI (WPRI) – Top Doctors at Eleanor Slater Hospital claim previous administrations have pressured doctors to ensure the state facility had more medical patients than psychiatric patients to question the facility for millions of dollars in federal funding to deliver.

The new revelation came to light during a Senate Oversight Committee hearing Monday when lawmakers satiated hospital managers with questions related to Eleanor Slater’s many ongoing problems. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Brian Daly testified that over the past few months he has realized how money has affected the way some patients have been diagnosed, admitted, and treated in the hospital in the past.

“That was pressure from the leadership,” Daly told lawmakers. “When I got here, I was a little stunned by the patients who were here and that there was no effort to get them discharged. Since I came from other hospitals, that was pretty shocking. ”

At the heart of the problem is an obscure federal regulation known as Mental Illness Institutions, or IMD, that was launched in the 1960s to keep psychiatric patients out of government facilities.

Fast forward half a century and the rule has been nuanced, its effectiveness being hotly contested in the public and private health sectors. But in simple terms, Eleanor Slater cannot have more psychiatric patients than medical patients if she continues to be eligible for government reimbursement through the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Tens of millions of dollars in government support are at stake, giving state officials a clear financial incentive to accurately manage patient counts so that psychiatric patients never exceed medical patients.

The head of the medical service, Dr. Andrew Stone, who works closely with Daly, put the historical thinking about Eleanor Slater patients more bluntly: “Medical patients are equally valuable; The mentally ill are not valuable. “

Daly said the potential for a loss of federal funding in the past was clearly in the minds of hospital management, claiming his team found evidence that previous protocols were tampered with to promote medical admissions and prevent medical discharges. Daly even claimed that in some cases, patients’ diagnoses were changed – all to make sure federal funding didn’t stop.

“We found a lot of information that there have been efforts in the past to make sure the odds were always in favor of medicine, but only just barely,” he said. “All we saw was keeping the IMD mix in a good place.”

In a specific example, Daly said that Eleanor Slater moved about 20 psychiatric patients to Notre-Dame de Fatima Hospital in 2016 after the latter set up a long-term behavioral clinic. The reason? “Because the IMD mix was in trouble,” he said.

“Everyone knows that we moved patients there in 2016,” said Daly. “I think I have emails that the IMD mix was wrong or in danger.”

The blatant description of how patients were treated for financial reasons aroused surprise and disbelief among some legislators. The chairman of the oversight committee, Louis DiPalma, D-Middletown, described Daly’s testimony as “worrying”.

State Senator Jessica de la Cruz, R-North Smithfield, described the claims as “quite shocking” before challenging doctors on some of the underlying details.

“Essentially, your allegation about these patients being held is, I’m not saying against their will – but almost there,” she said. “That sounds shameful to me.”

State Sen. Jonathan Acosta, D-Central Falls, said it was hard to deny that the IMD requirements created a financial incentive regardless of whether people acted on them. He also said there was widespread agreement within the General Assembly on the desire for “accountability” in the state institution, which has been under intense public scrutiny in recent months.

“People want a couple of heads to roll,” he said.

Billing remains one of the many problems that currently plague Eleanor Slater, with the IMD mix that got out of hand over the past 18 months has been a major problem. In 2019, Rhode Island suspended CMS billing after concerns were raised that the hospital incorrectly had more medical patients than psychiatric patients.

Billing has yet to proceed, and the ruling has since cost the state more than $ 100 million in general revenue to pay for hospital expenses, once covered by CMS.

Hospital managers – including Daly and Stone – released a new report last month showing that 79% of the hospital’s patients are now considered psychiatric patients, a sharp increase from December when the mix was around 50:50.

While the new report further complicates the question of whether the state is eligible for federal funding, Daly said it reflects much more accurately the actual diagnoses of patients in the hospital. The analysis is now under external control.

The RI State Medicaid Office and the RI Executive Office of Health and Human Services hired a team from Butler Hospital to conduct an independent review of how many beds are occupied by patients with mental illness as the primary diagnosis. The results of this review are expected to be available by the end of July.

When asked by Acosta whether the hospital would be financially viable without federal support, Daly stressed that the General Assembly and Governor Dan McKee could always fund a state hospital entirely from state funds. However, he found that Eleanor Slater’s surgery currently costs more than $ 500,000 per patient per year.

