In The Type proclaims progress at Christmas

Manchester-based fast fashion retailer In The Style reported strong growth during the Christmas trading period, the eight weeks ended December 31, 2021.

Gross order value (GOV), a pre-returns metric that reflects underlying customer demand, rose 41.4% over last year’s output to £15.2m.

In the Style has also announced that CFO & COO Paul Masters is to step down in March 2022 “to focus on his health” and that he will be succeeded by Richard Monaghan this month.

Total net sales increased by 21.5% to £11.2m or a total of 225.9% on a two-year basis.

Growth continues to be driven by a very strong performance across the group’s direct-to-consumer e-commerce channel, which includes the In The Style website and proprietary app. DTC net sales, or sales after customer returns, rose 34.5% year-on-year to £9.1m, up 204.7% on a two-year basis.

Revenue from the In The Style app grew 72.3% year over year and accounted for 67.1% of total revenue for the period.

According to In The Style, this positive momentum has been underpinned by the continued expansion of its differentiated influencer model, including a number of well-received launches of new influencer partnerships and highly successful collection launches with existing influencer partners.

The Group also saw very strong consumer demand in its partywear and seasonal products categories, particularly in its very popular holiday family pajama ranges and charity Christmas jumper collection.

The group’s wholesale channel, which includes both digital and retail partnerships including Asos, Lipsy and Asda, has continued to perform well and is in line with management’s expectations.

In The Style said that following positive sales performance over the holiday period, the group expects to deliver strong sales growth in the range of £55m-57m for the financial year ended 31 March 2022 (FY22), in line with market expectations .

It also noted that global supply chain constraints continue to add cost pressures as well as increased transit times. Unpredictable delivery times have sporadically impacted the Group’s launch schedule, resulting in shorter selling times for some ranges.

This has resulted in increased discount levels to clear some ranges ahead of later launches and the Group currently expects some launches planned for Q4 to fall in FY23, resulting in a lower volume of full price launches will lead in the fourth quarter.

Due to these supply chain constraints, the board now expects to report an adjusted EBITDA margin for FY22 in the range of 1% to 2%.

Sam Perkins, CEO of In The Style commented, “The group has continued its excellent growth and delivered strong revenue performance during an important golden quarter. This result came despite the well-documented uncertainties faced by both consumers and retailers during the period and is a testament to the appeal of the In The Style brand, the continued positive momentum across several key customer metrics and the success of our recent influencers -Cooperations.”

Omicron drives Christmas weekend flight cancellations above 1,500

Delta Airlines and an American Airlines plane taxi from their gate ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday at Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, the United States, on November 22, 2021.

Brian Snyder | Reuters

Airlines canceled more than 300 flights on Sunday as disruptions from the Omicron variant of Covid-19 continued to affect crews and staff.

As of Friday, airlines have scrubbed more than 1,500 U.S. flights and cut travel during the busy holiday weekend. United Airlines, Delta Airlines, American Airlines and JetBlue Airways cited the spread of Omicron among crews as the reason for the rejections.

Data from flight tracking site FlightAware showed Delta canceled 5% of its flight schedule, or 131 flights, on Sunday after canceling 310 the day before. United had canceled 95 flights, or 4% of its main flight schedule, up from 240 flights on Saturday. JetBlue canceled 236 flights on Saturday and Sunday.

Airlines said they expected the year-end vacation season to include some of the busiest days since the pandemic began. After staff shortages caused flight disruptions in the past few months, airlines offered crews additional pay to work during the main holiday periods and meet attendance targets.

A JetBlue spokesman said the New York-based airline had entered the holiday season with the highest workforce since the pandemic began.

“As with many companies and organizations, we have seen an increasing number of sick leave from Omicron,” he said in a statement. “Despite our best efforts, we have had to cancel a number of flights and further flight cancellations and other delays remain as the Omicron community continues to expand.”

The airline cut its schedule in advance to avoid last-minute disruption and also assigned managers to the front lines when they are trained, the spokesman added.

Spirit Airlines On Saturday and Sunday together, more than 40 flights were canceled, fewer than other airlines, but it offered flight attendants double pay for picking up trips that weekend, its union said.

U.S. airline executives last week urged the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to Relax quarantine guidelines for fully vaccinated people who tested positive for Covid, to five days from the current 10, citing potential staff shortages and flight disruptions. the CDC has relaxed its guidelines for medical workers with groundbreaking Covid infections last week.

