Listed here are the 10 finest cities, from prices to security, for ringing in 2022

Times Square, New York

Jason Dean | Moment | Getty Images

Of the Big apple In the Bay Area, cities and towns across the country await solemn crowds on Friday as a pandemic-weary population tries to deliver a good relief in 2021.

Amidst the latest, Delta and Omicron waves from Covid-19 Infections would suggest that more people than usual would usher in the New Year at home, but finance website WalletHub claims it isn’t.

“Surprisingly no,” said WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzalez. “The proportion of people who spend New Year’s Eve at home is actually the same as in 2019.” Sixty percent of Americans plan to greet the year 2022 with family or friends, compared to 24% who attend public events or parties, according to the website Best cities for New Years Eve Report – as it was two years ago, before the pandemic hit the US

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During the Christmas weekend, there were widespread reports of vacation travel as airlines were buckled up by workers Thousands of flights canceled Since more employees reported with Covid, but before the Omicron wave, bookings for vacation trips at the end of the year had increased massively compared to the previous year and even more strongly than in 2019.

TripIt from Concur found that domestic bookings increased 304% compared to 2020 and 53% increased compared to 2019. Accommodation reservations rose 271% and 61%, respectively; and vacation rentals, 182% and 56%.

Still, many of these plans are tentative, said Jen Moyse, senior director of product at TripIt, in a statement. “Some travelers may be concerned as Covid-19 cases rise and news of the spread of omicrons spread,” she said. “We heard in a current survey that more than a quarter (26 percent) of travelers have plans they are willing to cancel or change. “

Top 10 US cities for New Years Eve

Finance site WalletHub rated 100 U.S. cities for New Years Eve appeal, rated each for total cost, safety and accessibility, entertainment and dining options, and then averaged to give a final rating. Here’s a look at the 10 best urban spots to hit in 2022 and their total score (out of 100).

  1. New York – 67.50
  2. Las Vegas – 67.39
  3. Orlando, Florida – 66.50
  4. Atlanta – 66.03
  5. Miami – 65.47
  6. Washington, DC – 63.32
  7. San Francisco – 62.73
  8. Denver – 62.21
  9. Louisville, Kentucky – 61.83
  10. Houston – 61.29

Source: WalletHub

Most of us, at 65%, are spending at least $ 50 to welcome 2022, WalletHub found. The website had no data for the last year, but it found that 83% of Americans were spending less than $ 200 in 2019. “While the statistics are not exactly apples for apples, we can estimate that the budget has decreased compared to 2019,” said Gonzalez.

Whether you have plans for a New Year’s Eve trip or are lucky enough to live in or near a location with lots of party opportunities, WalletHub has some recommendations. It has ranked the 100 largest US cities based on several factors including safety, accessibility, cost, and entertainment and dining options. They were then averaged to give a total score to each location.

The usual suspects in big city tourism – such as New York, Las Vegas and Orlando, Florida – topped the WalletHub list. There were some surprises, however, such as Louisville, Kentucky, which ended up at number 9, beating places like Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Chicago for a top 10 spot.

“Louisville is a popular New Year’s Eve destination because it allows fireworks and has restaurants that are ranked among the top 100 restaurants in the country,” said Gonzalez. “The city also has the seventh largest number of beer, wine and liquor stores per capita, and you can find affordable gourmet food here.”

Bottom of the New Year celebrations this year were WalletHub’s ten weakest cities: Garland, Texas, with a score of 41.03 out of 100; Aurora, Colorado, at 40.95; Chesapeake, Virginia, 40.94; Hialeah, Florida, 40.85; Cleveland, 40.63; Glendale, Arizona, 40.08; Newark, New Jersey, 39.23; Anchorage, Alaska, 38.93; Fremont, Calif., 38.07; and – next to the No. 2 Place Sin City – North Las Vegas, Nevada at 31:56.

(WalletHub compared the 100 most populous US cities in three dimensions – entertainment and food, cost, and safety and accessibility – using 28 relevant metrics. Each metric was rated on a 100-point scale, with 100 representing the cheapest New Year’s party, WalletHub then determined takes each city’s weighted average across all metrics to compute a total score and uses the resulting scores to rank the sample.)