“When the money goes away it’s difficult to know how to go on,” said Daly. “It’s an expensive offer.”

Eli Sherman (esherman@wpri.com) is a Target 12 investigative reporter for WPRI 12. Connect with him on twitter and on Facebook

Job Openings Spike in WTF Type amid “Labor Shortages” whereas 15 Million Individuals Declare Unemployment Advantages

This messed up job market is finally producing rising wages. But companies can pass them on at higher prices: the beginning of an inflationary spiral.

By Wolf Richter to the WOLF STREET.

This is just insane: 15.4 million people are still eligible for unemployment benefits under all programs, with many receiving the additional $ 300 per week in federal allowances, according to the Department of Labor. And 9.3 million people are still “unemployed” according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Nevertheless, the number of job vacancies rose into the stratosphere as companies complain of “labor shortages” even though there is no shortage of people who could work.

The number of vacancies rose by 1 million from the highest ever record to a new highest record ever, to 9.29 million vacancies in April, seasonally adjusted and to 10.0 million non-seasonally adjusted, according to the JOLTS report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics today. Something is really messed up:

It does so while the number of jobs at employers of all kinds – corporations, governments and nonprofits – is still down 7.6 million from February 2020 (green line) to 144.9 million in May; and while households indicated that the number of employed persons, including the self-employed, was 151.6 million still down 7.1 million from February 2020 (Red line):

In the leisure and hospitality industry – around three quarters of the jobs are in restaurants and bars – the number of vacancies rose by almost 400,000 positions, from an all-time high to a new record of 1.59 million in April (seasonally adjusted) and rose by 55% from April 2019 :

But even though there were 1.59 vacancies in the leisure and hospitality industry that the companies were eager to fill, the number of employees in the industry still fell by 2.54 million compared to April 2019:

In the production, the number of vacancies rose to 851,000 for the second month in a row, an impressive 83% or 388,000 positions compared to April 2019.

Manufacturers have raised wages, and some have paid signing premiums, and they complain that they can’t fulfill orders because they struggle to hire enough people to ramp up production to meet trillions of dollars in demand in fiscal and monetary policy incentives.

This comes after two decades of lawsuits that American companies have relocated manufacturing jobs to low-cost countries.

The number of people currently working in manufacturing – including the new positions that manufacturers have actually been able to fill – has remained roughly unchanged for four months with around 12.3 million employees, according to the BLS job report last Friday. Compared to the Good Times last month, February 2020, that was a decrease of 509,000 employees. And yet there are 851,000 vacancies that manufacturers want to fill:

In art, entertainment and recreation In the industry, job vacancies rose historically to 248,000 vacancies for the third month in a row, more than doubling since April 2019:

Under constructionTheir job vacancies rose by 23,000 to the second-highest level of all time, below just April 2019:

But the number of construction workers hasn’t moved much through May this year (and down 20,000 jobs in May from April) and is still 225,000 lower than it was in February 2020:

In the areas of transportation, warehousing and utilities Job vacancies fell by 18,000 to 411,000 positions in April compared to the record increase in March, an increase of 17% compared to April 2019:

In wholesale Sector, job vacancies rose 79,000 in April to a record 335,000 jobs, up 21% from April 2019:

At retail, job vacancies rose by 208,000 to almost 1 million jobs, an increase of 27% compared to April 2019. This sector includes the currently hot car dealers, grocery stores, hardware stores and the like, but also the dying mall stores:

In professional and business services, job vacancies rose to a record 1.52 million in April, surpassing the previous record in December 2020 and up about 25% over the multi-year average.

In education and healthcare, job vacancies rose to 1.44 million, the second highest ever after the record in February, and grew 4.3% from April 2019.

In the information area, The number of vacancies rose to 116,000, in the mid-range of the multi-year and less than in April 2019. The industry cut fewer jobs in 2020 because it was able to switch to working from home.

Jobs in finance and insurance jumped back to the upper end of the multi-year range, to 315,000 openings in April. By moving to home office, this sector has largely retained employment, and job vacancies have so far not shown any unusual trends – unlike during the financial crisis up to December 2009, when they almost collapsed to zero.

