Leisure Complicated brewers Cisco Black Whale proprietor hiring individuals

NEW BEDFORD – As Cisco New Bedford nears its “most anticipated” opening on Memorial Day, the owner says the company is pulling out all the stops to hire 164 team members.

“We probably have about 50% of our needs,” said the owner Stephen Silverstein said. “But it was a 24/7 fight to get people. It was difficult to fill our rosters anywhere. “

Silverstein, founder of Not Your Average Joes Restaurants and owner of The black whalecalls his new company “An entertainment complex” and the “largest venue in the south coast”.

The building is located at 1480 Rodney French Boulevard in the former Davy’s Locker / The Edge and has been under construction since April 2019.

Repelled:The opening date of Cisco New Bedford has been postponed due to a pandemic

Partnership with Jay Harman from Cisco Brewers In Nantucket, the three-acre entertainment center will have a brewery, distillery, winery, 300-seat restaurant, outdoor grill, raw food bar, clam shack, outdoor kids’ area, fire pit, five harbor bars, moorings and a dock for arriving customers bid by boat and an open-air stage with live music daily from 3pm to 10pm

In May 2020, the opening was delayed due to COVID-19.

“There was no loss of enthusiasm or excitement,” Silverstein said in one 2020 interview with the Standard Times. “This has always been a long-term project anyway, it is not the end of the world that it will take another year.” Silverstein confirms it’s on its way to the opening of Memorial Day.

A massive job hunt

Last week Cisco New Bedford posted vacancies for chefs, managers, park attendants and restaurant professionals. On Saturday, April 17th, an interview process called the “job fair” took place. Silverstein said there will be another on May 1st.

“The American workforce, and certainly the restaurant industry, are trying to recruit new employees. But there just aren’t enough workers out there. “

Silverstein says that while he knows what the government had to do to help Americans through the COVID-19 pandemic, he believes this has now become “counterproductive” in getting people back to work . He never had to advertise for job vacancies.

The three hectare Cisco New Bedford entertainment complex is being built on 1480 Rodney French Boulevard.  The opening is scheduled for Memorial Day.

“In the past we were able to find people we need. In this case, however, we had to look up and down with the help of advertising and employment agencies, ”said Silverstein.

New look:Davy’s locker site for new life thanks to Not Your Average Joe’s founder and Cisco Brewer

Separately, Silverstein said that even if they fail to meet the hiring goal, it won’t delay the scheduled opening. “This could affect the number of hours we are initially open. For example, we could be open from Wednesday to Sunday, ”he said. “We’ll get around it.”

On Thursday, Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee announced plans to “phase out business restrictions and other mandates” by Memorial Day weekend. Silverstein is optimistic that Massachusetts will soon follow suit.

The three hectare Cisco New Bedford entertainment complex is being built on 1480 Rodney French Boulevard.  The opening is scheduled for Memorial Day.

However, aside from Cisco New Bedford’s 6,000-square-foot restaurant, the venue is entirely off the beaten track. Guests are still required to wear masks and social distancing within six feet, but he expects them to be at full capacity.

Nomination for Newsmaker of the Year:Stephen Silverstein has big plans for New Bedford

“I think it’s going to be amazing,” said Silverstein. “At 61, it’s kind of the high point of my life in the restaurant business and I just hope it comes out half as cool as I think it will.”

Individuals interested in applying for a job with Cisco New Bedford can contact jobs@ciscokitchenbar.com or visit their official Facebook site.

Cisco (CSCO) earnings Q2 2021

Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco Technologies Inc., speaks during a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, on Tuesday, January 17, 2017. World leaders, influential executives, bankers and policymakers attend the 47th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos from January 17th to 20th.

Jason Alden | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Cisco The stock fell 6% in extended trading on Tuesday after the company posted a second quarter result that featured ongoing problems in its top product segment. However, the company’s results and quarterly projections exceeded analyst estimates.

This is how the company did it:

  • Merits: Adjusted for 79 cents per share compared to 76 cents per share, as analysts expected, Refinitiv said.
  • Revenue: According to Refinitiv, $ 11.96 billion versus $ 11.92 billion as analysts expected.

Cisco revenue declined slightly on a yearly basis for the quarter ended January 23 Explanation. Sales declined for the fifth quarter in a row. The weaker economy has dampened the company’s growth prospects, as has the decision by some customers to use cloud services to keep employees working efficiently and staying away during the coronavirus pandemic.

In the company’s leading product segment, Infrastructure Platforms, which includes sales of switches and routers for data center networks, Cisco had sales of $ 6.39 billion, down 3% year over year and above the consensus of 6, $ 23 billion below the analysts surveyed by FactSet.

“The corporate market remains weak, fueled by some extended sales cycles and a prolonged hiatus in spending from some customers caused by the pandemic,” Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins told analysts on a conference call. While switch revenue was flat, router and server revenue declined.

The application unit, including Webex video calling products, had sales of $ 1.35 billion, unchanged year over year, just below the FactSet consensus estimate of $ 1.40 billion. Webex had an average of 600 million users in the quarter, according to Robbins.

“I think you will actually see us next year – this portfolio will keep improving and I think we have a chance to buy back stocks,” said Robbins. Webex competes with Google, Microsoft and Zooming, among other.

Robbins pointed to the dynamism of web-scale customers running large data centers. About a quarter of Cisco’s sales to service providers for the quarter came from web-scale customers.

In the Cisco quarter raised his offer to buy network hardware company Acacia Communications from $ 2.6 billion to $ 4.5 billion. The company too announced It was planned to acquire IMImobile, the cloud communications software maker, for $ 730 million, and it was launched Integrations third party tools for Webex.

In relation to the forecasts, Cisco expects adjusted earnings per share of 80 to 82 cents with revenue growth of 3.5 to 5% in the third fiscal quarter. Analysts polled by Refinitiv had expected adjusted earnings per share of 81 cents and revenue of $ 12.35 billion, which would represent a 3% increase in revenue. The quarter includes an additional week.

Cisco has concerns about its supply chain, reflecting greater concerns about chip shortages, said Scott Herren, the company’s chief financial officer.

“At this point we will get in touch with all important suppliers,” said Herren. “We’re taking advantage of the type of bulk buying we have and are continuing to expand this supply chain to make sure we can protect customer shipments. Hence, there is little headwind on these lines from the current supply chain.” The company’s sales and gross margin forecast reflects supply chain fears, Herren said.

Excluding the after-hours move, Cisco stocks are up 9% year-to-date, while the S&P 500 index is up 4%.

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