Church elevating cash to buy previous Franklin Elementary College constructing

FRANKLIN, WV. (WHSV) – Redeeming Grace Outreach Worship Center is soliciting donations to raise $ 350,000 for the purchase of the old Franklin Elementary School building as the new home of their ministry.

The Church’s current home is in a small building on Route 33 in Brandywine and is no longer able to sustain all of its growing ministries.

“This system already has the maximum capacity that we can use. In fact, we had to give up our clothing service because we didn’t have enough space due to our expansion, ”said Jason Boggs, pastor at Redeeming Grace.

The Church is already serving the community in a variety of ways and is keen to expand its ministries to include soup kitchen, addiction care, counseling, clothing services, and new ways to help.

“We plan to set up a homeless shelter on the second floor of the school during the winter season to accommodate people in Rockingham County, as well as Moorefield and Petersburg and some in Franklin, for those who need a place to stay for the night,” said Boggs.

The Church also plans to provide more confidential addiction counseling at the larger facility, as well as establishing a youth center to address the high rates of drug use and suicide among youth in the area.

“It’s gotten out of hand, so hopefully by opening doors we can make a difference,” said Richard Lockner, a Redeeming Grace member who also serves as the Church’s treasurer.

“Everyone in this area goes to Virginia to find a job and work, so there really aren’t any jobs here. There aren’t many places for children, ”said Pastor Boggs. “So we just want to bring them in there and entertain them to keep them out of trouble so they don’t resort to drugs.”

Redeeming Grace is a nondenominational church that lives up to its name. The building and its pastor were both redeemed in their own way.

“I was serving a drug sentence when I was 15, so reaching out to this community and having a program for chain-breaking addiction is my heart,” said Boggs.

The church’s current building was an old strip club before Boggs and his family decided to renovate it. Now it is a church that is committed to helping those in need and giving people a second chance.

“We at the Redeming Grace ministry are not a perfect place, but we feel like we are the perfect place for imperfect people,” said Scott Combs, one of the other Church pastors.

Like Boggs, Combs fought his own demons and had a history of drinking alcoholism before becoming a pastor. Boggs prides itself on the impartial service of the Church to everyone who needs it.

“Anyone who comes through the door, we just love them,” he said. “We say ‘welcome home’ to them because we really feel like they are at home, no matter what their background, no matter what they have done. If God can take a drug dealer and make him a preacher, God can make anything of their lives. “

Of the $ 350,000 it took to purchase the school building, the Church has currently raised just over $ 22,000.

If you want to donate, you can do so here.

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Boardman church sells Greek meals, elevating cash for future initiatives

Because of the pandemic, they couldn’t have some of their bigger events


Posted: May 22, 2021 / 4:48 pm EDT
Updated: May 22, 2021 / 4:49 p.m. EDT


BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Greek food was sold Saturday to serve the Saint John’s Greek Orthodox Church in Boardman.

The food sold was lamb rolls wrapped in flatbread and grilled ham.

Churches above the “March for Jesus” valley in Youngstown

The church has plans to use the funds for future projects and due to the pandemic they have not been able to hold some of their larger events.

“With COVID and things like that, we couldn’t have them as often as we’d like and how we want to do them. This is just something we are giving the community the opportunity to still have some of that Greek culture in the region, ”said Andrew Rosko, a member of the Church.

Their next sale is June 19th and they are planning their Greek festival for this year.

Rochester church offers outside leisure for youths

BYRON, Minn. (KTTC) – It’s been a strange year for kids, especially when it comes to school.

“A little bit, but it’s almost normal now,” said Aaron McCright, Evangel United Methodist Children’s Church member.

Their experiences were all different.

“The last time I was in a school building was last March when I went to high school,” said Church member and teenager Josh Elgin.

They were very excited about the opportunities to make contacts safely through their church this winter. Evangel United Methodist in Rochester has hosted outdoor social events for its youth groups.

“Sometimes it’s mission projects and ministries. Sometimes it’s social projects. Today, on a fine day, we decided to go to Oxbox Park,” said Jim Klepper, director of Christian education at Evangel United Methodist.

The Kids Club event on Sunday March was a way for the kids to have fun in a year far from it. The group visited Oxbox Park and Zollman Zoo in Byron.

“Super important. It was important because children were isolated,” said Klepper. “All of our events since the start of COVID have been out. We found ways to meet safely.”

“I really like her,” said McCright.

“We’re home schooled so we like it. We saw a few friends but not very many,” said the Church member and Winona-resident Bingham Lindberg.

It may be a windy start to spring, but it was the perfect opportunity for kids to see their favorite animals.

“I like the cats. They are adorable,” said Evelyn Elgin.

“I like the wolf,” said Bingham.

“I like the coyotes,” added his brother Billy.

“I think the cats and the predators,” said McCright. “I kind of like the birds too.”

“You’re having a great time,” said Klepper. “They’re hard to keep up with because they’re on the move all the time.”

He says the church has found new ways to minister to the children, from driving through the virtual church camp last summer to online Sunday school lessons to watching a children’s TV show.

Bay Shore Church Kids Choir Looking For Expertise | Leisure

Bay Shore Church invites children of all ages to join the Bay Shore Church Children’s Choir every Sunday after services from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

All participating children will sing, rehearse the scriptures, practice speaking, and learn how to prepare sets, costumes, and props for upcoming worship songs and biannual musicals.

Due to health and safety guidelines, the choir is currently using the Zoom platform for weekly rehearsals and preparing virtual videos for weekly online church services.

“Not only do the children gain confidence, poise, and increased vocal skills, but they also learn lifelong lessons by portraying Biblical stories musically and through their artwork,” said Julie Ramsey, music director. ”

For more information, call 562-433-0401. The Bay Shore Church is located at Belmont Shore, 5100 E. The Toledo.

Overview: Sullivan, Church mix superbly on anthem | Arts & Leisure

NEW YORK (AP) – The side-eye emoji was a fair response to the NFL’s announcement that R&B performer Jazmine Sullivan and country singer Eric Church would team up to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl .

But the duo have proven why they are multiple Grammy-nominated stars themselves, and combined their vocals wonderfully to create a memorable, entertaining rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” on Sunday.

Church started the performance, playing his guitar and giving all the emotions with his scratchy singing. Sullivan later joined, her voice was scratchy too but heavy and rich, belting the lyrics like a seasoned singer. Both won new fans on Sunday evening.

They finished the song together with the singing – Church made Sullivan stand in front and in the middle with her brilliant singing and him right behind her, fusing epically like a perfect teammate.

Before this performance, the Grammy-winning guitar killer HER proved her rock star status with her rendition of “America the Beautiful”. Her singing was soft and strong as she played her guitar like a true star.

Sullivan, Church and HER performed in Tampa at Raymond James Stadium before the Tampa Bay Buccaneers faced the Kansas City Chiefs.

Popstar the Weeknd will lead the halftime show.

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