In mining and logging, especially oil and gas drilling, the job vacancies fell to 25,000 in April, roughly in the middle of the broad multi-year range.

Small businesses have a big problem with recruiting.

A record high of 48% of small business owners reported vacancies, according to the NFIB Small Business Optimism Index today. “The labor shortage is holding back the growth of small businesses across the country. If small business owners could hire more staff to take care of customers, sales would be higher and approach pre-COVID levels, ”the NIFB said in the statement.

What does that mean in the bigger picture?

The gap between the 15 million people still receiving unemployment benefits under all programs and the difficulties companies have in filling their jobs is a sign of a messed up job market.

This already results in a mix: finally higher wages, and that’s a good thing; and higher inflation as companies pass their higher labor costs on to consumers, whatever happens and you can get away with it, and that’s not so good. It is the beginning of one of the mechanisms that set in motion an inflationary spiral that is not “transitory”.

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Drone shots of roofs with aluminum and steel shingles. Get a bird’s eye view of the details of each installation.


Gaetz, fiancée declare cash for Florida yacht deal ‘went lacking’

by: Walt Buteau,

Posted: May 29, 2021 / 4:33 PM EDT
Updated: May 29, 2021 / 4:33 p.m. EDT

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) – Florida US Congressman Matt Gaetz has caught new controversy, claiming money wired to complete the sale of a St. Petersburg yacht his fiancée agreed to buy.

Gaetz, Greene cheer electoral rally in Arizona

According to a Republican spokesman, he and his fiancé Ginger Luckey were “attacked by malicious actors” while buying a St. Petersburg yacht. Follow-up questions about the transaction and the clarification of the declaration were not answered.

(Walt Buteau)

About a week after news broke of Gaetz’s investigation into the possible sex trafficking case with former Seminole District tax collector Joel Greenberg, the Republican was spotted with Luckey on a 41-foot yacht berthed at Pier 4 the St. Petersburg Municipal was docked marina.

Gaetz employees plead guilty of sexual trafficking

Jon Golly, who owns a yacht in a slip across from the one Gaetz and Luckey boarded, is one of several boat owners on the pier who remember seeing the couple during the boat inspection process known as surveying.

“He was on the phone the whole time they took the poll,” said Golly. “And he stopped and said hello to Nancy and me who were sitting outside our boat. It was definitely him. “

Gaetz employees agree to cooperate in federal investigations

The boat, then called the Ol Pappy, was listed for $ 155,000. But about a month after the poll, the deal fell through.

According to the Congressman’s spokesman, Luckey was the boat’s buyer, but “Rep. Gaetz and Ms. Luckey were “targeted for a financial crime” during the transaction. The statement went on to say: “Federal law enforcement agencies are aware of the alleged crime and are actively pursuing it. However, there is no mention of which agency is investigating or how much money is missing.”

Gaetz employees expect to plead guilty in federal proceedings

Sydney Erhardt of the FBI National Press and Operations Unit said, “The FBI cannot confirm or deny the existence of an investigation and we have no further comment.”

Ol Pappy was known in the marina for the ornate oil painting-style design on her hull, similar to the label on Pappy Van Winkles Bourbon. Witnesses said Ol Pappy was deleted and replaced with the name Thirsty in late April when the deal was about to close.

The port of entry city on the boat was also changed from St. Pete to Niceville, a town in Gaetz ‘borough. Gaetz attended Niceville High School.

Gaetz, Greene wear Trump’s rally at a rally in their coat

(Walt Buteau)

Neither Gaetz’s team nor Luckey responded to questions about the name change, but the marina boat owners were surprised that the cigar-smoking Ol Pappy was replaced with Thirsty before the deal was closed.

“A little premature without owning the boat,” said Golly. “If it were my boat, there would be trouble. This is my baby.”

How the Gaetz probe grew from a sex trade to a medicinal pot

A picture posted on Luckey’s Twitter on May 8th shows her at the wheel of a sailboat under a blue bimini with St. Petersburg in the background, but it is not known if this is the vehicle involved in the failed transaction.

As for the money, Gaetz’s team would only stick to the statement, which contains an indication that the couple are “being attacked by malicious actors, first domestically and now abroad.”