Wyndham CEO says enterprise is ‘off the charts’ as leisure and enterprise journey returns in massive cities

The CEO of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts CNBC told CNBC on Thursday that strong travel demand in the US has helped the company shake off its pandemic-induced slowdown.

While some industries have struggled to recover after the disruption of the Covid pandemic, business at Wyndham is “absolutely stronger than it was before the pandemic,” said CEO Geoff Ballotti in an interview about “The exchange. “

“The intent to travel, get in your car and go somewhere and get out of your attic, get out of your basement with your family and friends, is spectacular,” Ballotti said. “It’s off the charts, it’s unprecedented, and I think we’ll see that well into the fall.”

Wyndham hotel brands include Days Inn, La Quinta, and Baymont. The hotel franchisor’s business is not only picking up in its US hotels, but also internationally, as the number of outbound flights is slowly recovering. “We’re seeing the international airlift to destinations like Mexico continue to grow, where we have a new Wyndham Alltra Cancun and a new Wynhdam Alltra Playa Del Carmen,” Ballotti said.

“People want to get away and have a safe, very flexible and uncomplicated vacation, and we can see that,” said Ballotti.

According to the CEO, business travel is coming back more slowly than leisure travel. “Big cities like San Francisco are just beginning to recover, it’s the group meetings with urban goals that have lagged behind.”

Despite the delay in business travel, Ballotti and other hotel CEOs expect to receive a top-up starting next month as the Biden government lifts international travel restrictions on November 8, imposed in the early days of the Covid pandemic last year.

“We believe that demand in the United States is sure to increase. … One thing we need to pick up are visa applications.

In the US, cities like Boston, New York and San Francisco will continue to see influx and growth in business and leisure travel for the remainder of the year, “this is great news for the travel industry,” Ballotti said.

Wyndham exceeded Wall Street’s expectations in his Quarterly results Thursday and increased guidelines for the rest of the year. The stock closed 4.33% on Thursday afternoon, trading at $ 85.84 per share.

The largest errors vacationers make in main world cities

Travel writers make their trade out of helping tourists navigate unknown places. Still, even the most savvy traveler tends to make the occasional gaffe while on vacation.

This is where CNBC’s travel agents share the biggest mistakes visitors make in the cities they call home.

A stroll through Singapore

“Trying to stroll around Singapore is a huge mistake. If you cover just a few miles that you would love to walk in most cities, you end up drenched – either from the heat or from tropical weather.” Regardless of whether Google Maps shows your destination is not far, take a taxi or the MRT [Mass Rapid Transit] Train. They’re both cheap and luckily air-conditioned. “

—Christian Barker, Australia

See everything in New York City

“New York is a huge travel destination with a multitude of options, and that makes a tourist’s time in the city precious. Unfortunately, I’ve found that many visitors – especially first-time visitors – try to squeeze too much into a trip to their Midtown hotel to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, then speed up to Uptown to tour part of Central Park, before seeing a Broadway show that evening.

The view of Lower Manhattan from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

cmart7327 | E + | Getty Images

“Rather than packing an itinerary for 12 hours each day, I recommend picking a handful of sights to explore. And leaving some unplanned blocks of time as the moments you’ve only heard of in New York are almost over . ” always unplanned.

“For example, don’t try to see the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in one day. You will be so exhausted – you won’t appreciate any of Liberty and then head to nearby Ellis Island and its immigration museum, or dedicate a day to Central Park and the surrounding areas – the park is bursting with beauty in every corner and nooks and crannies of its 840 hectares.

“Remember, New York is not going anywhere. The city will be ready and waiting to welcome you back.”

—Tracy Kaler, United States

“Stick to the script” in Jamaica

“I’ve nested in Jamaica for the past six months and vacationed here many times over the past 20 years. Now that I’ve spent time here, I realize how much I’ve missed – and how many tourists miss.

Jamaica is the kind of place to stray from the script.

Sheryl Nash-Nance

American travel writer

“So many come to the island and hardly venture beyond their all-inclusive resort or stick to the tours that the hotel offers. Heavy sigh. Jamaica is the kind of place to stray from the script if you haven’t gone to a beach only locals know about, or if your taste of Jamaican cuisine is limited to the typical jerk chicken or pork, try a restaurant outside the hotel and the tourist area.

