Disney+’s Quick Circuit Homages 80s Animation Model

Directed by Kim Hazel, ‘Dinosaur Barbarian’ brings 2D animation style and ’80s jams to season two of Disney + s Short Circuit.

Disney + Short Circuit Season 2 features five new animated short films from the creative minds of Walt Disney Animation Studios. Directed by a Disney animator, each original short film explores a unique idea and the creator is given the resources it needs to bring their idea to life. Animator Kim Hazel (Raya and the Last Dragon) was passionate about bringing back the 2D style of animation in a fun, enthusiastic ’80s-style musical number called “Dinosaur Barbarian”.

During a press conference attended by CBR, Hazel broke up the collaborative process behind her superhero creation and her incredibly catchy musical theme song. Since all directors working on short circuit shorts were given 90 seconds cutoff time for their animated short, Hazel “deliberately” chose a musical format to get her story across in a timely manner.

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“[I] work[ed] with the composer, along with the voice [actor]Said Hazel. “Before we even had an animation, we had the song. And it was pretty much done. This is the audio Brian used to storyboard the entire short film. It was designed like a snack from the start. “

“Dinosaur Barbarian” follows a superhero 2D style hero who fights against evil. To bring this hand-drawn style to life, Jennifer Newfield, Director of Production at Short Circuit, helped connect Hazel with the “pipelines” needed to “make something bespoke for her”. The end result produced an 80s Saturday morning style cartoon that was exactly the vibe Hazel wanted.

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When asked what it was like to develop the musical theme, Hazel had nothing but praise to share. “That process was amazing,” she said. “They were so cooperative, so enthusiastic, so fun.”

Describing the process in a little more detail, she noted, “Our relationship was working creatively when I submitted my pitch for ‘Dinosaur Barbarian’ to the program, I had written it, I called it my poem because I’m not a trained songwriter, but I had the beats that I wanted to play in a storytelling way. I passed that on to the composers and they came back with something that just blew me away, both in terms of the melody and the adjustments they made my poem what made it a bajmillion times better. “

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Reflecting on the finished product, Hazel added, “Honestly, it felt very magical because I gave them a word salad about what I was trying to achieve with the song, and on their first go through, I remember I was there sat and ate a sandwich on the weekend and they emailed me their first passport. In my head, I didn’t even know how to react. To be honest, I was speechless at how much they took everything I wanted and did exactly that in 90 seconds. “

The official synopsis of Kim Hazel’s “Dinosaur Barbarian” reads:

Fighting evil is part of the daily business for Dinosaur Barbarian, but what about taking out the trash? Sometimes even a superhero has to clean up.

The second season of Disney + “Short Circuit” is now streamed on Disney +.

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