MP Matt Gaetz faces a bipartisan investigation by House Ethics and cites reports of sexual misconduct

After the possible connection with the Greenberg case was first reported, Gaetz became claims on Twitter The alleged attachment to Greenberg was false, and he and his family were “the victims of organized criminal blackmail involving a former DOJ official seeking $ 25 million while threatening to smear my name.”

Brett Harris, the Owner of Edwards Yacht Sales, who brokered the transaction, said the boat was eventually sold to another buyer in a deal he said closed last Friday. The now former owner of the craft said he did not want to comment at the time.

Are you owed cash from an employer? The best way to test and declare unpaid wages

Do you have unclaimed wages?

Sarah Tew / CNET

Does the federal government keep unpaid wages from an employer that you have to claim? It’s pretty easy to find out. The Department of Labor reclaimed $ 257 million in back payments in 2020. The money was collected from employers who owed workers money because, for example, they paid less than the minimum wage or withheld overtime.

In the past five years, the Department of Labor’s Wages and Hourly Department has reclaimed wages for more than 1.3 million workers. If the government agency determines that an employer owes you wage payments, it could cause the company to pay the difference. However, if the agency can’t find you to give you the money (for example, if you’ve moved or changed your name), they’ll keep the arrears wages that you can claim.

We explain how to find out if you need to get back unpaid wages and how to claim them. In the meantime, here’s how to see quickly when your state owes you money. If you have kids, find your share of that Child tax credit of $ 3,600 and what two IRS portals Will do.

Why is the US government holding my rebate?

When the Department of Labor’s payroll department determines that an employer has violated minimum wage and overtime laws that fall under the law Fair Labor Lawit seeks to regain those unpaid wages by having the employer pay you the full amount it owes you.

If the agency is unable to contact you, they will withhold your wages for three years. After that, it is a legal requirement to send the money to the US Treasury Department. After this time, you can no longer request any repayment.

This is how you can see if you have a refund to make a claim

There is a quick and easy way to find out if there are unpaid wages to which you are entitled.

1. Go to the DOLs Search tool for employee wages owed.

2. By doing Find the employer by name In the box, enter the company name that may owe you wages and tap WOW search Button.

3. When the search tool finds a match, it will display the company name in the results box. Select the company and tap Next.

4th. In the next window, enter your first and last name and tap Submit. If the tool determines that the department is holding unclaimed wages, it will direct you to a DOL office that can review your information and then send a check for the back payment.

How to claim unpaid wages from an employer to get your money

If you believe your employer has withheld wages not listed in the Workers Owed Wages tool above, you can make a complaint with the DOL. You will need to provide information such as pay, hours worked, and payroll to the DOL in order to determine whether to initiate an investigation. You can also contact your state’s employment agency File a complaint.

Cash with magnifying glass

You can file a complaint if you think your employer owes you money.

Sarah Tew / CNET

What are the current minimum wage and overtime rules?

The federal minimum wage is $ 7.25 per hour. A state may have a higher minimum wage, and in a situation where an employee falls under both federal and state wage laws, the employee may qualify for the higher minimum wage. Check with your state employment agency for more.

Employees who are under the Federal overtime regulations should receive 1.5 times their regular wage after working 40 hours in one working week. Note that federal regulations do not mandate overtime pay for weekends or holidays unless work on those days exceeds 40 hours in a work week. Note that state laws may define overtime differently. California, for example, charges overtime pay for one 8 hours working day.

For more ways to keep track of the money the government owes you, see How to Check the Status of Your Money Income tax refundhow to get thousands back on their feet Childcare costs and as you can see who to expect from July with the month Child tax credits.

Learn tips and tricks about intelligent gadgets and the Internet with our entertaining and ingenious instructions.

You simply have eight days to assert this IRS tax refund cash earlier than it disappears without end

Does the IRS have an income tax refund from you that you must claim by May 17th?

Sarah Tew / CNET

Does the IRS have an income tax refund that you haven’t yet applied for? The IRS estimates that 1.3 million taxpayers have unclaimed tax refunds for 2017 valued at $ 1.3 billion awaiting delivery. If you didn’t file a federal income tax return for 2017, time is running out: you have just over a week to claim your refund. After May 17th – Tax day this year – These unclaimed 2017 tax refunds will become the property of the U.S. Treasury Department.

