Peloton removes viral Chris Noth advert after sexual assault allegations

Chris Noth appears in a peloton ad after his character was killed while restarting Sex in the City after using a peloton.

Source: YouTube

Peloton removed a viral ad starring Chris Noth from their social media accounts after allegations of sexual assault against the “Sex and the City” actor surfaced Thursday.

“Every single sexual assault allegation must be taken seriously,” Peloton said in a statement. “We were unaware of these allegations when we introduced Chris Noth in our response to HBO’s restart on the show. “In order to learn more about it, we stopped promoting this video and archived related social posts.”

The allegations of sexual misconduct appeared in an article in Thursday The Hollywood Reporter. The article said two women who contacted the publication months apart and did not know each other told The Hollywood Reporter that promotions and press reports for the new sequel to “Sex and the City” are painful memories of the incidents woke up. One is said to have taken place in Los Angeles in 2004 and the other is said to have taken place in New York in 2015.

Because The Hollywood Reporter gave pseudonyms to women to protect their privacy, CNBC was unable to contact them for comment.

Noth denied attacking the two women and said the “encounters were amicable”.

“It is difficult not to question the timing of these stories being published,” he said in a statement. “I’m not sure why they’re showing up now, but I do know one thing: I didn’t attack these women.”

The premiere episode of HBO max “And Just Like That” brought back the spotlight on Noth’s beloved character, Mr. Big. Big was portrayed on the spin-off “Sex and the City” when he died of a heart attack after attending a 45-minute peloton class.

After the episode aired, Peloton’s stock fell, causing the bike maker to make a statement that its fitness equipment can improve people’s physical health. The brand then worked with actor Ryan Reynolds’ marketing firm Maximum Effort to produce a spoof commercial. At that point, Noth wakes up as Mr. Big and says peloton instructor Jess King, “I feel great. Shall we take another ride? Life is too short to not do it.”

Peloton said it had created the spot in just 48 hours in a studio in New York City after responding to the show. The posting of the ad was initially positive for the company and shares of Peloton stock rebounded. Peloton shares were trading nearly 4% on Thursday. After several volatile prices in the past few days, the company’s stock has fallen nearly 74% year-to-date, equating to a market value of $ 13.05 billion.

Peloton declined to comment on how much it spent to attract Noth and Reynolds to help produce the ad. However, on Thursday, Reynolds also removed the ad from his social media.

“The allegations against me from people I met years or even decades ago are categorically false,” Noth said in his statement. “These stories could be 30 years or 30 days ago – no always means no – that is a limit that I have not crossed.”

Chris Kreider’s lacrosse-style shot surprises even Gerard Gallant

GREENBURGH, NY – Chris Kreider would likely have hit any top 10 highlight show if he had been able to hit with that lacrosse shot he blasted Boston Bruins goalkeeper Jeremy Swayman at 5-2 on Friday -The Rangers won against the Bruins.

Replay confirmed the puck hadn’t gone into the net, but the fact that Kreider was trying to pull such a cheeky game surprised some.

“I had no idea,” said coach Gerard Gallant on Monday when asked if he knew Kreider had this move available. “It’s the first time I’ve seen it. But that was pretty close. Really nice action.”

Kreider said he was practicing moving. It is sometimes called “the Michigan Gate” because it was first seen in a college game in 1996. Michigan’s striker Mike Legg picked up the puck, came around the gate and put it in the net against Minnesota.

“You can play around with that occasionally,” said Kreider. “I had a little breakup [from the defender]. The puck wasn’t completely flat [on the ice]. So I thought I’ll give it a try. ”

Kreider insisted he didn’t try to make the move just because his confidence is sky high. He has scored 15 goals in the Rangers’ first 20 games which ties him

with Calgary’s Andrew Mangiapane for third place in the league behind Leon Draisaitl (20) and Alexander Ovechkin (19) who come into play on Monday.

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But Kreider doesn’t like to talk about his own success. He prefers to rave about how well his teammates – linemate Mika Zibanejad and powerplay linemates Artemi Panarin, Adam Fox and Ryan Strome – put him on his feet.

His nine power play goals on Monday were second in the NHL after Draisaitl’s 10. He said his teammates are so good at blocking defenders and sending him spot-on passes to fend off goalkeepers.

He recalled talking to former Boston College teammate Cam Atkinson about what it’s like to play in line with Panarin. Atkinson’s best season, 2018-19, came when he played with Panarin for Columbus. The Rangers signed Panarin as a free agent in the summer of 2019.