“Dunn’s Rivers Falls is fine, but there are spectacular waterfalls without the crowds. Negril and Montego Bay get all the press, but make your way to Portland. Jamaica is full of secrets. Do a little digging before your trip, be it from your social media groups or friends of friends. Find an insider who will give you the skinny. “

—Sheryl Nash-Nance, United States

Be a morning person in Melbourne

“Stroll around Melbourne on Saturday morning at 9:00 am and you might be wondering if aliens abducted most of the population overnight.

Melbourne’s most popular coffeehouses are busiest after 9 a.m.

Jacobs Stock Photography Ltd | DigitalVision | Getty Images

“The only people in museums and galleries at 10 am are families with young children. Instead, we tend to pile up the other end of the day and meet later – brunch should never start before 1 p.m. – and go to the footy [football match], linger over dinner, meet for a drink, then maybe see a show. It’s not uncommon for a headliner to take the stage in a pub … at midnight.

“If you got up at 7 a.m. and filled the day with activities, you won’t make it to the encore. Relax, get a good night’s sleep and make sure you see the best of Melbourne – it glows after dark. “

—Carrie Hutchinson, Australia

I miss the quieter side of Hong Kong

“I’ve lived in Hong Kong since 2005 and many first-time international visitors still assume it is mostly a concrete jungle when it is actually made up of 261 islands. There are stunning secluded hikes, beaches on par with the French Riviera.” can accommodate, cascading “Waterfalls, jungle-covered temples and great snorkeling spots … there is so much more than just skyscrapers here.”

—Chris Dwyer, United Kingdom

The view along the Dragon’s Ridge, a popular hiking trail in Sheck O Country Park on Hong Kong Island.

Nukorn plain pan | Moment | Getty Images

“Hong Kong was my expat home for 20 years. I have always asked myself why visitors – be they tourists or business travelers – make the city a shopping and dining paradise. The ‘Pearl of the Orient’ has so much more to offer just requiring tourists to be on the MTR. climb [Mass Transit Railway] or a minibus and get off at one of the many landscape parks.

“After living in the city for a long time, I started kayaking to get a new and different perspective on the place. There is much more for tourists to explore, discover and enjoy. “

—Petra Loho, Austria

Worries about street food in Bangkok

“Bangkok’s reputation as one of the world’s most incredible culinary destinations is largely due to its street vendor offerings. The street chefs produce a fantastic selection of Thai classics and conjure up everything from Chinese-inspired stir-fries to spicy salads, spicy curries and grilled meat.

A seller cooks street food in Bangkok, Thailand.

Nigel Killeen | Moment | Getty Images

“Despite the fame of the street dining scene, some visitors are squeamish about the hygiene standards in these places. It doesn’t have to be. Every street vendor stall that’s worth its price – fish sauce with blindingly hot bird’s eye chilies – has freshly cooked food.

“Look out for long lines of local guests and you will know you are on a good cause.”

—Duncan Forgan, United Kingdom

Newport hopes 3M cash pays for Mississippi entry – Twin Cities

Newport wants a closer relationship with the Mississippi and turns to 3M for help.

The city is considering a package of river-friendly proposals – buying an island, removing a dam, adding boat docks, and building two riverside parks.

But Newport will need part of the $ 850 million settlement from a 3M lawsuit, according to city manager Deb Hill.

“We couldn’t do this alone,” said Hill.

The city council discussed the proposals in a workshop on Thursday. Hill said the proposals are preliminary and there are no cost estimates or timetables for the work yet.

The proposal involves the purchase of an undeveloped 22-acre island west of Cedar Lane, which a nonprofit called Peacebunny Island bought for $ 35,000 in 2018. The proposal contained no potential improvements for the island.

A new park would be built across Cedar Lane across from the island.

To do this, a dike built in 1965 would have to be breached so that the floodwater can flow into an area of ​​around one block.

The city would buy and demolish the last home on the flood plain – a two-story home at 1651 Cedar Lane. The city is seeking help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency in purchasing this home, which has an estimated market value of $ 341,000.

The park would have a canoe and kayak launch and parking for up to 10 vehicles.

South of that park, near Ninth Street, another park would be built on a lot called Mill Pond.