With tax day moved to May 17th this year, the IRS is still busy Processing of tax returns along with Send weekly batches of stimulus checks and “Plus-Up” payments together with the preparation to send as soon as the first of July extended tax credits for children.

We’ll show you how to determine if the IRS has an income tax refund that you need to apply for. More information can be found here Get $ 16,000 back in childcare expenses, how one Save $ 50 On Your Internet Bill, see if Your state has unclaimed money that it owes you and what you want to know Child tax credits. This story is updated frequently.

When is the deadline to apply for a senior income tax refund?

The IRS is required to hold unclaimed tax refunds for three years. By law, if you don’t request a refund after three years, the money becomes the property of the US Treasury Department and you cannot receive it. For a 2017 Income tax refundyou have to claim through Tax day (May 17th) before it’s gone.

How do I find out if the IRS has an unclaimed tax refund for me?

The only way to know if the IRS is holding your refund is to file a return for the year, the IRS said. The agency regularly estimates the dollar amount of unreported tax returns, but has no way of determining whether an individual taxpayer is due a refund until they file a tax return. The Where is my refund tool? can’t help either. It will report the refund status of those who have already filed their taxes.

Look at that:

Child Tax Credit: How Much Do You Get?


How do I apply for my tax refund?

To apply for a 2017 refund, you will also need to submit your 2017 tax form on-line or by post. If you send it, the tax return must be postmarked by May 17th. Note that you may also need to file a 2018 and 2019 tax return for the IRS to clear your 2017 refund.

What if I am missing documents for my 2017 taxes?

You can find previous year’s tax forms on the IRS ‘ Form page. As of 2017, if you are missing a W-2, 1098, 1099, or 5498, the IRS recommends that you request a copy from your employer or bank. You can also order a free wage and income report from the IRS Then use the information on the transcript to file your tax return.

042-cash-money-third-party-stimulus-checks-biden-federal unemployment-1400-300-payments

The IRS is busy processing tax returns and sending out stimulus checks and mark-ups.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Can my unclaimed refund be used to cover debt?

If you think you are due a refund from 2017 onwards, but according to your file you are not receiving any or part of it Your refund may have been appliedor to repay overdue federal taxes, state income taxes, state unemployment compensation debts, child support payments, spouse support or other federal debts such as Student Loans.

More information about your 2020 taxes, here is how you can claim missing economic stimulus money for your taxes and How to Track Your Tax Fund This Year.

Jennifer Lopez ended Alex Rodriguez engagement over ‘belief’ points, sources declare | Leisure

Jennifer Lopez reportedly ended their engagement because she couldn’t fully trust Alex Rodriguez.

The former couple recently announced their decision to split, and it has now been claimed that it was Jennifer who ultimately decided to set the time for the romance because “too many problems remained unsolved”.

A source told People magazine, “She insisted. There are too many problems that remain unsolved. She was pretty miserable and didn’t think it was in her best interest to stay with Alex. “

The insider also claimed the “Hustlers” actress could no longer “fully trust” the former baseball player, and a second source said the couple had lost their “special spark.”

They added, “They both enjoyed spending more time together as families, but it was difficult to keep that special sparkle when they saw each other every day.”

Naomi Campbell: Air conditioning gives me wrinkles

Eva Mendes sparked a debate with parents about a quote about beating

It was first reported that Jennifer and Alex broke up in March, and while they said they had only worked through a few issues at the time, they ultimately confirmed that their romance was over last week.

In a joint statement, they said: “We have recognized that we are better as friends and look forward to continuing to do so. We will continue to work together and support each other in our mutual businesses and projects. We wish each other and everyone that Best.” the children of others. “

Last month, it was revealed that Jennifer and Alex were focusing on their children – Jennifer’s 13-year-old twins Emme and Max and Alex’s daughters Natasha, 16, and Ella, 12 – as they’ve all grown close together.

And it has also been alleged that while they just “hit one rough spot” in their romance, they never completely broke up.

Adding to the couple’s relationship, the insider added, “They never officially broke up and talked about it, but are still together. They have reached a tough point. But they haven’t broken up … She works in the Dominican Republic and he is in Miami, so it is. ” It’s hard to see each other, especially with quarantine and COVID, but they want to try to stay together. “

Declare lacking stimulus cash in your tax return earlier than it is too late. Here is how

If the IRS owes you money from the first two stimulus checks, you can get it by filing a recovery Rebate Credit.