“He’s been talking a bit about … being ready for the puck, although he didn’t necessarily think he’d get the puck,” said Kreider. “I mean … [Panarin’s] so good at meeting you with misdirections. There have been many times in the past few years that I somehow stand up straight and suddenly [the pass is] right between my legs. If I had been ready, I probably would have had a better opportunity. ”

Blue lines

Striker Greg McKegg didn’t train because he was on COVID-19 log, the team said, but Gallant said he wasn’t worried about more players joining him. “I hope not,” he said. “I’m not worried today. I mean everyone else tested negative.” He said that while everyone on the team was fully vaccinated, he didn’t know if any of the players had a booster.

Colin Stephenson reports on the Rangers for Newsday. He has spent more than two decades covering the NHL and almost all sports teams in the New York area.

Interview with new Pueblo Police Chief Chris Noeller, talks management type

PUEBLO, Colorado (KRDO) – During the Pueblo City Council meeting Monday night, interim Police Chief Chris Noeller was there confirmed as permanent police chief.

On Friday, KRDO sat down with Noeller to discuss his vision for the Pueblo Police Department and to raise concerns about his leadership style, which has been questioned by some within the department.

Noeller was with the Center of an internal investigation Earlier this year, 10 complaints were filed by Pueblo police officers, including allegations of discrimination, intimidation and bullying.

The report gave “numerous examples of difficulty working with Deputy Chief Noeller, having a temper that is not productive in the workplace, and treats different people differently from others and, in many cases, badly,” it said the summary. The report described Noeller’s leadership style as divisive.

KRDO: What is your vision for the further development of the department?

Chef Chris Noeller: There are a couple of things I want to focus on in my first year as a boss. The first is the mental health of our officers. In the past we haven’t really focused on psychological wellbeing with cops, but it has become a bigger issue. We will focus on bringing various resources into the department to increase the resilience of our officers.

KRDO: Is there anything that has been done in the Pueblo Police Department in the past that can be changed now that you are permanent police chief?

Noeller: As always, we are always looking for improvements. I think there are some ways that we can improve through recruiting and retention. During this time of law enforcement, it is very difficult to recruit officials and it is somewhat difficult to keep officials. We have an increased number of retirements. We have a side transfer program that we will implement at the end of August. Overall, I think it’s extremely important to have a positive relationship with the people in our community.

KRDO: In April there was a report from an outside agency that listed things like discrimination, intimidation and bullying as characteristics of your leadership style. What do you have to say to the officials who made these complaints?

Noeller: My goal is to work with every official in this organization, whether or not they have made a complaint about me. I want to have a positive interaction with them, but I can only control my half of that interaction. There is a level of accountability within a police organization that our community expects and that will not change. I am open to talking to anyone and want to have a positive relationship with every employee within the organization. I won’t always make everyone happy, but I want to have that positive relationship.

KRDO: You have 25 years of experience in the police force and during those years you have built relationships with other officers in the Pueblo Police Department. Do you think you can discipline officials when they make mistakes?

Noeller: I think I have a reputation for being fair. The standard is the standard. If you don’t meet the standard, there are consequences. I hold everyone to the same level of accountability.

KRDO: Do you feel that you have the full confidence of every employee within the department?

Noeller: As much as any leader ever does. I currently manage over 260 employees. I am sure that at all times some of them have positive attitudes towards me and some do not. My goal as a manager is to take responsibility for my role as a manager and to admit when I make mistakes. The goal is to learn from those mistakes and become a better leader.

KRDO: What do you think of when you hear the word leadership?

Noeller: Leadership is the right decision at the right time. It’s not about making everyone happy. It’s about doing the right thing and encouraging others to do the right thing. It’s about mentoring people so that they can become better leaders themselves. I have four values ​​that I believe in and they are: service, integrity, character and excellence. What I can do every morning when I wake up is look in the mirror and know that I’ve lived up to these four values ​​for most of my career. Nobody is perfect, but I want our officers and civilian personnel to live up to these four values.

Chris Rock turned down the Sopranos many instances | Leisure Information

Chris Rock declined several invitations to The Sopranos.

The 56-year-old comedian and actor just started the Chris Rock Show and turned down many offers to appear in the acclaimed HBO mafia drama as a huge fan of Tony Soprano’s television. The criminal family “didn’t want to spoil it” because of poor performance and wrong appointments.