This park would have a deck for fishing and parking for 10 cars. The new park would include the historic Mississippi survey on 10th Street, which would be expanded and improved.

3M paid $ 850 million in 2018 to resolve an environmental damage lawsuit. The attorney general accused 3M chemicals of harming the environment when they spilled from landfills to groundwater and river water in the area.

Of the $ 850 million, $ 20 million was earmarked for improving “outdoor recreation.” City Administrator Hill said the Newport projects may qualify.

Two advisory groups have met regularly since 2018 to make recommendations on how to use the 3M settlement money, of which $ 700 million remains after legal costs.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the Department of Natural Resources will have final authority over the distribution of the money. The dispute settlement provides for projects to be selected that will protect the quality of drinking water and improve the area’s natural resources.

Deutsche Tage returns to Summit Avenue with German meals, beer and leisure – Twin Cities

The German Days will return to the Germanic-American Institute on Summit Avenue in St. Paul on June 12th and 13th.

The event, which was canceled last year due to COVID-19, is one of GAI’s oldest traditions and features German food, beer and live entertainment. According to GAI, it is the oldest ethnic festival in St. Paul.

Music and entertainment throughout the weekend include the Bavarian music masters and Alpensterne, Ron Machel and the master concert player Josh Eidsor, along with the Turkish music ensemble Makam Baklava and the Rivers Ballet, as well as a special performance by the MN Opera soprano Karin Wolverton.

Admission is free, food, drinks and merchandise are for sale. Adults 21 and older can purchase wristbands for $ 5 to purchase beer and wine. The proceeds will benefit the GAI programs, including German lessons for adults and children, the German Immersion Preschool nursery and the cultural program.

GAI is located at 301 Summit Avenue. There is food at the Schwarzwaldgasthof and Ruhland’s Strudel Haus and there are four beers on tap. For more information, visit

The place are unvaccinated Individuals touring? Huge cities, research suggests

Vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans have different attitudes about traveling this spring, according to a marketing tech company. And they don’t differ in the way you might assume.

With Travel bookings are increasingData from New York’s Zeta Global shows that unvaccinated Americans seem more comfortable traveling – and to more populated places – than vaccinated people.

Vaccinated people wait longer to travel

Zeta Global conducted a survey of 3,700 US consumers in mid-March and combined the results with information on hotel and airport visits by respondents in February and March.

In the survey, 67% of vaccinated respondents said they won’t travel until the end of May, but only 59% of non-vaccinated Americans said they would wait that long.

Vaccinated care more about health measures

More than 80% of vaccinated people who responded to the survey said they were concerned about public health restrictions at intended destinations, compared with just 38% of unvaccinated travelers who shared this concern.

It is possible that vaccinated people will be more comfortable traveling when there are health restrictions, while non-vaccinated travelers will be more interested in how local restrictions limit their travel, said David Steinberg, CEO of Zeta Global.

The survey found that 62% of unvaccinated travelers were “not at all” concerned with public health restrictions in their travel destinations, while only 19% of vaccinated travelers said so.

Travel to different places

Zeta Global data showed that the top travel destinations for February and March as a whole were New York City, Denver, Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Philadelphia, and two cities in Florida – Orlando and Tampa.

However, the trends diverged when broken down by travelers’ vaccination status, said Neej Gore, the company’s chief data officer.

Top travel destinations for vaccinated travelers

  • Minneapolis-St. Paul
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Washington, DC
  • Boston
  • Baltimore
  • Cincinnati
  • Indianapolis

Source: Zeta Global, hotel and flight visit

“Vaccinated Americans choose locations in the Northeast and Midwest,” Gore told CNBC, adding that the unimmunized had traveled to locations in the south and locations along the west coast.

Top travel destinations for unvaccinated travelers

  • Houston
  • Miami-Fort Lauderdale
  • The angel
  • Salt Lake City
  • San Antonio
  • Seattle-Tacoma
  • Austin, Texas
  • Little Rock, Ark.

Source: Zeta Global, hotel and flight visit

However, April travel data showed a shift in travel habits. Unvaccinated people went to densely populated cities, while the unvaccinated went to vast areas according to travel dates compiled by Zeta.

“Las Vegas is the city with the greatest relative change,” said Gore, citing data showing that the number of unvaccinated travelers visiting Las Vegas hotels tripled in April from the previous month during the month The number of vaccinated visitors there has declined.