Demi Lovato debuts daring new buzz reduce hair fashion in Christmas Eve vid

DEMI Lovato presented a bold new buzz cut ahead of Christmas after rocking a pixie cut in the past few months.

the Pop singerThe 29-year-old went to Instagram videos to show fans her new look.


Demi presented a brand new hairstyle on Instagram on Christmas EvePhoto credit: Instagram
Demi looked delighted when they showcased their new bold buzz cut


Demi looked delighted when they showcased their new bold buzz cutPhoto credit: Instagram

The singer couldn’t hide her delight when they flashed a big smile as they showcased the new edgy haircut.

Demi, who calls the pronouns she / she, wore a casual blue tie-dye shirt in the clip, which they combined with silver earrings.

They added a simple chain necklace and glamorous makeup to complete the look.

Demi added a series of smiling emojis to the clip.

It comes after Demi announced in December that they had “sobered California” after saying there is no one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with addiction.

They have since said the “California Sober” approach didn’t work for them.

The pop singer said after being sober for six years they found it too difficult to continue down this path and would instead choose to only eliminate life-threatening drugs.

At the time, Demi said they only use marijuana occasionally and drink it occasionally, which sparked outrage among other celebrities recovering from drug and / or alcohol addictions.

Demi spoke about her reasons for the lifestyle change in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning earlier this year.

“I’ve learned that if I say I’ll never do that again, it won’t work,” Demi said in her documentary, Dancing with the Devil. They added that they are “done with the stuff that is”. will kill (them). “

“Recovery is not a one-size-fits-all solution. You shouldn’t be forced to sober up when you’re not ready.

“You shouldn’t get sober for others. You have to do it for yourself.”

Demi had a near-fatal fentanyl overdose in 2018.

After looking into a new approach earlier this year and choosing California Sober, Demi said they would no longer take that approach.

Demi has shown off a pixie cut for the past few months


Demi has shown off a pixie cut for the past few monthsPhoto credit: Getty
Demi has experimented with a number of different hairstyles over the past few months


Demi has experimented with a number of different hairstyles over the past few monthsPhoto credit: Getty

Airways cancel lots of of Christmas Eve flights as Covid hits crews

A traveler wearing a protective mask waits to board a United Airlines flight at San Francisco International Airport on October 15, 2020.

David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Airlines canceled hundreds of Christmas Eve flights as Covid hit crews.

More than 2,000 flights have been canceled worldwide, including more than 500 US flights. United Airlines More than 170 major scheduled flights were canceled on Friday, roughly 9% of the flight schedule, according to flight tracking site FlightAware.

“This week’s nationwide surge in Omicron cases has had a direct impact on our flight crews and the people who run our operations,” United said in a statement Thursday. “As a result, we unfortunately had to cancel some flights and inform affected customers in advance before they come to the airport.”

The disruption comes after airline executives said they await some of the busiest days since the pandemic began over the year-end holidays, despite the spike in Covid infections fueled by the Omicron variant. The Transportation Security Administration screened nearly 2.2 million people Thursday, up from 846,500 but fewer than 2.5 million who passed TSA checkpoints two years prior to the pandemic.

United said it is trying to rebook as many travelers as possible. She announced most of the cancellations the day before.

U.S. airline executives this week urged officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to Relax quarantine guidelines for fully vaccinated people who tested positive for Covid, to five days from the current 10, citing potential staff shortages and flight disruptions. the CDC has relaxed its guidelines for health workers on Thursday.

Delta canceled more than 140 flights, or 7% of its Friday flight schedule, due to bad weather in Salt Lake City and Seattle, two of its hubs, and the impact of the rapidly expanding Omicron variant. Delta canceled more than 100 Saturday flights while United canceled about 70. JetBlue Airways More than 70 flights were canceled on Friday, about 7% of daily flight operations.

“Delta teams exhausted all options and resources – including rerouting and swapping planes and crews to cover scheduled flights – before canceling around 90 flights for Friday,” the airline said in a statement. “We apologize to our customers for the delay in their vacation travel plans. Delta employees are working hard to get them to their destination on the next available flight as quickly and safely as possible.”

More than 90% of Delta employees and more than 96% of United’s U.S. employees are vaccinated, the airlines said.

Delta and United’s flight disruptions are far fewer than those of the Bulk cancellations Some airline customers faced this summer and fall as airlines, including American and southwest grappling with staff shortages and bad weather.