A 56-year-old stand-up comedian told The Hollywood Reporter, “When I was doing my show on HBO a few years ago, it was in the middle of” The Sopranos, “so I got some offers on” The Sopranos. ” “. I don’t want to spoil it. “” “”

Chris also explained why he was willing to accept the invitation to the latest series from “Fargo” author Noah Hawley, despite having turned down shows like “The Sopranos” in the past. Put yourself in the position of a black character as evidence of how he wrote for Bokeem Woodbine’s character, Mike Milligan.

He said, “I thought [Noah] I was going to do a charity event for his wife or something. [‘Fargo’] It’s a big job … I was such a fan [of ‘Fargo’]’Anyway, I attended the meeting and he presented me with this offer and I said “whatever you want, I’m downstairs”. Because I saw the way he treated Bokeem Woodbine.

“Sometimes people do a great job, and when they’re dealing with black people, it’s scary, but. [Hawley], I saw how he treated Bokim and I was, when you see it, you say, ‘OK this guy [Hawley] There is nothing wrong with putting yourself in this character’s shoes. “

“I’m writing, right? So when you turn the script over to the studio, you often find that everyone is jotting down the character they best identify … Now some people are the problem. That means people find it hard to imagine imagining them. “Because it is black, there is no indication on the leash if it is black. Or, if the reed girl is black, there are no notes from white women. Because they couldn’t enter it. Noah had no problem being a Bokeem, however. Why is it written so well? “

Chris Rock has turned down the Sopranos many times | Entertainment news

Source link Chris Rock has turned down the Sopranos many times | Entertainment news

4 Chris Evans fashion hacks to make your ’suits heroic

Although the low-cut crewneck vest exists for many in the same no-go area as delicate pashmina scarves and skin-tight spray-on jeans (which, by the way, are still from Love island Candidates) Evans is everything to them.

For a virtual interview with ACE Universe yesterday, the American heartbreaker slipped into his zoom best along with his brother, actor Scott Evans, which consisted of a patterned All Saints shirt with a Cuban collar over a white scoop neck vest was carried. in return, proudly showed off his chest tattoos. Of course, he let the internet go nuts on his finely honed pecs.

Our advice? Do like Evans and only ever wear it as an underlayer.

2. Knowing after Labor Day is one thing

WESTWOOD, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 14: Chris Evans attends the premiere of Lionsgate’s “Knives Out” at the Regency Village Theater on November 14, 2019 in Westwood, California. (Photo by Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic)Axelle / Bauer-Griffin

New Wisconsin athletic director Chris McIntosh guarantees completely different fashion for various occasions | School sports activities

Blank called it an “excellent answer”.

“So I thought, this is really the person for the next 10, 20 years in Wisconsin,” she said.

Blank opened a nationwide search on April 7, appointing nine people to a search committee that met four times in closed sessions to discuss a pool of 35 applicants.

5 Things You Should Know About Chris McIntosh, the Next Wisconsin Sporting Director

Former UW assistant sports director Sean Frazier, now AD in Northern Illinois, said he interviewed himself for the position. Ball State sporting director Beth Goetz was also considered a finalist.

The final decision was made by Blank, who said any of the finalists could have been selected. McIntosh stood out from them, she said.

“Chris is a leader,” said Blank. “I am confident that he will build on Coach Alvarez’s legacy of success and make our alumni and fans across the state and around the world proud.”

Focus on academics

A native of Pewaukee, McIntosh played offensive line for the Badgers from 1996 to 1999 and was a first-round NFL draft pick. After his career as a player and jobs in the health and wellness industry, he joined the administration of the sports department in 2014. In July 2017 he was promoted to deputy sports director.

McIntosh is expected to make $ 940,000 annually on a five-year contract, according to a UW official. Of this, $ 500,000 is base salary and $ 440,000 from private donation funds dedicated to athletics held by the UW Foundation. Alvarez earned a combined $ 1.55 million annually.

Household of Chris Cornell settles with physician over his demise | Ap-entertainment

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Chris Cornell’s family and a doctor they alleged prescribed medication before he died have agreed to settle a lawsuit.

Court documents filed by attorneys for the rock singer’s widow, Vicky Cornell, and her children, Toni and Christopher Nicholas Cornell, stated that a confidential settlement had been reached. The documents were filed in April but went unnoticed before the City News Service reported on Thursday.