Similarly, the number of unvaccinated travelers going to Florida in April increased (+ 6%) but declined (-16%) among vaccinated travelers.

Unofficially known as “Big Sky Country,” Montana attracted more vaccinated than unvaccinated Americans last month.

Mike Kemp | In Pictures Ltd. | Corbis historical | Getty Images

The trends in Florida are primarily due to in-depth travel to Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Zeta Global said. Trips there increased by 77% for unvaccinated travelers and 33% for vaccinated travelers.

While the Northeast and Midwest continue to be popular destinations for vaccinated travelers, “more vaccinated respondents are currently traveling to the Northwest,” said Gore, based on data showing an increase in vaccinated travelers to Oregon, Washington, Montana and Dakotas.

Travel to these states did not increase among unvaccinated people, with the exception of Oregon, which, according to the company, is mainly due to increased travel by both groups to Portland.

Northeast Europeans fly less

Adobe Digital Economy Index 2021, released last month, showed regional differences in summer travel habits. The report showed that Northeast Europeans fly less than other Americans. The flight bookings in March come from the region and only account for 56% of the prepandemic levels. This number does not match the booking setbacks from the West (63%) and the South (70%) and the Midwest (75%).

Adobe’s research shows that Northeasterners’ flight purchases are more closely related to regional vaccination rates. For every 1% increase in vaccinations in the Northwest, there was a 3.2% increase in flight bookings, the highest of any region in the United States.

It is those who are not vaccinated who should be afraid of traveling.

Harry Severance

Duke University School of Medicine

“The northeast was badly hit in the early days of the pandemic, which likely caused residents to restrict themselves when it came to travel and social interactions,” said Taylor Schreiner, director of Adobe Digital Insights.

However, the area is densely populated, said Schreiner, so that “viable alternatives for seeing family and friends” exist.

“A large part of the US population is accessible to New York by car,” he said.

“Increased risk” for those not vaccinated

Harry Severance, an associate professor at Duke University School of Medicine, said people who were vaccinated early are more likely to be concerned about contracting Covid-19 and have a better knowledge of the acute and chronic effects of the disease.

“So I suspect that this group will continue to have significant concerns about contracting the disease after vaccination,” he said.

Severance said the thought process is changing as evidence shows people who have been vaccinated are “less susceptible” to Covid-19 infections, and when they do get sick, infections are typically mild with a “significantly reduced ability to spread the disease.” “.

“It is those who are not vaccinated who should be afraid to travel,” he said.

“Those who are not vaccinated are at increased risk when they congregate in large groups of likewise unvaccinated people,” Severance said, “especially when these groups congregate from across the country as the risk increases, various Being exposed to Covid variants. ” . “

Minnesota Twins Accelerator by Techstars to launch 30 sports-tech-entertainment startups – Twin Cities

The Minnesota Twins partnered with Techstars launch accelerator for an unusual company: a funding and mentoring initiative for startups working at the intersection of sports, technology and entertainment. Over the next three years, around 30 startups will be selected to improve their skills under the guidance of potential funders and business leaders. Each of the three annual cohorts will last 13 weeks.

This will be the first accelerator of its kind in sports in Minnesota and the second of its kind to be operated and funded by a Major League Baseball club. The Los Angeles Dodgers supported a similar effort in 2015. Techstars is better known for its Farm to Fork Accelerator, which was launched with Cargill and Ecolab in 2019, followed by the United Healthcare Accelerator in 2019.

Techstars’ Minnesota Twins Accelerator will launch first-round applications on May 10th. A physical location for the mentoring initiative has yet to be determined, and the initiative is also looking for a managing director. Startups likely range from those focused on technology-driven fan engagement to digital media content, event innovation, and much more.

“The Minnesota Twins strive to innovate in the field and outside,” said Joe Pohlad, executive vice president of brand strategy and growth for the Twins, in a printed statement. “This new business strategy is helping us create a platform on which to connect with startups around the world.”

The first cohort will run from November to February 2022, with some remote work required, depending on public health guidelines. More information is available online at

Asia, Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong most costly cities for the rich

Asia is still the most expensive place in the world to get rich. This emerges from a new report in which the region’s resilience to the Covid-19 pandemic kept high prices stable.