Both airlines offered additional remuneration of the staff work Major Vacation Travel and attendance goals. Southwest only had one cancellation on Friday and American had 11, according to FlightAware.

Images of what Christmas appears like around the globe

Glittering pine trees, Santa Clauses and stockings are many people’s ideas about Christmas, but the holiday can look very different all over the world.

From Europe to Asia to the depths of the Antarctic, Christmas is celebrated in nine locations around the world – and in one place around the world.


Christmas celebrations in Croatia start early, with some traditions starting in November.

Like other Europeans, Croatians celebrate St. Nicholas’ Day at the beginning of December, when the children leave their shoes and expect St. Nick to leave them sweets and small gifts according to the St. Nicholas Center Christmas resource website.

In some parts of Europe, children believe that Santa Claus will leave chocolates and gifts in their shoes if they have behaved well. Otherwise, Krampus, a monster-like creature, may leave charcoal or dried twigs.

Monika Skolimowska | Image Alliance | Getty Images

“As a child, I always left a shoe out of the window,” says the native Croat Antonio Zdurich. “Somebody filled it with gifts and candy at night and I woke up and was very happy.”

Many families in Croatia plant wheat on December 13 with the belief that the next year will be successful for them if it grows well, he said.


People in Sweden decorate Christmas trees and exchange gifts, much like in other parts of the world, said the Swede Patrik Kerttu.

The Disney special with the title “From All of Us to All of You” is regularly Sweden’s most-watched TV show of the year and only competes with the country’s try-outs for the Eurovision Song Contest.

LMPC | Getty Images

They also celebrate with Donald Duck. In the past year, more than 4.5 million people – almost half of the Swedish population – looked the 1958 Disney special “From All of Us to All of You”, according to the English-language European news broadcaster The Local. The show has been broadcast there every year since 1959.

Popular foods this time of year include meatballs, ham, smoked or marinated salmon, pickled herring, and a potato and anchovy casserole called Jansson’s temptationsaid Kerttu.


While parts of the country celebrate differently, Christian families in India typically combine Western traditions with customs unique to India.

Mayur Cockatoo | Moment | Getty Images

“Christmas is quite an important holiday for my family because it is the only time of the year that most of the family get together,” said Isha Meleth, a Christian and from the southern Indian state of Kerala. “We’re building a nativity scene [nativity scene] in front of the house … on Christmas Eve. “

Two popular Christmas dishes are kheer, a type of sweet milk pudding, and kallappam, a coconut rice pancake that is more common in southern India, Meleth said.


For most of Japan, Christmas is more of a secular than a religious affair.

Lots of Japanese Celebrate the holiday similar to Valentine’s Day, with couples spending the day together, according to JR Pass, a Japanese rail travel company. It is common for people to go to dinner and run around with their partners looking at the Christmas lights.

One of the most talked about traditions – at least outside of Japan – is the culture fascination with fried chicken for Christmas, often from the US fast food chain KFC.

One theory behind Japan’s custom of eating KFC at Christmas is that for foreigners it was the food of choice for the holiday since there was no turkey. This inspired the company to market it as a Christmas dinner, a representative from KFC Japan told CNBC.

Yuichi Yamazaki | Getty Images

A 1974 marketing campaign called “Kentucky Christmas” launched a practice celebrated today by millions of Japanese, said Tatsuya Noguchi, a representative for KFC Japan.

Pre-orders for food like the “Party Barrel” or the “Christmas Pack” start around seven weeks in advance, according to Noguchi. The restaurant chain also had its highest sales of the year between December 23rd and 25th, he said.

“December 24th is the busiest day of the year – that’s about five to ten times as busy as the annual average,” said Noguchi.


Some 92% of the 110 million people in the Philippines are Christian. Christmas is the most important time of the year in the Philippines, and the country is said to celebrate the holiday longer than anywhere else – from September to January.

“Like many Latin American cultures, my family in the Philippines celebrates Nochebuena, which is a big festival on Christmas Eve,” said Siena Klinzing, who is half Filipino. “It’s about getting together with the family, having a big party and sharing gifts.”

For many Filipino families, Christmas is incomplete without lechon, a whole roast pork with a crispy skin.

Noel Celis | AFP | Getty Images

She said her family was staying up like New Year’s Eve to wish everyone a “Merry Christmas” as soon as the clock strikes midnight, she added.