Angela Lang/CNET

The IRS has already sent out around 160 million stimulus checks in the third round of payments for up to $1,400 per personincluding dependentsSSI and SSDI recipients and veterans receiving VA benefits are among the groups who should have received a check this month. While more are on the way, lots of qualified people are still missing money from the first or second stimulus checks and only have about a month left to claim it. 

The deadline to file your taxes has been extended to May 17, and you’ll need to file a Recovery Rebate Credit on your 2020 return if you need to claim any of the $1,200 or $600 from the previous two checks — even if you’re a nonfiler who doesn’t usually have to file taxes. After filing, you could receive your money as a larger tax refund or a smaller tax bill if you owe any money. You should also consider signing up for direct deposit to get your refund back faster. However, be aware that the IRS could garnish some or all of your refund to cover outstanding debts.

Below, we’ll explain everything you need to know about starting the Recovery Rebate Credit claim process. If you think you’re missing money from the third check, here’s what you need to know about what could hold up your check, how to report a payment problem and when to request an IRS payment trace. Additionally, here’s what we know about a fourth stimulus check and when you could start getting your 2021 child tax credit, if you and your children qualify. Here are other tax credits that could bring you more money this year, and new savings on health insurance and more. This story was recently updated.

Claim missing stimulus money by filing for a File for a Recovery Rebate Credit on your tax return — here’s how

If you think the IRS owes you a full or partial stimulus check for any reason (and there are plenty of scenarios below), you have one more chance this year to claim missing stimulus check money by filing a Recovery Rebate Credit as part of your 2020 taxes. It may be that your check total doesn’t match your estimated total for the first stimulus payment or the second check (calculate that here), or maybe there was a delivery error, or an accidental garnishment, or a dependent was left out, like a new baby not represented on last year’s taxes.

To start the Recovery Rebate Credit claim process, first confirm your payment status online through the IRS. If you see a confusing message or a possible error, you may be a candidate for a rebate or a payment trace

You need to file for the credit when you submit your federal tax returns this year. The IRS started processing 2020 tax returns on Feb. 12, and federal tax returns will be due May 17 due to an extension the IRS approved. 

File for your missing money from the first and/or second stimulus on the 2020 Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR. The tax return instructions include a worksheet to figure out the amount of any Recovery Rebate Credit for which you’re eligible, according to the IRS. However, this worksheet requires you to know the amounts of your stimulus payments. Again, CNET’s stimulus check calculators for the second and first payments can provide an estimate.

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Stimulus check 3: How much money you’ll get


To start filing for a partial check rebate, you’ll need the IRS’ calculated amount from the letter the IRS sent confirming your payment. This was called Notice 1444 for the first payment and Notice 1444-B for the second payment.

If you file for the credit and are owed money, you’ll either see the amount of your tax refund increased or the amount of tax you owe lowered, depending on the amount of stimulus money you’re eligible to receive

How to claim missing stimulus money, even if you don’t usually file taxes

Last fall, the IRS sent letters to 9 million Americans who may have qualified for a payment but perhaps didn’t know they needed to register to claim it. This group — which the IRS categorizes as “nonfilers” — includes people who didn’t file a tax return in 2018 or 2019, such as older adults, retirees, SSDI or SSI recipients and individuals with incomes less than $12,200. People in this group needed to file a claim using the Non-Filers tool by Nov. 21. The IRS said if you missed the deadline you can claim the payment through the Recovery Rebate Credit when you file a 2020 federal income tax return: 

When you file a 2020 Form 1040 or 1040SR you may be eligible for the Recovery Rebate Credit. Save your IRS letter — Notice 1444 Your Economic Impact Payment — with your 2020 tax records. You’ll need the amount of the payment in the letter when you file in 2021.

That means even if you don’t usually file taxes, you will have to do so this year to claim any missing stimulus money. If you meet the requirements, you can get started with your claim using the IRS’ free tax-filing service. We have more detailed instructions for how nonfilers can file a tax return to claim missing stimulus money here.