The world’s most populous continent was still the most expensive for high net worth individuals (HNWIs) Bank Julius Baer’s global wealth and lifestyle report 2021 The rapid response to the global health crisis and overall currency stability have kept the cost of luxury goods in the region sustained.

Four of the top five most expensive cities for HNWIs – those with investable assets of $ 1 million or more – are now in Asia, according to the annual report.

Shanghai, China jumped to the top of the ranking of 25 world cities and was named the most expensive place for a wealthy individual. Hong Kong, number one last year, slipped to third place while Tokyo, Japan stayed in second place.

Monaco, a small affluent state in Western Europe, and Taipei, Taiwan rounded out the top 5.

Covid did not become an epidemic (in Asia) like the other countries in the index.

Rajesh Manwani

Bank Julius Baer, ​​Head of Markets and Wealth Management Solutions (Asia Pacific)

“Covid did not become an epidemic (in Asia) like the other countries in the index,” said Rajesh Manwani, head of markets and wealth management solutions for the Asia-Pacific region at Bank Julius Baer.

Europe and the Middle East took second place, with the majority of global cities represented in the region being sustained by the strength of the euro and the Swiss franc.

America, badly hit by the pandemic, turned out to be the cheapest region to live a luxurious lifestyle as the US dollar and Canadian dollar fell against other major global currencies.

The new must-have luxury goods

The ranking is based on the price of a basket of luxury goods representing discretionary purchases by HNWIs in the 25 world cities.

This year, significant changes were made to the list as four of the 18 items were replaced as the pandemic changed consumption habits.

Personal trainers, wedding banquets, botox, and pianos have been rolled out and replaced with bikes, treadmills, health insurance, and a technology package including a laptop and phone.

“During a year ravaged by global bans, personal technology and treadmills have grown in popularity while the price of women’s shoes has fallen,” the report said.

“We expect all of these items will continue to have a place on the list,” added Manwani, predicting the shifts caused by pandemics will be permanent.

Overall, the luxury goods that saw the largest drop in US dollar prices were women’s shoes (-11.7%), hotel suites (-9.3%) and wine (-5.3%). Business class flights (11.4%), whiskey (9.9%) and watches (6.6%) saw the largest increases.

Watch Asia prosperity trends

Asia is expected to maintain its stronghold as the most expensive region in the world for the rich in the coming years as economic growth continues to accelerate, the report said.

India – currently home to one of the region’s more affordable world cities, Mumbai – will be one of the leading countries, said Mark Matthews, director of research in Asia Pacific at Bank Julius Baer.

India is getting more expensive. Now it’s a bargain.

Mark Matthews

Head of Research (Asia Pacific), Bank Julius Baer

“India’s growth rate will increase,” he said. “India is getting more expensive. Now it’s a bargain.”

China, meanwhile, will remain the world’s leading luxury goods market as the affluent Chinese consumer moves in, he said. By 2025, China is projected to account for 47% to 49% of the luxury goods market, up from 16% to 18% in America and 12% to 14% in Europe.

However, two other trends could change the way wealthy individuals spend their money in the coming years, the report added: conscious consumption and preference for experience over goods.

“We believe that the consumer conscious lifestyle has really become mainstream,” said Manwani. Hence, people can restrict long-haul flights and buy electric vehicles, change their diet and reject fast fashion.

“Zillennials are interested in this trend,” he said, referring specifically to Generation Z consumers.

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Twin Cities girl accused of stealing cash from township

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Federal officials said a Twin Cities woman stole more than $ 650,000 from Vermillion Township in Dakota County while serving as an elected employee.

Maryann Stoffel, 70, of Hastings, was charged Monday with crime wire fraud in connection with an alleged plot that spanned nearly eight years.

Stoffel had the authority to sign the municipality’s bank account, for which two people had to sign checks according to the complaint. Investigators said she either forged the signatures of the treasurer or the community chairman, or collected her actual signatures on blank checks while claiming she was paying the community’s bills.

Authorities said Stoffel deposited the money in her personal bank account and removed the payments from the community’s annual report to herself. The complaint does not specify what Stoffel did with the money.

Messages left with Stoffel’s attorney on Monday were not returned immediately, the Star Tribune reported.