Another important tradition is Simbang Gabi, which means “mass at night”, where people wake up before sunrise to attend mass for nine days from December 16-24. It is believed that those who have completed all nine days can ask for a blessing. Klinzing said.

United Arab Emirates

Although the UAE’s official state religion is Islam, Christmas is celebrated in some parts of the country.

This is particularly large in the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, where many expats live.

Dubai has light ceremonies from large, elaborately decorated Christmas trees, like this one in the Al-Wasl Dome in the heart of Expo 2020 Dubai.

AFP | Getty Images

Shopping centers and hotels are often heavily decorated with Christmas trees stretching over several floors, according to Visit Dubai, the emirate’s official tourism website.

Christmas markets, performances, and special holiday menus in restaurants are also common in December.


Christmas in Mexico is marked by large parades with colorful floats and costumes, candy-filled pinatas and Christmas cribs. But one of the most popular customs in the country is Las Posadas, a festival held during the nine days leading up to Christmas.

Costumed dancers take part in a traditional Christmas and New Year parade in Chilpancingo, a town in the Mexican state of Guerrero.

Pedro Pardo | AFP | Getty Images

“Every night the people form a singing procession to represent the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem,” said The Mexican food blogger Mely Martinez.

These processions usually culminate at someone’s home, where everyone gathers for a party of food like tamales, Christmas punch, and candy, she said. Other popular Christmas dishes include pozole, sweet deep-fried pastry donuts called bunuelos, and a hot chocolate drink called champurrado, Martinez said.


For many in Kenya, Christmas is a time of migration. Cities, including the capital, Nairobi, experience an exodus in December as crowds of people travel to their hometowns and villages to reunite with their families.

Believers from the Legio Maria, a religious movement that arose among the Luo in western Kenya, take part in a Christmas mass near Ugunja, Kenya, on December 25, 2017.

Fredrik Lerneryd | AFP | Getty Images

Most churches keep a vigil on Christmas Eve where people sing Christmas carols and hymns for hours, said Shikriti Mandal, who grew up in Kenya.

On Christmas Day, families and friends celebrate a festival that often includes grilled goat or lamb called nyama choma, Mandal said.


The South Pole is currently home to 70 permanent research stations from 29 different countries, according to Oceanwide Expeditions, a tour operator for the Arctic and Antarctic.

In the absence of the usual Christmas hustle and bustle, broadcasters find creative ways to celebrate among colleagues.

A man dressed as Santa Claus is en route to the Seabourn Quest cruise ship on Christmas morning on Cuverville Island in the Antarctic Peninsula region.

Wolfgang Kähler | LightRakete | Getty Images

“Each of our five Antarctic research stations celebrates Christmas in its own way, depending on the weather,” says Kathleen Maclean, representative of the British Antarctic Survey. Some roast a turkey and eat canned and frozen vegetables while others sing Christmas carols, watch Christmas movies, and play board games, she said.

Despite the celebrations, research continues as “long-term surveillance data remains to be collected,” Maclean said.

International space station

The Christmas spirit is so great that people have found a way to celebrate it 227 nautical miles (420 kilometers) above the earth.

According to the NASA website, astronauts did Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s Eve were celebrated on board the International Space Center for 21 years and have developed some traditions in the process.

Celebrations on the ISS include decorating the station, enjoying plastic bag versions of traditional foods such as Turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and cookies, and filming holiday greetings sent back to earth.

Christmas also comes twice on the space station, as it falls on January 7th on the Russian Orthodox calendar that many Russian astronauts follow.

Christmas trip journeys from journey trade insiders

Even without a pandemic, vacation trips are not for the faint of heart.

Millions are expected to travel this month, with the threat of volatile weather and the omicron variant continuing to stress people eager to end the second year of the pandemic.

To help travelers prepare, CNBC Travel asked industry insiders this question: What’s your one solid tip for travelers in December?