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What happens if you qualify for more money than the IRS sent you? How to find out and claim your payment

If you use CNET’s first stimulus check calculator or second payment calculator and find you may have qualified for a larger stimulus payment than you received, you’ll likely be able to claim your money this year as a Recovery Rebate Credit.

Unfortunately, the IRS Get My Payment tool is no longer available for the first and second stimulus payments, so you won’t be able to find your information there.

Didn’t get the Recovery Rebate amount you expected? Here’s what could have happened

If you claim a Recovery Rebate Credit on your tax return, the IRS will determine your eligibility and the amount of the credit based on two things: your 2020 tax return, and the amounts of any stimulus payments issued previously (if you got them). 

If there is a mistake with the amount on line 30 of form 1040 or 1040-SR (where you claim the credit), the IRS will calculate the correct amount and process the return, according to an April 5 news release. This might delay the processing of your return, and the IRS will send you a letter explaining any changes. Some common reasons why the IRS may need to correct your credit are:

  • You were claimed as a dependent on another person’s 2020 tax return
  • You did not provide a Social Security number valid for employment
  • Your qualifying child was age 17 or older on January 1, 2020, and therefore not eligible for the first two payments
  • Math errors relating to calculating your adjusted gross income and any payments already received

If you think the IRS sent you the wrong amount, the agency recommends reading its Recovery Rebate FAQ page before contacting them. 

Here’s why your tax refund or missing stimulus money could be garnished

Stimulus checks are technically considered a tax credit, no matter how you get them. Typically, the IRS can reduce a taxpayer’s refund to repay outstanding debts like past-due child support, unpaid student loans and certain other federal and state liabilities. The CARES Act stated that the first stimulus check could not be garnished for these purposes, except for overdue child support. 

The December stimulus package went a step further and protected the second round of stimulus checks from all garnishment, including child support. However, it also limited that exception only to advance payments, and retroactively revised the CARES Act’s rules as well — meaning that your Recovery Rebate Credit that arrives on your tax refund for missing stimulus money is treated differently from the stimulus money that arrived for others in the mail, according to the Taxpayer Advocate Service, an independent organization within the IRS.

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For the third check, because of the way it was passed, it’s open to garnishment from private debt collectors, but not child support payments.

Bottom line: If you’re eligible for a stimulus payment through a Recovery Rebate Credit, but you have certain outstanding debts, some or all of your credit could be withheld to pay those debts, the Taxpayer Advocate Service wrote in a blog post.

What to do if your stimulus check was mistakenly seized

Although there are a few cases where the federal government or a debt collector could seize your first payment to cover any outstanding debt, in general, if you qualify for a check, it’s yours to spend or save as you want. One area where the federal government can garnish your first stimulus check is for overdue child support. However, if the parents are separated or divorced, only the spouse who owes child support should have the check seized. You can’t have your second check seized for overdue support if it was sent as an advance check (see above).

According to the IRS, the parent who doesn’t owe child support should receive their portion of the first payment without having to take action. If you haven’t received your check, the IRS says it’s working to send out the missing payments. While you don’t have much recourse to appeal IRS decisions, you can also try the Non-Filers tool to create a record of your claim.


There are still unclaimed stimulus checks.

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How to claim missing stimulus money for your child dependents

Under the CARES Act passed in March 2020, each qualifying child dependent — those 16 years old and younger — was eligible for a $500 check. But some people’s payments were short $500 for each eligible dependent. If you claimed it by Nov. 21 of 2020, you should have received the payment in December 2020. 

As with the nonfilers, if you missed that deadline, the IRS says you can claim the payment on your 2020 federal tax return this year, by filing a 2020 Form 1040 or 1040-SR. Use our stimulus check calculator to get an idea of how much you may be owed.

In the second stimulus check, which went out in December, children under 17 were each allotted $600 as part of the family total.

Note that in a few cases, where parents are separated or divorced and share joint custody of a dependent, each parent can get a $500 or $600 payment per eligible child, for the first and second checks, respectively. So you may not even be aware you’re eligible for the payment to begin with.

If you’re a US citizen living abroad or a noncitizen, here’s what to do

The IRS has rules that set the payment eligibility guidelines for US citizens who live abroad and non-US citizens who work in the US — along with spouses of nonresident aliens. We have a guide that walks you through the various eligibility scenarios along with what to do if you qualify but didn’t get a check. (And here’s how your status might change in a third check for mixed-status families.)