The Cornell family alleged in their 2018 lawsuit filed with the Los Angeles Supreme Court that drugs, particularly that of Dr. Robert Koblin prescribed the anti-anxiety drug Lorazepam, which would have caused erratic behavior from the Soundgarden frontman prior to his death in Detroit in 2017 at age 52.

Coroner’s Michigan investigators ruled that Cornell’s death by hanging was suicide. Tests showed the presence of lorazepam, better known under the brand name Ativan, in Cornell’s system along with barbiturates and the anti-opioid drug naloxone, but did not name them as a factor in his death.

The lawsuit alleged that Koblin and his Beverly Hills, California office had “negligently and repeatedly” prescribed “dangerous mind-altering controlled substances” to Chris Cornell that impaired Mr. Cornell’s cognition, impaired judgment, and induced him to do so to engage in dangerous impulsive behaviors that he could not control and cost him his life. “

The lawsuit said the doctor did so because he knew Cornell had a serious history of substance abuse.

In court documents responding to the lawsuit, Koblin and his attorney denied any wrongdoing or responsibility for Cornell’s death.

Emails with comments sent to lawyers on both sides Thursday night were not immediately returned.

“After years of litigation and settlement negotiations, the plaintiffs and defendants … entered into a confidential settlement agreement to resolve all claims,” ​​the Cornell family lawyers said on the April 2 file.

The key document for the compromise was the agreement to minimize publicity and keep the terms confidential.

The case has received “significant media coverage and attention from fans of Mr. Cornell and allies of the plaintiffs,” the court record said. “Unfortunately, as in many celebrity cases, this action has drawn the attention of those who have molested plaintiffs, including threats to the life and safety of plaintiffs Toni Cornell and Christopher Nicholas Cornell.”

A judge has yet to approve the parts of the settlement that involve the children, who are both minors, and the documents state that if it doesn’t, the lawsuit will go to court.

Cornell’s plaintive voice and his long-haired, shirtless stage presence made him an indispensable figure in grunge rock of the 1990s. Soundgarden was among the first groups to gain national attention in a wave that later became Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains.

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Comic Chris Fonseca returning to Colorado Springs stage | Arts & Leisure

It’s been six years since comedian Chris “Crazy Legs” Fonseca performed at Loonees Comedy Corner, the stage on which his nearly four decades long career began.

“Loonees is home,” said Fonseca, who lives in Westminster. “USA Today wrote an article in the 1990s and the picture in the article was on the Loonees stage.”

In the half-dozen years since he first appeared as Loonees, the father of five has become a grandfather. opened for longtime friend comedian Dave Chappelle in Austin, Texas; recorded a comedy album (“Of Mics and Men”); started a podcast (“My heroes have always been good looks”); and wrote a biography titled “Papa, Where Are Jokes Coming From?” due out in September.

He will be with Loonees on Wednesday. Ron Ferguson and Jimmy Abeyta will open the show.

“I will be 40 years old in 2024,” said Fonseca. “It’s kind of funny to me because I’m known in the comedy community, but I wasn’t exactly a household name. I totally agree with that. I am very grateful for the opportunity. I am proud of the things that I have achieved. “

How it should be. The Fort Morgan-raised artist has written material for Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld, opened for Chappelle at Red Rocks and Pikes Peak Centers, performed on “The Arsenio Hall Show” and “Late Night with David Letterman,” and had a part that did for it was written on an episode of Baywatch in the 1990s.

“I try to do it smart without being too haughty,” he said of his comedy. “A lot of comics are trying to be too hip, and for me, it’s about keeping people entertained.”

Traffic goes by quickly, but this historic mule train refuses to fade in Colorado Springs

The “elephant in the room,” he said, is the handicap he was born with. Fonseca has cerebral palsy, which affects his speech and requires the use of a wheelchair. His mother died in childbirth, he said, and the lack of oxygen caused the disability.

“I always have to address that somehow,” he said.

The last few years have been difficult. He had some minor health issues to resolve and lived in a Westminster nursing home for about a year, where he took the opportunity to regroup, he said. And last year, of course, he was lost to COVID-19 when he couldn’t actually perform, other than keeping some zoom shows as sharp as possible.

But now he’s back and he’s out and about indulging in his love for a live audience.

“It’s instant gratification,” said Fonseca. “When you’re writing a book, you really don’t have that immediate reaction.”

He can still remember the naysayers early in his career who questioned his ability to be a comedian.