Travel planning tips

“Plan the arc of the trip. Imagine a journey like a story with a beginning, middle and end. For example, plan to have the nicest hotels in the end and build on a great grade. Then for entry and exit, plan out ways that you can keep things running smoothly. Maybe it’s arranging private transportation after a long flight so you don’t have to navigate public transportation in the middle of jet lag. Whatever your solid arch, plan to prepay it. “
—Sarah Groen, founder of the luxury travel company
Bell & Bly travel design

“When planning Greek island hopping, keep in mind that the Greeks themselves tend to stay on one island rather than cram as many as possible into a single trip. Think thematically: Santorini has breathtaking scenery, but beaches are better in Mykonos … [but] Islands like Tinos and Syros offer great food and culture at significantly lower hotel prices than Mykonos. Crete has a lot of variety, but a car is essential. ”
—Anthony Grant, American writer based in Greece

Tips for flying on vacation

“Choose early morning flights that are usually less crowded. Avoid the last flight of the day if possible, especially in the winter months, to reduce the chance of missed connections or delays due to cancellations or weather. … Choose Hand baggage On your next trip, you’ll skip the lines when you arrive at the airport and don’t have to wait for your baggage to land when you land. “
—Anna Brown, PR manager at
Expedia US

“Put a change of clothes in your hand luggage. Be prepared for the worst. … In the event of bottlenecks at airlines and increased travel, there is an above-average probability that your luggage will be lost. Do not travel with your gifts. … Consider shipping gifts direct to the final address. “
—Mark Hoenig, co-founder of the digital travel company VIP traveler

VIP Traveler’s Mark Hoenig recommends avoiding connecting flights, even if that means driving and parking at a different airport. “Each additional airport increases the likelihood of baggage loss, delays and cancellations.”

d3sign | Moment | Getty Images

“Buy your tickets ASAP. As people postpone their international travel plans due to Covid concerns, domestic flights tend to get more crowded and expensive. To speed airport security, don’t wrap gifts in case they do.” need to be checked. “
—Rajeev Shrivastava, CEO of Travel Insurance Marketplace

Tips for renting holiday homes

“Look for vacation rentals with the most flexible cancellation policy so you can leave your stay at the last minute for any reason.

Guestys COO Vered Schwarz recommends that people who want to travel longer look for houses with large closets, washing machines and dryers, and workplaces with ergonomic chairs, good lighting and fast WiFi.

Stephen Simpson | Stone | Getty Images

“Short term hospitality brands are featured on major booking channels, but they also have their own direct booking websites. Bookings of stays directly with the brand are usually associated with a discounted rate. And many of them … offer co-working spaces and digital concierge services. … are examples of such brands Casita, D Alexander and Central. ”
—Vered Schwarz, COO of the vacation rental software company Guests

Tips for family celebrations

For travel in the run-up to Christmas: “I recommend traveling with family and friends, who are the people you will be spending the holidays with. If for some reason you need to be quarantined after you get home, you are already with the family or friends you want to vacation with. “
—Matt Berna, general manager North America for travel companies
Undaunted travel

Harvard research fellow Stephen Kissler recommends keeping vacation meetings small and performing a Covid rapid test immediately before the meeting.

Suzana Topita | Moment | Getty Images

“Ventilation remains really important. This is one thing that I think is overlooked and underestimated. When the holidays are approaching, I definitely plan, no matter how cold it is outside, my windows will crack 4 to 6 inches … [and] Tests should be done immediately before the meeting, ideally an hour or two in advance, maybe in the morning. ”
—Stephen Kissler, research fellow at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, in an online discussion on December 9th with Elana Gordon from the public radio show “The World”

Hotel booking tips

“Many of the best hotels block online reservations for the main ‘festival’ season … and manage them directly through their human team. It is worth asking your travel agent for help as they often have the relationships to do that Achieving the impossible when everything seems to be right. ” sold out.”
– Henley Vazquez, co-founder of the travel company

“Independent boutique hotels and locally owned businesses need love more than ever because they don’t have the privilege of large conglomerate financing to stay afloat. With that in mind and in the holiday spirit, give something back to the destination. “Revisit by focusing your vacation on staying in these locations and supporting local vendors.”
—Brandon Berkson, founder of the travel company Hotels above par

Tips for traveling with young children

“Plan some time off for your babies and toddlers on your vacation trips… Children don’t always feel good when they’re constantly on the move. Allow some time each day to just sit, relax, play with toys and be with your children.

Fran Maier, CEO of BabyQuip, recommends that babies and toddlers keep the same sleep routine when traveling. “If your child usually sleeps in a large crib, don’t try to push them into a pack and play and expect them to sleep well.”