Incarcerated people can receive a stimulus check, according to a court ruling 

Since April 2020, when it first started sending payments, the IRS has gone back and forth on whether those who are in US jails and prisons qualify for a stimulus check.

A ruling last fall by a federal judge in California, however, seemed to have settled the question for now and required the IRS to contact those incarcerated and let them know they can file a claim for a stimulus check. The deadline to file a claim in 2020 — either through the mail or online — has passed. As with others who are missing a payment, the IRS said if you didn’t receive a payment by Dec. 31, 2020, you may be able to claim it this year by filing a 2020 Form 1040 or 1040-SR.

For everything to know about the first stimulus payment, see our guide to the first round of checks. Also, here’s how much money you could get with the third check and what we know so far about a potential fourth stimulus check

Buddy’s stakes its declare to Detroit-style pizza

Photo courtesy of Buddy’s Pizza

Buddy’s Pizza wants more Americans to know exactly who created Detroit-style pizza.

The 19-piece Michigan chain is widely believed to be the creator of the cake version, which is now associated with the city in which it was founded. The company plans to grow beyond state lines and received a boost for those efforts earlier this year when one of the country’s largest pizza chains launched its own version of the product.

While Buddy’s has a problem with Pizza Hut’s Detroit style pizza, it also takes full advantage of its cake brand’s newly discovered popularity.

Buddy’s takes the opportunity to remind people of its place in pizza history and to make curious pizza lovers a national offer: The company offers its pre-baked and frozen pizzas through the mail order company Goldbelly. Profits are used to help restaurants through the Barstool Fund. The deal is available until the end of April.

“We want you to come to Detroit and try this,” said Wes Pikula, Buddy’s chief brand officer. “But if you can’t, we can have it shipped. We will only donate and help the smaller companies there. “

These efforts also come at the most favorable times for Buddy’s, who plans to grow well beyond its Michigan home base.

Buddy’s was founded in 1946 and its story is the history of Detroit style pizza. That year, Gus Guerra bought a former speakeasy neighborhood bar. He was looking for a way to make the Sicilian style of pizza he had eaten as a child and sell it to ex-soldiers returning home from Europe after World War II. It was war veterans who helped spark the pizza craze in the United States

In Detroit’s response, someone gave Guerra a rectangular blue steel pan that was used for scrap metal at the city’s auto suppliers. Guerra made pizzas out of them.

“It worked wonderfully,” said Pikula. “What he found was that the pan gave better flavor over time. It becomes more and more experienced the more often it goes through. “

That pan would prove to be a key. “Step one was the pan,” said Pikula. At the time of the chain’s inception, there were only two sizes, 8×10 and 10×14, which for a long time were the only sizes available from Buddy’s.

Then came the dough, which contains neither oil nor sugar – which makes it unusual for pizza. The dough is made from fresh block yeast and handled several times and stretched twice and pressed several times.

A Courser version of hot peppers, which is less likely to burn, is pressed into the batter, and then the pizza is topped with cheese and two “racing strips” of light tomato sauce. The pizza is baked at a high temperature, which gives it a typical crust.

Over time, the buddy-style pizza became a Detroit-style pizza. “In the 1970s when I started there were a lot of pizzerias around the time either trying to hire a staff member or using other sources to duplicate it,” Pikula said.

“Oh my god we loved it,” he added. “You would duplicate it. They deconstructed the pizzas and tried everything possible. But the original is made that way. It’s hard to duplicate.

“It is a love work. When you make our pizza, you do it by hand. “

Buddy’s was Sold three years ago to the private equity company CapitalSpringwhen it had 12 locations. The company hoped to make the brand national and the next year Burton hired Heiss as CEO. Heiss is a former executive at Baja Fresh and Nando.

Unsurprisingly, Pikula doesn’t think much of Pizza Hut’s efforts. “Based on the reviews, it’s not exactly Detroit style,” he said.

However, the company continues to hope the item will educate people about its own history and how their cakes are made.

“It’s Buddy’s Pizza that everyone tries to copy,” Pikula said. But he adds: “We are more than happy that the city bears the name.

“For a city that has been beaten up, a lot of great things come from here, from Motown to Automotive to the dark people who live and support everyone.”