‘I’ll see how it goes. Please come back to me in 10 years, ”said Fonseca. “And now it’s almost 40. I think it’ll work.”

Contact the author: 636-0270

Contact the author: 636-0270

Billie Piper displays on ‘therapeutic time’ with Chris Evans | Leisure

Billie Piper has described her marriage to Chris Evans as “a very healing time”.

The 38-year-old actress, who was in a relationship with Virgin Radio DJ from 2000 to 2004, admitted that she was “happiest” during their time together, despite the public perception of her party lifestyle as “reckless”.

She told the ‘Changes With Annie Macmanus’ podcast, “Even though our lives were wildly wild compared to other people’s lives, I felt like I lived many of my college years or something because we spent a lot of time have traveled and drinking and meeting people I would otherwise not have had access to.

“Also, I was so withdrawn before I met him. So it felt like a very healing time, even though the world viewed it as a ruthless time.

“It’s just crazy to think that when I was the happiest as a teenager, everyone thought I was the saddest.”

Billie, who has had a happy relationship with musician Johnny Lloyd since 2016 and had her first single “Because we want” when she was only 15, admitted that she still has “fond memories” of her time with Chris.

She added, “I always have very good memories and lots of love and warmth (for that time). It felt like a really important moment in my life.”

Meanwhile, Billie reflected on past lessons, including her previous relationships with 5ive singer Ritchie Neville and her wedding to Chris in Las Vegas when she was only 18 years old.

Although she is growing up quickly, the star feels that her wild past helped her later in life, as she sees it as a mother and actress to get “quite a few” things “out of her system” at a young age.

She admitted, “I took a lot of things out of my system at a young age, which meant that when I became an actor, I could focus.

“There’s a lot to be thankful for. I’m not sure I would choose it for my own children, but it taught me a lot and helped me focus on what I actually want to achieve, and not to be seduced by the fame that comes with it. “

J.W. Roth Faucets Chris Phillips to Function President of B Leisure

21-year-old entertainment manager leads growth initiatives for parent company Boot Barn Hall, Bourbon Brothers and Buttermilk

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., March 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – B Entertainment announced today Chris Phillips will move to B Entertainment with effect as President April 1, 2021.

JW Roth appoints Chris Phillips as President of B Entertainment

Phillips will join the company after a 21 year career managing key professional entertainment properties including subsidiaries of the Colorado Rockies and Milwaukee Brewers. Phillips will bring his 21+ years of professional entertainment management experience to B Entertainment to oversee the growth of the business, open the new entertainment campus across the country and oversee the launch of the company’s music festival business. The company is actively acquiring land in strategic coast-to-coast markets where it will replicate its multi-million dollar entertainment campus in Northern Colorado Springs, anchored by Boot Barn Hall, Bourbon Brothers and Buttermilk.

While Phillips is most prevalent in the Colorado Springs As the face of our local professional baseball franchise, he is also an active member of the music community and a board member of the MeadowGrass Music Festival. Phillips brings with him a real passion for music, which is complemented by his unmatched track record in entertainment management.

“This is an incredible opportunity to work with a rapidly growing dynamic company with exciting plans for growth and expansion,” said Phillips. “This is an opportunity that will allow me to stay in the entertainment business, now with an emphasis on music and the growth of the music scene and culture in our great city and across the country – something that I really love.”

In addition to his primary role overseeing the music, program and launch of the music festival business, and nurturing the company’s relationship with AEG, Phillips will manage and grow the company’s impressive sponsorship partnerships. The company currently has national sponsorship deals with companies such as Boot Barn, Coca-Cola and Coors Brewing Company, among others.

The story goes on

“My vision for this business is to become the nation’s leading provider of live entertainment and restaurant hospitality. To do that, I need to focus on the closing business. That’s why I started looking for an experienced entertainment manager who could takes a parallel path for entertainment. ” and sponsorship management side of the company and Chris fits that role like hand in hand, “says JW Roth, founder and chairman of B Entertainment.” Part of our growth will include corporate finance initiatives that involve exploring the company’s possibility at some point to be listed on the stock exchange in 2022. So it was crucial that we find the right man for this role. “

About B Entertainment: B Entertainment is the parent company of the award-winning restaurant and entertainment hotels Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse and Tavern, Boot Barn Hall and Buttermilk, a breakfast restaurant. Located in Colorado Springs, ColoradoThe company was founded by the father-son team and JW Roth Mitchell Roth.

B entertainment
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