Oleksandra Korobova | Moment | Getty Images

“Children need frequent human breaks and planned activities to let their thoughts run free while playing creatively. Pack enough toys to keep the kids busy when preparing meals, talking to adults, or just taking a break. ”
—Fran Maier, CEO of baby equipment rental

Tips for renting a car

“Many car rental companies offer contactless pickup where you can simply walk into the parking lot and get in your car. Use the Skip Meter filter on Expedia to find these options and avoid waiting in line . “
—Anna Brown, PR manager at Expedia USA

“When you reserve a rental car, you are booking a ‘Pay Later’ plan … which gives you the flexibility to cancel and rebook when a better deal is available. Rental rates can change several times a day. AutoSlash plays the system by continuously checking the price of your rental and notifying you when they find a lower price. “
—Jonathan Weinberg, CEO of the rental car price tracking company

Christmas on Principal & extra – Indian Lake model | Information

INDIAN LAKE – Gingerbread House Makers are putting together graham crackers, candy canes and chewing gum drops for the Gingerbread House Contest sponsored by the Town of Indian Lake Welcome Center November 26-28.

The Christmas shopping season kicks off with a variety of activities and events, including a Welcome Center Open House with biscuits, hot cocoa, DIY balsam bags and children’s handicrafts daily from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

“We generally have an event called the Country Christmas Tour that is sponsored by our North Country Crafters organization,” said Christine Pouch, manager of economic development, marketing and events.

“Traditionally, individuals would open their houses and sell their wares, and you would go door to door. Well, because of Covid, they are uncomfortable with it.

“One of the things this weekend has always been to help our small businesses and restaurants do extra business. So I started this event to replace the Country Christmas Tour and hopefully it will come back next year and this will be a complement to the festivities. “

Leave big department stores and malls behind to shop and dine in small and quaint stores to find that one-of-a-kind Indian Lake / Blue Mountain Lake Adirondack gift.

“We have a new Welcome Center here in Indian Lake, so that’s the center of activity,” she said.

“The people who take part in our gingerbread competition will bring their houses or creations to the Welcome Center before Wednesday (November 24th). So they are issued on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. People will see it and be able to vote on it. “

The prizes are awarded in two age groups: Gum Drop Division (1-11 years) and Candy Cane Division (12 years and over).

The categories are Most Traditional, Most Adirondack, and Kids’ Choice.

“We encourage people to do things together as family or with friends,” said Pouch.

“You can’t use gingerbread sets. The structures must be edible. “

Activities include Charity Hat & Mitten Tree to benefit Hamilton County Community Action, Jingle & Mingle Stamp Challenge, prize draws for customer receipts of $ 20.21 or more at local businesses, self-guided historical walking tours, Christmas discounts, tree lights, Christmas carols, and more.

Patrons receive a card for the Jingle & Mingle Stamp Challenge.

“And it has different squares like a bingo leaf,” said Pouch.

“It will have a picture of the inside of the store. I want people to go in and run around to find this item and then the place has a special stamp that they put on the card.

“People can return their cards. Depending on the number of stamps received, you will receive additional tickets for the raffle. The raffle baskets are filled with items that are participating stamp challenges. It is an article from each of the participating companies. “

Receipts worth $ 20.21 or more will be used in a drawing to evaluate the Welcome Center’s new branded logo clothing.

David Hyde, who lives in Thurman, will be giving a free concert sponsored by the City of Indian Lake on Saturday, November 27th at 7pm.

He will play classic tunes from Bob Dylan, The Band, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, John Prine, Eagles, Carly Simon, Willy Nelson, Patsy Cline, etc.

Donations to the Indian Lake Theater are accepted.

For more information, see, the city’s Facebook page, or call 518-648-5828.

Events and activities are subject to change.

Email to Robin Caudell:

Twitter: @RobinCaudell

PHOTOS: Jolly New Christmas Cookie Stitched Leather-based-Fashion Mickey Ears Land at Disneyland Resort

It’s the merry Christmas season at Disneyland Resort, and of course that means adorable merchandise. The latest addition is this Mickey Ears headband that looks like Christmas cookies!

Christmas Cookies Mickey Ears – $ 29.99

The new ears have both a Christmas cookie look (complete with sprinkles) and the embroidered leather motif.


The individual “ear” biscuits are crowned with a Christmas hat. Both sides have the same design, front and back.


The headband itself is covered with a pinstripe candy cane pattern on the outside and solid red on the inside.

These new leather-look Mickey Ears with Christmas cookies are now available from the World of Disney Store in the Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort for $ 29.99. So stop by on your next visit if you want to celebrate these sweet treats.

For more news and information on Disneyland Resort, follow Disneyland News Today on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.